The SIze of It
The Size of It
Summary: Post CAP Head time + one marine.
Date: PH057 (15 June 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 1, Head

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #57
OOC Time: Mon Jun 15 00:29:18 2009

//This is one of the busiest rooms on board the Kharon, despite this not being the only bathroom on board. Here, the crew comes to shower, relieve themselves, shave and wash up. People can be found wandering in and out no matter the hour of the day though its peak seems to fall around the shift changes. Save for the thick coats of gray non-slip paint across the floor, the whole room is done in stainless steel.

A long line of sinks and mirrors down the center effectively divide the room into two parts. To the Fore is a series of toilets, doors able to lock against intrusion on the occupants. On the Aft end of the room is a long maze of shower stalls which, like the toilets, have lockable doors with a verity of handholds and hooks. Each stall is just large enough to provide the users with enough space to bring their own toiletries and towel in with them and not soak everything.//

Jupiter is in the middle of disrobing, and folding up her flight suit. The rest of her stuff, boots included, are stacked in a neat pile next to some fresh sweats, as well as two fluffy towels on the bench. A little bag of toiletries sits atop the pile. Jupes runs her hand through her hair, and pulls off her tank, jingling her dogtags, then shimmies out of her underwear, and drops those atop the pile. Yeah, she stick jockeys in a rose colored thong.

Perfect timing has Ashe walking in, apparently having gotten just off of duty shift when the pilots had landed. His duffel over his shoulder is set down as he begins to start to get out of his duty uniform without really noticing at first who is there. Then the red catches his eyes, and he looks over, tilting his head before snickering softly. "You… You're frakin' kidding me right?" He asks in the direction of the other undressing crewmember.

Nothing says welcome to offduty like a good look at Jupiter's pale ass. She turns to glance back at the marine who just came through the hatch. "I smell like the a pyramid team after an overtime match. What's the problem?" She jerks a thumb over her head toward the shower. "Less chance of being asked stupid pilot questions down here."

"You always smell like the pyramid team after a match." Ashe points out then motions with his hand, "I was more of mocking your underwear choice. Red and frilly? You're such a pretend tease." He starts peeling his own shirt off though and sets it down, the bullet wounds looking very well healed up. "Looked like you really sucked out there today huh."

Jupiter runs her hands through her hair, combing the sweaty curls away from her face. Her hands drop to her hips, and Ashe has just a moment to scowl at her black and grey tattoo before she turns to face him. "Yeah, I took one for the team." She glances over at her clothes. "If you can't feel pretty in the cockpit, why bother?" She grins and gives Ashe's torso a once over. "You look like you're healed up from your last overwhelming encounter with a hail of bullets."

Ashe looks down at himself before nodding a bit, "Yeah. Still a little tender if I do something stupid like jump into the bulkhead. But otherwise, solid. And take one for the team? You? Self sacrifice?" He frowns, "What happened to the Jupipoo I was so madly in love with?" He starts shedding his pants then, obviously not concerned, it's the head afterall.

Jupiter snorts and replies, "Avoid bulkheads and you should be golden." She watches Ashe for a moment, thinking about the other stuff he said, perhaps forming a retort, and then just smiles. "I'm a good shot. Spider's better. Keeping him occupied kept him off my teammates. I guess you'll just have to re-align your world view and learn to love me again."

Ashe tilts his head looking back at Jupiter from the corner of his eye as he finishes getting ready for the shower with removal of wardrobe, grabbing a bottle of soap. "I guess I will. Ah, complicated love… such a pain…" He rolls his eyes then and starts for one of the stalls. "I'm curious, since you're talking about world views. First time you ever met me was in this head walking to the stalls… your world view change any? Or are you finally ready to express just how impressed you are with … my proportions."

"It's not the size that counts," Jupiter calls over, starting for the showers a few beats after Ashe. She might catch up to him if he pauses. Her bare feet slap lightly on the floor of the Head. "It's how good you are with your tongue."

It actually is enough to make him pause, glance, shake his head and laugh. "As my first lady friend ever taught me. Tongue or finger, gentle or grind, you never leave them till they've had their time." Then resuming his walk towards the shower, Ashe adds, "That's why we'd never work out Jupipoo. I could give a frak if you got yours." There's a huge grin on his face as he says it.

Jupes reaches down to take hold of her tags. She flips them around to her back as she approaches the stall. The bar of soap in hand is dwindling down slowly. It smells like peaches. "There's a bit of the poet in you, Swift. Gosh, maybe you can even read." She moves to step around him with a pat to the ass and slips into a stall, cutting him off like a car changing lanes unexpectedly.

