The Looking Glass
The Looking Glass
Summary: Martin starts to question his position in life, then the verbal and physical sparring begins.
Date: PHD #94 (7/21/09)
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With the ship on Condition Two, options are severly lacking as to how to let off some steam. Eddie's chosen the gym for the time being, using the leg press machine. She has enough weight on there for it to be a good work out, but not enough that she's show boating. Her breath comes in panted grunts with each extension, doing twelve in a set before resting.

The hatch opens and shuts with little creaking and groaning. With a towel over his shoulders and a small gym bag in hand, Martin steps inside. Unzipping his jacket to reveal his gym tank tops, he stops and scans around. Eyes falling on Eddie, he steps over to her and stops near a punching bag, giving it a shove. He pauses to eyeball the bag as he speaks, pulling his gloves from his bag. "So what's the news, Eddie?"

Eddie pauses at a full extension, holding the weight there and locking her knees as her head lulls over to catch sight of Martin. "Rabbit's telling Marek good things about me. Which means I have to up my game." She grunts, releasing her knees to drop the weight back down towards her chest. "Captain said don't let it go to my head. So I'm not letting it go to my frakking head."

Martin smirks, pulling his gloves on. "Rabbit's been telling Marek good things about you, huh?" He says with a hint of suspicion to his voice. He turns his head to find someplace to loft his gym bag and does so. It sails shortly through the air before landing to the floor with a soft thud. The sound of velcro being forced open is heard, and with the assistance of his teeth, Martin pulls the gloves on. Shaking his head, he moves to square of and face the bag. "About how good you fly, or about how good you dance?"

Eddie snorts, "I doubt the Captain cares about my twinkle toe ability or lack there of." She huffs out a breath as she pushes her feet out again, strain showing on her face. "Marek made the wing assignment permanent. I must be doing something right for once. This the part where you get jealous and I tell you to suck it up?"

"Frak…remind me to go check that out. Who did I get assigned to?" Martin replies, throwing a few quick jabs against the bag. The heavy bag rocks as he does so. Breathe in…breathe out. He takes care to breathe as he moves, cocking a grin in her direction. "If I was jealous I'd have busted his face when he was trying like hell to get you to frak him at the party. But let's be fair, Eddie, that man wants a piece of you. There's no denying that shit." Martin grins, slugging the bag again. "Which…you didn't deny just there."

Eddie slowly drops her knees back to her chest, "Was I supposed to?" She asks, looking back over to Martin. "And not every wing assignment. Just. This one." She counts out another rep. "But don't worry, Hale isn't the drunken frak type. So therefore, ultimately, I'm not his type."

"…and let me guess. Rabbit?" Martin smirks, shaking his head a few times. Another few blows rain in on the bag, causing it to sway. He reaches out to steady it. He looks to Eddie and gives her a scowl that's half comedy, half disbelief. "So this guy wants to train you up by himself, asks you to dance, namedrops you to Spider and you're not his type?" Martin smirks. "I'll buy it if you answer this one question: What were you two whispering to eachother while dancing?"

Eddie smirks ever so slightly, finally releasing the tension in her legs until the weights clank back down noisely. She swivels in her seat, straightening up from the machine. "His jersey. And possibly what I might look like in that particular garment. In the essence of full disclosure."

"Pretty hardcore for you not being his type." Martin replies, looking over to Eddie. Perhaps a bit of a green monster is peeking. He turns his eyes back to the bag and thumps a right cross into it. His lips flatten for a second as a few more rain in on the bag, getting into the workout. "Then after you shut him down on the dance floor, he tells Marek good things about you career-wise? Not that you're not a great pilot, Mooner, but gods damned…"

Eddie stands to her full height, which isn't very impressive. The look on her face is dark, her lips pulling in a way that Martin can surely identify by now, that her temper is being prodded and might just flare. "So let me get this straight, the only reason I deserve any praise what so ever from Hale, is the fact that he wants to slip me his sausage?"

Martin shakes his head. "Frak no, Eddie. You think I'm that dumb to insinuate that? That's that opposite of the direction I wanna head with you." Martin says, stopping his assault on the bag. He runs his forearm across his forehead, turning to face her. "You're a hell of a pilot, and you deserve the props. All I'm saying is have you noticed him giving this attention to anyone else?" He asks with lifted eyebrows. "Has he even seemed to give a gods-damn about anyone else's performance? Then he asks you to dance, tries to get into your pants, and I'm the asshole for pointing this out? No, Eddie, you deserve it, but I do think he's biased as all frak-all."

