The Best Laid Plans...
The Best Laid Plans…
Summary: The laundry room plays host for an unintended, unexpected, and unwelcome revelation.
Date: PHD205
Related Logs: Takes place not long after Smokin' In The Laundry Room

Roubani has a bag of clothes with him - what else does one bring to the laundry, really - and a small metal canister tucked under his arm. Pen behind his ear, notebook along for the ride but for once not open and not tempting fate to make him run into the hatch on entrance.

Thorn is already here, leaning idly against the row of dryers smoking a cigarette as he finishes his latest monthly laundry session. His head cranes upward as he hears the sound of the hatch opening. "Hullo, Poet," he greets the younger man with a slight nod.

Matto elbows into the hatch after Nadiv, a book or two laid askew in the top of the basket he's holding in both hands, the rim of the basket at the level of his thighs as he shuffles in. "Hey, Toes," he returns the greeting, even if it wasn't directed at him.

Samantha is…Out of clothing. Heck, she's out of her underthings, but this sports bra can go one more stretch and from the low ride of her shorts, she's probably going commando under them. She reeeallly hates doing laundry, so she's left it until the last minute, but the ability to smell her locker from halfway across the room has gotten annoying so… Laundry time! Sam pads in, an overly full laundry bag across her shoulder as she heads for the machines. "…Laundry night from the airwing, is it? Maybe that wasn't my locker I smelled."

"Thorn." Roubani's voice is as close to warm as it gets with most people. He shifts the bag of clothes on his shoulder, finding a washer that has a few around it. "Are you really just standing there staring at the wall while you wait for your clothing? That sort of patience is a gift, you know." He sort-of-smiles at the ECO and flips the lid of the washer up. Also flipping up the one next to it. Maybe for Matto, maybe just for his other load of clothes. "Good evening, Case."

"Laundry night for me, at least. I'm sure Kissy's thrilled, anyway." Thorn shoots a teasing smile and a nod of greeting to said Raptor pilot before turning a grin on Samantha. "Oi, love." A browwaggle is turned upon Roubani as Thorn looks back to the younger man, taking a pull from his cigarette. "Actually, there's a book around here somewhere I was reading." He snorts. "Y' actually think I have that kind of patience?" There's a grin from the ECO as one of his dryers buzzes, and he retrieves his laundry bag so he can start shoving clean clothes back into it.

Matto takes the opening of the second lid as an invitation, settling his own basket atop the third washer in the line and fishing out his books to set on the top of hte washer controls while he tosses the rest of his things in. It's not much of a load of laundry, mostly underthings, sweats, towels, and two sheets. He flashes a grin back Toes' way at the comment, but lets it pass. "I don't know. I think if you had some project brewing in your brain you'd have the focus to consider it that long without getting bored. You've got that focus to you," Kisseus gives his opinion.

Samantha stares at Kom…"You read? When the hell did you learn that?" She grins, reaching one hand up to ruffle his blonde hair teasingly before she sidles into the machine next to him and dumps out the stanky load of laundry she should have done weeks ago. "Evenin', Poet… hey… just wanted to say again… Frakking nice flying. That was…" She pauses, looking up from her machine to actually gaze over to Poet's eyes…" that was great. It felt… damn good. Best I felt with a wingman in a while. So…thanks." She gives Matto a bit of a wink, but he's busy bugging Kom. Maybe they can tag team harrass the man.

"I believe you could. The zen would rather suit you, in a secret weapon sort of fashion." Roubani half-smiles at Thorn and dumps his clothes and soap into the washing machine. Pre-sorted, no whites. Lid clangs softly, not allowed to slam, and he turns around to lean back against the machine. His attention shifts to Samantha, more somber once she finishes. "Thank you…and you as well. I take it as a good omen." He picks up the canister beside him and starts unscrewing the top.

Matto catches the wink from Sam and spends a moment wondering at it, head tipped to the side like some baffled puppy before he just tosses her a smile and closes up the lid of the machine, standing on tip-toe to reach up to a rack shelf and nab a tab of sudstuff to tock in there before he mashes go on that sucker. Books get retrieved and set on the closed lid of the thing, the topmost of the two opened to very nearly a random page and then promptly ignored as he listens to the Red Squadroners discuss matters.

