The Friendly Skies
The Friendly Skies
Summary: Yuuri, Legacy, and Cygnus work on a flight simulation together, and afterwards Legacy and Roubani have a quiet chat.
Date: MD055
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CEC Kharon - Flight Simulators

Cygnus is leaning against one of the simulators, one hand caressing across the plexiglass for a moment as it were a woman, not a fascimile of a bird. If anyone came in, it's doubtful it would even register, he appears that lost in his thoughts. Or perhaps reminiscences.

24 hours of off-duty time, so Roubani is in his off-duties. Though leave it to the air wing to still come sniffing around the simulators even in their downtime. The young man has a clipboard with him, a notebook, several pens, and a calculator as he walks into the simulator area, his boots making soft thuds.

Cygnus finally comes back to the present and glances over, half surprised that Roubini doesn't have his chess pad with him as well. He still looks just as exausted as the day before, but perhaps a bit more at ease in his surroundings now. His spirits are definitely better when he calls out quietly, "What brings you this way on your day off, Ensign?"

Roubani straightens slightly at the sight of the JG. He tucks the clipboard into the crook of his arm, formally. "I wanted some of the figures from the computers." He clears his throat quietly. "And you, sir?"

Yuuri arrives from the Hallway - Hangar Deck.
Yuuri has arrived.

"Just…" He'd been just about to say 'waiting for someone' when he spots Yuuri coming through the hatch, which causes him to chuckle. "Well, I was waiting for someone," He corrected with a grin, as he called out in the other pilot's direction, "So she left you alive? I'm amazed, man," in the way of a greeting.

Into the Simulator comes an in-uniform Althea Legacy. Most times, she seems to be a rather laid back, relaxed type of woman. Not this evening. This evening, she's in her full, proper uniform, looking every inch the professional military captain she is. Just inside, she pauses to look around, light blue eyes taking in everything.

Roubani ahs quietly. He nods to Cygnus and, by extension, the incoming Yuuri. Silent now, the Ensign sets his clipboard and notebook down at one of the monitor stations.

"Tis but a Marine." Yuuri tries to sound dignified as he overhears Cygnus, entering the simulator room. He carries a couple helmets in his left hand and a flightsuit draped over his right shoulder. "Wasn't sure if you had your laying around, so I scrounged up a suit for ya." His own flightsuit looks plenty worn from the two previous tours he had.

Cygnus shoots a grin in Yuuri's direction that is clearly grateful, before turning his attention briefly to the Captain, doffing a polite nod, "Good evening, Sir." A few long strides carry him across the room to Yuuri's side so he can snag the suit from his shoulder, accomanpanied by a mumured, "You rock, thanks."

Thea arches a brow slightly and nods to Cygnus and Yuuri before she looks over to Roubani. "Ensign," she says quietly. "Seems as though the Simulators are busy tonight." It's not a question, but a statement. "How booked are we?"

Roubani has sat down and turned on the computer. He gently flips the pages of his notebook with his fingertips, past pages and pages of mathematically-minded scribbling to where he's left off. His eyes turn up at the sound of Legacy's voice and he glances at the simulator machines. "I didn't look at the schedule, sir. I doubt the other two will be in use."

Yuuri offers a 'Sir' towards Legacy, "Bah, maybe I should have looked at the schedule. Figured after they knocked my flight status off they'd be having less sim time and more rotations on CAP." He strokes his chin briefly, "We can hit the gym and try the sims later in the evening if you want Mac."

Cygnus casts what almost could be a called a longing glance in the direction of the simulators but nods his agreement to Yuuri's assessment, "I didn't realize they'd be booked out when so many people seem to be on down time. The gym's fine with me, if you want to head there," He adds with a grin.

Legacy looks to Yuuri and Cygnus and shakes her head slightly, gesturing to the simulators. "Feel free to take the sim time, gentlemen," she tells them, watching each man for a moment. No, she doesn't comment about Yuuri's being knocked off of flight status. "There's plenty to go around. Like you all, I didn't expect them to be busy tonight." Then she glances over to Roubani, head canting to the side. "Are you flying tonight, Ensign, or working?" She dips a head toward his notebook.

Roubani's dark eyes glance at the four simulators and then back at the three officers. He shakes his head to Legacy. "Working, sir. I'd rather hoped someone would be using them…" A slight nod to the sims again. "But if nobody is then I suppose I'll come back later as well."

Yuuri looks at everyone a moment before the icey jades stay on Cygnus, "Your call man. I just figured you wanted to feel that rush again or atleast something similiar."

Cygnus practically snatches one of the helmets out of Yuuri's hand and doesn't hesitate to strip down enough to get the flight suit on. As the baggy sweatshirt comes off, it becomes painfully apparent that the guy could really stand to gain about ten pounds or so. "If there's room, I'm taking it, you on, Ty?" That's a rather big grin he's wearing as he finishes suiting up.