Eddie narrows her eyes just a hint at Martin. "So you're saying that he's only thinking with his dick. That because he's pouring time in with me, has nothing to do with the relationship a section lead should have with his wing, but the fact that he wants to frak me. Now I'm not sure who you're insulting anymore. Me or him. Look, I had the decency to tell you, you could at least try not throwing it back in my face."

Martin extends his arms to the side in a surrendering pose. "Woah, hey I'm not throwing it back in your face." He says with that tone, an argument might be coming. "I'm not even giving you shit for telling me the truth about what he was talking to you about during the dance. I'm just saying he probably is letting his dick be a part of his behavior because he sure as frak ain't contacted myself, Poet, Tinman, Spider, or anything else with a crank to do extra training."

Eddie presses her thumb into the bridge of her nose, eyes slipping closed the rest of the way. "Yeah, big surprise. People acting with hidden agendas. You know it /could/ just be he's trying to make me a better pilot. And it could just be I was trying to keep that the one pure gods damned relationship I have on this ship, so I turned him down."

Martin stops, going quiet with a reflective look on his face. Lips slightly thinning, he furrows his brow. "…sometimes I talk before I think." He says, stepping the few feet it requires to stand before her. One of his gloved hands rests on her shoulder as he leans over and plants a kiss on her forehead. "If I wasn't so busy being jealous I should have told you that I was happy for you. I am, and you DO deserve it, Eddie. You deserve many things, good things." He pauses. "Forgive me?"

Eddie tilts her head back up to face him, but just enough to look at him from the tops of her eyes. It's a slightly admonishing glance. "There's nothing to be jealous over. I don't belong to you, and you don't belong to me. But I'll always be honest, even if it sucks. I don't know what else you want from me."

Martin nods quietly, catching her eyes for a glance before he looks to the side. His thumb and boxing glove give her shoulder a soft squeeze. "I wouldn't want to take from you." He says, a vague statement. Taking a step back, he teeth-pulls at the velcro on one of the gloves and goes to sit on a bench. Reaching into his bag, he pulls out a cigarette and lights it. Dragging off of it, he exhales to the side and stares off at the wall. "I wouldn't want to take from you, at least something you weren't willing to give." He turns to look at her. "What do you want, Eddie? From all of this, from me?"

Eddie shakes her head, "Just to survive." She mutters, pacing after him and reaching out to snag his cigarette. It's a gesture that's familiar, and in familiarity there might be some comfort. "Don't look so glum." She says quietly, though her features are pulled in the same direction.

Martin nods, looking to her hand with the cigarette. Trailing his eyes up her arm until they finally rest on hers, his shoulders shrug. "I think about it a lot." He says, biting the side of his lip, motioning his hand out to the gym. "With all those guys crashing, Triple and Typhoon getting killed. I think I'm good, I don't think that they're better, but I'd be an asshole to consider that I'm indestructible." He pulls off his other glove, looking back to her face. "Promise me something, Eddie? If I get shot down at there, you don't stop that surviving allright? And shit…" He shakes his head. "…no regrets allright? None with me, at least, okay? I care too damn much about you and I know if I go down it's gonna hit you like a bastard and I've got this frakking want to protect you from all the bullshit…"

Eddie is standing near Martin where he sits on a bench, pulling off his gloves. She has a line of sweat darkening her tank tops along her spine which might indicate she's already been in here a while. Now it seems like it's smoke break time. She draws a long inhale from her stolen cigarette while she listens to him talk, her eyes scrunching up to protect them from the haze filtering up from the end of the cigarette. "You're a little melodramatic, there, Dash. You must /really/ want me to name a scar after you." She says, finally quirking a hint of a smile.

It's that hot chick from CIC who wears the— no, actually, it's just the CAG. With a bag. A duffle bag. It probably has his water bottle, tape, and towel. He's in his tank tops and fatigues, jacket undone as it generally is when he's off duty, cigarette tucked between his lips in a mockery of the PT he's about to do.

Thea pads into the gym injured. Yes, she dares her least favorite place with an arm in a sling - and she's right behind the CAG. "I could get used to this," she comments to his back, tone dry.

