The Principal's Office
The Principal's Office
Summary: Roubani visits the XO's Quarters to go over a few points about their experiment. Immediately subsequently, Major Cass is the second visitor - Praxis makes a decision about the allegedly Cylon prisoner.
Date: PHD 198
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The XO's quarters is kept meticulously neat, is probably the first thing anyone would notice upon entry. The second thing that's easy to notice is that it doesn't appear to be just a bedroom, but something of an office as well. A sizable desk is where most of Demitros' life is now spent outside of CIC, and the stack of papers and notebooks and writing utencils sure illustrate that fact. Praxis is currently sitting at his desk in full uniform, scribbling something down on a sheet of paper, continually glancing once in a while up at the status displays that line the wall near the desk.

There's a knock-knock right on time, both polite and punctual, before the hatch actually swings open with that slow first second or two of warning. In his blues, shined boots, and wing pins, Roubani has two folders under his arm both stamped with the Air Wing's fuzzy red insignia. The stamp deck up in the ready room must be running out of ink. "Sir?"

Praxis glances at his watch as soon as the knock echoes through the room, a single brow lofted at the ornament on his wrist. Here was one that understood the value of punctuality - something the former TACCO had been preaching for like, ever. "Enter, Lieutenant, and have a seat." he invites Roubani, pushing his glasses further up his nose and tracking the pilot as he presumably moves to where he was instructed to go - a chair lingering directly in front of the desk.

Roubani does move where he was instructed to go. One thing about pilots, they can at least come in for clean landings. He gives an absent-looking salute on the way, more care given to not dropping the work than to the protocol. "Thank you." He clears his throat quietly, dark eyes meeting the ex-TACCO's. "I know I mentioned up on the flight deck that I had wanted to talk to you about something concerning your marriage. Would you mind terribly, sir, if I didn't pursue that just at the moment?" Obviously those folders on his knees have nothing to do with weddings.

Praxis gestures forward to the desk, indicating an empty spot that Roubani can use to place the sizable folders upon if his lap is insufficient for carrying them. As he mentions the marriage the Captain immediately shakes his head. "No, not at all, Lieutenant." he says entirely dismissively. It's very clear he's a little weary of all the talk about joining and he'd find it more desirable to get right down to business. "Though I'm rather curious as to what else you have to discuss with me." Of course, that would be taken care of in due time.

"I will do my best to ensure that only one discussion involves blood," Roubani glances up from the papers and gives Praxis a pursed-lip smile, then sets the folders up onto his desk. "I needed to ask CIC's assistance with testing something for the Air Wing. I have permission, before you ask." A faint smirk. "It has to do with what you saw up on the hangar bay. I didn't know exactly who to ask about this in the end but I figured you would be a good start."

To the smile, the muscles in the XO's features don't even twitch. Praxis then briefly rubs at his eye when Roubani brings up the stuff on the flight deck. "Right, I spoke with Captain Marek about what you gentlemen were doing up there. He informed me that once you've carried out your small experiments he would bring me or the Commander a written proposition for more large scale tests." The XO glances once over at his status screens - all the boards are green. "I suppose the large question is what I can do to assist?" Jade eyes center on the pilot again, fingers coming to interlace on the table and a single brow quirking.

"Quite a lot." Roubani flips through several stapled sheafs of paper in the folder until he finds the one he wants. it's right near the top, no wasting time. This he turns around and sets in front of Praxis. "Those small experiments are done, sir. We have multiple options for both Viper and Raptor systems that leave one thing to be desired - they're untested against actual sensors. Our proposal is that the Kharon's CIC would program and run as close as approximation of cylon sensors as they can, based on the information we have about their capabilities. The protocols are here." He taps the top of the papers with his finger. "I know you don't oversee quite what you used to, but you still know how best and who best to accomplish something like this."