Legacy chuckles softly and shakes her head as she listens to the other two. "Do you need a test dummy, Ensign? If so, I'll take some flight time as well so you can get what you need." Well, kind of her to offer. "Or will three simulators going at once be too much information?"

Roubani shakes his head to the Captain, replying in his soft voice. "If you came to fly, sir, then by all means fly. More is better than less." He looks down at his notes, searching for something. "Is anyone going to do the…" He skims a finger down the page. "NAV-3788 exercise, by chance?"

Yuuri's chest shakes with laughter after witnessing how quickly Cygnus suits up. "Thats gotta be the fastest I've seen anyone get suited up. Faster than the time at the Academy when I nearly got busted…" His voice trails off remembering the Captain's presense. "I mean, which do you want the Mark seven or the two's?

"I'm more familiar with the sevens." Mac pulls up for a moment and takes a deep breath, better to admit things before any expectations get formed in the room. "Just… Okay… I haven't clocked any flight time," A rueful smile attaches itself to his lips, "or much sleep in about three months, so I have no clue how this gonna go."

Legacy flashes Yuuri and Mac a bit of a smile before she looks back to Poet, head cocking to the side. "I'll take that one, Poet. I need some flight time and it'll be giving you a hand, so two birds with one boot. Give me about five minutes to get suited up. Us old folks don't move as fast as those young 'uns." Now that flight is imminent, Thea seems to be relaxing.

Roubani seems unsurprised that the two Lieutenants ignore the question. He gives Legacy a slight nod. "Appreciated, thank you." The notebook page is turned over and a third monitoring screen turned on in the row of consoles.

"Well if you are going to run the program you might as well put it on all three. I'll take the two since the Captain and Mac want the sevens." Yuuri walks over to the Mark II simulator and starts to climb up, "Just saddle up. It's just like sex, same general principles. Get in, use the stick to do your thing, make it out alive. When the job is finished; pull out, shower, and go to sleep."

Cygnus barks out a laugh as he heads towars one of the sevens, "Okay, so now I get why you're crashing and burning, my friend," is quipped out as he climbs inside, and settles the helmet on his head. Now this? This feels right. More right than anything Mac's felt in months, and he can't help the way his hands drift over the sim's control panels in a near caress. Yes, this is definitely a man who seems to love his bird more than any human being. "Feels good to be back inside of these," He breathes out quietly.

Legacy glances briefly over at Yuuri, eyes widening, then looks back to Roubani with the expression that asks 'Did I just hear that? I can't have just heard that.' Shaking her head, she moves off to get a flight suit and suit up. "I'll be right back, Poet. If you'll load it up, I'll get it started."

Roubani gives Legacy no answer to that questioning look. The young Ensign's ears are bright red, and he softly clears his throat. "Sure. Two mark sevens and a mark two…" That's to himself as he flips through programs on the computers, loading the program across all three machines. The name it flashes across the sims' screens, marking it as an evasion exercise. The start screen pauses, as he waits for Legacy to return and take her place.

"How's she feel Prophet?" Yuuri speaks through the com. He's busy flipping switches and pushing buttons getting the Viper Sim up and running. "After this I got a little something something to celebrate your first flight in three months. Hope you smoke." His thumb raises from the canopy towards Cygnus then pulls the fiberglass back.

"Feels amazing," Cygnus huffs into the comm imbedded in his helmet as his fingers poke and flip and prod to help the simulated viper shudder to life. The words aren't very loud, but the meaning behind them is when he breathes out, 'Frak I've missed this." After pausing to just allow the moment to flow over him, he grins, "I do, so don't think I'm not going to hold you to that, Typhoon."

Thea's gone for only a few minutes, but then she comes back, all suited up and ready to fly, hair pulled up and back, tightly pinned into place. "Alright Poet," she says with a grin at the man. "Let's get this party started. Anything you can tell me? Anything you need me to do special?"

"No, sir. Just try not to crash." Roubani replies, drily. He glances up and across the sim windows at all three, then reaches over to tap the keys on the computer. The intro screen dissolves, their windows all lighting up with a similar array. A multiperson sim, the program also shows each pilot the other two friendly Vipers to their sides. In front of them, a slew of enemy vessels is ready and waiting to descend. In the corner a small timer ticks down ten seconds to the start of the exercise.

Yuuri does a brief salute across to the other pilots and grins, ready for the sim to begin. His hand gripping the flight stick, thumb knuckle clicking as he practices firing.