Martin's lip curls into a smirk, his head shaking from side to side. "Nah…it's not melodramatic. I try to be real about it, you know? Real about it because the more I accept the reality of it all the less time I spend being sca—…" He stops, hearing the door open. He turns his head to see the CAG with Black Cat in tow. He nods upwards to them, speaking in hushed tones to Eddie, out of earshot. "…if we don't say the things we mean before we die, they'll never be said. I guess I just wonder sometimes where my head's at. You know. If I don't survive this, since I'm alive now, what do I want my life to be-sort of shit."

Eddie exhales with her lips tilted towards the ceiling out of habit. She takes one more puff of Martin's cigarette, before inverting her hold on it and offering it back filter first. "Live life with mistakes, not regrets. Hard to regret things when you're dead. So at least I'd have that going for me. You're being a little too deep, Martin, when we're on a Condition Two alert, and I can't drink to counteract it. So stow the metaphorical shit, and just live in the moment, will you?" No attempt to keep the conversation quiet, though she does acknowledge the Captains much the same way, even throwing in a, "Sirs." For good measure.

Kai turns slightly, then turns again in a double-take a moment later, cigarette plucked from his lips. "Black Cat." His mouth quirks a little to one side, though it isn't quite a smile. There's also a flicker of his eyes to the sling her arm's in, before they return to her face. He falls into step alongside her. "You know, black cats are good luck, traditionally. On Sagittaron." Of course, he's told her this before. "Evening, Mooner. Dash." The greeting's somewhat reserved.

Thea glances around Kai's side and nods to the other two, smile warm. "Evening," she calls. "Morales, don't forget to drink your water." Interesting comment. She's just come in behind Kai, and now he's walking next to her. "And Spiders are known well on Gemenon for the webs they weave," she teases the CAG. "Those webs are a bitch to get out of cat fur. So's gum."

Martin smirks at Eddie, eyebrow lifting in her direction with a wink. "Probably a good point." He replies, dumping his gloves into his bag and grabbing another cigarette. Lighting it, a picture of health, he's seated beside a standing Eddie near the bleachers. "So's oil. Poor little bastards near that oil spill…" Martin says with dark comedy. In an oddly deep moment, he looks towards the punching bag. He smokes, staring. "Black Cat, Spider, you dastardly villains…" He calls them back out.

The gym. A place Thorn doesn't often see the inside of. Even now, he's not here to exercise; he's looking for someone. A freshly lit cigarette bobs in his mouth as he walks, and he changes course as he locates his target. Thorn walks slowly, but with purpose. "Captain Legacy," he says quietly, sidling up behind the pair of captains walking together. "A word?"

Roubani is not in his gym clothes, heading through the exercise area in his fatigues and heavy boots. Work time or something, from the distracted look on his face, pencil behind his ear, and some handheld calibrator in his palm that he's busily adjusting with his thumb.

"Well, I don't know about Gemenon," Kai answers drolly, "but on Sagittaron, they bite. Hurts like a bitch. Lose an arm to those buggers." He tosses his bag down on that note, and tucks the unlit cigarette back into a pocket of his loose-fitting fatigues. "Since when am I dastardly?" He crouches to unzip his bag and pull out a roll of tape, eyes briefly tracking Komnenos as he approaches Legacy.

Martin doesn't take his first cigarette back, but rather lights another. A tradition broken, Eddie quirks a brow but doesn't say anything on the matter. She just tucks it back in her lips. Eyes land on Kai for a moment, and then she's nudging Martin's shoulder her knuckles. "I'll catch you later." She snorts at Legacy's words and goes to grab her bag. "I always keep hydrated, Captain. Don't you worry about that. Hey Rubix. Thorny."

Thea gives Kai a wry smile and leans in to comment, quietly, "Or a hip." Then she straightens again and turns toward Thorn, smile warming. Even injured, the woman looks -happy-. It's weird. The world must be ending. "Certainly, Thorn. Where to?"

Roubani wiggles his fingers towards Eddie as she goes, continuing on. One of the electrical panels in the wall seems to be his destination, and he slides the pencil between his teeth as he reaches up to open the aging metal panel door with a soft creak. Wire salad.

Martin looks to Eddie with a quiet look on his face. Nodding to her, he waves his cigarette in her direction. "We'll talk later." He says simply, letting her go. Grabbing his water from his bag, he takes a long pull from it and then leans backwards until his shoulders rest against the bleacher behind him. It's a makeshift recliner. Elbows behind him on the bench, he stares at the punching bag.

