The Stars' Billiard Balls
The Stars' Billiard Balls
Summary: Legacy has an embarassing time in the game room, and later Roubani corrects some misconceptions about the nature of mathematics.
Date: PHD019
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Kharon - Game Room

Danika notices the elusive (and hawt) Kai walk in and motions a few times with her eyes, hoping Legacy takes the hint. "I think I can understand the thoughts. When I took my first command of a squadron, it was rough for a few months while I found a groove. Once I did, though, it fell into place. This is my first CAG position so.. I can kinda sympathize. Juggling gets hard." She bounces the cue back and forth in her hands for a few moments. "Thanks for calling Pike, Thea. You're a life-saver. No doubt on Karim, though." She just -won't- call him Ri.

Kai, of course, has spotted both Vendas and Legacy in the vending machine glass by this point. Which makes the pair's continued discussion of him, rather.. well, either amusing or awkward. He clears his throat audibly, and slots a few cubits into the machine. Pretzels are selected, and pretzels are collected. There's a riiiip as the bag is torn open, though he hasn't decided just yet on an approach vector.

Roubani slides into the game room in his usual fashion, that being with his nose stuck in papers and with a pen behind his ear. There's a second pen stuck in his hair too, probably completely forgotten from hours ago. Having missed Kai's throat-clearing by a few precious seconds, the strong concentration of brass isn't yet noticed.

Oh, no. Oh, no no no no no. Thea's standing by the pool table, back to the door to the game room, one hip cocked against the side of the table, arms crossed over her chest. Her brow furrows slightly as Vendas gets an eye-tick, then she glances over her shoulder. Oh, look. There's Kai. Cursed, as she is, with fair skin and red hair, Thea blushes. A lot. Rather than ignoring the pink elephant, or hot Viper, standing in the room, though, she calls out to him. "Speak of the Viper jock and he shall appear," she calls, voice infused with a hint of amusement. "You're sharing, right?" Her eyes cut briefly to Vendas.

Danika has a few choice whispered words for Legs. She looks positively devilish. Two single women prowling the game room? What could possibly go wrong?? To the last, she chuckles. "Hon, I'm not about to go throwing balls around. Wouldn't want to ruin someone's date." Pool: Gotta love the game. She looks to the visiting Roubani and smirks at him. "Hey Nadiv. Workin' hard or hardly workin?"

Kai looks from Legacy, to Vendas, and back to Legacy again. What is this, a double-teaming? Two pretzels are popped into his mouth, and pulverised noisily with his teeth. "You're getting better at your fire truck impression, Captain," he points out blithely with his mouth still half-full. At least he doesn't mention fire hoses. Be thankful for small miracles. "Evening, sir," is offered to Vendas as he finally moseys over to the pair, and holds the bag out for Thea. Who ever said viper jocks couldn't share?

"Hardly working, Major." Roubani answers Vendas. He couches his notebook in the crook of his arm, folding his fingers around it as carefully as some people hold their own children. The blushing Thea, unfortunately, happens to be the next thing he looks at and he remarks quite mildly, "I thought I was the only one allowed to turn that colour, sir."

Awwww! Pilots sharing. It's like kindergarten all over again. But which one is going to kick the other in the shins first? Hard to tell with this crew. First Thea looks at Vendas and goes even -more- red. She's quickly approaching the needing to be hosed down stage. Men have the opposite blood flow problem when someone they're attracted to is around. AND theirs is easier to hide. Then she reaches into the pretzel bag and delicately takes two out, attempting to look prim and proper. Which is hard, with a blush that's migrating down her chest faster than frat boys to a keg at a party. "Evening Captain," she says to Kai, then glances over her shoulder at Roubani. Yes, the blush gets worse. "The CAG gave me permission to turn this color off duty, Ensign," she says quietly, trying to hold to her shredded dignity. "We can have a contest to see who strokes first."

"Karim, if you insist on calling me sir while I'm in my tankduds, I'm gonna have to resort to drastic measures. If it takes The Towel, I'll use The Towel." Whatever that means, but it seems to be a good-natured threat. She cuts him a smirk and pushes off the table, setting down the pool cue on the edge. There's some thinly-veiled amusement (which really isn't veiled at all, to be honest) mixing with the mirth in her eyes. "Well then, my work is done here. I'm gonna go grab some food. You kids have fun." She looks to Roubani as she passes. "If the Captains get rowdy, you can kick their ass. Just make sure that the teacher doesn't see them passing notes in class." There's a wink to him and then she's on her way out the hatch.

