The Lords Lift Those
The Lords Lift Those
Summary: Castor is visited by Ariadne and Epi.
Date: PHD #100
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Past the guards, delivering them a solemn nod, slips a slender, golden haired woman all in black. She carries a well-worn book; prayer beads hang from her sash. She studies the prisoner a moment, her face compassionate, and moves to pick up the receiver.

Castor notices the woman with the beads and then pauses as he doesn't exactly understand what is going on. He moves over to the phone as he wonders if he is going to happen with this as he picks up the phone and says into the reciever, "Hello." His tones are gentle, slightly confused, and a little stressed, "Do I know you?" He asks curiously because this is a little mystery that is keeping his mind occupied which for now is a good thing.

The woman shakes her head. "No," she replies. "Not yet. I'm Ariadne Adelphi, the assistant chaplain." She tilts her head, smiling kindly. "I thought you might like some company, Castor."

Normally, the appeance of a Chaplain would have Leda hanging up the phone as if to say no thanks but living under the threat of death changes things as he says, "Oh, well, Padre, I would like some company." He says in genuine tones, yup, no fire left in him against the Lords or their ambassadors.

Ariadne inclines her head. "It's my job, and my pleasure, Castor." She continues, solicitously, "You've been treated well, I hope?"

"Well, the accomodations are nice enough but I think I will have to give this place a two star rating in my travel guide across the Kharon on account of the spartan setting and the food which has a bit to much fiber in it." He says attempting a joke, "But yeah, I've been treated well no one has been hitting me or anything." He says in a suprised tone, after all there was a bomb in his locker and in his mind he probably isn't the most popular guy on the ship. "Padre, I didn't do it. I mean I know everyone who comes in here says that but I didn't."

Ariadne nods. "Believing something like that takes a great deal of faith," she replies, smiling slightly. "But, as you might imagine, faith's part of what I do." She pauses, the continues, "I thought you might need someone to believe in you, Castor. And that's part of why I came."

"You believe me then?" He says as hope comes across his face in the form of a small smile and a little bit of color. He then pauses to make sure this is a genuine thing, so far, he has been visited by a few people and all of them have been good to Castor but at the same time he has seen some dirty looks from gaurds and so it has been a bit rough on the man.

Ariadne nods solemnly. "I do. By all reports, Castor, you're a good man. There's no reason for you to have done such a thing." She continues softly, "And even if I'm wrong, everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. We are all innocent until there's proof of our guilt." She shakes her head. "People forget that so easily."

Leda closes his eyes and puts his head against the glass as his shoulders slump, almost like a weight has been lifted from him as he says, "Thank you, Padre. You have no idea who good it is to hear that." He then opens his eyes and takes his head off of the glass so that he can look back at Ariadne, "Padre, I need to make a confession. I mean, it is a well known fact but I don't believe in the Lords but I do believe there is something greater than I am and I can't figure out why this is happening to me. If I am such a good man why would this happen to me?"

"This is a world of consequence, not justice," the priestess replies kindly. "Alas for that, but it's true. We all reap the consequences of our actions, and one another's actions. Human beings are one organism. We can't exist apart, and all that we do affects one another."

She places her fingertips against the glass, as though offering a benediction. "The Lords aren't punishing you, Castor… but they /will/ reward your perseverance."

[Intercom] Camille says, "Security to sickbay, this is an emergency. We need Marines to sickbay, recovery ward, now."

"So, why, am I the one recieving this consequence?" He asks without anger, the anger has been burnt out of him for a while now as he has had plenty of time to prcoess his emotions and so his tone is more of a philisophical type. "I mean, I know that good things don't always happen to good people, my brother was a better man than I was and he died." Leda then places his hand up to meet Ariadne's for her benidiction, "Perseverance." He then says softly, "So say we all."

Ariadne shakes her head. "This is the consequence of someone else's action… and, in time, they will also know consequence." She meets the prisoner's eyes, nodding her encouragement. "Be patient, Castor. Have faith in your friends. In the truth. In your own goodness."

Castor nods his head as he listens and then he hears the intercom go off, he frowns, he then says, "I will be patient, Padre, I will be." He gives a small smile again, "Right now I don't have many other choices." He then adds, "And I always have faith in my friends." A frown begins to appear on his face, "The best evidence that I have is I had been pulling a double that day. There will be flight logs but who knows when the bomb got to my locker and how did they get in their, I lock that thing up when I'm not with in visual eyeshot of it."