As she swings around him with the ass slap, he jerks up a little bit and narrows his eyes. "Oh no you don't. You may get everything you want around the rest of 'em, but not me brat." Ashe states towards Jupiter. "I totally had stakes on that stall." The marine is standing just outside of a stall that was stolen from him apparently. "If you think I'm not above dragging your ass out of it, you're sadly mistaken Pooky Bear."

From inside the stall, Jupiter replies, "If you're gonna do it, do it by my hair. It's how I like it, and I should be getting something out of your presence." Fwshhhhh the water is turned on and rains down over Jupiter's nude form, soaking her hair and rinsing the sweat from her curves (modest as some of them are, thankyew). "Good butt, Swift."

Kai wandered in somewhere between the poetry and the ass grabbing, and is presently the source of a rustle of clothing coming from the benches. Clothing being flight suit, to be precise. He doesn't offer a single word to the 'flirting' going on, though he's sporting an amused look on his face that's thankfully hidden.

"Jupipoo, I'm not going to pull you around by your hair. I'm a Marine, that's usually a mating signal if I club you and drag you by your hair." Ashe then heads into the adjacent shower, muttering something about annoying brat. He does toss out to the other stall. "Yes, well I work hard to have such a finely tuned ass. But I appreciate it. I'd compliment yours but it's an admire not feel situation."

"I win," Jupiter replies with a singsongy voice. She turns off the spray of the shower to soap up, and says, "You're such a pussy. Just say I'm smokin' hot and admit it to the world and yourself. It won't hurt." She seems in good spirits today, not a single death threat or hint of violence. Soap, soap, soap.

Kai unzips, and starts peeling out of clothing. Tug, tug, tug. Sweaty tank tops are next, dogtags jingling as he reaches for his towel and the bar of soap that's getting closer to a sliver by now. Then it's off to the races. Er, shower.

The water from Ashe's shower continues to sputter and splash as his voice lifts up. "Be careful, your fantasy world might expand and knock you out of your stall there Princess." Ashe shakes his head. "You ever make due on your threats? I'm right next door you know."

Jupiter lathers up her hair with a sweet smelling shampoo, reminiscent of florals and candy all wrapped up into one. "My fantasy world is alive and healthy, thanks very much. It's what gets me through those long, cold nights in my bunk. Threatening you is just for fun. But kicking your ass isn't an option. Daddy says stop playing with your food, I stop playing with my food." She tips back and flips on the stream of water again, rinsing. "I still like to verbally assault my food, though…"

Kai still doesn't interject, amusing as it might be at this juncture. It's somewhat more amusing listening to the pilot and marine's ping pong match. Just be glad he isn't scorekeeping. After a pause, and his towel flung onto the railing, the faucet's switched on.

"Verbally assault? Bah. Check back with me when you shift to oral assault, then we'll have something to talk about." Ashe comments, cutting his water and slipping out of the shower stall after moving the curtain back.

Jupiter hasn't noticed Kai's the one out there. She flips off the water after rinsing the various soaps from her hair and body. "Oral assault? Is that some kind of reference to your…" That's about as far as Jupiter gets, as she flings the curtain open and takes a step out… and almost right into Ashe.

The other shower's faucet keeps right on running.

Towel. Check. Basket of clothes. Check. Industrial-strength military-grade hygiene products. Check. Wil's loaded for bear, popping through the hatch, on a cleanliness tear. Which, well, he smells like a decomposing horse after being cooped up in that flight suit so it ought to be a joy for anyone near him.

Ashe is standing in front of a shower, leaning against it a hand on either side while he peers in. Yes, he's naked. Then he speaks. "It's a reference to the skills I have and that you completely lack. Yes, that's what it's a reference too."

Jupiter is in the stall Ashe is peering into, and she's just wung the curtain aside. She's dripping wet, apparently fresh from a rinse in the shower. She stands there for a beat, then moves forward. Ashe either moves or he gets bodied. "Keep talkin', Tiger." Another shower is on down the row of stalls.

Yeah, Wil's going to need that industrial strength, military grade soap. To wash out his eyes. Kai, thankfully, is hidden far, far away. Well, okay. Not that far away. He's behind the closed curtain of one of the stalls, faucet currently running as he makes some effort at rinsing off the day's dirt.

Fortunately, Wil's seen enough…beautiful things in his life. Military career and all. Despite his feigned refined sensibilities, he's unfazed by the 'nuts and bolts' of it all. He drops his stash by the sink and proceeds to go through the basics of brushing his teeth, only eventually noting the familiar faces which are easily visible in the head. He grunts. Presumably a greeting, as he starts choking on a toothbrush.

Oh Ashe isn't moving at all. Leaning forward further in fact he tilts his head. "That's it? Keep talkin' Tiger?" A soft laugh comes from the Marine. "You know for the Queen of runnin' the score that was a little weak, much like the rest of your lines." Ashe quirks an eyebrow at Jupiter just daring her to respond.