"Ensign," Kai greets with a little smile when he spots the junior pilot. A tic, really, at one corner of his mouth. Where Legacy is sputtering and cycling through shades of pink, the 'lead viper' as Vendas likes to refer to him, is cool as a cucumber. Maybe he keeps his amusement on the inside. Then again, maybe he's just feeling chastised at having his wrist slapped again for the 'sir'. Either way, he ticks off a very informal salute with two fingers to his temple, as the CAG departs.

"I'm sure that won't be necessary, sir," Roubani replies to Vendas, slightly stilted. He looks back at the two Captains once Vendas is past him, gaining an awkward straighteness to his shoulders. Well, he /briefly/ wasn't the third wheel. "Captain." He nods to Kai and starts for one of the shelves.

Thea looks after Vendas, blinking. "You're -abandoning- me," she squeaks to the CAG. "Oh, that's it. The toothbrush is toast." And finally, finally, she laughs and pops a pretzel in her mouth. "Evening, Poet. We're all off duty. I was just holding up the pool table. How're you feeling? In the mood for a new callsign?"

Kai settles his butt against the back of a couch, while Legacy addresses the younger pilot. His watch is checked now and then, as if he's got somewhere to be, and this is just a brief layover. Which it probably is, knowing Mr. Workaholic. He's listening, eating, and observing Roubani somewhat thoughtfully.

Roubani's dark eyes narrow at Thea. Yeah, he's learned that tone. "Sir, with all due respect. Nadiv "CAT Scan" Roubani simply doesn't flow."

Thea glances briefly at Kai before turning her attention back to Roubani, studying him for a long moment. "No, you're right," she murmurs, seemingly unphased by the narrow-eyed, laid-back-ears look. Yeah, she's probably the type to pet growling cats, too. Oh, wait. She dated Kai. Of course she is. "But Nadiv 'Thumper' Roubani DOES. It flows quite nicely." Yes, that's a serene little Mona Lisa smile on her face. She reaches over to put her hand in Kai's pretzel bag, taking liberties.

Words come out, hand goes in, hand gets grabbed. Since Kai's holding the bag, of course. "No." Speaking of growling cats. There's a pair of steely blue eyes fixed steadily on Thea's. "No renaming my pilots." Grr. Argh.

Roubani has the intuition to know that this is usually when the porn music starts playing. He gives Thea an innocent-looking half smile and heads around behind Kai towards the pool table, leaning a hip against the edge.

Thea looks to Kai when her hand is grabbed, but rather than growling back, she gives him the big wide blue eyes of doom, looking waaaaaaaay too innocent for her own good. Or his good. "But I didn't rename him," she says in a soft, sweet voice. "I was just thinking that Thumper would be perfect for him. Really." She doesn't bat her eyelashes, yet. Though she does tear her eyes away to look over at Roubani, fondly. "Doesn't he look like a Thumper to you? And he pouts so cutely. Absolutely adorable. When his butt hit the tiles and he folded his arms over his chest like a sulking toddler…" Lips twitch -ever- so slightly as she watches the Ensign, and then she's looking back to Kai, looking up with the wide eyes again. Her lower lip disappears between her lip for the briefest moment, nibbled on. "Please think about it," she asks the Viper Captain. Yes, she's playing it up.

If anything, the playing up seems to be having the opposite of its intended effect at the moment. Depending, of course, on said intention. "Stop it," Karim murmurs rather softly. Too soft, one might wager, for the Ensign to hear. Legacy's hand is released, and he claims the last couple of pretzels before balling up the bag and pushing off the couch to his feet. "I've got a CAP to get ready for, if you'll excuse me, Captain. Ensign." Ooh, chill.

Roubani blinks at Thea's recap of what happened that evening. From the look on his face, he definitely doesn't remember doing /that/. The cue ball on the table becomes acutely interesting as he sets it on the green and sends it caroming into the side of the table at a gentle angle. His eyes come up again when Kai announces his leave. "Safe CAP, sir."