Thorn replies to Samantha with a strangled choke and a jab of the middle finger, even as he's giving her waist a squeeze with his free arm. Kissy gets a soft smile and a slight incline of the head. "No great scheme brewing at th' moment, I'm afraid." Clean load of laundry bundled up, he tosses the bag back down to the floor as he blows a smoke ring through pursed lips. He laughs at what Roubani says. "I'm having a little trouble picturing myself as 'zen'. But I'll take your word at it."

That middle finger is jabbed at her and Sam reaches out, teasingly snapping her teeth. If he doesn't think fast she might bite it off, or so she seems to mock! She then settles into that arm, finishing emptying her laundry and then tossing just a bit of soap over it before she shuts the machine and hits 'START'. Clean laundy here she comes! "Great scheme? Bah… Thorn used up all the braincells on the last mission. He needs to recharge." She ducks a bit from the swat that might be coming there. She then looks back to Roubani…"I'm serious, Poet… frak whatever the CAG thinks, you're a damn fine pilot and I'm gonna tell him."

Roubani smiles a little at Sam. "That my lead is still alive to love another day is enough, Passi. May we keep it that way." The canister's lid pops off, things rattling around inside. He looks over at the book in Matto's hands.

Enter stage right…no wait…there is no stage but Leda comes into the room and he carries a bag over his shoulder as his current mission is clean laundry and so he walks over to an empty machine and he begins stuffing laundry into said machine and then he turns to look over at the occpants of the room as he is now in mission spin cycle and so he has time to look around and spotting familiar faces a smile creeps across his face. "So, whats going on around here then?"

"You wench." Thorn rolls his eyes as he speaks, his tone a perfect deadpan; he speaks only to tease lovingly, of course. He's the only one not busy with clothes at the moment; he seems to have been here longer than the others, as all of Thorn's clothes are either clean or in the machines. He looks to Leda with a raised eyebrow. "If I had t' wager a guess, Lieutenant, I'd say… laundry."

Matto bends over some and rests his elbows on the washing machine in a lazy slouch, still paying no mind to the book in his hands, taking a moment to smile at Sam. G'aww. He turns his head to look to the Poet, still silent, but communicating something in his glance along the lines of a 'wasn't that sweet?' He holds the text open to somewhere near the beginning of the first book of the Ars Amatoria.

Roubani looks at Matto right back for a while. "Syringes." One brow goes arching upwards, as though giving a grave warning, then another glance is given to the book and then to his hands, as he empties out the canister into them. "Good evening, Leda."

Samantha looks innocent, smiling warmly, though she settles into Thorn's arms, still only half clothed herself but looking very comfortable for it. All her other clothes must be in the laundry. "Mmhmm..and you love me for it." She comments to the 'wench' thing… and then she blinks between Matto and Roubani, staring in curiosity. "Syringes? Oh this I gotta know…" Leda is given a warm wave of a greeting.

"So laundry, love, and syringes are on the menu in here tonight then?" He grins lopsidedly, "This ought to be interesting since I hate needles myself." He then looks over at Thorn and he says, "Aye, this would be the place for laundry…funny thing is here we have dryers and back home we never used them…for the most part back on Aquaria it was all about letting things air dry." He then takes a moment look at Matto's book as he asks, "So, what are you reading Kissy?"

Matto's lips purse into a confusedly curious o, brows lowering a little at Nadiv's comment, unable to make head nor tail of it until he actually looks down at the page. When he looks up again his face has undergone a transformation worthy of the author of the text, beaming with a bright and impish grin after his usual fashion. He stands up, then turns, and squirms up backward onto the machine, looking to Toes, "It's a handbook for lovers. By the Eggman himself," Kissy giggles punnishly. "Sort of a parody of ancient handbooks for farmers, sailors, &c."

Anton grins at Samantha. "I do at that." There's an odd look at Kissy, followed by a deep, leering smirk at Roubani. "Handbook for lovers, eh, Poet? Got the surgeons t' perform cylindrical extraction surgery on your rectum finally, what?" Finally, a browraise to Castor. "Air dry? You must have been a patient lot."

"Excuse me?" Roubani balks at Thorn's question. He even, above all things, manages to turn slightly red, and with lack of anything meaningful to say falls back on: "Language. Gods." Canister fiddling! He lays out what was in his hands, little somethings made of pewter.

Samantha is quiet now, mostly content to listen, but she shifts her body and buries her head against the side of Thorn's neck, relaxed and lingeringly warmly near, her slender arms wrapping now both around his waist to trap him in close. "Mm… Kissy, might borrow that book sometime. I'm always looking for… New suggestions. Tool rooms are gettin' old…and ya'll are cuttin' in on our laundry time!"

