The Taste of Foot
The Taste of Foot
Summary: Hilarity, hijinks and conversation over tea results in one explosion and hurt feelings at their end.
Date: PHD 163(9/28/09)
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General Lounge

Panda is sitting on one of the couches, staring at the end table. Upon this table is a checkerboard with over a dozen white and black pieces: The game of kings. They are currently arrayed in some semblance of order, with the Marine holding a black pawn onto the back of a white knight and playfully knocking other pieces over. His back is to the door. "What dastardly deeds await mine eyes in yon forsaken tower?" he mutters, followed by a high-pitched, "Save me save me!" He must think he's alone.

Callie wanders in, looking around as she does, a book held in hand. She might have had it in her head to sit down and enjoy some reading but something catches her attention, that being Pandorian Ajtai and his playful falsetto. Unable to stop herself, she rushes the Marine and about pounces him, stopping just shy of landing upon him as she flies onto the couch although she doesn't stop herself from hugging him. "Hey, cute stuff," she greets playfully. "Do you play?" There's a hint of desperation in her voice when she asks that, Callie dying to get herself a game with someone if she can.

Tiera slips in not long after Callie enters, her movements slow as she has her face buried in a book, not really paying much attention to where she's going. She bumps into a couple of people, absently making her apologies.

"Nothing!!" Pandorian barks at the surprising impact on the couch behind him. Chess pieces go flying across the room, a half dozen handy plot devices for anyone requiring them. "I mean, er, h-hey," he stammers, reaching up to pat Callie's arm. "This' a… a far cry from 'flirt with me and die.'"

"Whoooops…" Tiera's entrance is missed by Callie as she's busy watching those pieces leap off the board, chess-kamikaze! "Saw you and wanted to say hi." The pat to her arm has her blushing and she looks away for a moment, trying to get herself under control.

And then a queen enters the room, held in the small fingers of Serendipity. "There seem to be chess pieces in the hallway," she says to nobody in particular as she looks around the room for the source. Oh, of course… Poor man… Seriy starts towards Panda and pal, holding up the piece. "I believe you have misplaced something," she says with a warm, friendly smile towards both of them.

Tiera looks up as she steps on one of the pieces, frowning a bit as she looks down. With a quick movement of her head she looks around the room trying to locate the source. Spotting the upset chess board, crouching down she picks up the piece at her feet, walking over "You seem to have lost this one as well" Her voice is quiet.

Panda reaches up to pat Callie's blushy little cheek. "Guess you got used to us military people." He opens his other hand, the pawn and knight having left red marks in his hand with how tight he'd clenched them. The Marine is about to make some kind of comment when he hears something that makes his jaw slacken. As if afraid of what he might see the young man turns slowly toward the door, giving Seriy a little wave. "Yeah um, yeah, I was wonderin' where that… uh… piece went. That piece," he stresses, then points to Tiera. He can't really hear what she said, but the body language communicates it well enough. "And that one. With the names. They have names, of course, ha-hah!" It's forced, nervous laughter. "Bob, Jill, Little Moe with the Gimpy Leg, right right? Ha-hah, no, of course I know their names, I'm just playing." His eyes shift left, to see if one of them might be buying it.

The touch to her cheek has Callie wanting to die but she bucks up and smiles, shrugging in false indifference. "Nah. I'm fine…" Leaning over him, she takes the pieces out of his hand while looking up, now catching Seriy and Tiera's arrival, her face going positively red. If she notices that Panda's trying to cover up not knowing which pieces are what she doesn't seem to think to give the names just yet. "Uh…hi."

Seriy just looks a little concerned, but then again considering his condition it's only to be expected. "Yes, well do try to be careful, someone could become injured if they were to slip, or worse yet the pieces might sustain damage, and they you wouldn't be able to play with them anymore." She speaks slowly and patiently, as if to a young child.

Tiera chuckles and tosses the piece she has to the Marine "Catch, might want to keep better track of them, they might get lost or broken" Turning a bit she finds a seat and settles in, keeping a finger in her book to mark her spot.

