The Meaning of Silence
The Meaning of Silence
Summary: Legacy and Kitty have a little discussion about radio silence.
Date: PHD 154 (9/20/09)
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[ Naval Offices - Deck 2 ]------[ CEC Kharon ]

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #155 OOC Time: Mon Sep 21 00:48:02 2009

This is a rather plain room, the battleship gray walls decorated with only the minimum of fleet memorabilia. A painting of the ship hangs near the main hatchway as well, a fake tree flanking the other side of the door to break up the monotony of the room. A line of desks run the length, each facing the Fore end of the ship. Each one has a basic and dated computer terminal and enough space to write out hand-written notes. Its very apparent that this space was designed out of pure utility and nothing more.

-=[ Condition Level: 3 - All Clear ]=---------

This area is pretty much empty after all the excitement. They have it to themselves. The Captain points to the chair in front of the desk she usually uses - and then she just waits.

Ajtai hasn't said anything between the hangar and the office and she does't speak now that they've arried. No, she simply sits down, as silent as Death. Thea is looked at once she's settled into the chair, a brow arched marginally.

Thea leans back against the desk, arms folded over her chest, as she just watches the other woman. It's one of those very awkward silences. Think of a parent's silence when their teen daughter comes home four hours past curfew.

Kitty clears her throat and then looks down, her brow creasing. "Sir…?" She's not going to come right out and ask what's wrong as that'd most likely be bad but she can't be entirely quiet at the same time.

"Do you have a death wish, Ajtai," Thea asks finally, letting her wait it out just a little more.

Kitty shakes her head. "No, sir," she answers swiftly and truthfully. There's confusion in her voice as long as tension, the ECO obviously lost as to what this is about.

The Captain pushes off the desk and steps toward Kitty, leaning down to put a hand on either side of her, getting right up in her face. "Then what does 'radio silence' mean to you, Ajtai," she asks, voice a very quiet growl. Kitty's likely lucky Thea's a little less tense than she was. However, the Captain's eyes are narrowed as she stares the other woman down. "I want a clear, frakking concise answer."

"Uh…" It takes a moment for her to recover her composure as she finds the Captain right up in her face like that but she eventually speaks, managing to keep her voice level. "It means that non-essential communications are to cease to help lessen the likiness of being detected by the enemy." Hopefully that's concise enough as that's the only way she can think to answer it.

Thea just watches her face for a long moment, listening to the answer, studying Kitty. "Then I can only assume you WANTED Case, Rabbit and Mooner dead," she says quietly, voice a very low growl now. "That's the only godsdamned explanation I can come up with for why, after you were ordered to radio silence, you broke it. However, I will entertain any explanation you care to give me."

There is just a shake of Kitty's head but that's all the answer she can give, the words lost to her again. There's no explination as there are none to give and she's not the kind to make excuses - she frakked up and she knows it. She takes to looking at the wall behind Legacy's shoulder, staring as if trying to bore a hole into the metal, perhaps trying to prove to Thea that she can be quiet.

"You get one chance, Ajtai," Thea says in a voice that's a bit softer now. "That was your freebie. If I ever, EVER, hear you do that again, I will be so far up your ass you'll be picking my hair out of your teeth." It's not a threat, either. "Do you understand me, Ajtai?" It should be noted that Thea rarely EVER calls her squad by their last names. That's reserved for people she doesn't know well, or people she's pissed off with.

Kitty swallows hard and then whispers, "Yes, sir," still not looking at Thea despite how the Captain is looking right at her. Something cracks in the ECO and, despite her trying to show anything but comprehension over the matter she feels her eyes welling up, Thea about getting Kitty to the point of tears.

For once, the normally soft-hearted Raptor Captain is not so soft. "I did not hear you, Ajtai," Thea growls. She could have been a drill instructor. "Do. You. Understand. Me?" Her hands remain on the arm of the chair, curled into the wood.

Kitty's jaw tenses and she looks Legacy right in the eye, her own narrowed. "I understand, sir," she almost snarls out not unlike Thea growls at her, a semi-feral response to the throaty voice Thea had used when speaking to her. Reaching up, she draws her left hand along the rise of her right cheek, showing no shame in how she does so.

It looks as though Thea's going to push Kitty harder, but she doesn't. She straightens and steps back, turning away. "You're dismissed, Ajtai. Get your rack time." Behind the desk she goes, though she does pause to look over at Kitty for a moment. Her voice softens as she says, "You did well out there tonight, other than that slip up. Keep up the rest of the good work." Ahhhh, there's the usual Thea.

There's no rising to stand, no smile to be found for now. Several minutes pass before she manages to get to her feet, her expression softening only slightly as she she hears Thea compliment her. "Thank you, sir." She salutes her before leaving, the hatch closed quietly behind her.

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