As the screens light up, Mac takes a moment to center himself and murmur his usual pre-flight prayer out quietly, "Enyalios, Lord of battle and death, guide your son's hands." He takes his time allowing the stick to settle into the curve of his hand, thrilling at the familiar feel of it, before glancing over towards the other cockpits. When he catches Yuuri's salute out of the corner of his eye, he returns it with a grin, before narrowing his eyes in on what's in front of him.

Thea settles into the Viper seat with the comfortable familiarity one would expect of a Viper pilot, not a Raptor driver. Her hands find the controls, comfortably, and she calls quietly, "Ready to begin." There's a small smile of utter joy on her face, strangely enough.

3…2…1…the screens blink and the sim program kicks in. On their screens the horde of enemy birds begin a sudden, swift dive towards the Kharon Vipers. Roubani clicks his pen on and turns his attention to the three screens in front of him, his fingers moving over the keys to bring up some scrolling technical displays on his side of things.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Gunnery: Failure.
<FS3> Legacy rolls Gunnery: Bad Failure.
<FS3> Cygnus rolls Gunnery: Failure.

Yuuri brings the viper into the low seven behind Legacy, hand steady on the stick he jams down with his thumb opening up with his cannons at the incoming flight of Raiders.

Cygnus easily drifts into position on Yuuri's wing, sailing along through simulated 'space' in one fluid streak. He opens up a volley, squeezing lightly, but even as he lets the round rip, he can't feel the shot.

Thea pulls her bird up and out, targetting first - and the shot goes wide. "Well, we know that doesn't work," she murmurs. "Typhoon, watch the three o'clock. Unknown, keep an eye on the nine, please."

Their combined volleys don't hit crap, but it opens a small hole in the barrage. The enemy birds break left and right and chaos reigns on the screen. Cygnus finds himself set up for a pincer attack from three birds, while Yuuri and Legacy have two chasing them at breakneck speed through the melee.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Piloting: Success.
<FS3> Legacy rolls Piloting: Success.
<FS3> Cygnus rolls Piloting: Good Success.

Thea reacts even as she assesses. One's following her? Ok, that's easy enough to handle. Without any hesitation, she pulls the stick up and swings her bird high, pointing her nose toward the pincer maneuver on Cygnus. "Unknown, you have three coming into pinch." Her voice is calm and relaxed, as if she does this every day of the week. There's only a frission of excitement there.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Piloting: Success.
<FS3> Yuuri rolls Gunnery: Good Success.

Yuuri slams down on the thrusters and throttles up, flipping the tail of the viper over the nose 180 degrees. His hand stays on the thrusters, throttle nearly cut as he glides backwards staying about two lengths behind Legacy in formation. He takes aim at one of the trailing Raiders and opens up the cannons again.

<FS3> Legacy rolls Gunnery: Success.
<FS3> Cygnus rolls Piloting: Success.

"Prophet, Sir, and roger that, I see the bastards." Cygnus' voice remains calm, almost unflappable as he speaks. Sending his bird into a gentle roll as he heads towards one of the raiders trying to pin him down. The cannons fire and tear through the tip of one wing, sending the raider into a freefalling spin, giving him just the space he needs to fly free of the other two.

The raider now in Yuuri's line of gunfire goes spinning off to port as the pilot's guns blow a chunk out of the wing. Another one jumps on its tail and picks up the chase, breaking left and bringing a couple buddies with it straight towards the Kharon cluster in a bulldozer attempt to break them all apart from each other. Cygnus' screen lights up in the back as one starts dogging him, firing on his Viper.

Roubani, meanwhile, is keeping track of all the screens with acute interest. his pen scribbles quickly across the paper, recording something, and his fingers fly with quiet taps over his calculator keys.

Thea rolls out to the right, dropping low, under the oncoming raiders. "Watch your six, Prophet," she comments. "Nice shot, Typhoon. Prophet, drop down and let him get over you. Typhoon, pull up. Regroup on the other side."

<FS3> Legacy rolls Piloting: Success.
<FS3> Legacy rolls Gunnery: Great Success.
<FS3> Yuuri rolls Piloting: Good Success.
<FS3> Cygnus rolls Piloting: Good Success.

Yuuri slides his thumb to the left of the stick and pulls the stick back, pushing the viper into full burn in a vertical bank to pull out of the Raider's incoming fire. He cuts throttle only for a second and lets the viper flip again, heading straight towards the Raiders behind Prophet. "Prophet bank left on my mark…Mark"

Cygnus focuses on the sound of Yuuri's voice, hears the slight inhalation in preparation for speech and can pretty much aniticpate the moment that the word 'mark' rolls over him. It takes less than a half a heartbeat for the words to filter from brain to hand, and Cygnus' viper banks hard to the left, leaving Typhoon the open shot to take them.