"Try to put your mind on other things, Castor," Ariadne advises gently. "There are too many questions you won't be able to answer for some time. Running 'round in circles won't help; that way lies madness."

Leda nods his head, "Any advice on what I should be thinking about then?" He asks because honestly his mind has been going in circles, "Because to be fair this is all I have been thinking about." Now, the security reports will reveal that Castor has calmed considerably and in someways he seems to be accepting his fate right now but it doesn't mean that he isn't still thinking about why it happened.

Ariadne nods. "I meditate. It's very helpful for putting oneself in a state of mind wherein nothing matters but the present moment. The single breath. The now." She shakes her head slightly. "But it's a discipline I'd be hard pressed to teach you over this device. So I'd recommend exhausting your body, so your mind must sleep with it. Work your muscles until your body demands rest, and your mind will follow."

Castor nods, "Well, I've been doing push ups and sit ups to keep fit just in case I ever get out but I suppose I could do it a few more to get me to sleep." He jokes, "If they let me have booze in here I'd just drunk until I slept, rinse and repeat until they let me out but like I said earlier the room service here is crap."

[Intercom] Camille says, "Repeat, Security to sickbay, recovery ward. Emergency."

Ariadne looks up at the intercom, pensively. "I pray everything's alright…"

As the intercom goes off again Leda pauses, "Padre, if you need to go give rites to the dead then by all means go to them." He says because it is no secret that he cares for the crew. "But I thank you for being here with me. It means a lot to know someone I don't know on this crew believes in me." He then smiles softly.

"Lords of Kobol, I certainly hope not," the priestess shakes her head. "I'd only be in the way. If they need me, they'll call for me." She pauses. "I hope…"

Ariadne nods. "I was told I'd have to enlist in order to serve the people on this ship." She shakes her head. "I mean no offense, but it wouldn't have been my first choice. I've come to appreciate certain aspect of Ares, but I've never revelled in war."

Castor smiles, "Well, regular protocol is that in situatios like this non-combat personnel aren't called in." He looks at the intercom as he shifts the phone to the other ear, "If there is an emergency in the medical ward and they are calling in MP's something bad is happening or someone is getting rowdy and they shouldn't." He then adds as a joke, "but it also means I might have a cellmate soon." He doesn't know much about Ares but he is a soldier and he has been for the past seven years, he knows the military but this war thing is new to him as well. He then asks, "Padre, what is your rank, Ensign, JiG, Lieutenant?"

"Crewman," replies Ariadne, smiling wryly. "And I don't intend for it to ever be higher."

Crewman, right, support, "Well, it is good to be a crewman." He thinks about the last Padre as he says, "Well, you have won me over and normally I'm out right hostile towards religious leaders." He adds reassuringly, "Though you are a woman of the cloth and so you should be loved and most people will like you for that. Suprisngly, soldiers need support and care sometimes." He then adds jokingly but only slightly, "Like me right now." He then says, "Well, the good news is you are Non-Combat so no guns for you, just helping people out and so you won't be at war really."

The priestess nods. "They tried to recommend I learn to fire a pistol," she smiles wryly. "I refused."

She shakes her head slightly. "I've already encountered my share of animosity and derision among the crew… but in some places, welcome as well. The Lords require we love equally those who treat us with spite."

"So, who is it your have devoted yourself too?" He asks as the conversation gives him something else to think about and because right now he needs this. His fingers begin to play with the phone cord because it is a tactile experience and the brig is not a place for tacticle experiences since it is pretty freaking barren.

"Well, of course, all priests give Zeus primacy," Ariadne replies. "But I revere Apollo, Athena and Ares. They suited us best at Delphi, especially considering the Oracles."

Castor tries to pick out where Ariadne, "What Colony are you from?" He asks, "Me, I'm from Aquaria. I lived in one of the mid sized cities by the ocean." He then gives a soft half sigh and half chuckle, "But every city on Aquaria is beside the ocean isn't it." He then adds, "I don't even know if my parents devoted my brother and I to the Lords, I was to young to remember and they died before I really ever would have cared."

"I'm sorry for your loss," murmurs Ariadne, sounding as though she means it just for Castor, despite humanity's millions of other losses. "I'm from Caprica." She pauses. "I never knew my parents. I was left on the steps of the temple."