The farmer part doesn't excite Leda but the sailor part catches his interest, "So it is a comedy book on making out with sailors?" He then turns to study Samantha and Komnenos as if to study up on how happy Sam really is and then he says, "Well, the idea was that dryers use up a lot of energy and so air drying was the way to go." He then looks over at Roubani puzzling over what the man is doing, "You okay there Lieutenant?"

"It's not -that- sort of a handbook, Beece," Kisseus tells her, "It's the art of seduction, yo. Finding your perfect girl and with bribes and flattery and hidden signs gather her affection right out from under the nose of her father," he chuckles. "Or husband." Toes, for his part, gets himself on the business end of a baleful but light-hearted glance.

Thorn simply shifts his smirk from Roubani to Matto, but suddenly finds himself distracted with a cough at Samantha's words. "Hrm, well." He flushes slightly as his relatively staid upbringing shows itself once again.

"One can't 'cut into' when one was here first," Roubani replies to Samantha. "I suppose you simply must be quicker, and invent yourself a cloaking device." Keeping his eyes deftly away from Thorn, he spills the little pewter objects onto the top of his washer. They're crude, but they have tiny wings on them, like Vipers. Or Raptors. Just under half are painted in places. "Fine, Lieutenant, thank you," he answers Castor. "Bribes and flattery and hidden signs?"

Samantha seems genuinely happy at Thorn's side, for Castor who is looking deeply, her head resting against his neck, and body just simply relaxed. Completely relaxed. It's good to see, for once. and no alcohol necessary! She grins towards Matto. "Come on… being seductive could be fun! Maybe I need some tips! Of course, you could just demonstrate for us?" She winks to him, waiting for some hip shaking or some such…

Castor looks at Samantha as she talks about needing tips, and it is one of those, 'seriously' looks but he keeps his mouth shut for once and instead he looks over at Matto first, "Oh, it is one of those kinds of books then…but if you are using bribery isn't that like spending money for sex and well we all know how that works out." He then looks over at Roubani as he spots the tiny Vipers or was it Raptors and he looks at Roubani's toys and he smiles for a moment and he adds, "How does one catch a lover with hidden signs since the sign I hear a lot is STOP!'

"Yah, y'know," Kisseus flips throught he pages as if attempting to garner the gist, "You bribe her slavegirl to bring her a secret letter, and it says, man, dude, you have pretty boobs, or something, and then later on when you see her at the colosseum or… somewhere… you kind of catch her eye," he tips up his chin with those words, one eyebrow cocked upward and lips set in a crooked grin that borders on the positively keevy as he eyes Sam, "And you're all like, 'yeah, that's right, I think your boobs are pretty. Or something.'"

"I do hope that's the Cliff Notes version," Roubani murmurs to Matto, goodnaturedly. His eyes lift to Castor and he blinks a little. Then back at the book. Then at Castor, shrugging one shoulder. "Wouldn't happen to know any slavegirls, would you?"

Thorn raises a rather incredulous eyebrow as Kissy begins reading through the text. "Sounds more like a handbook on how t' get slapped than how t' seduce," he says to Kissy with a smile. He looks over at Roubani — or more exactly, Roubani's little cavalcade of tiny pewter models, and purses his lips interestedly. "You make those, Poet?"

Castor looks over at Samantha and he asks, "Hey, Sam, could you keep an eye on my laundry I need to go see some one about trading up for a slavegirl for Poet since he just made a request so you know that is an easy one and I should be back in about, oh, an hour or so with Poet's new friend." He then winks at Sam and says to everyone else, "AND on that note I'll be out for a bit."

Samantha nods to Castor, and apparently now she's here watching TWO laundry tubs. "Well… I guess my date for the night is the laundry machine. Woo." She deadpans, squeezing Thorn's waist one more time before she pulls away enough to give a little jump and slip onto sitting on one of those machines. Oo…Vibrations. She relaxes a bit more, smiling wide…"I can't say those old'en day boys knew the art of subtly. But then pilots don't either. So, good resource, Matto!"

Roubani eyes Castor's departing back. "There is no subtlety of humour with that one." He turns one of the little Vipers between his fingers and looks up again, nodding to Thorn. "It occured to me to make a chess set out of them, ages ago. I'd forgotten for a while but I had half a mind to finish them."