The raider chasing Legacy abruptly loses track of her when she dips, going slamming straight into an oncoming friendly, and a third crashes into the exploding mess from behind. The rest wise up to the traffic jam and swoop around it. Seven are left on their screens. The raider after Cygnus keeps firing, shooting past the Viper when he banks, and it opens fire directly at Yuuri once he becomes its new target. Two of them keep after Legacy - if the AI could get on a revenge kick for the deaths of its homeys, this one would be what it would look like.

Thea takes aim at the one on Typhoon, bobbing and weaving ahead of the two on her six, as she tries to keep out of their line of fire. She comes in on the target hard from the left, giving chase and opening fire, leading a merry little parade. "I've got this one, Typhoon. Prophet, if you would be so kind as to pull one of these off my six? I've got one bullet hole, I really don't want another one." It's a dry, tense sort of humor.

<FS3> Legacy rolls Piloting: Failure.
<FS3> Legacy rolls Gunnery: Bad Failure.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Gunnery: Failure.
<FS3> Yuuri rolls Piloting-20: Bad Failure.

<FS3> Cygnus rolls Piloting: Success.
<FS3> Cygnus rolls Gunnery: Success.

Yuuri opens up his cannons at the incoming Raider but the tracers go over it. At both speeds there is no stopping and the Raider laces Typhoon's wing, tearing it to shreds. "Cat, Typhoon. Lost a wing..and maybe." Inside the simulator, Yuuri is button smashing after a near collision, heaving on the stick trying to correct his vector.

"Frak," Prophet grouses into the com as he continues the hard bank until he's manuevered his viper into position to go after the pair of raiders on Legacy's tail. Kicking up the burn, he full throttles it until one of the raiders in front of him slots nicely into his kill zone then opens fire, his guns ripping it to pieces. Angling just enough, he starts to open up again on the second raider, keeping it distracted for the time being at the very least.

Boom, the raider Cygnus was after goes up in an explosion. Legacy and Yuuri both miss their marks. The raider that clipped Yuuri's wing comes back for another pass, with a second joining it. Sensing Yuuri's struggle with his vector like sharks on blood, they come in for the kill. Cygnus goes briefly ignored, two of the other raiders opening fire on Legacy when she turns back around. The remaining two skirt out to a distance, arcing around and circling.

"Prophet, pull one of those off Typhoon," Thea says quietly, tension in her voice. It's all fun and games until someone's bird gets shot. She goes low with her viper, banking hard and back, full throttle as opposed to her earlier caution, after leading her two raiders on a merry chase for a moment - away from Yuuri and away from the two retreated raiders. Then, like a typical cat, she turns on her pursuers and starts hissing and swiping, like a cat going after a St. Bernard.

<FS3> Legacy rolls Piloting: Good Success.
<FS3> Legacy rolls Gunnery: Failure.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Piloting-20: Success.

<FS3> Cygnus rolls Piloting: Good Success.
<FS3> Cygnus rolls Gunnery: Success.

Yuuri finally gains control of his viper, using mostly thrusters and banks high left trying to shake off the Raiders and give Cygnus a good shot on them.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Piloting-20: Terrible Failure.

Almost as if out of nowhere, Prophet's viper swoops down behind the two raiders on Typhoon's tail. The tracers burst out through space in a flash of light, cutting into the one of the two pursuing raiders, knocking it off its trajectory. One down, one to go.

Raider fire skims Legacy's backside, causing the simulator unit to jerk a little in, well, simulation. She's keeping them at bay through sheer speed and manuvering, and they barely manage to break from her when she fires, regrouping and coming back on her tail. Yuuri's Viper starts behaving again, but those two raiders on him fire before he can get anywhere. Alarms go off in his cockpit, telling him he's got one engine hit. The other's still going, but those raiders are heading back towards him and fast. One of them gets cut down by Cygnus's fire. Five to go.

These really weren't good odds to begin with, and the birds are, apparently, feeling the sting of getting it. "Keep it together, Typhoon," Legacy calls. "Bank out, bank out. Prophet, I'm going to swing down. When I do, you'll have a clear shot."

<FS3> Legacy rolls Piloting: Good Success.
<FS3> Legacy rolls Gunnery: Good Success.

<FS3> Cygnus rolls Piloting: Success.
<FS3> Cygnus rolls Gunnery: Failure.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Piloting-20: Terrible Failure.

Yuuri is fighting with everything he literally can, but it is of no use. He can't seem to fully get control of the viper. "Prophet I swear if you miss that bandit.." He tries one more time to bank out of the Raider's cannon fire.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Piloting-20: Terrible Failure.

A stab of anger passes through Prophet as he maneuvers into position to go back after the raiders that are still on Yuuri's tail. If sheer will has anything to do with it, those two raiders would explode in their tracks. He tries for all he's worth, but he can't get a true kill shot, and the tracers fly past their target. "Frak!"