"Take it easy, Morales," Kai murmurs, keeping his head down while he rummages in the bag. There might be something slightly off about him tonight, but then again? There might not. He's kinda odd like that. "Looking for a sparring partner, Black?" The hip comment is wisely ignored, though he does look briefly amused by it. A length of tape's pulled out, and torn off with his teeth.

"Dash." Thorn acknowledges the Viper pilot with a nod before turning back to Thea. "Nothing like that, sir. No need t' go anywhere." He clears his throat as his gaze meets hers. "I was talking t' Roubani in the berthings a little while ago and… well, I'm going crazy just laying in my bunk," he admits. "I was hoping t' see if I might be able t' lend Engineering a hand with our technical difficulties while I'm still on light duty. I might not be a snipe, but I know my way around computers. Maybe I can at least do something productive while I'm cooling my heels."

Roubani perches up on the edge of one of the high bleachers, crouched in a rather precarious position to be able to access this electrical box. There's an occasional idle glance down towards the two getting ready to spar, but for the most part he's messing with wires. The little instruments in his hand gets patched into some circuit, wires combed through with careful fingers like a head of nappy hair.

Martin doesn't take long to reply. "Yeah…yeah spar sounds good." He says, his mind elsewhere. Pushing off of the bleachers with his taped hands, he starts to pull his gloves back on. "Thorn, Poet." He says, looking at his fellow pilots. Mind in a million places it seems, he takes a drag off of the dangling cigarette. Exhaling through the side of his mouth and nods, he lets it fall to the ground and stomps it out. "I haven't been to the RR yet, who did I draw on wingman duty, Spider?" He asks, stepping into the sparring area.

Eddie scrapes her nail over her bottom lip, as she regards Martin, then shoulders the strap of her bag. "Yeah. Sure." Not that she seems too excited about talking. When Kai offers himself up as sparring partners for Martin, she glances briefly between the two and hesitates. She looks half tempted to stay, in all honesty, but something else wins out. "Night, then." Said quietly to Martin first, then. "G'night folks." To the gathered.

Thea gives Thorn a wry little smile and shakes her head. "'fraid not, Thorn," she says quietly. "I already tried that. Captain Sen's already swiped one from the wing, and she's afraid that the CAG will come after her if she tries to swipe anymore." Her eyes twinkle ever so slightly as she glances over at Kai, then leans in to aside, "I already tried." There's understanding in the woman's eyes, though. "What do you say you and I sit down during our on-duty time, and I'll start showing you some of the paperwork that you'll get when you're a Captain? We can take this chance to clean my files out and get some learning in. I have the suspicion you'll be able to help me to organize all of it a bit better."

"Sir," Roubani replies to Martin. Probably difficult to hear; he is perched up on the bleachers like a cat just at the moment. He glances at Eddie as she leaves, then back to the sparring ring, then back to what he's doing, scribbling some notes as the current starts giving readouts.

Just call Kai a sucker for punishment. He's got to be, what, ten? Twelve years older than Martin? "Yours truly," he answers the question, securing the first piece of tape then ripping off another. Blue eyes briefly find the junior pilot's, and there's a dash of something wicked in them. Thea's glance is met while he tapes his right hand, then disengaged from moments later; he probably can't even hear what they're talking about from where he is.

"It's an honor. You know I got the utmost respect for you, Spider." Martin grins back at Spider, turning to look around the area with a glance. Spotting his bag, his eyes lift up and he walks over to it. Another long pull of water is taken, and then he grabs his mouthpiece. He walks back towards the future site of combat. Another glance to Kai. "So what's up in your world, Spide?"

Komnenos looks a little crestfallen at Thea's headshake. There's no protest, though, only a simple nod of understanding as she explains. He answers the remark about paperwork and captaincy with a raised eyebrow. "Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves, sir? I should probably worry about making full lieutenant, first," he says with a wan smile. He's got the time in service under his belt, but there aren't exactly an abundance of open slots, after all. "Not that I'm trying t' decline, of course," he adds hastily, defensively holding up his hands. "However I can help. Even paperwork beats lying on my arse."

Thea reaches her good hand out to pat Thorn's arm. "It's never too early to share the paperwork, Thorn," she says with a grin, eyes twinkling. "I offered to help in Engineering as well, but right now…probably not the best thing to do. You're going to be back on rotation before too long, maybe another day or two."

