The name…is DASH
Summary: Dash gets thrown into a bunk, then under a bus.
Date: MD # 37
Related Logs: None

(( Warning: Contains some PG-13 to R related content))

All is quiet in the bunks, as Martin's drawn a different shift for the evenin. Fresh out of the shower, wearing his offduty tanks, he sits alone at the table in the center of the room. Idly reading a book and sipping from a glass of water, he's got his feet propped up and his pistol secured on his hip. Yawning, he stretches his arms over his head, book held high.

Eddie ambles into the bunk, still half-dressed in a flight suit from the double shifts they've been running, now that they seem to be perpetually stuck at condition two. She looks tired, and worse, she looks pissed off. She totes a small box in her hand, nothing bigger than palm sized. Martin gets a grunt of acknowledgment as she shuffles by, which is about as good as it gets when it comes to Eddie on days like this.

A bit dreary and tired himself, Martin nods. He should be sleeping, but he tends to burn the midnight oil pretty hard and manages to be so much better with the more graveyard time shifts than expected. Tilting his head as she passes, he watches her for a moment. "Hrmmm…" He ponders aloud, closing his book. It's a horror novel of some sort. "…everythin' allright there, Eduardo?"

The small box gets tossed up on Roubani's bunk as she ambles towards her locker. "Eduardo?" She questions flatly, popping open the lock and clanging the thin metal door open. There's a mirror affixed inside by magnets, and she finds Martin's reflection in the warped surface. "Five by five." She mutters, tugging down the zipper to her suit with an audible noise. "Tired. Want a frakking drink, but for this damn condition two." Not. That that's /really/ stopped her, but she's not popping out a flask in the open.

"Well then I suppose it's good that I'm not here right now, nor am I paying any attention…but if you get your ass busted and I get cornered I'll do my best." Martin replies and sighs. Standing, he tilts his head until he feels the muscles pop, moving to lean against a bunk near her. "Hey you seen Jupiter around at all?"

Eddie peels herself out of the flight suit, wading it up in a big knot of atmospheric resistant foo and shoving it in the bottom of her locker with her foot wear. "'Fraid not. Must be on different shifts. Speaking of, you got a name?" She asks, only mildly interested in the answer as she pulls out a pair of fatigue pants to pull over her scarred legs that are clad only in military grade shorts, at the moment.

"Dash, that's my callsign. Martin Black." Martin replies, slowly tilting his head away from her as she changes. It's privacy, but not much. Folding his arms, he pulls out a cigarette and lights one, setting the pack on top of her locker within her reach should she want one. "Came on a few weeks ago, late transfer before the sendoff. Picon. You?"

Eddie paws at the pack, she's not going to pass off the chance at having a free smoke. Shaking one free, she grips it between lips to pull it free of the crinkled package, then tosses the rest back in Martin's direction. Think fast. Heavily, she leans back against her locker door to close it, patting herself down for a lighter. "Morales. Eddie. But I guess you already knew that." As he called her Eduardo, and she's not one to use the more feminine version of her name, Edwina. He also might know they call her hashmark, but never to her fast. Probably has something to do with the scars that line her arms and legs when they're visible. "Navy brat. Don't really have a home colony. But let's say Caprica for argument's sake. Whatcha want with Jupiter?"

Martin catches the pack. It bounces in his hand upwards and he catches it on the second try after one round of volleyball with it. Sliding the pack away, he pulls out a lighter and clicks it on, offering to light her cigarette for her. "She's my sister…ain't seen her around much, was just tryin to see how she's been doing around here. I've been late-shifting so not much room for socializing." Martin nods to her. "And yeah…heard your name mentioned but we never really got to meet."

Eddie keeps eye contact with him as she leans over the flame, pulling a blazing red cherry to fruition with the aid of his flame. "Nothin' good ever came of family being on the same boat. I should know." She mutters, taking a half step back once her cigarette is lit, now studying the man through a haze of smoke as it drifts up from her partially parted lips. "Met'cha now. Dash. How'd you ear that one?" He's her only source of entertainment at the moment, so he has her full attention. That, and he provided nicotine.