Praxis takes the paper and stares scrutinizingly at it, eyes narrowing slightly while he mulls over the data. "So you intend to do a full scale test with a real Raptor." If they had been out in space already with their modified craft, he was oblivious to the fact. His finger cascades down the document. "I am certain that you are aware (though I'm obligated to put forward a disclaimer), that no matter how hard we attempt to emulate Cylon sensors - that they will not be the same. A step above pure simulation, yes…but still a simulation in a different sense." Getting that out of the way, as Demitros knows that it'd be foolish to put the brakes on things just by that little setback, he continues to consider. "It is going to take some time to reconfigure the sensors. Are we looking at doing pure software changes or do you figure (I'm digging into your engineering expertise, here) that we will also require a temporary hardware alteration as well? Though that could be considered a foolish question, I've no idea what sort of parts we have in stock that would provide an advantage."

"Absolutely, sir," Roubani replies, as to Praxis' statement about wanting to test with a real Raptor. "Raptors and Vipers both. Granted the Vipers are a step ahead. This manuever was already been used on them in a mock-combat situation months ago." He settles back in the seat, legs neatly crossed and fingers folded. "I understand, of course, that we can't become a raider. We're alright with that for this stage, which is little more than a cauldron of Bayesian inferences seasoned with adrenaline and a ladelfull of common sense." He scratches the tip of his nose with his pinky, softly clearing his throat. "As for the systems, sir. There are two which may beg for som adjustments to hardware. Mainly as raiders appear to be equipped with a set of thermal-pulse sensors that involve a superlattice…silicon/germanium, as best they could tell up at deck. I don't quite know enough about the Kharon's main sensors to say to what degree that could be mimicked, but I do know that we have old Raptor boards that - in theory, should they not already have been ransacked - contain materials that would work."

"Yes, of course." Praxis replies to the fact that they want to carry out the experiment with Vipers too. A little fact that just barely slipped him mind. Demitros remains attentive as Roubani goes over what little they know of Cylon sensor systems. As soon as he's finished talking, eyes wander up from the sheet of paper. "Well, software modifications - we can easily take care of that. I have several qualified candidates in ECM who can get to the coding on that right away and we should be able to revert right back when the tests are complete." He rubs at his jaw. "The biggest concern I have with direct modifications to our sensor equipment is the time it will take to change - it is reasonable to assume that at some point the array will be taken offline for an unspecified amount of time, yes?"

"I am not sure," Roubani replies, shaking his head. "Unfortunately I'm not versed quite enough in the main sensor systems to be able to say how much downtime the normal functions would need, if any at all. If this is an addition that doesn't take over any of the regular circuits then it should be relatively painless. If it requires shutting down a portion of the mainframe to adjust it completely, that would be a different story. To which I would propose running a double and extended-radius CAP for that period."

At this point, Praxis pulls off a blank piece of paper from one of the stacks on his desk and begins writing on it with a pencil. "That is one order of business that needs to be resolved before the project gets underway - determining if hardware modifications are necessary to effectively simulate Cylon sensor technology, if alterations can be made without taking the DRADIS array offline, and if so, how long." Those particular points are scribbled down, and it's apparent he doesn't like the idea of being blind for any amount of time. "If this creates too much of a problem I may just disallow physical modification and instead engage in a pure software simulation - which honestly Lieutenant, appears much more favorable to me anyway." A beat. "What else?"

"Understood, sir." Roubani doesn't look too displeased with the thought of NOT mucking around too intently with things right now. "Everything technical about the sensors that CIC will need to know is here." He taps the folder again, and pulls a new sheaf of paper from the ones on his lap. "And this is information on how the raiders use them, to the best of our knowledge. Pulse rates, feedback balances, everythng deck could get from the system we had to study." He adds, a little wryly, "Some of this, if it works, might be able to translate into an upgrade for us if we have the proper way to keep it functional long-term. Though that is a long shot."

Yay, more sheafs to look at. The new specifications that Roubani hands to Praxis is almost an eyesore to look at. Half of which he understands, a quarter of which he vaguely knows about, and some of it is just gobbledigook but with another set of eyes from his officers will definitely serve to complete the picture. Praxis looks up at the wry comment, eyes narrowing and lip twitching amusedly. "If it works. However, the notion of an upgrade in efficiency would seem appealing enough." The XO then softly repeats the words, "If it works." again - sure, it might not seem funny to Roubani…it's Tactical Officer humor.