Roubani pays idle attention here and there to the conversations on the ground. He can hear both if he tries, though whether he is or not is debateable. He fishes a rolled up sheet or two of schematics drawings from his tool bag, unrolling them over the bleacher seat. one hand scratches through the front of his hair as he studies the things and then looks up, tracing a line across the ceiling with his eyes.

Kai finishes up with the tape before shoving his own mouthpiece in, and flexing his fingers experimentally once or twice. "Paperwork, and more paperwork. If the heat ever goes out on this ship, I'm pretty sure we could build a campfire in the ready room." It's all spoken rather drily. Roubani's spotted up on the bleachers as he pushes to his feet and heads for the bag, though he doesn't disrupt the Ensign with a greeting. "All good with you?" That's to Martin.

Double checking the tightness of his gloves, Martin nods in reply to Kai. "Yeah, we've got paper to burn. Maybe we'll find a planet with trees and sandy beaches." Martin smirks, rolling one of his shoulders. "Case's awake, seems to be doing well." He adds, slipping his mouthpiece in and extending his gloves to Kai to tap when he's ready. "…me? Guess I've hit an introspective snag or two, but it won't bump my flying none."

"I'm just… a bit concerned, is all," Thorn continues, voice still hushed. "Heard enough from Demitros in sickbay before they knocked me out t' be worried." The ECO shrugs after that, though; he tried, but Thea has spoken and he'll leave it at that. "If you'd like, I'll get with you tomorrow t' start in on the paperwork issues. Though," he adds with another wry smile, "I don't know if I'll be much help on the organizational front. No one ever accused me of being well organized." The constant state of his bunk would seem to attest to this. His organizational methods have always been… eccentric.

And Thorn goes hushed, so that leaves Roubani listening to Kai and Martin like the TV in the background. He lifts his pencil, tracing it in the air over a section of ceiling, then makes a quick note or two. Meanwhile the little reader apparatus is still hooked into the circuitry, perhaps waiting for something to go wrong.

Kai shrugs out of his fatigue jacket, and spills it beside his bag in a somewhat messy heap. As an afterthought, he bends to dig out a pair of gloves as well, and straps them on, on his way over. "She's going to be fine," he answers evenly, meeting Martin's eyes for a moment as if to underscore that. "But I need her up and flying again, sooner rather than later." The fist-bump is returned. "Feel free to impress that upon her." He rolls out his shoulders and drops back into a defensive stance, letting Dash start things off.

And those organizational methods, and that bunk, likely, are the reasons WHY he gets to be the lucky one to help Thea with the six months or so of paperwork that's built up and needs filing. Thea laughs quietly and nods, once. "Tomorrow morning, 0800, Thorn. We'll put in a half day." Thorn is hushed, Thea isn't. She glances over to the fight getting ready to start, then cocks her head to the bleachers. "Care to join me in the only sport we can participate in right now?"

Martin grins, his voice slightly slurred by the mouthpiece, creating a rather silly manner of talking. "If there's anyone that can, it's me. She seems ready to get back on the horse, Spider." Martin steps back, getting into a stance. Bouncing on his heels lightly, he doesn't resume his antics of the fight night prior. "Frakkin amazing so many of y'all made those crash landings. Buncha textbook shit you guys pulled on that. Nicely done…" He says, lunging in with a jab, testing Kai's defenses.

Thorn chuckles. "Always a thrill t' watch people try t' beat the hells out of each other," he responds lightly, and turns an eye towards the ring as Kai and Martin begin sparring. He then waves his hand in the direction of the bleachers. "After you, sir."

Roubani leaves the little meter reader on the bleacher edge by his knee, and the schematics unrolled. His watch gets a glance, and the reader's screen, timing things now. Between that, he watches the fight that's starting, silent as usual.

Thea heads in the direction of the bleachers, one eye on the fight, the other on her path. Two injuries already - she doesn't need another one. "Evening Poet."

The lunge is good, the jab is good, Kai's evasive maneuver is… nonexistant. It smacks him right in the jaw. Hell, he practically turned his cheek and asked for that. Thwack. His head wheels to the side. "It was a bad day," he grunts softly, "as far as days go." He counters with a quick jab, jab, then a cross to the ribs.

Martin doesn't trash talk, he's improving as a human being. When he gets the lunging jab in, he anticipates the return, putting good footwork to use. Bobbing and weaving away from the jabs, he gets his gloves under him in time to block the cross. "Yeah well your ass gotta stick around…" He grunts, throwing a punch to Kai's stomach, following with another jab. "…don't want me running this show do ya?"