This is something Castor can relate too, "I don't remember my folks either." He then says, "And I'm sorry that you didn't get to know them." The loss of his parents was rough but it was so long ago that he doesn't think about it, Pollux on the other hand he does think about. However he does say, "I sometimes wonder what my parents were like. I don't remember what they did or what they were like." He then pauses, "So who raised you up at the temple?" Finally he smiles as he says,"Caprica? Yeah, we have a lot of Capricans around here a few of them are from Caprica City. Lieutenant Praxis is from Caprica City in fact."

"Oh, everyone raised me," Ariadne chuckles. "The Holy Fathers and Mothers, Sisters and Brothers. I had a very large, beautiful family bound by faith and purpose. We labored and ate and worshipped side by side, all my life." She smiles beatifically, remembering. Then, the smile turns a bit sad. "Until the war, of course."

Leda watches Ariadne's face and then he says, "Well, think of it this way, maybe they aren't dead I mean we found people on Scorpia right and maybe we will find people on Caprica somewhere." He then takes a moment to add, "And all of your family is here with you now. All of their traditions and all of their thoughts and emotions. They rest in you and so you now are sharing them with us on the ship." Yup, there he goes trying to help out someone who is helping him but this is a good distraction for the pilot and so Ariadne would seem to be very excellent at her job.

Ariadne smiles approvingly, as though her thoughts were much the same. "The scrolls of Pythia tell us 'The Lords lift up those who lift each other.'" She continues, "Thank you for lifting me… and remember that you have the power to do so with others. Only your body is in a prison, Castor. Not your mind. Not your heart."

Castor looks through the glass at Ariadne, he listens to Ariadne as he gives a warm smile, "Thank you for lifting me." He says, "And if I ever get out of here I'd like to shake your hand and thank you for this." He says as he is a bit better now and he will be holding himself together for a bit longer as he will try to stop thinking about the particulars of why he is here and who did it.

[Intercom] Dutch says, "Situation is All Clear. All Off duty Emergancy Medical Personnel report to Sickbay. Do you Hear? All off duty Emergency Medical Personnel report to Sickbay."

"My pleasure and my privilege, Castor," the priestess smiles. "Rest easy. All this has happened before, and all this will happen again." She presses her fingertips to the glass once more. "I have to return to the chapel and prepare for the morning services. But I'd like to visit you again soon."

Castor turns his head to smile as he presses his fingers back against the glass. "As pilots, when we have a job to do we say, good hunting, so in your work today and in your services, good hunting, Padre." He then says thoughtfully, "And I look forward to seeing you again soon."

<Later on That Day>

One, two, three, yup, Leda is doing sit ups right now. It would appear that he is following the advice of the new Padre as he is attempting to wear himself o ut so he will sleep and after completing his repetition he rolls over and begins doing push ups. There isn't much else to do in here after all.

The door opens and Epi slips in - on the other side of the bars, of course. She's carrying something, it looks like a small bag and a mug. For a moment, she just watches him, curiously. Finally, though, she calls out, "Looking good, Sir."

Leda doesn't move much as the door opens but he does look up to spot Epi walk in and she is on the other side of the glass for once so he doesn't have to speak on the phone. This is a rare comfort for him these days. He then looks at the bag and the mug before he says, "The padre told me I should work out until I fell asleep so I wouldn't stress out to much in trying to figure out why I am in here and who set me up."

The bag is slid through the bars as is the mug. "We're working on it, Lieutenant," she tells him quietly, softly. "They don't tell me what's happening, but I know that it's being worked on as we speak. I brought you a couple things you…might could use."

He takes the bag and the mug. He sniffs the mug praying to whatever it is that he believes in that there is booze in the mug. He takes the gifts as if they were the first ones he had ever been given, which in his life is sort of true, but for now with protocol keeping him on watch and little else to do but do situps and hang out any comfort suddenly becomes magical, "Thank you." He says softly, "I think the gunny really likes you. When he interviewed me he said he held your opinion in high regard." He then says joking with a bit of gallows humor, "That is okay, no one tells me anything either." It would seem that has come to a place of acceptance for where he is even if he is innocent.

No, no booze. But it IS coffee. Probably not the best thing to give a man wanting to go to sleep. In the bag? Three magazines. Yes, one of them's a girly magazine, likely ripped from a Marine's hand while he was using it, knowing Epi. One's a guns and ammo type magazine. The third? Well, if the girly mag wasn't bad enough, this one's a BOY mag. Think the Caprican version of Playgirl - but worse. Tucked in the bottom is some soap, a protein bar and a couple pieces of peppermint candy. "He's in love with me," Epi says with a small smile, curling up to sit on the floor on the other side of the bars. "I snuck in to see you. He's probably going to tan my ass, and not in the fun way, when he finds out. But I figured you were kind of stuck here."