Thea hesitates for a moment, the smile still on her face, but it's morphed into something much less playful. She reaches out, before he goes far, and brushes her fingertips against Kai's cheek. It's a very brief, very light touch. "Good hunting," she tells him quietly, as if that's supposed to mean something to him. Then she turns her attention back to Roubani and leans back against the sofa near where Kai vacated. "You WERE adorable," she tells him with a wry little smile. "If I hadn't been so worried, I probably would have laughed and insulted you horribly. Of course, I -was- in command mode. How're you feeling?" No, she doesn't follow Kai out with her eyes. Her attention is on the Ensign.

The rubbish bin in the far corner is hit with a hole-in-one off the rebound, and there's just a flicker of agitation when Legacy touches the viper Captain. Too much work and no play, makes a very testy Kai. His eyes slink toward her for a second or two, then Roubani, and then he's out with a thump of combat boots on deck plating.

Kai heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
Kai has left.

Roubani rolls the cue ball again, after eyeing the angle that he wanted to hit, and then looks up from the table at Thea. "I feel fine, sir." He ducks to the side, reaching into the side of the table to pull out a few more of the pool balls. "I hadn't gotten a chance to thank you. So. Thank you."

Thea quirks a brow and cocks her head to the side. "Nothing to thank me for, Poet," she says quietly, leaving it at that. "Glad to see you up and about, though worried that you're pushing it too early." Well, at least she's blunt.

"I'm sure medical can be trusted," Roubani says, setting the handful of coloured balls on the table and reaching down for the rest. "How have you been, sir?"

Her lips purse ever so slightly, as if she's about to say something, but she catches herself. "Been better, been worse," she tells him with a diffident little shrug. "Considering which toothbrush to use in the Marine head and wondering if I want to leave any surprises behind." She looks like she's slept a little bit, and is smiling, at least.

Roubani raises an eyebrow, gathering up the pool balls with the triangle down at his end of the table. "Toothbrush, sir?"

Legacy watches him work, eyes moving from his face to his busyness and back again. "Yep. It's what I get to clean the heads with," she tells him quietly. "In my free time. Gotta make sure they're clean, you know. Someone suggested using the CAG's, but she growled at me."

"Ah." Roubani hangs the triangle back on the side of the table and sets his hands down on the edge, leaning on them. "I imagine I might be inclined to do the same. But both you and she seem in fine moods, so I assume it's someone else's dental equipment in peril."

Thea seems content to simply watch, relaxed for the moment. "I've been considering the proper victim," she says solemnly. "Haven't found anyone yet. Preparing to play?"

"Oh, I don't know." Roubani looks down at the setup on the table, tapping his index fingers on the faux wood. "I was recalling a paper I wrote at school on ergodic theory. Defended it by demonstrating during a game of billiards."

Thea's lips quirk upward slightly, oddly fond as she studies the young man. "I can see you doing that," she says softly. "Torch and I were discussing how neither of us really were any good at the game. I haven't played in years. Sent a Marine to sickbay the last time I tried. She jumped the cue ball a few times today."

"I doubt my touch is much better than hers," Roubani says with a hint of wryness. "There is always a gap between theory and practicality." He moves his index finger, indicating paths along the green flat. "But isn't it beautiful. There's a simple perfection in all of it, you know…the connections. The angles that your mind innately senses when hitting a pool ball is the same mathematics in play in the design of an arm of a space station."

She listens and watches, head tilting slightly to the side. "If only people behaved in much the same way," she comments quietly.

"Rather a cliche' statement, isn't it sir?" Roubani offers her a vague smile. "I suspect you'd be quite bored if they did."

"Well, yes and no," she says with a soft laugh. "And you're right, it is. It's just difficult figuring people out. They don't behave in…expected manners." Her eyes move over the balls. "It's more physics than mathematics involved with pool, isn't it?"

"Physics is inseparable from mathematics, sir. But there are many disciplines associated with pool. Physics, trigonometry, geometry, many more." Roubani rolls the cue ball over the table again, letting it return to his hand after it's bounced a few times. "But if you don't mind my trying to adjust your thought…it's a misconception to view mathematics and science as an opposing pole from human behaviour. Numbers are no more closed systems than people are."