Upon closer inspection, the top two buttons of Roubani's fatigues jacket are undone. This isn't duty, it's just good old workaholism. "Captain," he replies quietly to Legacy. His long legs get stretched out, crossed at the ankle. "Thank you for rescuing my clothing, by the way." He's got an eye on the fight. The "fight". If you can call it that.

Thorn follows Thea to the bleachers, taking a seat next to the Raptor captain whenever she finds a place she likes. After a moment of watching Kai get his face pounded in, he looks back over to Thea with a flippant grin. "So, what's this I hear about an underground triad tournament or something?" he asks.

There's likewise no trash talking from the CAG. He's a little slower than Martin, but that can probably be attributed at least partly to his bad leg. His first few jabs go wide, and the cross is diverted, providing an easy opportunity for a counterattack. An opportunity Martin clearly takes advantage of. Thwap, thwap. "Not on your life," he murmurs, flashing a faint grin. He comes in for a jab then a solid elbow to Martin's midsection, hoping to take the wind out of him. "Hit me like you mean it," is muttered even lower, intended only for the other pilot's ears.

The Raptor Captain looks up at Roubani, laughing softly, and shakes her head. "You're welcome. You were busy and there was a Major eyeing that dryer. I figured your belongings were safer that way. I learned the hard way that leaving one's clothes in there means SOME things disappear." She looks over toward the ring for a minute, then calls "You'd best not have my bra on again, Dash." No, Kai doesn't trash talk - THEA does.

Roubani gives Thea a small smile. He falls silent so Thorn can have her attention, bracing his arms on his knees. His eyes flicker between the fight and the voltage measurer by his leg. Sure, everything behaves NOW.

Legacy asides to Thorn, "I've heard rumor of it. Tomorrow? Thursday?"

As Kai finds the speed, Martin finds it harder to avoid his blows. Avoiding the jab, he moves his defenses away to lay a clear shot open to his midsection. Kai's glove connects with a grunt from Martin, forcing him to try to wheel around the CAG. Eyebrows lowering, he can't help but smirk at Thea's trash talking. "I can't call you old, my ex would kill me." Martin grunts to Spider, stepping in with his most brutal rib to right cross combo, one he probably would have used at fight night, had he not taken it as an attention getting moment. "Wouldn't be the first time a Black kicked your ass, Spider."

Komnenos nods. "As've I. Tomorrow, from what I've been hearing. Plan t' make an appearance? I'd be happy t' clean you out along with the rest of them," He smirks. The Raptor ECO's had plenty of experience cleaning out other junior officers at the card table, or so say the rumors. Given his fiendish smoking habits, how else has he been able to keep himself in smokes this long?

"I'm sure-" Thwack, thwack, grunt, pow. The two pilots seem to be finding each other's rhythm by about now. The combo connects, and if Martin weren't wearing gloves, he might've busted something in the old man right about then. But he is, so he doesn't. And Kai, for all he's a couple inches shorter? Is also about fifty pounds heavier. "-it won't be the last. You're both scrappy little sons of bitches." If he can, he'll use Martin's shift in momentum to attempt a shoulder grab and takedown. If he can't quite manage the takedown, he'll swipe at his head with a vicious backfist.

Roubani twists his back, pulling his leg up onto the bleacher seat. He reaches for the electrical box, disconnecting the little reader from the tangle of wires and shutting the panel. Clang, click. All his little things packed away.

"Yeah sooner or later I'll have a ki—" Martin manages to get out. The shoulder grab fails, as Martin pushes towards Kai's upper arm, making the grab harder to do. Shoved back however, his statement is ended with the backfist to the face. Eyes watering a little at the solid contact with his nose, he blinks it away as fast as he can, going on the defensive. "…kid to beat up on you." Martin grunts out, trying to circle around Kai, dancing on his feet. "…need your advice on something soon, Spider." He says, throwing a haymaker at the blurry figure.

"I might be there," Thea says quietly, watching the two men in the ring. Her head tilts slightly to the side - and it quickly becomes clear she's analyzing fighting styles. "Spider's leaving himself open on the left," she says quietly - to herself or the others? It's not quite clear. "And Dash…mmm. See how he throws that shoulder? That's a weakness. Heading out, Poet?"