Roubani grimaces at the screens, having been watching closely in between taking his notes and doing some very rapid calculations on his papers. He flicks on the little mic by his station, speaking quickly. "Typhoon, try flipping on your oscillation control bypass. Cycle up your right stabiliser to 200."

On the screens, the raiders might be giggling at Cygnus if they could. They zoom past his fire and arc back on the three-Viper team, readying what the AI can hope will be a kill shot. Legacy manages to confuse the hell out of her two dogs and they swing past her and spin wildly, one of them accidentally firing on the other and blowing off a wing. Four to go.

She catches sight of the ones turning back for the kill shot and drives herself right across the foreground to draw fire. Did she just…growl? Nah. Couldn't be. Pilots don't growl. Do they? But damned if she doesn't sound like a cat warning enemies off. At the last minute, she banks and starts strafing fire.

<FS3> Legacy rolls Piloting: Good Success.
<FS3> Legacy rolls Gunnery: Failure.

<FS3> Cygnus rolls Piloting: Success.
<FS3> Cygnus rolls Gunnery: Success.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Piloting-10: Bad Failure.
<FS3> Yuuri rolls Technical: Failure.

Yuuri still can't get full control of the viper, the drift of the aircraft is banking it slightly to the right. "Lead, Typhoon. I'm nearly dead in the water." His fingers flip, twist, pull, and push buttons all over the console trying to manuever away.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Piloting-10: Success.

The raider going after the kill on Typhoon isn't going to manage it. Not on Prophet's watch, and he banks hard, repositioning himself to go after it. He has no patience this time to wait for his target to dift into his kill zone, and starts strafing the target with round after round in an effort to blow it out of the skies.

The raptor Captain's fire doesn't scare the raiders. They duck it easily and keep on. One gets bored with her, breaking off to go after Cygnus instead. And good timing; Cygnus' guns blow the crap out of one raider diving for Yuuri. Boom. Three left, the odds now even. The other that was going to blow Yuuri out of the water banks hard to avoid Cygnus, not having time to get its shot off on Yuuri. It's determined to get him though, and comes screaming back for another try.

Poor Thea, she's got one more chance to get the one on Yuuri before he becomes so much space dust. "Let me get him off you then get the frak out, Typhoon," she says. "Prophet, how're you holding up?" She joins Prophet's fire on the one, leaving the others alone - for the moment. "Tag those others out, Prophet, and let's get the hell home."

<FS3> Legacy rolls Piloting: Success.
<FS3> Legacy rolls Gunnery: Good Success.

<FS3> Cygnus rolls Piloting: Success.
<FS3> Cygnus rolls Gunnery: Success.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Piloting-10: Success.

Yuuri finally gets it back, though he is moving with thrusters and one engine. He skids to the right and punches it, it doesn't get him moving much faster but at least he is heading at an intercept angle on the Raider behind Legacy.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Gunnery: Success.
<FS3> Yuuri rolls Piloting-10: Good Success.

"I've got one on my tail, Cat, but I'm pretty sure I can shake him, don't worry about me, kill that frakker on Typhoon." Cygnus actually takes the oportunity to pull the raider on his tail away from the two, leaving them with even odds, banking and rolling to avoid fire before flipping his bird one-eighty to open fire.

The combined gunning efforts of Legacy and Prophet turn another Raider into a pit of kaboom. Two left, one after Yuuri and one trailing Legacy at a distance. They back off quickly when their third goes down and join forces, arcing sharply both straight for Legacy. Kamikaze?

Yuuri's fire blasts across one of the two remaining, knocking it sideways. Looks like an engine was blown out and it putters along much more slowly than its twin. Hard to tell if its guns will work.

Oh, wonderful. Just what Thea always wanted - a three-dog fight. But then, thanks to Yuuri, it's more like a two-and-a-half dog fight. "I like these odds MUCH better. Prophet, I'm going into a roll and then up. Typhoon, keep your distance and see if you can get the wounded one from there. I don't want to have to send SAR in after you." There's just a hint of laughter in her voice. A hint.

<FS3> Legacy rolls Piloting: Success.
<FS3> Legacy rolls Gunnery: Success.

<FS3> Cygnus rolls Piloting: Great Success.
<FS3> Cygnus rolls Gunnery: Good Success.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Technical: Bad Failure.
<FS3> Yuuri rolls Piloting-10: Good Success.

"Depends on who you would be sending to rescue me Cap" Yuuri begins to laugh until his last engine stalls. He manages to keep the viper going straight, though he is pretty useless right now. "Well Captain..Just drifting."

"Yeah, he'd probably really like it if you sent Castaine," Mac smirked inside of his helmet as he angled his ship to give chase after one of the two remaining full strength raiders. It was almost too easy to drop in behind one of them and let his guns rip, firing right up its tailpipe.