Martin smirks and drags off of his cigarette, leaning against his bunk. "No, nothin ever did, that's why I've come here. You see…I'm the better brother." He comments and exhales skyward. Tilting his head a little, he smirks. "Stands for Dumb As Shit. It's the callsign you get when you're right out of flight school on your first posting and you and your buddies come home drunk and you puke on your CAGs feet. Your sober CAG, that was waiting up all night to bust you."

Eddie grins wryly, an amusement she tries to hide with a down cant of her face, which sends it into shadows with the aid of the fall of her hair. "Nice one." She mutters, perching the cigarette between the corner of her lips where it sticks with the aid of slightly wet lips. "I have yet to earn a proper call sign. Time will tell." She says at length, returning her dark gaze towards his face.

"I've a way with words. I'll try to be nice if I'm the one that finds one for you." Martin grins quietly and then drags off of his cigarette. Shaking his head a little in amusement, he exhales the stream of blue-grey smoke before looking back to her. "So what's your thing, Eddie? Everyone's got a thing. Some guy's always the softie, the musician, the drinker, the mess-pig…what's your thing?"

Eddie ashes her cigarette on the deck, instead of reaching for a proper ashtray that's commonly propped on the table. "The outcast." She says simply, fixing a stony gaze on Martin. She's quite certain everyone has learned this lesson already, but given he's on a different shift, she's giving him a chance to play catch up.

Martin watches her quietly for a moment, nodding a few short times at her words. "The outcast…" He trails off, narrowing his eyes a little bit. "Nah…you don't strike me as the rainbow sort…" He says, then takes another drag off of his cigarette. "So when you're not flyin CAP, what's your past time?"

Eddie turns a quarter turn from him, leaning back against her locker so she doesn't have to maintain eye contact throughout the course of their conversation. Plucking the cigarette from her lips, they cant towards the ceiling so she can exhale another column of smoke. "Rainbow?" Not getting the reference, she pushes on to his other point. "Frakking, drinking and smoking. Only one of those I can do, given the condition."
"You've actually found people to frak?" Martin scoffs, shaking his head. "It's like a CO convention around here or maybe it's just been my shifts but I've had shit for luck for a while now." Martin smirks, dragging off of his cigarette again. "Then again, you women get it easy. Us men gotta run a gauntlet unless there's liquor involved to soften that whole icebreaking shit."

There's a lazy curl to her lips, eyes shifting to refocus on Martin. "Maybe you just need to look in the right places. I've worked my way through CIC already, this is going to be a long frakking tour if the tail dries up already." Eddie's nostrils flare, twin jets of smoke pushing out with an exhale.

"Well then I'll have to not look in CIC, if they're all men." Martin replies, grinning quietly to her. "One at a time or all at once?" He teases a little, turning to face her a little bit. Letting the cigarette dangle from his lips for a moment, he folds his arms and leans for effect, glancing her over. "Tail don't dry up, it just gets boring till you decide you wanna come back to it again."

Eddie 's smile grows just a hint more, "One at a time. Contrary to popular belief, Colonial bunks can't hold more then three hundred..three hundred fifty pounds tops, especially when you've claimed the top and you're athletic." Another pull of her cigarette keeps her lips busy for a moment, taking her sweet time about cycling the cancer inducing chemicals through her lungs. "But happy hunting, Dash."

Eyes narrowing just a little bit at her smile, Martin stubs out his cigarette and lights another one. Dropping into a chair, he turns to look at her as his elbow rests over the back of the chair. "That's what supply closets are for." He replies, breathing the smoke to the side. Tapping the ashes away, his smirk grows to a dark cheshire cat of a smile. "So far so good."