"How so," the Raptor driver asks, eyes watching the cue ball. She seems fascinated, for some reason, by his hands.

"Well." Roubani rolls the ball again, aiming for a different spot on the table's wall. The cue follows the proper angles, slowly bouncing its way back towards his long fingers. "I suppose it has to do with a temptation to view numbers as a be all and end all, when in truth they aren't. They're a language. A way of trying to explain a complex, dynamic existence. We live in a state of chaos by nature, sir. Mathematics will tell you that nothing is ultimately predictable…not humans, not nature, not time. They sometimes can be explained in the short term, and that leads to the stereotype that science is about expected, proven behaviours. But if you really look into it you discover that it's anything but."

Thea slides herself onto the back of the sofa, sitting there, ankles neatly crossing as she continues to watch his hands. Oddly enough, the woman who always watches faces is watching Poet's hands. "Mathematics seem to always have the answers, though," she says quietly, musingly. "There always seems to be a right and wrong, though there's not necessarily a right or wrong way to get to the answers. Everyone takes different paths."

"Again, a misconception," Roubani keeps rolling the ball around while he talks. "And an unfortunate one, as it drives minds away from a science that at its core is deeply uncertain, and painfully beautiful because of it. I wouldn't wish it on anyone to cheat themselves of that by succumbing to the temptation to believe that math is about something so petty as 'answers'."

Nine arrives from the Hallway - Deck 3, Fore.
Nine has arrived.

Clearly this is new to Thea. She's seated on the back of a sofa, legs dangling over the back, hands on either side of her. "What IS it about," she asks, eyes watching the cue ball as Roubani rolls it around, rather than watching the face of the man she's talking to.

"Change." Roubani's hand turns, now rolling the ball against the opposite wall of the pool table. "Relation. Mathematics is not experimentally falsifiable…it can't, contrary to popular opinion, be reduced to logic. Even the word 'proof' in maths is a conflicting notion. When you do maths you start to understand that it's not 'answers' you're after, but rather the expanse of new questions that one tiny 'answer' unlocks. And they are infinite, sir."

Nine is missing Roubani lecture about maths. Finding this out will likely crush Nine's spirits entirely. Especially after she threw up his other words. She slips in, still silently cursing her ungrateful belly.

Legacy is seated on the back of a sofa, watching Roubani roll a cue ball around on the pool table. "That makes perfect sense, believe it or not. Questioning, inquiry, doesn't stop when an answer is reached. But there are branches. One question leads to two. Two leads to four." Poor Thea seems trapped by the rolling ball.

Roubani shakes his head at that. "If only it were that simple. The heart of mathematics is the variable. The soul of change, the unknown. The smallest change in any circumstance can lead to wildly different conclusions…even when two and two by all logic should equal four, sometimes it doesn't. And that's when it becomes beautiful."

Jason enters the game room. For gaming purposes, most likely. His first stop is the movie selection, though he doesn't look terribly interested in any of the titles as he flips through them.

Nine does hear something beautiful happening, and she's drawn across the lounge area toward the effusion of maths like a bee toward a large red welt— just— backward.

Thea mmmms softly, but movement catches her attention and she looks up, blinking at both Nine and Jason owlishly. Yes, she's startled. "Evening Petty Officer, Lifer," she calls quietly. "Care to join us? Thumper…" She pauses, lips twitching. "I mean Poet and I were just having a conversation about the beauty of math."

"Rather," Roubani adds onto that, "I was blathering on in most rude fashion while Captain Legacy was probably wondering the best way to break my nose to get me to hush." He sets the cue ball down in front of the rest of the balls and rests his hands on the table, giving the Captain an apologetic half-smile. To the other two he nods. "Petty Officer, Lieutenant." To the latter he remarks, "How is your jaw?"

Jason looks up, and over, idly rotating his jaw with a rueful chuckle. "Nothing permanently injured but my pride, Ensign, I assure you." He grins as he says it, though. He doesn't seem terribly embarrassed. "It was a valuable lesson, and I should probably thank you for it. Hello, Captain." Legacy earns a respectful nod as well. "Mathematical beauty?" He's intrigued. He hasn't spotted Nine yet, but he's not looking around too closely.