Komnenos blinks as Thea suddenly begins dissecting the fight. He's not sure if the question and observations are rhetorical, but he volunteers an answer anyway. "Wouldn't know, sir. Was never much of a fighter. Though I plan t' step into the ring myself at the next Fight Night." He shrugs. "Good release, from what I hear."

Kai wipes the back of his hand across his own nose, as if he half expects to find blood on it. "Advice?" He twists his head to the side, and the haymaker only makes grazing contact with his head; it's enough to clip an ear, but not hard. He counters with his knuckles solidly meeting Martin's gut. Then again. Then again. Trying to soften the kid up— assuming any of those get through his guard. The CAG fights slow and hard, lacking the dexterity on the ground that he employs in his airborne acrobatics. "No time like the present, Dash."

"Taking away a single grain of sand doesn't turn a heap into a non-heap," Roubani tells Thea, apropos of seemingly nothing at all. "I suppose I have things I should do." His voice stays quiet, trying not to interrupt Komnenos, and he pulls the heavy strap of toolkit over his shoulder while still staying seated, bracing his feet on the floor. It takes a little while to get ready to stand with this thing.

Eyes cleared up, Martin doesn't see the first gut punch coming until it's almost too late. Instinctively tightening his muscles, their ability to contract weakens with every of the three blows that come in. By comparison, Kai hits like a hammer. Martin shoves him back to get his bearings, keeping him at bay with a series of jabs. He's listening to Thea, by the way he punches where Kai will go when that shoulder is thrown. "Nah, Condition three with a beer, less you don't mind giving some personal advice. I got my flying down good 'cept for a landing or two." He says, throwing a left left jab to right hook combo towards Kai's face.

"True," Thea calls back to Roubani, nodding. "But he didn't used to leave it open." For whatever reason, that bothers her a bit. "Sweet dreams when you get there." Then she glances to Thorn, smiling a touch. "Just be careful, please. You don't need new injuries. There are other ways for release, you know."

That shove barely moves the bigger man, but it's enough to give Martin his space. It's a reprieve that sends Kai prowling slowly to the left, then the right, slinking just out of range of those quick little jabs lest he catch one to the face. "I don't drink," he grunts softly, lunging in with an elbow to the ribs at roughly the same time as Martin's jab hook combo. Martin's faster by far, and wins the draw. Thump, thump, the Captain's head snaps to the side again, but he has his guard up quickly in the wake of it. "All the good flying in the world means shit, if you can't bring the bird in," he adds, breathing a little heavily by now. This time he feints with an abbreviated jab, and goes for a leg sweep.

"Finding a fight is easier than finding a frak, it seems." Komnenos replies, still smiling slightly. "Besides, if the bulletheads couldn't kill me, I wouldn't think a couple rounds in the ring would leave me any worse off." Then, a small wave to Poet. "Take it easy, Roubani."

"Have a pleasant evening." Roubani says to both officers in the bleachers, then finally finds the energy to haul to his feet. Hrrg. The bag strap gets shifted on his shoulder and he steps down over the bleacher stairs to the floor. His exit takes him in wide berth around the sparring, so the departure doesn't distract either of them.

Thea's quiet for a moment, then calls out, "Dash has no trouble bringing the bird in, CAG. None at all. His barn door's WIDE the hells open." Yep, this is called revenge. Poor Dash. "Not really," she tells Thorn, shaking her head. "Trade for a bottle of lo…" Pause. Blink. Thea finally gets to the point where she realizes her mouth has started writing checks her ass can't cash. "Local alcohol," she amends. "Take Flash out for a nice evening with a bottle of wine."

"Sometimes I land angr—" Martin says, lifting his leg to try to avoid the leg sweep. That's when the side of his other leg is connected with, causing Martin to grit with pain and suddenly find himself on his back with a loud thump. The air rushing out of him, he's good about keeping his defenses, getting his gloves up and his knees into place to protect from incoming kicks. He shifts, sending a kick towards the outside of Spider's thigh. "Yanno, Black Cat would be attractive if she weren't on your side, Marek…"

Kai isn't quick enough in getting out of the way, to avoid the kick aimed at his thigh. It connects solidly, sending him stumbling to the side with a scuff of boots on deck. Ow and more ow. He hisses loudly. That obviously hurt. "I think she's just sore," he posits, backing off then to let Martin get up, "about her silky underthings, still. A woman scorned, and all that."