Eddie leans past his shoulder, reaching after one last drag to extinguish her own cigarette in the ashtray. "Trouble. That's what you are." She declares, lacking any venom to her voice. As she retreats, Eddie continues. "Not that I mind. So far, my wingmates have been brainiacks or family men. All together uninspiring." At the tail end of her words, she's pushing the last of the smoke from her lungs.

"Gods damn right I am." Martin replies, scratching his chest as he tilts his head to watch her retreat. Smirking quietly, he blows smoke in her direction. "I'm a fighter pilot. It's a dumb place to be smart or worrying about your munchkins. I could give a good gods damn what anyone here has up there sleeve or how they use it, but at the end of the day it's all attitude, resolve, and balls and if you don't have any of those you're wasting the Air Wing's time."

Speaking of trouble… Samantha 'Case' Passi swaggers in the door from duty. She's still a touch sweaty from CAP, not yet having showered, but coming down off that high of being in a Viper and grinning like a jack'o'lantern for it. Her messy dirty blonde hair sticks to her throat and forehead with a few strands having escaped the loose braid at the back of her head and she's already pulling a pack of cigarettes out of one of her back pockets, tapping one free…"Gooood mornin' jockies and jockettes."

As she pulls back, Eddie palms Martin's head, fluffing at his hair while she draws towards her bunk. "You and I are gonna get along just fine." Her eyes flit towards Samantha as she makes her grand entrance. "Dunno if I'm an ie or an ette, but hey, lady. Just in time to climb on Dash's dick and take a ride. All the cool kids are doing it." She must not be a cool kid, as she's retreating back to her bunk.

Martin beams at Eddie and her words. Not blushing, he lets out a chuckle and takes another drag off of his cigarette. "Yeah maybe someday you'll make the grade, Eddie." Martin retorts, turning his head to look at Samantha as he runs a hand through his messed up hair. "Sup there, how's the water outside? Choppy? I got a few hours before I gotta take my shifts."

Eddie props one foot on the bunk below hers instead of using the ladder, hoisting herself up with a groan onto her own matress. "I'm destined for head of the class." She retorts, half rolling into her little haven. "We're bored." She tells Samantha. "Consider yourself lucky you're not in engineering, otherwise instead of offers of frakking, you'll be cleaning the destruction of cherry bombs from the heads."

"Yeah so she says, till she figures out who's the better pilot." Martin replies in reference to Eddie as he stubs out his cigarette. Looking from Eddie to Samantha, he leans back in his chair to prop his feet up on the center table. "Yeah for the most part as long as we don't slouch on our shifts they give us some pretty good room." Martin smirks, deciding to cause problems. He nods to Samantha. "So what's it gonna be?" Bold, reckless.

Samantha sets her lighter down and turns around, taking in a deep drag of her sweet cigarette and looking straight over at Martin. She carefully exhales, the smoke trailing across his face if he comes any closer. She remains leaning slyly against her locker, looking tossled and happy post shift, and more than a bit intrigued…"Ain't this against the rules, handsome?…I know they got somethin' in the books about no… Fraternization… no matter how handsome the jockey might be. 'sides…I hate to leave lovely little Thea over there out of all the…Fun."

Eddie is not Thea. So. She doesn't seem to care. Most she does is half heartedly close her curtain with a flick of her wrist, with one foot hanging over the side as she quickly nods off to sleep. The only answer to Martin's statement about who is the better pilot is a resounding sort of snore as Eddie quickly dozes off into sleep after a long day.

"Eddie can't handle me." Martin says with a roll of his eyes, he knows it sounds like bullshit. Grinning, he shrugs in Sam's direction. "Well you had your chance before we were properly acquainted…" Martin reaches out a hand to shake with Sam's. He tilts his head. "…last chance before I reveal my name, rank, and the department I work for. For all you know I'm a tourist from Engineering." He winks.

