The One With The Paint
The one with the paint
Summary: Pilots gather for a discussion and a Viper gets painted
Date: Day 52
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Leda steps onto the flight deck in his flightsuit and he seems to have a huge grin on his face, life is good and all is right with the universe, well, given that it is the end of the world. He takes a moment to walk over to his Viper which he runs his hands over the ship as he hums an old Aquarian tune.

Samantha may or may not get in shit for this, but after taking out another raider last night, Sam's claiming her bird. Her lucky bird. She's flown it every CAP, every fight… and so she's sitting in front of Wolf-4, a makeshift pallette in her hands and some black and red paint. Where she got it, gods only know. She is painting what appears to be a shark's open jaw on the front of her bird….

Castor stops to look at Samantha, he takes a moment to walk over to the woman, "Eltee, hows it going?" He stops to look at the sharks open jaw, "Taking up painting, sir?" He says admiring Samantha's work.

Samantha chuckles faintly. "Just something to scare the bastards off…or maybe call it a warning system." Sam admits with a husky voiced laugh as she takes another black line to her bird's nose, carefully sketching the outline of the shark. She'll let the gray of the viper be it's skin… "Just need white paint. No clue where I can get some.'

Castor takes a moment to think through the inventory he has seen on the ship, "White paint." He says clucking softly, Leda does have a wierd knack for finding things, "I might be able to set something up for you." He then rubs his chin since any other paint on deck would need to be requisitioned. "Maybe Offstahjay has some. I heard the private liked to paint."

Samantha tilts her head quietly, "And what do you want in turn for this hook up?" Sam inquires with a bit of a grin. She's trying to be cheery, but there is something strange pulling at the back of her eyes. A tension that he hasn't seen in her for a good bit. She's not happy about something.

Legacy steps out of the tool room in her sweats, looking a little dirty, a little sleepy and vaguely grumpy. She's holding one hand, which seems to have an abrasion on it.

Castor looks at Samantha, "Me? Not a godsdamn thing eltee, we're friends remember." Plus anything to help out morale around here would be a good thing. Leda is in his flightsuit and he takes a moment to admire the paint job that Samantha has been doing to her Viper it is all sharky with mean looking jaws - though it seems to be lacking white paint for the teeth. He takes a look at Legacy and he notices the abrasion, "Everything alright, Cap?"

Samantha is, apparently, doing nose art on one of the vipers. Hopefully it's water soluable paint, incase one of the higher ups loses it, but she's always in Wolf-4 and she wants to honour her craft for a fight well fought, so she's giving it shark's teeth. Literally. Like the nose of the viper is a big open shark's mouth. But she's only got red and black paint so far, so there is no white to fill in the teeth…"I'll still owe ya, Castor. I need white to finish this." And then she looks up to Legacy…"Hey, sir… you okay?"

Thea's looking tired and dirty, cradling a hand as she comes out of the tool room. "Hope Marek doesn't catch you doing that, Case," Thea calls, dipping her head to Castor. "I'm alright. Scraped my hand and off to sickbay to get it cleaned up. If I don't, a few folks will have my head." There's a crooked smile.

Castor looks over at Samantha, "Well, then, when I need a favor I'll know who to talk too. Though I can get you some paint by tomorrow I think." He then takes a moment to look back at Legacy, "Sir, we all know you've been knocking out Raptor pilots, no reason to hide it." He then adds a wink at the end to let Thea know he is kidding.

Jason is mucking around in one of the Raptors, reviewing some readings on one of the electrical displays. He pokes his head out at the sound of Legacy's voice, though. "Captain." He offers her a smile and respectful nod. "Nothing serious, I hope?"

Samantha looks to Thea and gives a half smile. "I think he'll appreciate my artistic flare. Or so I hope, at least." She admits with that little almost kiddish look to her eyes. she then looks across thea's hand, a hint worried, but the others are offering better opinions on it, so she leaves it there

Legacy lifts a hand, shaking her head. "Nothing bad, just have to get it cleaned," she says with a quiet laugh. "Keep an eye on these two, Lifer. They're trouble." She winks at Castor and keeps on moving.

Castor looks back at Lifer and says, "What, do we look like we are all that dangerous?" His tones are jokey. "Which reminds me, Lifer, who is your pilot?" He then looks over at Samantha, "So, I'm with someone now." He says softly just for his friend to hear, "And this time I can be offical about it."

Jason watches Legacy go with a rather worried look as well but, if he has any further comment, he keeps it to himself. He half-turns to return to work in the Raptor but answers Castor first. "Pilot? I've been flying with Ensign Nevice a good deal lately. We rotate as needed, though. ECO's can't be choosers." He doesn't listen too closely to whatever Castor and Sam are talking about in undertones.