Leda takes a sit beside Epi on the otherside of the bars as he takes a sip of coffee. He then looks at the contents of the bag, "Guns and Ammo, ooh Nymph…" his eyes spot the boy mag and he chuckles, "Well, I'm glad to see you tried to cover all the bases but I like the ladies." He then offers a quiet and very grateful, "Thank you Corporal." He then looks to where Steele would normally be as he says, "Yeah, the Gunny might be in love with you but he doesn't play around with his job. He doesn't believe I am innocent but then again I don't think he believes I am guilty either." He turns back to look at Epi, "And yeah, the way I'm spinning this I might be in here for a while so maybe I will get to know the Gunny better."

Epi gives him a crooked little smile. "We don't talk about work," she says quietly. "We're usually too busy doing other things." No, she doesn't say what. Though, honestly, it's most likely they're sleeping. "You can always read the articles," she says, nodding to the male skin mag. "There are a few good ones in that issue. Yeah, you might be in here awhile, but that's alright. I'll keep sneaking you stuff in. If the Gunny asks, just tell him you know where he keeps his stash and what's in it." Yes, that's a beatific little smile.

Castor lets off a soft laugh so hopefully no one else will hear him, "I don't think I'll mention that to him, I wouldn't want to piss him off." He then asks, "Am I allowed to keep stuff like this in here though? I mean won't they take it from me?" He then begins eating the protein bar as if to make sure it doesn't get taken away from him. As soon as he takes a bite he lets out a small, mmmm, because this food tastes like something other than bland brig food. "It is probably good for you both not to talk about work I mean he probably sits on a lot of classified information." He takes another bite of the protien bar as he says, "So, do people on the ship hate me now?" He has gotten a few looks from Marines here in the brig but he has no idea what is going on around the rest of the ship.

Epi lifts a shoulder delicately. "Nope, I have to take it with me, but I figured you could read a little of it while I was here," she offers quietly, watching his face for a moment. "And no one hates you, that I'm aware of. People are just damned confused, that's all. They can't quite believe that you would do something like that." She glances from side to side then leans in slightly. "I got my ass KICKED by that CIC Lieutenant friend of yours last night," she confides. "I wouldn't tell him anything, though. I guess he thought he could beat it out of me. I think he's on a quest to clear you." Epi's kidding, right?

Castor seems to take a lot of comfort at those words because right about now he has assumed that people would pretty much hate him for the rest of his days and so his shoulders sink slightly as a lot of stress has suddenly been relieved. "Well, you may have given me the best news I have gotten all day. I'm glad to know I am not public enemy number one." He then blinks, "You got your ass kicked by Lieutenant Praxis?" He chuckles, "Maybe he is tougher than I thought or maybe going into Tactical makes you tougher than a marine and tougher than a pilot. Wait, he is trying to clear me?" This causes him to smile too, if it wasn't for the fact that he was behind bars he'd look like his normal self at this moment, in fact, in this one second he does look like his normal rough behind the ears dog of a pilot that he is. As for the magazinges He doesn't seem like he is in much of a mood to read now but that is mostly because he has a friend here to talk too but he does pop a mint in his mouth.

She crinkles her nose and shifts so she can lift her shirt up to show off the lovely black and blue bruise. "He's a pain in the ass in the ring," she says with a heaved sigh. "I hope I never go up against him in a dance. I guess he was a little upset that I told him to get that stick out of his ass." The shirt drops and she leans back on her hands, propping herself up. "So, yes. He's trying to clear you. And he's pissed as hell I wouldn't give him any information." Her trademark grin is flashed. "Of course, he didn't know I don't -have- any."

Castor looks at the bruise and winces slightly, "Well, we have a dance coming up but to be fair I've never seen him fight in a dance. I didn't know he could throw down like that." He then winks, "And this is the military no one but the highest brass ever really know anything. It is the price we pay for you to make things go boom and for me to fly." He then pops another mint, oh sugar, ho he has missed you. He says, "So is there anything going on around the ship? Everyone that has visited doesn't seem to know much which means things are quiet or all hell has broken loose and everything is suddenly classified."

"I rather suspect that things are quiet," she says with a quiet laugh. "At least, no one's told me anything and I haven't seen anything else explode." She looks guilty for a moment. "I'm still working on what to put in the tampons. I may just work up a rudimentary itching powder." Oh, she -is- evil.