Samantha considers this a few moments, peeling off her jacket which actually shows her rank. Maybe he never noticed. It gets balled up in the foot of her locker before she just reaches over, grabs his tanks and tags, and pulls him into a deep, hard, sweet tasting kiss. Her cigarettes are something like cloves or cigarellos, laced with nutmeg and spice, and she tastes like them underlined by the saltiness of sweat.

Martin doesn't miss a beat. In fact, he's actually a little surprised and if the sly grin on his lips in the kiss is any indication for the two seconds that it remains there, he's impressed. Grinning, he's already pulling up at his tanktops as he follows the one universal rule of military relations…do it while you can. Giving back, breaking the ice in the most vulnerable way possible without even knowing her name, he grins and pulls her towards his bunk.

Sam is fortunately on a bottom bunk somewhere, so it's no issue to tumble in and shut the curtains. She's got the implant, so she doesn't even worry about a rubber as they enjoy themselves as quickly as possible. Still good. Passionate, hard and fast… but definitely miltary sex. Gods only know when a superior officer will come in and stop the fun. So, soon enough, she collapses against him… nude now, most of their clothing strewn to the inside of her bunk…she finally gasps out with a laugh…"…what the hell is your name?"

Martin grins, catching his breath. He's not too much of the player sort, as he actually leans up to kiss her and brush some of her hair away from her eyes. "Jig Martin Black, Dash. Vipers." He says between deep breaths as he lifts his head a little to give her some room as his lungs fight to find some cooler air. He doesn't dare open the curtains. He does, however, speak quietly. His dogtags are somewhere pressed into his back behind him on her bunk. He runs a hand through his sweaty hair. "You?"

The kiss is a bit of a surprise to her. She tilts her head into the touch, the odd bit of tenderness after that rough, passionate session. She stretches her hand over his waist, trying to catch her breath, to actually try to figure out what happened there. She turns her head up, kissing against the corner of his mouth again before whispering…"Lieutenant Samantha Passi, Case…Vipers." Oh, those are dangerous words. Now she knows they've done something wrong and yet… she doesn't regret it.

Martin can't help but smile a little bit at the revelation, not that it's too much of a surprise. He's still reeling at the fact that this is how they got to meet eachother. Holding her around the waist, he stretches a little bit and whispers out a quiet chuckle. "Oh we are in so much trouble…" He grins, seeming to like it a little bit. He tilts his head to face her and rests his forehead to hers. "…Sir." He grins, winking a little bit. "Don't worry. I won't let this frak up following your orders. If anything it'll ensure that I do."

Samantha looks down at him in the dim light of her bunk. She traces the handsome cut of his face, dark hair, slightly younger looking features. Oh, she was in trouble. She draws in a deep, slow breath of his scent and finally settles down with her head in the crook of his throat, against his pulse, just listening and relaxing a few moments. "…We are in -big-…trouble." She admits with a low, husky voiced laugh. Maybe that was half the fun. "Hmm. Ensure obediance? Maybe I should institute a program. Training regime."

"If they find out." Martin grins quietly, running a hand through her lightly damp hair. His breathing back to normal, he seems to have no trouble managing her weight against him in her bunk, legs tangled with hers. "…I'll say this. I don't know if that would work for everybody but I wasn't expecting you to take me up on it. That is…quite possibly…the most insane thing that's ever happened to me." He smiles. He's not looking for promises. He runs a hand down her side.

A deeper, somewhat louder laugh touches her lips before she stifles it against his shoulder, muffling her chuckles with the warm skin of his chest. She actually giggles a moment, happy, relaxed, shining in her enjoyment and afterglow of the whole experience. She then props herself up just enough she can look down at him, a darkly amused glimmer to her green eyes. "Something you will have to learn about me, Dash… I do not play half way. If you make a challenge, I am going to say yes. Life is too damn short to be a tease about anything. I intend to -live-."