The cleanup is a joke at this point. Cygnus easily takes out the raider headed for Legacy, and the limper's trashed with another shot from Legacy's guns.

Roubani flips on his mic, scribbling the last bit of details into his notebook. "All clear."

"Alright, gentlemen," Thea says quietly. "Let's wind this down." She taps at her console, winding the simulation down and settling back. "What'd you see, Poet," she calls. The smile's gone from her voice, replaced with a bit of tension.

Yuuri remains in the simulator not really responding to the comment made by Cygnus. His eyes close, head tilting back in the seat, the whole sim playing out in his mind. A hand reaches up and slides the canopy open.

Cygnus lets out a sigh as the simulation winds down. For while there, it almost felt as if he were really in the cockpit again. The only place he truly wants to be. Now it's back to reality and his cruddy new desk job in the chaplain's office. He can't help but laugh though, still feeling the rush of it all, "Hey Ty?" He waits a beat, "How about something challenging next time?"

Roubani rubs his thumb under the ridge above his right eye. "The Mark Two digital position transducer has some unusual susceptibility to RF bursts. Lieutenant Yuuri's oscillator output frequency was far too high and I'm not certain why. I've noticed it before in these models. This run may help isolate the problem."

Legacy slowly pulls out of the sim and stretches, raising both arms over her head. The sound of bones shifting and popping is pretty much audible. "I'm going to rewatch the computer analysis of this," she says, lips pursed. But the expression smooths as she looks over toward the other two men. "Good flying, you two. Good practice session."

"Next time you fly the Mark II." Yuuri shouts after taking off his helmet, "And the Sergeant has no wings to save me, nor would she want to." He climbs out of the cockpit a bit flustered at being the only one that took a heap of damage. "Captain, care for company on this? Both Prophet and I?"

Cygnus climbs out of the simulator and pops his helmet off. Judging by the expression on his face, it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine he's none too happy to leave the cockpit. "Thank you, Cap, it was nice to get back out there… At least kind of." He doesn't seem to mind being volunteered, merely shoots Yuuri a grin and shrugs.

Roubani returns to his usual silence as the trio make plans. His fingers tap over the calculator keys and then on the computer keyboard, backing up the recording of the session to a point he'd marked.

Legacy shakes her head to Yuuri, smiling a bit. "You all go on and enjoy your evening. I have a few things I want to mark. I'll leave the tape for you both to review along with my comments. I'd like to get Spider to look at a few things." There's something bugging her, though. "Thank you for letting me come along with you. Poet, thanks for getting things set up for us." She looks at Roubani for a bit, though, considering.

Yuuri just shrugs, "Mac, I'm gunna go grab a shower. Ambrosia and fumarello smokes in the squardon berthings in say thirty-forty minutes." He runs a hand through his sweaty hair and wipes it on the flightsuit. "Roubani, thanks for the exercise." With that he is heading towards the hatch.

Cygnus nods his agreement and wanders over to pick up his discarded sweats. "Sounds like a plan, I'll probably end up doing the same. I'm kind of disgusting." The last is noted when he makes an attempt to brush the sweaty hair that's plastered itself to the side of his face aside.

"You're welcome, sirs. Gods keep you." Roubani's eyes are on his calculator. The squadron's resident introvert is focused on work, a slight frown of thought on his face. He picks up his pen, drawing a mathematical matrix and starting to fill it in with a couple glances at the computer screen for data.

Legacy moves over toward Roubani, but settles into the simulator nearest him, body turned so her legs are out. She's waiting for something, likely the Ensign.

Yuuri heads through the exit labeled <O> Hallway.
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Cygnus offers a salute in the Captain's direction, "Good flying with you, Sir. And thanks for the sim, Ensign." With a bit of a half-wave, Mac makes his way to the hatch and exits.

Cygnus heads through the exit labeled <O> Hallway.
Cygnus has left.

Roubani glances up at Cyg goes, but the man's gone before there's time for a response. He goes back to working, until a few seconds after Legacy's sat down. His somber eyes come back up. "Did you want a copy of that, sir? They must have some discs around here…I'm sure I don't know." His eyes make a half-assed search of the workstation area.

"I can make the copy, Poet," she says quietly, studying the man. There's an oddly intent look in her eyes, for some odd reason. "So. I know you might be uncomfortable with this, but I also know you'll be honest with me, Poet. Thoughts on my performance?"

Roubani raises a dark brow slightly, and clears his throat. "All due respect, sir, I'm barely a year out of flight school. I'm not particularly qualified to be making an assessment."