Castor considers the tampons for a moment, "Is this for the female pilots or someone more specific?" He asks as he hopes that not to much itiching powder will be used since we might be needing children soon. He then says, "Because if it is someone specific I'd consider your target first. I mean what do you know about them?" He then asks as a side note, "And Corporal, the bomb they found in my locker, how deadly was it? I mean what kind of damage could it have caused?"

Epi's quiet for a long time at his last question, just watching him. "It would have taken out the whole Red Squadron berthings and everyone who was in there," she tells him quietly. No, she doesn't mince words - she gives it to him fairly straight. "As for the tampons…no, that's for one pilot and one pilot only. I'm gathering information, and from what I can find, she'll stuff anything up there."

As the word about the bomb comes out Castor goes silent for a moment as well, frak, frak, frak, the bomb would have taken out the berthings and all of his friends. After a time he says, "Well, I hope they catch who ever did it." He then considers which pilot it could be, "Well, the less I know about who it is the better but I'll say this much the ladies of the Red Squard a tough bunch and Eddie might just knock out any Marine that pisses her off but then again so might Jupiter so be careful."

"Oh, I like Jupiter," Epi says with a bright smile. "She's going to help me get my bra back from Swift. Jupiter's an awesome lady." Uhoh. Epi has a friend. This is scary. "I don't know Eddie. But it's neither of them, I promise." Oh, the look on her face. Shit is gonna die. Whoever this woman is? She's now on Epi's radar. On Epiphany's radar is a -bad- place to be.

Castor says, "Well, if it is Sam, please, let me talk to her for pissing you off. Sam and I are good friends." He says and with that he doesn't press any further because he really doesn't want to know and because he has to stay in the good grace of his fellow pilots. He then shifts his weight on the floor a little bit as he notes, "But whatever they did to piss you off so much it must have been bad." He then pops the last of the mints into his mouth. "You know, I once scrounged up to pairs of underwear for Captain Legacy. That took a hell of a lot of work." He says without joking, "And my face getting slapped a lot."

Epi simply watches him for a moment, then smiles softly. "She hurt you," is all the woman will say - and she leaves it at that. "I can't imagine anyone smacking you, Sir. You're too sweet for that. I mean, sure, if you were trying to take the underwear off while the person was -wearing- them…" Epi shifts as well, tucking her legs into a pretzel. "You strike me more as the type to charm them off, rather than raid a drawer."

Castor looks at Epi, "Nevice did but I'm over it now." He offers, "And I hope she didn't hurt you. The Ensign is a good woman, a bit of a kid, but a good woman." He then studies Epi and he knows he can't change her mind so he says, "Just don't mess her up badly or else the Captain will be ten kinds of pissed off." He then smiles, "Oh, I charmed but sometimes it didn't work, I mean I wasn't dirty about it, in fact it was for a good cause at the time because Captain Legacy had info about a certain someone who liked me, so I had to get two sets for the Captain before she would tell me who. Coincidentally, the person who liked me is the person you don't like so much."

The Marine's eyes narrow slightly and she considers him for a moment. "I'm not going for an airlock incident. But she's not going to breed. We don't need the stupid in the gene pool, not with having to repopulate the world," she says quietly, chin coming up stubbornly. "I won't hurt her too badly. But she'll think twice next time." Sniff. Yes, she's pissed off on his behalf. "So you got the Captain underwear? She didn't think that was odd?"

Castor laughs as he forgot to tell Epi part of the story, "Oh, no, that was the price I had to pay her to find out that Nevice liked me." He then leans in a little as he says, "It isn't worth it, Corporal and if command found out you would be in here with me and then you couldn't meet with Steele beyond a shake of the hands." He smiles, "She hurt me but I'm over that now and she is just another pilot." He then says, "Besides, I've gotten bigger things to worry about like how many holes there are in the cieling, I started to count them last night but I fell asleep." It would seem Leda really has let go of Kassia.

"YOU may have let go of her," Epi says quietly. "But what about the next man?" There's a bit of a shadow in her eyes. Perhaps she knows something? "I'll consider showing mercy. Maybe." Maybe she'll just make sure an airlock is found. "So, the CAPTAIN asked you for underwear?" That has her blinking. "Wow."

Castor leans in, "The next man?" He then remembers - oh snap - that is right Steele and Kassia had that -thing - he looks at Epi and says, "Because of the Gunny?" You mean. He then adds, "And yeah, she did ask me for underwear. It was the most amusing bit of scrounging I ever did."