"Right, yes, I'm sorry I just…" Panda starts gesturing between Callie and Seriy, the motion rather deftly broken as he snatches the flying bishop in midair. That physical activity breaks him out of the awkward spell and he's taking his feet. "Right, uh, introductions!" The Marine gestures with a hand palm up between the two ladies. "Callie-gal, this is Miss Seriy; Miss Seriy, Callie-gal. And this is, uh, uh, uh…" Pandorian's stammering, snapping his fingers, trying to recall the name of the PO he's never met before. Well, that would be one reason, wouldn' tit?

Callie frowns slightly when Pandorian stands and she glares at him for a minute, brow dropping as she takes him in. "You weren't supposed to move," she mutters towards him in a near-whisper before recovering herself and she smiles at the other women while not looking at the Marine - that'll show him, right? "It's nice to meet you both." Another quick glare towards Nip-Man when she's certain he's not looking and then she sits up, taking to mumbling to no one in particular.

Tiera looks over as the introductions are made "Petty Officer 3rd class Tiera Reyn" There is a pause before she speaks further "Or just Tiera, whichever is easier" A nod is given to the other two women "A pleasure to meet you both"

Seriy smiles her most polite smile as her eyes move back and forth between the pair, then over to Tiera with a small look of simpatico. "Yes, well, it is quite lovely to meet you as well. Perhaps I had best excuse myself, it appears you are both quite… engaged at… your game. If you'll pardon me a moment, I shall acquire some tea. Petty officer," she says with a last quick smile to Tiera before beginning to move past her.

"Hey, heyy, heyyyyy…" Panda waves Tiera down with a finger in front of his lips when she starts mentioning rank, hoping his voice drowns it out enough for deniability. He otherwise lets her speak, running a hand through his hair. "Right, so," he murmurs, glancing at Seriy briefly as she slips out. Totally checking her out from behind. "Anyway. You said somethin' about playing?" he asks Callie, settling back into his seat.

Tiera returns Seriy's smile then laughs softly at Panda's comment about rank "Ok ok just Tiera then" She flashes him a smile then curls up in the seat returning to her book.

"You don't have to go, Miss Seriy," Callie calls out while frowning, looking like she feels bad. "Don't feel like you have to leave, please? Come sit with us." With her attention on Seriy and not Panda, she misses how he looks at the other lady. Sighing, she looks over to Tiera and nods, smiling. "Nice to meet you." With the subject returning to the game, she turns and regards the Marine curiously, forgetting what it was they were talking about for a minute until she remembers the pieces and she nods, letting that be her answer for now.

Seriy's finishing-school walk gives a soft roll to her hips, and a nice view for the gawking Panda, and quickly gets her to the counter where she takes a cup and pours some hot water before finding a tea bad and adding it to the cup. She gives Callie a quick smile before getting back to her preparations.

As if drawn by gravity the Marine's eyes drift over to that distinct walk once more before getting back to Callie. His eyebrows rise to match a wide smile as if to ask, hey, nice weather we're having? "Sorry Tiera, I just…" Panda says, rolling his head over his shoulder. "It's a big ship, y'know? You meet people off duty you might never see in uniform… no reason to ruin that for everybody, eh?" he asks, turning his expression back to Callie. "I'm sure somewhere out there you could find some real nice officers if they didn't feel like they had to have a brass pole shoved up their hoohah."
Panda flinches briefly; he can almost hear his sister hissing his name, and unconsciously rubs at the spot on his arm she would have punched.

Callie squirms uncomfortably for a moment, Panda making her discomforted thanks to how she's looked at by him. "You're bad," she grunts while poking a finger at Panda, the index digit of her left hand jabbed just above his bicep on his nearest arm. "Seriously, Nip-Man. Behave yourself or you'll become one of the bad guys you and your manniples strive to take out." Not really understanding his thing about rank, Callie just listens to the byplay between him and Tiera, leaving Seriy to get her tea in peace.

Seriy finishes fixing her tea, going so far as to place it on a small plate before carrying it with her back towards the small group. She moves to a spot unobtrusively close, thankfully having missed said comment about poles and hoohahs. Taking her seat she crosses her legs before resting the plate on small table and lifting the cup for a small sip.