"I'll have to remember that…" Dash replies with a return glimmer in his eyes. "…I don't really play around much either. I was actually trying to make you double take…" He replies with a slight tilt to his head. His face twists into a dark grin, eyes narrowing just a little bit as he looks them over. That smile returns again. "Living is definitely good right now, Case." He fumbles through the clothes until he finds a pack of cigarettes, tilting his head with a questioned look.

Samantha nods in almost immediate agreement. She definitely needs a cigarette after that. She scoots him over -just- a bit so she can stretch out on her back, next to him, their bodies stretched out together, contacting side to side the whole way from ankle to chest. She breathes deeply, but allows him to light the cigarette for her…"Living is very good. Live hard, work hard, play hard. Only way to make life worth it."

Martin puts the two cigarettes in his lips. Lighting both, he offers one to her and lays out beside her. Careful to not move the closed curtain, he continues to speak in whispered tones. Not one bit of awkwardness settles in with him, it's strange. He leans his head to the side to look at her sidelong. "So I normally draw fifth bell CAP. I'm a night owl. Lately I don't do much more than here, CAP, laundry, mess, and PT. I've got a CAP in about an hour, but that's it."

Samantha accepts the cigarette, breathing in deeply, staring at the ceiling of her darkened bunk as the smoke lazily drifts up and begins to hot box her bed chamber. Not that there is much room to be hotboxed. She relaxes, breathing deep and slow. "Now you almost sound like you got plans for the future, boy… Somethin' on yer mind?" Now relaxed, a touch of a backwater, back fleet accent comes out. Gemenese but… different. A merging of low class all across the fleet.

"Plans? Nah…I like you so far in your flight suit and out of it, we don't gotta complicate it for eachother past that." He winks, cracking a smile as he shifts his back a little bit, dragging off of the cigarette. "But if you do ever wanna track me down, I'm not that hard to find. Otherwise, you ever want to do this again, don't bother asking permission."

Samantha smiles a bit more, "That…sounds like a perfectly lovely little arrangement. Keep us both… well exercised, at least. Count it as an extra-duty activity? Little hard work never hurt anyone." And the word hard definitely has an undercurrent of a purr to it. Samantha is enjoying herself as much as she has in a long, long time. She turns on her side again, looking him over… "I think I'm going to like this assignment."

Martin exhales his cigarette towards the curtain, turning his head to look at Samantha. Watching her face, he leans in and gives her a soft kiss. Not trying to sneak out of the bunk, he pulls back and looks to her. "So…Case…where'd you get them big green eyes? Caprica? Picon?"

Samantha is a bit surprised by the soft kiss. Hardness, she can handle. Rough, fast, careless and passionate she understands. It's the tenderness that catches the wild woman off guard. She's left speechless a moment before she shakes it off and goes back to her cigarette, a bitter smirk twisting at her lips…"My parents were from Gemenon… I was born on a ship though and fully claim identity with the whole universe. Yerself?"

Martin rests back onto his back and looks at the ceiling of her bunk. Settling in, he doesn't seem to mind the lack of sheet over them. It's somewhere around there, tangled up in the mess. "Picon." He replies. "My sister and I are both pilots, took out to the Navy. Folks are good people, mom's a schoolteacher, old man's a factory grunt."

"Lucky man…" Sam's voice sobers a moment and, for just a heartbeat, there is a hard flash of jealousy in her voice. Something about Picon, the military…it's her dream. Her stars. She definitely sombers a hint more, staring at the mingling smoke and the pattern of their breaths in the air above her bed…"I ran away to Picon when I was 18… Loved the Academy. You and your sister… you made the right choice. Nice to be surrounded by it, growing up… did you always love it?" She asks softer.

"Yeah..yeah I did. It was good times. Now, I'll tell you ahead of time my sister's stationed here. Be forewarned. She's a major pain in the ass." Martin chuckles quietly, taking another drag from the cigarette. "She's in the Air wing too…" He smirks, stretching his back a little bit.

