The Medic and the Grouch
The Medic and the Grouch
Summary: Corporal Jacobs hunts Callie down for her shots only to find a very grouchy girl.
Date: PHD 163 (9-29-09)
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Game Room

There's not many people here, just a few off-duty pilots and the like milling about, relaxing before they have to go out on CAP or whatever daily duties await them, all of equaling seven along with Callie. The girl is purposefully keeping herself aloof, a couch sprawled upon as fully as she can, trying to discourage people from trying to join her, her efforts having gone rewarded as no one has seen fit to try and bother her.

However, her little fit of being undisturbed is well…disturbed. Nobody bothers people like medics. And nobody goes unnoticed like a medic. Nobody. And so, Jacobs' entrance isn't even commented on by the other people in the Game Room. His head just suddenly appears at Callie's feet and he says, "Apprentice Manfrin." The greeting isn't cordial, in fact it's pretty blunt and simply says 'I'm here to do something with you whether you like it or not'. At least, his usually overtly pleasant voice tries it's best to convey that.

Callie looks up immediately upon being addressed, her brow arching at first only to dip, her surly demeanor oozing from her just about. "Hi, Corporal Jacobs. How are you?" She has a feeling he hunted her down but doesn't say anything to elude to the fact that she does, leaving him to explain just why he's here.

The false unbiased formal tone drops from him as he smiles, his silkysmooth voice and Caprican accent shining through as usual. "Well, you owe me something…" He says as he holds up what could easily be mistaken as a cooler. It's labeled 'Milvax'. "Your vaccinations are overdue. Can't lose you to sickness this quickly, right?" He then adds, "And there's absolutely no need for you to look so surly."

There would be some effort on Callie's part to cajole her way out of getting poked but she can't think of a creative way to do so, making her have to rely on her bad mood instead. "I can't think of a lovelier thing to have to go through but you'll have to catch me later. I'm busy." There is a half a heartbeat's worth of pause before she adds grouchily, "I have plenty of reason to be like this. Trust me."

"Oh? You're busy, eh?" He speaks with some disbelief and a bit of a 'are you seriously trying this?' tone. "I'm sure that the couch won't get up and walk away in the time it takes you to get these shots. And trust me, I have your duty schedule, I will continue to hunt you down." Someone takes his job very seriously. "And…while we're at it, you can explain to me any reason you might have to be so surly."

Callie hmmhmm's softly out her nose, an affirmative sound. "Yes, busy. I am testing the structural integrity of this piece of furniture. It'll take me four…five hours…maybe even longer before I can say my work's complete." There's no way Jacobs' buying this, she knows it but she's not going to make it easy for him - and yes, she'll feel guilty for this later. "I tried to be nice to someone and got my feelings hurt," she blurts out, "So frak him." The mechanic seldom swears so she really must have had her feelings trounced on.

The Corporal nods and sighs as he asks bluntly, "Manfrin, do you understand that I am a Noncommissioned Officer? That's a Petty Officer in navy lingo." He snorts then, "So unless you want me to suddenly be not so nice, please just get the shots." He shakes his head then and says, "I see, so you were flirting with someone and got shot down, eh?"

Callie glares openly at Jacobs, the cuteness no where to be seen even as she sits up and tugs her sleeve up, intending on having the medic give them to her right here. "Fine. Please get it over with." When he asks if she had been flirting she shakes her head, her face going bright red as she answers, "No. I was being nice. Trying to give him a bit of comfort and he blew up at me. There. Happy?" The memory of Pandorian's misstep has her almost in tears again and she looks away, not talking now.

Jacobs nods, having planned on giving it to her right there anyway. It's quick, easy and painless. Jacobs really is a professional. "I see. Who was it, why did they need comfort and what did they say when they blew up at you?" His tone has changed once again in that special way NCOs often have. This time his chocolate voice is full of concern and desire to support.

"He's one of the Marines," Callie starts off, not giving the offender's name out of fairness, that said after the inoculations are done and over with. "He was talking about the animals back where he's from after I asked where everyone's from and then said how they're probably gone. I said that Nature has a way of taking care of her children and he just went off. Said how we're all dead and left." Callie looks at Jacobs, the grumpiness now sadness. "I didn't mean to upset him. Was just…just trying to be nice, you know?"

Jacobs nods, "I see." He puts his hand on her shoulder now, resisting the urge to give a comforting (and probably rumor-starting) hug. "Look, whoever it is…" He could probably guess, but he doesn't say anything about it. "He's probably finally feeling the pressure, you know? What he did was wrong, yes, but you shouldn't be hurt or offended by it. He just…doesn't know what he's saying." Then he offers a playful wink as he says, "And you know us Marines are often not that smart anyway."

Callie nods slowly and manages a slight smile, Jacobs' gentle nature helping to sooth her. "Yeah, that is what someone else said, too. You're both right. I'll try to not be too mad." Or at least she can hope she won't be mad the next time she sees him but that's a promise she can't make, therefore doesn't. "You're smart for a Marine."

Jacobs winks as he says, "Key words there are 'for a Marine'." He looks around then as he puts his equipment away. He then gives in and applies the hug (if uninterrupted).

Callie accepts the hug and gives one back, the medic given a fond squeeze that is allowed to linger for a few seconds before it end and she draws away a tiny bit. "Thanks for being nice to me, Corporal Jacobs. I do appreciate it. Truly."

Jacobs nods and winks, his hand reluctant from leaving her hip and lingering there possibly a little too long. "Only for the cute ones, eh?" He jokes, "Don't worry about it, though. Is there anything else you need while I'm here?"

"I am not cute," Callie mutters while standing, the c-word being the bane of her existence. "I'm fine, thanks. I'll stop by medical if something comes up though. But for now, I am in need of doing PT."
Jacobs chuckles, "If you say so." He shakes his head then, "Alright, have fun then. And if you have an allergic reaction, stop the PT and go to Sick Bay."

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