Tiera laughs and shakes her head at Panda's comment. With a sigh she closes her book, placing it beside her, a glance and faint smile is given Seriy as she returns "What kind of tea did you get Seriy?"
The Marine frowns, craning his neck to Tiera and Callie, back and forth. "What, what'd I do?" he whimpers, now grabbing both biceps like a child cradling himself. "All Nip-Man wants is for everyone to get along!" His arms drop, revealing the sage green underarmor shirt that gives him his alter-ego identity.

"Awww, don't be upset, Nip-Man. Tassle Lass.." Yes, Callie just named herself as Panda's sidekick, "…gets along with everyone." Smiling, Callie reaches over to give Panda a hug before totally disengaging herself from his personal space. "Seems Miss Seriy and Tiera are getting along as well. So worry not, my dear superhero compatriot. All is well in our fair our fair ship."

Seriy places her cup back on the plate with a small clink. "It's a fairly standard black tea I believe. Just one that the ship was issued. I had quite a lovely collection back at home, but I would quite expect that it is rather unusable now sadly. Still, I do prefer it to coffee, I could never quite get the love of the flavor that some seem to acquire."

Tiera giggles at Panda and Callie's antics then looks at Seriy and nods "Miss Aleria, my dance instructor…" She explains "…used to drink something that was called Roiboos Tea all the time said it kept her young" Unfolding herself from where she sits she makes her way over to get a drink herself.

Seriy tilts her head as she reaches for another sip, pausing as she happens to glance towards the intercom. "Oh bother, that reminds me, please excuse me one moment." She heads for the phone system as Tiera heads to get her drink.

Panda cocks his head at Callie, his expression warming as she speaks. The hug has him off balance, able to be mentally pushed or pulled wherever she leads. "Ah, uh, well, Tassel Lass, then…" His eyes flick over to Tiera, then Seriy (offering her a little two-fingered wave), then Tiera and Callie again. "I suppose our work here is… done?"

Callie grins. "Yup! Work's all done! Now we can…uh…" Pursing her lips, she looks to the others and offers Seriy a small wave when Panda does, the mechanic trying to be polite, most likely erring on the side of being too much so. "So yeah. I think we can celebrate, now." Her right hand slips into her pocket after her book's set down and then she pulls out two pieces of gum, one of which is offered to her partner in crime-fighting. "Gum?"

Tiera returns to her seat, folding her legs under her gracefully, not spilling a drop of her drink "What are we celebrating?" She looks between the two speaking, a curious look on her face.

"Another successful mission for!" Pandorian bolts to his feet, fists slamming into his hips with an audible thud. Arms akimbo, flexing, his shirt is tugged tight over a chest so muscular that the peaks of his man nipples are too prominent to pretend they haven't been seen. "NIP MAN!!" There's a glance down and to his left, to see if Callie's going to join or let him look like an ass on his own.

It's so tempting to leave the Marine on his own but she started this entire thing about Pandorian being a superhero to begin with and she'd be a bad friend if she were to leave him hanging. So, with a slight blush, she too gets onto her feet and manages to announce in a voice similar to the one he takes, "And Tassle Lass," although Callie stops when it comes to taking on the same pose as he assumes.

Tiera eyes the two of you suspiciously, the corners of her mouth twitching a bit commenting dryly, trying hard not to laugh "Are you two the local entertainment?"

"AH-HAH!" Panda barks after Callie's pronouncement, turning to raise a hand. "High five, high five!" he beams, raising a hand to her. Should she go for it, he would take her hand and tug her close for a hug. Either way he adds, "Whattaya say, Tassle Lass? Dance for bubblegum and smokes?"

Okay, high five is expected as Panda's hand is lifted but the hug isn't expected at all and Callie finds herself meeping in shock as his arms are hugged around her. A quick, worried look is given to Tiera before she looks up, her eyes wide. "I…dance." Lame response but what can one expect? She's shocked!

Tiera smiles and winks at the two, then looks at Callie with interest "A dancer, we will have to compare notes sometime I think"

"Yeah, we're the entertainment," Panda says over his shoulder, letting Callie go with a little smirk. "We dance, y'know, for smokes and shit since money ain't worth a frak." He shrugs, strutting up to Tiera. "Birthdays, weddings, old folk anniversaries, whatev-whatevs. Gotta provide the outfits if you want us wearin' anythin' special though."