And Jupiter walks right into Ashe. Smack. And Jupiter backs up a half step. It's a little hard to be a smartass when the guy you're mocking is almost a whole foot taller, and you're standing halfway in a shower stall. "The correct response to that sort of remark would be to demonstrate my oral dexterity, but you can't have any, skippy." Jupes patpats Ashe's abs. "You're too young." She grins. "I like a man who can actually grow facial hair." She glances down. "And I know I said size doesn't matter, but… I was just sparing your feelings."

Kai's shower is switched off, and soaping up commences, followed by a tiny dollop of shampoo slathered through his hair. Advantage of having maybe an inch of it, is it requires almost nothing to clean. The faucet's switched on again, drowning out the sound of voices.

Brush. Rinse. Spit. Libris' dental professionals would have been proud. Willem concludes the toothbrush portion of this ritual, leaning over the sink so his dogtags dangle from the front of his offduty tanks and eyes himself in the mirror, presumably catching a shot of his pale face so directly that he might be in danger of going blind. That would suck.

He replaces the toothbrush and proceeds to peel out of his fatigues. Yes, he's going there. Now the rest of the unfortunate denizens of the Head are going to get a glimpse of the Pale Wonder. Boots first, pants, etc. He eventually does wrap a towel around himself for modesty's sake and stows his spare clothing in the corner before heading to the showers. "'Scuse me. Pardon me. Don't mind me, kids." He arcs a brow at the exchange between Ashe and Jupiter but is too polite to comment. Too polite or too unwilling to get involved.

"There she is. I was almost starting to miss you smartass… almost." Reaching out and down, Ashe gently pats Jupiter's head like a pet before turning and heading towards the sinks. "Eyes to yourself missy, don't oggle what you can't have. I prefer my women not geriatric." Glancing over back at Jupi, he adds, "Be careful too, seriously. The floor is a little slick and you don't have your walker, you might break a hip."

"Appreciate it while you can, Swift. Pilots have a mortality rate that just about matches those of marines. You never know how long you'll have the chance to enjoy being abused by a quality asshole like me." Jupes glances over as Willem wanders past. "Rebound." Her greetings for her fellow pilots are much more professional and polite, nudity or not. Jupes heads over toward the bench to snag her toothbrush, and sets to work on her teeth before she reaches the line of mirrors. At least it'll keep her quiet for two minutes. Ish.

Kai's finished rinsing by the time Ashe gets halfway through his diatribe, and switches off the shower before reaching for his towel. It doesn't take him long to dry off his hair and pat down damp skin, though a few moments' more are claimed for the sake of solace, perhaps. A rare commodity, when you're a viper pilot. "Evening, Corporal. Black, stop playing with your food." That's after he's snapped the curtain open and is rounding toward the benches with his towel wrapped around his waist. "Or at least stop subjecting me to the sound of it."

"Nice show out there. Think I was a little busy with Rabbit, unfortunately," Suddenly, Willem feels kind of vocal, at least this is directed towards Jupiter. It seems like all his words to her are in passing, but they seem easy and personable enough. He pauses a beat before he retreats into the stall. "Captain." Yup, that's for Kai, and not the invisible Captain in the room. He says this stiffly as he pulls the curtain shut, but finally tosses out one more zinger. "Hey Private. Lose a sock? I think the Laundry's posessed by a ghost."

And the water in Wil's stall turns on.

Ashe grins at Jupiter, "We've been over this, the jury is still out on your ass." He blinks and then realizes after he says it that in fact others have been wandering about, especially when Kai comes out and greets him. "Captain." Swift offers back, managing not to blush while he heads towards his own duffel and opens it. "Well, frak." With a sigh he grabs his toothbrush and makes his way over towards Jupiter, sticking it out towards her. "Forgot my paste. Fire me a squeeze." Sock, private? A tilt of his head and Ashe is looking towards Willem. "Lance Corporal, not Private… unless of course you're referring to my business end. That we refer to as the Colonel." To emphasize, Ashe does a little hip wiggle to send the whole package swaying about.

Jupiter pauses in her tooth brushing. She eyeshifts in Kai's direction, and mutters something around her toothbrush that goes like, "MrrMee Maddy." Who knows what it is she actually said. The brunette leans over the sink, and is brushes. Splat. She spits into the sink basin, then washes the soapy. She coughs and does her best not to choke on toothepaste bubbles at Willem's comment. Jupes silently picks up her little tube of paste, and squeezes out some onto Ashe's toothbrush. She doesn't even bitch about cooties. Then Ashe comments, and she's caught looking right at his business as it goes to swinging. Jupes averts her gaze, and tries to hold in the laughter. And just snorts and loses it anyway.