The interior of the berthings is actually pretty empty, curtains pulled on a few bunks… and very, very quiet whispering coming from one of them. If one listens closely… and doesn't make too much noise as to alert the occupants, Samantha's whispered response to Dash can be heard. "Oh god… who is your sister? Is she going to kick my ass? You better warn her I kick back. Though, truthfully…sounds like it could be a fun night." A quiet, husky giggle dissolves from the bunk.

Stretching his leg, Martin grins from inside of Samantha's bunk. "She's Jupiter Black, I don't remember what her callsign is, it's probably sticky fingers or something." Martin whispers with a chuckle. "Careful, she's a scrapper too and with all honesty I'd probably take bets. You'd probably win though, she's all talk."

Kai isn't particularly stealthy in his entrance to the viper berthings. He's in his flight suit, it's a bulky thing that makes a good deal of noise all on its own. Shoving the hatch shut with a shoulder, he moves toward his locker and begins stripping out of it mechanically. The voices are ignored; he's been around viper pilots for twelve years, it's hardly anything worth worrying about any longer.
Sam seems about to say more, but then the hatch can be heard and she swears very softly. "…possibly…time to move out, soldier.." she whispers low against Martin's cheek as she picks herself up into sitting, trying to gather things up from where ever they were tossed. A moment later, her hand ducks down out of the curtain and scoops up her sport's bra off the floor from beside her bunk before slipping back inside. Oops. Fortunately, things are shadowy, so most of her flushed cheeks are hidden.

Jupiter pushes open the hatch just in time to sweep a glance across the berthing. She may or may not notice the stealthy retrieval of underclothing from the floor. No comment is made as LtJG Black, otherwise known as Fingers to her fellow pilots, walks through the berthing running a towel over her dark curls. Fresh from a workout and shower, she's lightly flushed, slightly damp, and headed for her bunk.

Martin looks to Sam and makes a face at her, cringing a little bit as the action inside of the bunk turns into a quiet, stealthy attempt at getting dressed. Grabbing his tanktops, he double checks first to make sure they're his before throwing them on. Cortorting himself a little bit, he slides the rest of his clothing on and then angles himself to get a view outside of the miniscule crack in the curtains. He looks back to Sam and mouths 'CAPTAIN!' Again with the cringing look on his face. Making the 'shhhh' pose with his finger, he slowly slides out of the bunk, trying to tiptoe towards his bunk with his hair all toussled like he'd just been boxing.

"For frak's sake, this isn't a private school dormitory, and I may be getting old, but I'm neither blind nor deaf, Lieutenants." Kai keeps his back turned as he finishes peeling off his flight suit, and works next on his tank tops with a jingle of dogtags. Jupiter's shot a sidelong look, and nodded to on her way by.

It's when Martin mouths 'CAPTAIN', he gets a less than calm mouth back of 'OH, FRAK! FRAK!', the lack of good timing apparently not lost on Samantha Passi. She does her best to quietly and bonelessly pull into her own clothing behind the curtains but, well… the size of these bunks was not made for quiet body contortions of getting dressed and she smacks her head into the cieling of her bunk at least once with a hard thud. Hopefully it's not too soon after Martin's slipped out… or at least no one heard it! And then the Captain speaks. Sam winces, finally tugging open the curtain and rubbing at her horribly mussed dirty blonde hair over where she smacked her head. "…Ah… Aye aye… sir…"

Sibling sense tingling. Jupiter glances over as the male figure emerges from a bunk that is not his. Her eyes follow Martin as she walks by, her head turning to keep an eye on him as she passes. "Boner. Making the rounds early today, I see." That said, she keeps moving, and returns the nod from Kai. "Sir." She pulls open her locker, shoves the towel inside, and pulls out some offduties to change into.