Callie blinks and then looks at Tiera wide-eyed, her face pale. "Oh no…no, I don't…hon…" Then Panda goes on and she groans, hiding her face in her hands. "Paaaaaandaaaaaaa…" she half sobs, half laughs, this entire exchange just too insane to handle anymore.
Tiera draws back a bit her eyes widening as Panda closes in on her. Eyes flicking to Callie for a moment before going back to Panda "That is to bad, it would have been nice to share notes" Tiera is sitting facing Callie and Panda.

Panda is standing in front of Tiera in his marpat pants and sage green underarmor tee, the latter so tight that not only are the well developed muscles of a Marine's physique on display, but so are the prodding peaks of his mannipples. "Naw, she's just embarrassed," Pandorian says in his earnest grunt, taking a knee in front of Tiera's easy chair and leaning on the arm of it. Smiling up at her he confides, "You put on some of that gogo musicthe old stuff, with the vacuum tube synthesizers and shit, y'know?she'll dance so crazy that every rug…" Panda looks up, glancing quickly around to see who notices him waving his hand unequivocally. "EVERY rug on this ship will spot, spinner, spotentitterantly cut in half. Serious," he adds with the conviction of a man convinced that he said the right (or even a real) word.

Selene enters the lounge and doesn't even seem to notice Panda showing off. Muscles don't do it for her anyway. Waving to those around, she moves to an unused section of the couch and sits down with a book.

Callie just looks as Panda goes down one one knee like he does, leaving her to stand there while he goes all silly on the other girl like he does. "Nip-Man is a man-ho," she grumbles while looking around, her eyes finally settling on the tea service thing that across the room, that being her new subject of her attention. "Tea sounds good…" Selene is given a quick wave before she scoots over to get something to drink, leaving Tiera to handle Panda on his own for now.

Tiera turns her head eying Panda suspiciously then turns back to Callie studying the young women for a moment, noting the other arrival. Hazel eyes turn back to Panda, an eyebrow raises slightly "A man ho hmm, is that true?"

"Psh!" He's sprung a leak! "Psh! Please, girl!" Panda winces away, sputtering and denying it all in his earnest grunt. "A man ho?" The Marine rises to his feet, flexing his pecs. "Tassel Lass! I expected more of you!" he booms, then looks down at Tiera. "Man ho, did you hear that? Man ho. Psh." Shoulders roll, chin rises. "Lady, I'm not just the ho, I'm the whole gods-damn plow!"

"Alright, who wants some since I'm here?" Callie might not have a cute little air attendant's uniform to wear or the bouncy gait to her step that Seriy possesses but she can at least make tea fairly well so maybe she's of some use when not in an engine room. One cup is gotten for herself but she holds off, waiting to see if Panda (whose reaction to her having called her a 'man-ho' gets her to snerk inwardly) and Tiera want some before getting anymore cups off of the shelf or wherever they're kept.

Tiera snorts "And full of ego to hmm?" She looks over at Callie "Does he do this all the time or just to new women?" Leaning over she lifts her cup "A refill would be nice Callie" Turning back to Panda she leans close her lips brushing his ear whispering something, her hazel eyes twinkling.

Timing is everything, especially when it's bad. Just as Tiera leans in close to whisper sweet nothings into the ear of the marine, Seriy replies to Callie from right behind him. "I should love a cup as well if you please, I'm afraid mine will be rather cold now." She continues on to her seat, giving her now tepid cup a cursory inspection to verify it is indeed feeling less than fresh.

Panda is still grinning when the robed woman buffs his ear with her lips and the fairie princess speaks in bells and flowers. It's enough to make him apple-cheeked and weak-kneed; he doesn't drop to the floor, but it's enough to make them literally knock. "… (I just won)…" he whispers through a raspy, dry throat.

Tiera laughs and pushes the Marine away and stands to join Callie carrying her cup "In your dreams maybe" is tossed over her shoulder. Her uniform not hiding her lithe dancer form as she walks gracefully away from the man.