"Flash is a nice girl. Not really my type," Komnenos replies sagely, a sarcastic smirk on his face. "It'd feel like cradle robbing, anyway. I usually go for…" He's about to go into a description of what his type is, but realizing the company he's in, he stops himself. "I think I'll just stick with fighting, for now," he says instead, lamely.

Thea's voice drops slightly, for Thorn's ears only. There's a wicked little smile on her lips. "Oh, so you prefer grave robbing and cougars? For shame, Thorn. For shame." She winks at him then turns back to the ring. "Awwww, look at that. Big bad Dash on his back. Of course, with his reputation, he spends more time on his back than I do mine." Oh, someone's living up to her callsign tonight, and the claws are out. "But I can't say too much - he DID make good on it."

Martin wastes no time when Kai stumbles a few, pushing himself off of the floor. Getting back into a forward stance, he switches from toe-to-toe fighting to a more martial stance, offering Kai his side. Wiping the sweat from his face, Martin can't help but smirk. "Man she was livid…made me take one of her own out on a date." Martin replies, giving Kai an extra three seconds to prepare before coming in with another jab, using that height against Kai. "Wouldn't do it if she weren't good folk." He raises his voice for Thea's ear. "Black family secret."

You can take the boy off of Aerelon, but you can't take the Aerelon out of the boy, it seems, as Thorn flushes slightly at Thea's comment. Despite his natural instincts, though, he can still give almost as good as he gets. "Now that you mention it, yes," he mutters in reply. "They're not shy about what they want. It's more fun that way."

"Nothing wrong with a little strengthening of ties between vipers and raptors," Marek murmurs, blue eyes glinting with amusement that doesn't cross his lips. The jab is taken, perhaps intentionally, perhaps not, between his guard and the side of his head. He doesn't counter it. Then, "Thea's got her methods." Whatever that means.

Of course Thea hears what Kai says and glances over at him, grinning broadly. "Are the rack frames strong enough for bondage games with pilots," she asks, a brow arching upward. "I seem to recall that some pilots are trained on knots." Her lips twitch ever so slightly as she looks back to Thorn, smile innocent. "Practice makes perfect," she murmurs.

Martin scoffs, a bit of blood forming near his nose. Looking to his glove and catching his breath, he takes a step back and extends a glove to signal an end of the sparring. Seems the both of them have gotten a good workout over this. Popping out his mouthpiece, he smirks. "She's gotta have methods to keep the bunch of deviants in line." Martin says, nodding upwards in Thea's direction. "Bondage my ass lady, you gotta hang on tight and…not accidentally damage one of the racks." There is, after all, a rack in a storage room that's had a HORRIBLE wobble for a few weeks now. He extends a fist to pound with Kai. "Let's do this again sometime, wingman."

Kai backs off as soon as the signal's given. Never mind that he's got a few cuts and bruises of his own; they aren't drawn attention to. "Sure thing," he concedes, pulling out his own mouthguard. "Good match, Dash." The fist is met solidly with his own, followed up by a slap to the pilot's back as he steps past to his bag. "Black Cat's also got a one track mind, when she's starving for something." Blue eyes track to the woman, fix upon her for a few seconds, then drop away again as he works his gloves off.

"Besides, it's hardly grave robbing. From what I understand, women don't even hit their prime until their thirties," Thorn finishes his thought from before with a sly grin. An eyebrow raises at Thea's bondage comment. "Careful with such talk," he murmurs. "I might get a little too excited. The doctors recommended light duty, remember?"

Thea's chin comes up slightly as she just looks at Thorn, a brow arches delicately. "So leave the light on when Rosy comes to visit," she comments, sotto voce, smile wicked. It gets even more so when she looks out toward Kai and Martin. "It takes a real man to not damage equipment," she calls to the later. "And Spider? It's called determination. I am, after all, a woman who gets what she wants."

"That line of thinking, you lost your bra on purpose." Martin calls out to Thea, winking at her. He's not flirting, but moreso being playful. Letting out a deep breath, something still heavily on his mind, he looks back to Kai and gives him a respectable nod. "See you at CAP tomorrow. I'm gonna hit the showers and then head by Recovery, go check up on Case." He adds, turning to grab his bag while he tears one of the gloves off. Waving over his shoulder to them, he trots towards the men's room. "Don't hurt the lil guy, Black Cat. Pilots are high demand creatures."

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