Martin whispers something to Jupiter in passing before moving towards his own locker. Opening, he pulls out a towel and prepares for the showers before his CAP time comes up. "Yes sir." He replies to Kai before glancing in Sam's direction. He doesn't make a face, but his look is almost relieved with the way his eyes widen. Exhaling, he stubs out his cigarette and looks around the room before his eyes settle on the showers.

You whisper, "you're a filthy pirate hooker." to Jupiter.

Kai might be hiding a smile, what with his back turned to the room. It might even be apparent in his voice, or it might not, since Samantha and Martin have their minds on other matters at the moment. "Boner," he calls over his shoulder, with a nod to an errant sock that was missed in the hasty grab and dash. "You forgot something."

Samantha straigthens out her tank top, pulling her dog tags around front and moving back for her locker to grab a hair brush and try to make her hair not look like… well, she was doing what she was just doing. Still, she's looking more relaxed than she has been since she's come on ship. She smirks between Jupiter and Martin, "Boner? I thought your call sign was Dash." She states with a wiry amusement to her husky voice, biting her tongue on anything else as she tugs out the bit that is left of her braid and begins to tug a brush through those errant dirty blonde waves. She then looks down at the indication, seeing the sock… and she clears her throat, scooping to pick it up and hand it in the LtJG's direction…"Here ya go… Boner." She grins a bit wider saying the name.

"You should have been a blowjob," Jupiter replies quietly, in the wake of her brother's whisper. It's a soft expulsion of words, calm and casual, like it's something she's said a thousand times before, perhaps over holiday dinner or a slice of birthday cake. The older, prettier Black changes quietly finishes changing, then shoves the dirty clothes into her locker. She tugs out a small book with a dark cover, and reaches up to pull herself into her bunk, flicking the curtains aside. There's a soft snort from her bunk which could be a snicker.

"Oh my gods this is not happening." Martin catches the sock and coughs, blinking a few times. "Okay so what if I was fourteen and the cheerleader squad was doing their stretches. The only thing I did wrong that day was having a sibling that once nearly vomited a bucket of chromosomes during a kegger party." Martin smirks, shoving the old sock into his laundry bag. "My callsign is Dash. For gods' sake please Dash."

Kai withdraws a bottle of pills from a shelf of his locker, pops one into his mouth, and swallows it with naught but the benefit of saliva. The bottle's recapped and stowed, and a clean towel pulled out. He's still got his fatigue trousers on, apparently not one for standing around buck naked in the berthings. "Your callsign can change, Lieutenant, don't tempt me," he murmurs.

Samantha chokes on a bit more of a laugh as Martin actually gives the story. So much for afterglow. She shakes her head, perching on the edge of her completely sheet-strewn, messy bunk and continuing to comb out her hair as she watches the room with definite amusement in her eyes. "No, no… Dash is a perfectly good call sign. And it has nothing to do with your timing at all, JG." She winks over towards Martin, possibly just wanting to see him blush now.

"Dash just means he's only good for short spurts." Jupiter flicks a page over in her tiny journal. "But you'd already know that," she leans over to glance out of her bunk, and shoots a look at Samantha. Flip. Another page is turned. "At least I was drunk when I did the pyramid team. You were sober when Suzi Jennings caught you noticing she didn't wear panties, and had to change your shorts. If you really want to reminisce, we could discuss the events after my graduation party, when you were locked out of the house in my lingerie."

Martin drums his nails and blushes, looking at Samantha. He gives her an apologetic look with a roll of his eyes in his sister's direction. Looking back to Kai, he nods. "Yes sir, I'm rather fond of the callsign, sir." Martin nods. He then looks to Jupiter and smiles sweetly. "All lies, but you know what isn't a lie? I was told by half the varsity pyramid team that she could fit an entire pyramid ball up her…." He starts, giving someone room to interrupt.

Kai shunts his locker door closed, and pitches his towel over one shoulder, smiling a little to himself as he heads for the showers. Someone else is going to have to help Martin finish his story.