"So say we all, sir," Roubani replies, dry as a desert. He glances at the piles of paper, one brow lofting. "Anyway…when CIC knows what they're up against and what timeframe they may be looking at from start to finish, then we can coordinate the testing itself. It will be not only against the sensors but also a trial run to see how difficult the birds are to manuever. And also the speed at which they can go from dark to combat-ready. The Vipers, in their run, were able to do so in approximately 3.8 seconds, but there have been changes. The Raptors will undoubtedly take longer given their more complicated settings."

When Roubani draws attention to the notion of coordinating the test, Praxis begins scribbling down on the paper two - the second order of business. "I will determine exactly the length of time that will take to complete the moment I step into CIC next." The XO continues to listen and interjects with, "When the transition is being made from low-power operations to combat-ready, I understand the pilot should be able to take effective enough evasive action, yes? If that's one of the things to be tested in this upcoming run; perhaps we can configure our AA batteries for mock combat … of course after the initial tests are complete and technical data is gleaned."

"Yes, sir," Roubani nods once, as to the notion of being able to launch directly into evasive action. "That would be an extremely helpful test, provided I can assure Marek that nobody will end up dead." There might be mild humour in his voice but it doesn't show on his face. "It will take a good deal of coordination and more than likely more than one practice run. What we want to have at the end, though, is a manuever that will give us an edge in an offensive situation. It is possible it could assist in defensive strategy as well, though given the inherent delay in attack readiness, that is yet to be weighed."

"Mr. Roubani, multiple tests are not only desirable, but they are also definitely encouraged. The testing phase of this operation is just as, if not more important than the analysis and design. I know for a fact that you understand there will be no cutting corners on this where possible." Praxis says with a nod - his tone is rather encouraging. Having another trick up their sleeve is way too valuable to pass up, and making sure that trick works right is too important to do just once. "CIC will be requiring from you a testing schedule - the sequence of your various trial phases and what should be the expected result of each trial from our point of view."

"Yes, sir," Roubani nods more firmly to that. "I'll confer with the others on the project and make sure that gets to you ASAP. For your own reference, Lieutenants Price and Hale are leads on the strategic development side, and Lieutenants Komnenos and Matto have been handling the technical side where the Raiders are concerned. We make sure information goes freely among us, so any of us may be consulted should CIC need anything from us in the meantime."

More information - specifically who is involved with the project. Scribble scribble. "Excellent. I will more than likely be following up with one of you in the near future. Oh, and if you could turn in that testing schedule with the CAG's signature on it, that would be fantastic. Once that is complete with his authorization, we may convene and select a testing date and time and give the final OK." Demitros raises his chin and regards Roubani with a degree of scrutiny. "Will that be all, Lieutenant?"

"Yes, sir." Roubani says, with no small amount of finality in his tone as he uncrosses his legs. "I will get back to you on the…other matter. When it's not quite so busy." Which he doesn't sound to be in a horrible rush about. At all.

"Very good." Praxis organizes all the sheets that were given to him to keep, shuffling them into one neat little pile to be taken and glossed over by his crew in the Combat Information Center. "Ah…take your time on that one, Lieutenant." As for not being in a rush, well Knight is in that same boat as well. "You're dismissed. Thank you."

"Sir." Roubani's not technically on-duty, but the salute's given in automatic protocol fashion. He gathers up the other papers he'd had, no doubt headed somewhere else after this, and turns for the hatch. Exeunt.


Praxis is sitting there in his desk in his little office in his quarters. If Ezra came quick enough, he would have seen Lieutenant JG Roubani leaving from the quarters - probably some sort of meeting going on. The XO rubs at his temples a little bit, feeling stretched a little thing but of course nothing the stalwart officer cannot handle. Demitros' desk looks pretty crowded with papers and binders, but despite that everything here is kept neat.

Luckily- people fleeing the room, is not something Major Cass ever notices, as once one has become accustomed to ship-side life-people dashing here and there is never something that indicates anything is up. All the same the Hatch is opened followed by a rapt of knuckles as the Major comes inside. "Captain." the Marine intones, before his hand is coming up in a simple salute-after all said Captain is the XO now. "Got time for a few words?" One hoary brow raised, as he waits, after all if the man is busy, Ezra can turn heel and come back another time.