Thea laughs softly. "This is where you start, Ensign," she says, eyes crinkling at the corners. While she's trying to hide it, she looks tired, very tired. "We used to critique each other out of the sims because that's the way we learn."

Roubani still looks to be in mild discomfort, even with her words. "I suppose if I had to point out something…I would say you seem too hesitant to fire, sir."

Her head cocks to the side as she watches him, listening. "Too hesitant to fire," she murmurs, nodding. He can see where she's replaying parts of the dogfight in her mind, and then the nodding continues. "Good eye. You're right. What else did you see?" Refocusing on him, she cocks her head to the left. "What if I said 'permission to speak freely?'"

Roubani regards Legacy warily. He then turns his eyes back to the screen, watching the computer as it progresses in its frame-by-frame replay of one of the tenser moments of the simulation. "Your defensive flight technique is better than your offensive, I think. You tried hit and run tactics twice and both times came in too broad from port to get a clear shot. I think, however, that much of your attention may have been on coordinating the squad, perhaps even moreso than it would have been during true combat." Speaking freely? Not really, but he's edging closer. Baby steps.

Thea sits and listens, eyes going between the man and the screen. "Mmmm. Not used to commanding Vipers," she admits with a little smile, studying the frames. "Which is no excuse. I think I've been driving Raptors a little too long." Lips quirk slightly at one corner, but her forehead is furrowed. "What else did you see? My performance, theirs…whichever."

Roubani rubs his earlobe, watching the screen, then sits back and loosely folds his arms. He gives an account of their flying that's a little dry on the technical side, but accurate. He'd been paying attention to things like pilot-induced oscillation and their responsiveness to the barrage of enemy fire. At the end he remarks on her personally, "You seemed to get unusually shaken when two of the raiders became aggressive in tandem on you. Your aim and willingness to fire improved greatly when you were defending the Lieutenants, rather than being the target yourself."

Oddly enough, Thea seems to follow the technical stuff. Her, a pilot, following technical stuff! It's a miracle. But it's the end which seems to catch her attention. For the briefest instant, she looks a bit startled. It's not guilt, just…something else. "Mmmmm," she comments quietly, nodding. "Interesting." She leans back against the simulator, body tilting slightly. "What did you get out of watching it and seeing how two non-Vipers did?"

Roubani glances at her. "Two non-Vipers, sir?"

"Neither Prophet or I are Viper jocks, Poet," she says with a little grin. "He may have been, but it's not his billet now. Ty, I know, is attached to your squadron."

Roubani tips his head slightly. "Lieutenant Cygnus mentioned he was simply off flying temporarily for health reasons, sir. I'm not sure I have the heart to tag him 'non-Viper' so easily." He unfolds one arm and absently scratches at the scarring that his recent gunshot to the face is leaving at his jaw. "I could tell his main training had been on Vipers, and yours not. They were rather different flight styles."

Her eyes track to the wound and she tilts her head slightly to the side. "How's your face," she asks, tone gentling. It's not that she's jumping from topic to topic, just that there's one topic that seems to take priority, for the moment. "I didn't realize that about the Lieutenant's past. I'm afraid my mind was somewhere else through most of the first part of that conversation."

"It's fine, sir. Just itches." Roubani gives the edges another baleful scratch with his nails before folding his arms again. "And yes, I believe that was the Lieutenant's issue. He was quite forthcoming with it. Captain Marek said he'd look into it with the CAG."

"Mmmm," she comments again, non-committally. "You doing alright after the bar fight, Poet," she asks, voice quieting even more. "Wasn't exactly an easy situation."

Roubani looks at her a moment, then shrugs one shoulder. He scratches his right eyebrow with his ring finger as he looks back at the computer screen. "I haven't heard anything from JAG, so I suppose there won't be as much fallout as there could have been. Is your. Ah…" He searches for a word. "…backside doing alright?"

Her lips twitch slightly and she nods, once. "It itches," she replies, tone a bit dry. "But unlike some people, mine's not in a politically correct place to scratch." The smile slips away. "I didn't quite mean militarily, Poet. It's not every day we see a man's brains blown out in front of us. Pilots…well, my experience with kills has always been from a distance." She pauses and glances away, toward the screen. "For the most part."

Roubani pauses, then gives her a slight smile. "Is it your first time seeing such a thing, sir?"

"No," Legacy replies, watching the screen for a moment before looking back to him. "Yours?"

"No, sir." Roubani unfolds one arm again, crossing his chest with it and gently rubbing his thumb into his shoulder near his collar. "Though I shall grant…first time in a shady space station bar." That sounds dry.

Legacy chuckles quietly and dips her head, seeming to relax just a little bit. Could it have been that she was concerned for the pilot? "I've seen my share of bar fights. Been IN my share of bar fights," she allows, leaning against the simulator. "But that…that was something new for me."