Samantha looks up to Jason, giving him a half wave and a small smile before she goes back to her slightly less than perfect artistic endeavour. At least she's trying. "ECOs are life savers. Anyone should be kissin' yer ass, boy…" She calls to jason before looking back to Castor and blinking…"Damn, really? Whom? Congrats. Wish I could work my own head out."

Castor looks back at Jason, "Good. ECO's help keep our collective asses alive. Circle of combat, you jam them and we shoot them." He then pauses and says, "Which reminds me, I was wondering if I could meet with you for some sim time. I'd like to run one of the Raptor sims." He says softly to Samantha, "Kassia…Lifer's pilot." He then adds, "The CAG knows about it." He pauses as she is still trying to figure things out, "Well, I'll back up your decision no mater what."

"We all do what we can," Jason says simply, as to the ECO bit. For the sims part, he nods. "Sure. Just let me know when and I'll join you. I try to keep my sim schedule flexible. Usually best to work with a pilot, and it helps to get a sense of someone's flying style before you actually have to jump in the tub with them. You thinking of going over to the other side?" Raptor side, that is.

Samantha finally finishes off the outline of the teeth, standing up and smiling to the men. "well, you two can talk about the mutual woman in your lives. I'm gonna go wash this paint off and duck out before the CAG comes in and hands me my ass. See you boys later. And congrats again, Leda." With that brief waves she does jog for the showers..

Castor shakes his head, "Lifer, I'm a viper pilot to the core however, I want to be the best pilot I can be and I want to be flexible enough to fly anything that is put in front of me and so I am crosstraining. This way I can become more valuable to the air wing and I can keep my mind occupied on something." He then turns to look over at Sam, "Take it easy, sir."

"Later, Lieutenant," Jason offers to Samantha as she heads off. To Castor he nods. "Fair enough. We certainly need all the hands we can get on everything. Ever flown a Raptor before? It's a different experience than a Viper, from what I understand. More weight to handle, and more system components to keep an eye on, though your back-seater'll be taking care of a lot of that. And there's the jumps, of course."

Castor nods his head, "I've been practicing in the sims, Lifer, and based on that the landing is a pain in the ass, I mean, not that combat landings are ever easy but frak if I don't like the landings for the Raptors. So far it is the worst part, and yeah, the jumps are interesting. It is all about the right coordinates - no one wants to jump into something and become deader than disco."

"Too true on that," Jason says, as to the jumps. "Part of electronic duty, making sure you don't frak up the nav input. If we ever end up in a bird together for true, I'll try not to steer you wrong, Leda. Landings, yeah." He chuckles. "A bit like going from a horse to an elephant, the way those big birds sit down. But the size allows for the complex internal systems. It's a trade-off."

Castor nods, "Yeah, but…" he studies the Viper, "Those are the eyes and ears of the fleet and it takes ball to fly something without any weapons." He then takes a moment to think about, "Horses and elephants, huh? Yeah…the first thing I had to get used was the slower response time. Well, and all the extra indicators."

Jason chuckles. "Balls? I don't know about that. At least a Raptor can jump away if things go sour. Usually. Anyway, like I said, anytime you're ready to hit the sims I'm up for it. It'll be good to have some back-up for the Raptors."

Castor nods, "Sure thing, Lifer." He walks over toward the ECO, "Anyway, you drink?" He asks.

Jason shrugs. "I assume you're not talking reclamated water. Yeah, sure, now and then. Not much vintage ambrosia around these days, though."

Castor nods, "Well, there is still a large amount of hooch if you know where to look." He then grins, "What I am asking you is if you want to get a drink sometime? It'd be nice to get to know you better, I'm pretty sure I'm contractually required to do so, seeing as how Aquarians view everyone on a boat as family."

"I'm Picon natively, so I wouldn't know. Drink sounds good, though. So long as it's not going to blind me." Jason grins. "Sure, Leda. We should all get to know each other better, I guess. We're all going to be stuck on this boat for awhile." Provided it doesn't get blown up by Cylons, he does not add. He leans into the Raptor to fiddle with and power down the console he was working on, then steps out of the bird entirely. "For now, I should hit the showers. Catch you later, man. Drinks or sims, up to you."

Castor waves, "Take care then Lifer and we've got all the time in the world to do both." He then takes a moment to grin, "And I'll keep my eyes open for ambrosia."

Jason offers Castor a casual two-fingered salute, more of a wave than anything else, as he strides off the deck.

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