"Okay, Tiera, Miss Seriy." Turning around, Callie finds herself staring at how close Tiera is to Panda, causing a slight flush to creep along her cheeks, either embarrassed or jealous over that. "…" That's pretty much what her expression 'says', that being a blank look that conveys nothing like thought or emotion. Barely remembering the tea, she turns and starts making tea for the ladies and herself, leaving Panda to join her once he's recovered from Tiera's apparent rebuke.

Seriy crosses her legs and rests her hands in her lap, relaxing back somewhat into he chair as she looks up. "Are you quite alright?" she asks Panda as she tilts her head, a bit of concern in her eyes.

"I-I am well, princess," Dorian murmurs, looking over to Seriy and shaking his tilted head slowly. It's an amateurish mask for looking the woman up and down. All's not just daydreams of youthful indiscretions, however: He catches the woman's eyes, lips parting for a moment as if about to speak… then, with an apologetic shrug, deciding not to. "Hey Callie-gallie," he calls out, as if to a friend's little sister. "You bring me one too?"

Tiera gives Callie a warm smile "Here let me help ok?" She notices the younger girls expression, as she steps closer she murmurs "You have nothing to worry from me Callie"

Callie looks at her 'partner' and nods slowly, Panda given a slight smile as she does. "Sure." Delegated to tea-duty by her own doing, she allows for Tiera to help. "Don't know what you mean," she says while dispensing the hot water into the cups, each one with a tea bag in it. "Here's your and Panda's," she murmurs, "And I'll take Miss Seriy's to her."

Lucky for Panda, Seriy's not the type to realize she's being blatantly checked out, or he might be the type to be sporting a fat lip. Instead she just looks concerned. "Are you sure? I could page your sister to come help you out if it's necessary…" She places her hands on the arm rest, ready to push herself to her feet.

Panda throws himself onto the couch, leaning his head back to rub his temples. "No, no Miss Seriy, it's alright," he half-groans. "I think it's just, y'know, I'm a M'rine man, and, like…" He waves his hand in a circle, encompassing the room. "With the three you here bein' all classy and stuff, like, my testostergen is bein' suffocated by the superbabe estrogerone." Public education to the rescue!

Tiera smiles warmly at Callie taking the tea, making her way back, heading first toward Panda "Careful there Marine man you might get this in your lap" She holds out the cup of tea Callie made for Panda.

Callie takes a deep breath before taking Seriy's tea to her, managing to do so without interrupting her conversation with Panda…or at least that's what she's trying for. "Miss Seriy, your tea." The talk of hormones has her rolling her eyes but she keeps quiet, letting herself be seen but not heard.

Seriy tries to dig through Panda's jargon, but it's pretty much a losing battle. Modern urban writing was not her forte. "Oh, thank you," she says quickly to Callie as distractions enter in on both ends, "mine was rather cold."

"Thank you," Panda smiles to Tiera, taking the offered teacup and setting it in his lap. The smile turns to Seriy again, then Callie, remaining on her as he pats the couch cushion next to himself.

Tiera returns to her seat folding herself back into it, sipping her tea, falling silent for the moment.

There's a pause on Callie's part before she joins him, her smile appreciative and yet, at the same time, a bit sheepish. "Thank you." She's careful to not spill when she sits, the girl showing what grace she has by managing to balance the item in her hand while using the other to brace herself, place between her hips and Panda's while lowering herself upon the couch. "So where is everyone from?"

Seriy takes a sip and sits back, giving an appreciative smile at the warm goodness. "I was in Caprica City at school, though I originally lived upon Tauron. I moved to matriculate from the university there, and stayed on for further studies."

Tiera looks up as Callie asks her question, hesitating a moment, giving Seriy a strange look "I too was from Caprica City, though not the University. I saw it from a distance though"

"Leonis," Pandorian immediately replies, his eyes fluttering closed as he listens to the others. In the pause long enough to prompt after Tiera's description he says again, "Leonis, on the steppes of the Western Continent. I wonder if the h…" There's hope in his voice for just a moment, that rising crescendo of memory and emotion, but it gets chopped off by the severing guillotine of reality. "No," the young man sighs heavily, "I don't suppose -any- of the animals would be alive anymore." If ever a voice aged a lifetime in a second, it was in that moment.