As soon as Major Cass breaches the room, jade eyes rotate upwards and squint through his glasses in an attempt to recognize the man. Praxis hasn't seen him around that often, however when he finally realizes who it is he straightens up and stands up from his chair, snapping a salute. "Yes, of course, sir. Have a seat, please." The XO gestures to the chair in front of his desk, and waits there standing up until Ezra helps himself to a perch.

Salute down, there's a nod back to the XO, before he's closing the door behind him. No need for these words to go beyond the simply sanctity of the room. Instead there's movement over to the desk. "Thank you." offered back, before one grizzled old hand is reaching for the back, and tugging it just so-so he can sink himself down. One hand runs up to smooth out his mustache, before eyes are taking in the other officer. "I won't take too much up of your time, XO. Simply, this matter doesn't need that much damned time to begin with." A lick of his lips then. "We need to chat about the Ozymandias situation-finally nip this in the bud as to what we're going to do with her."

When Ezra is finally settled in, Praxis lowers down to his seat and interlaces his fingers together upon the desk, peering at the officer across the table and listening to the few words he has to say. As soon as the name Ozymandias reaches earshot, Demitros nods knowingly - he knew that this was going to come around sooner or later…he was suprised it took as long as it did to fall into his lap. "First it would be prudent to go over what exactly we have gleaned from her. The S2 said that we were going to do a physical and psychological evaluation. If I remember correctly from the report…the subject claims to be a Cylon?"

"And we are. The S2 is a great officer and has been handling this investigation quite well- but we all know how this frakking looks. Morale speaking." Ezra starts with a raise of a hand, as if to stave off any early protest. "Right now, the marine battalion on this ship has had two people who frakshit insane and kill members of the command staff." he'll let that sit. "The crew, and the platoon need justice. Besides, I think the psyche eval will come back that she is completely intact as far as her mental ability goes." A pause "Least we have evidence to believe this." Something he could disclose. Probably. "You know of my grandson don't you?"

Praxis nods his head very subtly. "And I heartily agree with you on that, sir - that we all require justice…for Ozymandias to pay for her crime and I assure you that day WILL come - and of course her fate is as much up to Cortez as it is to me." Demitros looks over Ezra with scrutiny. "With that said, I do not desire to get rid of her before we've received as much information as humanly possible. I'm not the kind of man to burn the books before I read them, so to speak." The XO's rigid demeanor stays in place. "I've read about him, sir - I've never encountered him myself. What about your grandson?"

"Then, I can put the pressure on her. See if we can't get clear answers one way or the other.." Does Cass mean torture? Hard to say, but the Major is not showing anything behind his poker face. "Either way we need to push this through the wheels a little quicker." And that goes for his end as well. "As for my Grandson.." and there the Major's voice drops, a little softer as if the walls had ears of their own. "He's identified the private in question as to helping the Cylons back on Idi. Don't ask me how-He just has pictures of her.. Hundreds and hundreds of pictures he's drawn of her, helping the cylons. Now you could say my kid suffered a great tragedy, and is in shock-But he's not seen her since he's been on this ship, as far as I know. And for him to draw her…"
He'll let the XO mull over that. "If that is to be believed- then we're dealing with something that is Frakking beyond us..And could explain how the damned raiders and all keep finding us."

Praxis listens intently to everything that the Major says, and when he begins to talk about his grandson and how he identified Jules, that's enough to cause him to stand up and begin to pace around the room in deep thought. "Major, whatever it was that happened to your grandson - he knows what you and I do not. I'm not about to discount the drawings as coincedence. In fact I believe that to be a nearly incontrovertible piece of evidence that backs up Jules' claim…at least I'll take his over hers." Halting his pacing, he turns to face Ezra sitting down at his chair. "If he's really seen her before, assisting the Cylons? Then this changes absolutely everything."
Praxis shakes his head for a moment, before he retrieves a bottle of amber liquid and two glasses from a cabinet - offering a drink to the Major. "We need to squeeze out everything she's got, sir. And at the risk of sounding grim - tear her apart and see what's really inside."