Roubani's dark eyes don't give things up easily. The reservation in them might be just as they always are, or it might be something else. "First time with firearms, sir?" He guesses.

"Believe it or not, no," she replies, shaking her head. "I put a bullet through a man's head quite a few years back when he tried to assault me. My raptor was shot down and they had no record of me ejecting. SAR found the burned out shell on the ground and figured I went up with it. A week later I found my way back to base with the help of some locals. You?"

Roubani hesitates, clearing his throat. "I meant to ask…first bar fight with firearms?"

Thea blinks at him, cheeks coloring, and laughs quietly. "Ahhh, no."

Roubani smiles a little. It has that look that it's more for her than for him. "You're a very experienced woman, Captain." Sure, that statement could be interpreted in bad ways, but his tone adds no sarcastic spin to it.

Her eyes crinkle at the corners and she can't help but laugh at that. "My first bar fight was at 17, Ensign," she says in a wry tone. "I grew up with and around pilots. My father ran the academy on Gemenon. He was resigned to the fact that I'd fall in with them, but he was just hoping I'd stay out of the bars for a -little- longer. No firearms at that fight. Those didn't come until after I'd finished the Academy, myself."

Roubani nods slightly. "I have noted a trend of women in the military who…" He glances to the side, trying to mold his words correctly. "…consider themselves rebellious in whatever way."

Thea's lips twitch just a little and she nods. "I don't consider myself rebellious, but DID, when I was a teenager. I think it's a factor of most children's lives - military or no. Though, some women, I suspect, feel they have to fight a little harder because they -are- women. They have something to prove." A shoulder lifts delicately. "I have nothing to prove to anyone except myself and my gods."

Roubani doesn't say anything for a few seconds. "I find that's a nobler statement than is most often true, sir."

Thea tilts her head to the side, just watching the younger man for a time. "How do you mean, Poet," she asks quietly.

Roubani clears his throat quietly, looking down at his knee. "The truly humble speak not of how humble they are, sir. So says the scriptures. And likewise when we truly have nothing to prove, we wouldn't feel the need to assert it so. Though I understand…I have been trying to convince myself of the same for a while, too."

"It's…difficult at times," Thea allows quietly. "Especially in the military. It took me quite some time to get to the point where I felt I didn't have anything to prove to anyone else. It's very easy to fall into the trap, though. You feel like you have to prove something to your wing, to the CAG, to your squadron CO, and all that builds on itself."

"I suppose, sir." Roubani's voice never shifts from its normal softness. It's not overt sympathy; it's just the way he talks. "It isn't always that leads down an inappropriate road of pride, but often enough."

"The road is paved with good intentions," Thea agrees quietly, dipping her head. "It's not pride that starts the first step down the road, but the desire to ensure the best possible foot is put forward." She shifts slightly in her seat. "And it just gets worse from there."

Roubani replies thoughtfully, "Yes, sir." He pauses, then offers a self-conscious smile. "I apologise, I didn't mean to drag down the conversation."

Thea quirks a brow. "I'm the one who was talking about death, Poet," she says with a bit of a laugh. "I'd say it's an equal fault, if any at all."

"Death is not inherently somber," Roubani observes, with a shrug. "It is part of our destiny, after all. Every step our souls travel is given by the gods."

"And every day we're given is a blessing that we should celebrate in praise to the gods," she says, simply dipping her head once. Who'd have thought? "Well, are you finished the real work for the evening, Ensign?"

Roubani looks back at the open notebook and the paused computer screen. "I suppose so. It is getting a touch late. I can look over these notes after dinner, no doubt."

Legacy chuckles softly and nods. "No doubt," she says, a hint of teasing in her voice. "Get some rest then, Poet, and thank you for all your help tonight."

Roubani doesn't move to get up, just nodding to her. "Likewise, Captain. Gods bless."

Strangely enough, Thea doesn't get up either. After a moment, she just blinks at Roubani, head tilting to the side. Without warning, she starts to chuckle quietly. "Looks like we both had the same idea," she murmurs, slowly pushing to her feet. "Since you were here first, I'll vacate in favor of you."

Roubani might have accepted, except just then his stomach betrays him and growls insistently. He clears his throat, pinching back a smile and closing his notebook. "No, no. I'm sure you'd rather get your sim copies done in peace." He slides his pencil behind his ear where he'll no doubt forget about it and end up wearing it around until he takes off his shirt at rack time. "Perhaps I'll see you at dinner shift."

Thea's lips twitch a bit and she nods, once. "Perhaps," she says softly, though the look on her face lets him know that no, it's not likely. Hooray for polite fictions! "Have a good evening, Ensign."

Roubani gives her a formal nod and then the tall young man heads off, notebooks and calculator in arm.

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