Nine is thrown to the very brink of bliss only to be chucked down again like a used tissue when it turns out that the lecture is over, and she makes a distinct whimpering sound, "I missed the pretty?"

Legacy sticks her tongue out at Roubani. "You're making me think, Poet. That's a dangerous thing," she comments. Then she looks to Jason and Nine, dipping her head. "Mathematical beauty, about the randomness of mathematics and how it isn't the closed system that people mistake it for. It's…a new way of looking at things, for me."

"I was just trying to explain to the Captain," Roubani details as he leans a hip against the side of the pool table. "That the oft-expressed sentiment that 'if only human behaviour were as predictable as mathematics' — or versions thereof — is a fallacy. Someone has to stand up for such a misunderstood discipline." He gives Legacy a slight smile, lightly teasing her with that.

Jason chuckles again, picking up a pool cue, though he leans against it rather than putting it to use playing. "Oh, right, you're a physicist." To Legacy, he shrugs. "You might be surprised, sir. There's probably an infinity of things mathematicians haven't figured out yet. I had a professor back on Caprica who could babble for hours about open problems."

Nine jumps up on the sofaback with the Captain, clinging onto it with well-cleaned toes. "Did you talk about why the pool ball wins -every- prize?" she wonders.

Thea blinks at Nine for a moment. "Every prize," she asks. Then she nods to Roubani, smile turning wry. "I'm just a simple raptor driver," she says, laughter in her tone.

Roubani sucks his teeth at Jason when his field is pointed out so. "Mmmhm. Astronomy isn't the only science in the universe." Har. He glances at Nine but Legacy gets to the question ahead of him. He nods the Captain to one of the pool cues. "You and the Lieutenant ought to have a game."

"So I've been told, but I'm waiting until I see all the evidence on that one," Jason replies to Roubani, as for the astronomy bit. He straightens up a notch, so he's not leaning quite so much on his cue. "My track record of victory isn't stellar lately, sir. But I wouldn't mind a game." A glance over at Nine. Also curious about that.

"It's got…" Nine looks from person to person, "It's got all the sides. It wins. Nobody has more sides. And it hides its sides in plain sight: you look straight at them, but never, ever see them. It's so quiet when it moves… and full of wonderous lies."

Legacy just blinks for a time, then chuckles, shaking her head. "Ensign, you're better qualified than I am. Last time I played, I sent a Marine to sickbay with the very real possibility that he'd never father children. How about I play winner?"

"She's so underconfident, yet will play winner." Roubani smirks a little bit. "I told you when the last time I played pool was, sir. It would likely be a terrible tragedy." He glances at his watch. "And I'm afraid I need to get changed for CAP, at that. I suppose you'll need to talk the P.O. into playing. She sounds like she understands the beauty of all this right well." He gives Nine a small but pleasant smile and steps away from the table.

Jason's eyes widen a notch at Legacy. His cue moves in front of him. Protectively. He grins, though he's not /quite/ able to chuckle at that idea. "Could be part of her strategy. Get our guard down and all." That is a joke, and he adds a soft chuckle after it. He looks somewhat disappointed as Roubani talks of heading off to CAP, but nods. Head cocking in Nine's direction. "I suppose it does rule the table. Directs all the other balls. Of course, it never wins for itself."

"My top half knows some of it. My bottom half is all ape," Nine points out, looking disappointedly at her feet. "Ape toes? Maybe it's just because you have no eyes. I'm sorry, you can't help that. I'm being unfair. I'm off-balance." She looks up from the conversation she's having with her feet, "Can I listen to your math again soon?" she asks Roubani, hopefully. To the others: "You two can play. I'll watch," she volunteers.

Legacy finally slides off the sofa and laughs quietly. "Alright, alright. Come on, Lifer. I'd suggest standing to the side when I shoot." Her eyes twinkle. "Thumper, have a good night. I can't help it. It just -fits- you. I won't use it around Captain Marek, though." She grins at Nine and winks.

Roubani sighs pointedly at Thea. Really, it's Oscar-worthy. He picks up his pen and slides it back behind his ear. "I'm sure we'll find each other," he promises Nine, then gives Jason a small smile before he turns to slip out. "Have fun."

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