Ezra is quiet after he's said his piece, after all, any more and he's whipping the dead awkward horse in the room a few more times. Still there's a slight shift as the Xo gets up and begins to pace. A slight tick barely seen with the twitch of the man's mustache. "I can have the S2 deliver a few of the drawings in here, if you want.. I had thought of bringing the kid to Jules' cell in order for futher verification. Least before we have to put a boot in medical's ass to get them working."
Simple there, as for the drink, there's a nod as the marine leans back into his seat a little. "Well if that's the case-when the order comes to shoot, We might just do it with a pistol. Aim for the heart, or the brain-whichever will be the quickest and leave the most intact. We'll space her after Medical's carved her up in a full autopsy. But till then I wouldn't be beyond harsher means of questioning." A kiss of his teeth. "Make her bleed a little- see if we get any further answers.."

The glasses are placed down on the desk and the drink is poured for the both of them, before he sets the bottle down and has a seat, taking his own glass. Demitros considers everything Ezra says, and has a little silent internal war with himself when the Major suggests harsher forms of punishment for the Cylon. Hello, moral decisions. "Do not worry over bringing me the drawings - but if you feel having your grandson identify the Cylon will help solidify the case then by all means do so." A beat before he finally considers beating up more on the Cylon. "Can you look me in the eye, Major - and tell me that becoming harsher with the prisoner is not in no small part for personal gratification? I cannot help but think that it may at some point boil down to that and less so for obtaining answers."

"Captain." A look back over to the other man, before his gnarled hand is taking the drink- and a sip. "I have a duty to this crew, and this ship, and if we get answers from her, because we slapped her, or however else-S2's discretion, then I think it's worth it." And another sip there, before he's moving the glass around in his hand. "Just be glad I'm not suggesting a code red- or something like that. I'm just saying rougher hands, till we get what we can from her. Then I say shoot her and junk her for parts.." a pause there.
"Assuming she has parts." as for his grandson's compliance-he'll make it so.

With the safety of this ship and of this crew on the line, Demitros can't help but nod his head slightly. "I don't mean to insult you, sir. You will have to excuse my cynicism. Of course we have a duty, both you and I." He looks sideways to ponder space again for a moment. "Authorize yourself and the S2 for a harsher degree of punishment while I confer with Cortez as to the prisoner's ultimate fate. At this point, I believe the firing squad is where the Cylon is headed at that moment." Whether or not that's one bullet or multiple, is the question. "I also have to determine whether or not she will be able to see anyone (I am aware of multiple requests to see the prisoner) before she is terminated."

"You're fine." the Major intones over the rim of his glass. "Aye that we do. And I do not want to have it get out of hand." And Cass takes another slower sip of his drink, easily a man who is used to the burn of rum or whisky in such conditions. "Will do- See if she might open up to one of us, but I'll run the boy by her before we do that. Don't want him to see any of that mess." And if there was water he'd be washing his hands of it, as soon as he could. "I'll get a squad picked- men who won't miss." Also people who won't object and try to back out. "As of right now, I have her on black out, and I would rather keep her that way. Don't give a good frak for anyone who feels that she wronged them. She wronged the whole ship-As such, she remains in the dark. Less people she sees, the less allies she has."

"Bringing your child in before that is a prudent course of action, I would agree." And when he puts his input in regarding visiting hours, Demitros again dips his head in understanding. "Your opinion is noted, sir…and it just so happens on that too, I would be in agreement. But we shall see, before the end has come." The XO considers Ezra for a long moment, before inquiring, "Will that be all, sir? Is there anything else I can do?"

"Only when she's thirty minutes away from having someone put a bullet in her brain, will I even consider having her be able to talk to someone else." A look back from Praxis and with that he is shaking his head. taking this time to finished the offered drink, and stand up with relative ease. "That was it." Simple, there, before he is saluting back to the XO. It seems Ezra came for what he wanted, objective complete. "I have some schematics that will be sent your way for a training exercise between the Air and Marines.. Something we'll take advantage of while we're here." A nod back "You have a good evening.." And with that he's moving for the hatch.

Again standing up out of complete politeness and respect for the superior officer (despite being XO), Demitros snaps a formal salute to Ezra as well. "Understood, sir. The proverbial ball is in your park, now. I will report to you when news has come down from the upper part of the chain of command." Praxis nods his head. "Thank you for coming, sir. The door is always open when you require something - especially for the Department Heads. I suppose I will see you during the meeting, where I'm certain more things of this manner are to be discussed. You as well, sir."


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