Kai has seen a few business ends in his time. He's not losing it when Ashe shakes his, but he is looking faintly amused. Or maybe it's just Jupiter's reaction. Silent, he starts tugging on clean clothing. Prancing about in a towel is so not the Captain's style.

That was actually deliberate. "Sorry. My attempt at a play on words failed." Comes a snicker from Willem's shower stall. Actually, and quite shockingly, his tone of voice sounds faintly apologetic, indicating, whatever shit he appears willing to sling at the Marine, there's enough shred of military respect there to warrant an apology. "Sorry. Lance Corporal."

Ashe looks at Jupiter after his little dance and plops his toothbrush into his mouth. Giving her a wink he sets to work on the oral scrubdown and finds a sink to spit into after a few minutes of work. Heading back towards his clothes and duffel, he grabs a shirt and sweats, pulling them on. "Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure. Pooky Bear, try not to dream too much about me tonight, the rest of your berthing has to sleep too y'know."

Jupes finishes up with her teeth, and leans over to rinse by taking a drink from the faucet. She spits again, then returns to the bench to wrap her towel around her body, then the other towel around her hair. "I thought it was funny, Rebound. Swift has no sense of humor that he's aware of." She sits on the bench to trim a toenail, and says to the departing marine, "Night, Cuddleumpkin."

"I shouldn't have frakked with rank, Fingers." comes a voice from Wil's shower stall. A hand raises above the shower door as he scrubs away the filth, presumably, and banishes the smell of a thousand dead beasts of burden. "He earned it. Guess it was funny, though."

"Have a good evening, Swift." Kai glances up from his tugging on of fatigue trousers, blue eyes fixing briefly on the marine without even a shred of smugness. The farewell seems sincere. And the pilot seems tired. His bag is patted down for something as if by habit, followed by a small frown when he comes up empty, and then resumes dressing quietly. Unhurried. Dogtags jingle as he pulls on a t-shirt.

Jupes had more of a pyramid team stench going on, but it's been rinsed off. The Air Wing promotes a stench like no other. Jockeying is hard work. Makes you sweat. "It was," she calls toward the shower stall. She reaches for her sweats, and tugs on the pants before she drops her body towel. The sweatshirt goes on next. Tug, tug. She picks up her boots, and her piled clothes.

And the shower goes off with a hiss. Willem is clean, and probably doesn't smell like decaying livestock anymore. "Yeah. Well. I have a weird take on things." is the only further explanation he offers Jupiter as he emerges, clad in a towel. Thankfully, the rest of the air-wing here is blissfully spared the full monty as he ambles out to grab his things, with another grunt as he stoops down to retrieve his gear. "Captain…what was that out there?" He's probably been chewing on this question all evening.

Kai forgoes brushing his teeth, for the time being. More than likely, because he's got plans for a cigarette somewhere on his evening's agenda, before rack time. Feet are shoved into combat boots one at a time, with a chuckle at the back and forth between Jupiter and Willem. The question posed toward him kind of comes out of nowhere, and he looks up to find Lily White aka Rebound crossing his field of view. "What was what?" he returns, dropping down to lace his boots.

Jupiter turns toward the hatch, arms laden with her flight suit, dirty clothes, two damp towels, a small toiletry bag, and boots. She juggles the pile to one arm, careful not to drop anything, and reaches up to tug her dogtags around front again, jingling the tags as she goes. Once at the hatch, she reaches over to pull it open. The boots teeter, but stay put on top of the pile.

Willem starts to amble into his off-duty fatigues, starting with the oh-so-basics. Again, Jupiter is probably spared the gory details as he struggles into them quickly. Without modesty but without lingering. "The signal." He finally responds towards the Captain, curtly.

"No frakking clue." One thing you can always count on Karim for? Is bluntness without preamble. He finishes lacing his boots, and looks back up at Willem for a second. "I'll let you know, the instant I find out. Good work out there, by the way. Shame we couldn't finish the exercise."

Jupiter doesn't mind gorey details. Jupiter likes gorey details. In fact, it's widely rumored that the main reason she signed up for the military, aside from getting the frak off of Picon, was all the naked people. She has a deep and fulfilling appreciation of the human form, you see. Jupes steps out without incident, and heads off to the berthings. Shame she has no idea what awaits there.

"We finished it to -my- satisfaction, sir." Willem notes, dryly, as he squeezes into his regulation shorts. He's not one to brag, but plugging Rabbit? Deep down, his head is probably the size of a Destroyer. "And I figured I'd ask. In any case, I have some shit to…inspect and I won't keep you." His head lolls a little towards the hatch as he watches the departing figure of Jupiter with muted attention. "By the way, Captain. A request? I'm getting the feeling that Jester pisses some people off." Gee, how did you figure that one out, Braniac? "But he's smart, where it counts. Go easy on him?"

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