Epi is, apparently, lady enough to not answer when he mentions the Gunny. Some things, especially things that could get him brigged, aren't spoken of. "That's…interesting that a senior officer would ask for something so personal. But you're good at this scrounging thing, hmmm?" She gives him a speculative look.

Castor lets the subject drop because he figures that once Epi has made up her mind it isn't going to change. He then smiles as he says, "I still don't know why she asked for it but I stay out of the romantic lives of higher ranking officers." He then chuckles, "And yeah, I got good at looking for things, knowing who had what, and trading to get things mostly because I had to living on the streets." He chuckles, "These days I mostly hunt for booze and cheap cigars. I'm suprised your Mom never taught you that. I mean I've never had an on-site procurment mission but I know sometimes Marines have them."

Epi props her chin on her knees and offers him a little smile. "Her unit wasn't the, ah, usual unit," she says softly, expression going, well, softer than usual. "They weren't the usual ground-pounders. Oh, they could be, but her unit was made up of specialists. If you needed a big explosion, they'd happily do that. If they needed a man's head blown off with no evidence, a tooth pick, and a sip of nitro, well, they could do that, too. They were to the Marines what pilots are to the Navy. You generally don't put pilots on the ground to shoot shit."

Castor chuckles, "Wait, your Mom was part of a group of specialists?" He says with a bit of admiration and disbelief because when he was a kid on Aquaria there was a show about marine specialist that was one of his favorites and it is probably one of the reasons both he and his brother got the idea to go into the fleet. Well, Pollux's idea since Castor just followed along. He then smiles warmly as he says through the bars, "No wonder you are so bad ass."

She coughs quietly and grins, lifting a shoulder. "We were a family," she says quietly. "I never thought of them as specialists or anything special or different. They were just my family, the people who loved and taught me." The smile warms, lighting up her face. "I guess that IS kind of why I'm tough as nails on a lot of things." She pauses for a moment, watching him with a little smile. "And so much of a wussy bitch on others."

Castor chuckles, "Well, I can help you with the wussy bitch parts, like not hurting Nevice, it is a good start." He then says, "And man the Sepcialists were always the people that amazed me. Even the specialists here I won't frak with. Ever. I mean they are like superheroes you know." He then says, "And we are all family here too." He then takes roll his hand over the floor as he begins to feel it for once with his hands and not his boots, he needs different tactile sensations in this room as he can get bored sometimes, for now he isn't bored but he is enjoying this moment and maybe something physical will help him remember this conversation later.

Epi curls in on herself a little and gives him a bit of a grin. "The wussy bitch parts…I'm talking more about the getting my feelings hurt when someone doesn't say hello," she says softly. "Or feeling strange about love. I'm not used to being so uncertain, if that makes sense. I'm a demolitions expert. I KNOW my craft. I KNOW how to be a Marine." Her lower lip disappears between her teeth. "Sometimes, though, I think that I don't know how to be a woman."

Castor grins, "Well, think of it this way, we all have our quirks. I'm a pilot, I'm used to a whole lot of uncertainty in the air, well, that and a whole lot of waiting around for nothing and then BAM a cylon raider jumps in." He says, "My point is we can help each other." He says with a smile, "You can help me toughen up and I can help you with the uncertainty stuff." He then says, "And as for being a woman, I think you know, it is instinct but there are many types of women and so I wouldn't sweat this."

She props her chin on her knees again and laughs quietly. "I'd be happy to help you," she murmurs. "Though, part of my problem is this whole love thing. I do familial love. But being IN love? Well, it's kind of like telling a duck to swim in snow." It rolls off her back though. "But that's a chat for another day, I think, when you're out of here. So, to toughen you up, we're going to spar when you're out. Got it?"

Castor smiles, "Excellent, lets go for it." He then looks up at the clock, "And yeah, you might want to high tail it out of here." He says as he gives the coffee and the bag back. "But we will see each other again soon."

Epi rolls to her feet and takes both, though brushes her hand against his for a moment. Human contact is important in stressful situations. It's not flirtatious - she seems the type for whom flirting would consist of clubbing a man over the back of the head and dragging him back to her bunk. But it's a friendly gesture. Touch. One of the few universal things necessary across all cultures. "I'll be back," she says softly. "I'll likely see you tomorrow, when I can sneak in. Try to get some rest and dream of things the way you want them to be. Fix that in mind." Then, with a smile, she's gone.

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