A nod is given to Seriy and Tiera both, Callie chuckling. "Small universe, I guess. I am from Libris, myself. Haven't met anyone from there, yet. Not that I am aware of, any how." Panda's words…more the tone than what's said…has her pausing and she leans over, placing her shoulder against his in a hug, of sorts. "You never know," she says softly, "Nature has a way of protecting her children, Panda." That is all she has to say, unable to think of anything else to comfort him, prompting her to go quiet.

Seriy turns to smile at Tiera, her eyes bright and sunny. "It was quite a lovely city, very charming. I wasn't sure how I would take to living so far away, though of course I spent time in boarding schools. Still, it's rather different. I quite fell in love with Caprica City though. Such wonderful museums and galleries." She takes another sip. "And of course the libraries…" she adds wistfully. "There was the most adorable little boutique, 'Ananda & Bouchele', just over from the opera house, they had the most lovely dresses. In fact I wore one under my robes at graduation…" she adds as she stares off into space a bit.

Tiera turns as Seriy speaks, her face carefully expressionless "I know the place, I used to pass it when I was sneaking into the Opera to watch the Ballet's there" Sipping her tea for a moment "I remember looking into the shop and wishing" A small shake of her head as she falls silent.

Panda is quiet, listening to the voices. He sets the teacup aside with a growl that turns into words as he rises. "Frakitall this is frakking bullshit." His hand runs quickly through his hair, clenching at the back. "Gods we're all dead," he groans, "don't you get it, you: dead, you: dead, you: dead." He points to each of the ladies in turn with the pronouncement before storming out, still ranting. "I'm frakking dead, we're all dead, we're the bit frakking parts nobody wrote a death scene for but we're all frakking dead anyway…" The last words get hard to hear as he storms down the hall, but a half breath later there's a distant echo down the hallway: "STOP SMILING YOU FRAKKING CORPSE!!"

Callie looks immediately crestfallen as Panda's tirade begins, her expression now a mask of hurt and confusion. "Wh…wait…wh…huh?" That's as much as she can get out before she falls quiet entirely, the girl not doing anything until the last yell from him which causes her to wince, that then causing the tears to fall.

It takes a moment, but Seriy catches that shopping may not be the best topic. "I may have seen some of those as well, or rather perhaps the same ones. Did you know that 'The Phoenix Risen' was based upon a ballad series first transcribed almost 900 years ago? The phoenix was a reference to the local priestess while the wolf was a local tribal lord who was jealous of her power. It was told as a morality tale against jealousy and avarice, and is rumored to have been based on true events, though of course many legends are. And then of course-" she is cut off as Panda launches into his tirade. She watches, eyes large as he storms out of the room.

Tiera blinks as Panda storms out half hearing what Seriy was saying "I…" A look over at Callie causes her to frown. Sliding out of her seat she walks over and puts a slender arm around th girls shoulder.

Seriy turns her focus from the door to the crying Callie. "Are you alright?" she asks softly as she reaches into her pocket for a handkerchief. She holds it out for Tiera to take to give to her, not thinking that the other will be able to do so directly.

Callie sniffles a bit as she nods. "Yup, thank you. I'm fine, really." The arm about her has her tensing some but she doesn't move, allowing for Tiera to comfort her for as long as she wishes. The handkerchief is looked at as it's held out but she doesn't move for it herself.

Tiera smiles at Seriy taking the handkerchief and reaching to gently wipe Callie's tars "You are welcome Callie" Studying the younger woman as if unsure she truly is ok.

Seriy sits back, picking up her cup again and taking a comforting sip before saying, "It's a rather stressful time for us all. Still, we are all working together on out future, and there is no reason that we shan't be successful if we all just stick together, right?"

"Yeah…I think I am going to head for my bunk and read for a while…" Callie stands up and takes her book, giving Tiera and Seriy smile in appreciation before she heads out the door, bouncing a whole lot less than she had when she arrived.

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