Samantha laughs deeply, warmly, enjoying the banter it seems. She shakes her head towards them. "Now, now… play nice. I'm not certain your sister is going to find any viper jockey nearly so interesting as you…Or me, for that matter…so she's just a bit jealous now." Sam grins teasingly, ready to duck anything that might be thrown in her direction by either sibling…

"… Up her little brother's ass." The book that was in her hand flies end over end toward the younger Black. "I haven't been jealous of him since—" Pause. "No, pretty much never. Besides, all the trashy blondes he's ever slept with have been easy to turn." She glances at Sam. "Including the last one he wanted to marry."

Martin catches the book in his hands, nearly dropping it in the process. Tilting his head, he shakes his head a few times and looks to Samantha. "Lies, she left for the navy while I was still in high school, and marry?" Martin blinks. "Where the frak you getting your information from. While you were out here getting crow's feet I was busy working on my piloting…" He chuckles, throwing the book back at her.

Samantha takes a moment to actually try and figure out if 'trashy blondes' is supposed to refer to her. It does actually pause her, possibly the daring, passionate, somewhat crazy viper jock not the brightest tool in the box… And finally she smirks, "Hey. I resent that remark. Not all blondes are trashy! And besides, it just shows your brother has good tastes. And I see no ring on his finger now, so I have no issue with it." So there.

"You worked on your piloting?" Jupiter shakes her head and tips back onto her bunk. "Wouldn't know it to watch the flight reels. Your stick moves still suck. No idea how you scraped through flight, Boner. Unless you make a habit of banging your superiors. Pity pass?"

Martin look to Sam and smirks. "Don't listen to her, she's just living in fear from lying on her entrance paperwork about being diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder." Martin replies, smiling brightly to her, waving a finger around his ear. "It's all good, though, Peanut over there tries so hard to discredit me because she thinks this is her turf. What she -doesn't- know is that she'll never achieve CAG status with a stunted womb and an extra chromosome." He grins and heads towards Jupiter's bunk. "Inn't that right, you pig-eyed swamp whore?"

Samantha was going to say something and then Martin just….goes. Well, he was trying to shock her earlier. He failed then, but got both of them a nice afternoon. Now, he manages. Sam almost drops her brush, staring between the two…wide eyed and utterly speechless.

With a soft snicker, and the epically calm, condescending voice of older siblings everywhere, Jupiter replies to her little brother's words, "That's just one of the reasons Mom's always loved me more, Boner. Gods, 100,000 sperm to choose from, and you were the fastest." The older Black rolls over, gently tugs her curtains closed, and says, "Try not to overwork that sock in the morning, B."

"Gods there's no winning with you short of punching your face…" Martin grunts, clenching his fists out of frustration, rolling his eyes. He calms, not really angry, just more comically frustrated. Shaking his head, he steps back over to Samantha and rolls his eyes again at Jupiters bunk. "Sorry about that…she's such a dumb, fat…bag of fat." He folds his arms. "I love her, even if it is a bit of a chore. Always."

Samantha rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Hey, forget it. Least you got a sibling. I'm sure she loves you. It's all good." Sam reassures him gently and, while they are alone, she leans over for another brief, quick kiss. Might as well enjoy the aftermath for just a moment. "…"I'll be seein' ya around…. " She pauses, searching for the name to use. Boner. Dash… she ends with, "Martin." And with that she grabs her towel, apparently heading for the showers.

There is no response from behind the curtain of Jupiter's bunk, though … maybe a quiet snicker. Maybe.

"Yea I'll see you around, Case." Martin replies, standing there for a moment. Sighing, he runs a hand through his hair and goes back over to his locker. Spinning in the combination, he looks to the clock and then blinks. "Oh shit…" he pauses and then slams the locker shut. He makes a mad dash for the showers, pulling his tank tops on his way. He's got fifteen minutes before he has to launch for CAP.

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