"The Cliff'siest," Kisseus agrees with Nadiv, dropping the pretense of skeeve and dragging one leg up to cross under the other. That's all he seems to have to say on that score, though he visibly restrains a grin in Nadiv's direction as Castor threatens to give him a servantgirl. The impishness dissipates in a split second, the Kissybear distracted by the chess set in progress, "Oh, hey, slick. What piece is what?"

Thorn simply watches Castor go with a nearly inaudible snort and roll of the eyes. He turns to Samantha, and sighs as she hops up onto the washer with that lascivious grin. "I don't think that'll quite be necessary, love," he says dryly, tossing the woman a quick wink before he picks up one of the unfinished chess pieces and begins to examine it.

Samantha reaches over to Thorn's shoulders, since she's taller than him now, and just begins digging her fingertips in deep to the muscles there. She can be thoughtful and kind, on occasion, it seems! She winks back to him at the necessary comment, smiling warmly. "Nothing fun is -necessary-…but it's sure as hell fun, my dear." She murmurs against his hair… She then studies the other two, thoughtful, whispering to Thorn…"…is their foreplay geeking out about chess?"

"Bishop, perhaps." Roubani tells Kissy, opening his hand to show the little piece. It's still quite crude. He's reaching over to pick up a different piece, perhaps to show a difference here and there, when he most unfortunately catches a murmur of words from Samantha. How much of it, who knows, but apparently it's enough. His face turns a deep, rather shamed red, his whole expression tensing into lines at the corners of his eyes. Clearing his throat softly, he sweeps the pieces back into the canister with a soft clatter.

Matto keeps his hands folded near his knee as he leans to look at the bishop piece Nadiv's showing him, eyes wandering the other pieces in expectation of further explication when suddenly all the pieces are being put away. Eyes flicker up toward the Poet's… face. And his own features fall a little. "Hey, guy, you okay?" he asks quietly.

There's a slight blush from Komnenos as Samantha whispers in his ear, but it's nothing compared to the color Roubani's face takes on. Thorn doesn't poke fun at the younger man this time, although another of his trademark smirks tugs at the corner of his lips before he's speaking softly to Sam. "Hardly fair, though," he mumbles mildly. "I mean, what am I supposed t' do here, eh? Looks like you've got that covered." He snickers impishly before his expression becomes quizzical. "Foreplay?"

Samantha seems to realize she has, once more, said too much for poor Roubani. She shakes her head rather quickly, hoping Thorn didn't really pick up on it. "Nothin'. I'm just givin' Poet a hard time. Figured he could handle being my wing man, he'd know I'm a crazy bitch by now…" She then calls across the room, light and warm, doing her best to be teasing and toss away so hopefully the man relaxes…"I'm just bein' a crazy bitch, Poet…ignore me. Seriously. Enjoy yer night."

Roubani stands there in limbo for a very long moment as though petrified where he stood, fingertips on the canister top. His face is still quite red and tilted downwards. "I don't…" There's a lot more tension in his voice than intended, and he pauses to clear his throat softly. "I hope this isn't an actual intrusion on the space, sir. Second nature to stand about idly waiting for clothing, I suppose."

A confused look passes over Thorn's face as he turns to Matto and Roubani; he looks at each of them for a moment before comprehension dawns in his eyes. "Wait. So… Poet is your mystery man, Kiss?" His eyes slide from one to the other, his expression a mixture of surprise, amusement, and consternation. He doesn't push any further, though, simply shrugging as his eyes settle on Poet. "You're fine. Isn't he, love?" An expectant look at Samantha.

Oh. Crap. Kissy leans slowly back upward and sticks a hand underneath his own leg as if in an attempt to constrain it from leaving on its own. He's gotten, it seems, no better at knowing what to do in situations like this, so he just sits in silence, chin slightly lowered, eyes moving tentatively toward Nadiv, a tension in his frame, shoulders slightly hunched, as if he were afraid to move for fear of it being in the wrong direction.

Oh shit. One of these days Sam's mouth would cause big trouble…and she hopes it's not tonight, but there is a sick tightening in her stomach that she just let slip something that no one should know. That she didn't even REALLY know… but suspected enough that it made her smile. Made her happy for them. And now Thorn knows. Her eyes go a bit wide, hands going still on his shoulders but still touching. She has no clue what to say…it's not her question to answer. Finally, Sam adds to Thorn's question…"More than fine, Poet. Stay, please… you can always do laundry with me…"

Where a second ago Roubani had been red, now the colour just /drains/ from his face. It leaves him white as the proverbial sheet, his hand shaking on the canister top. "I…" Attempt not to panic: fail. "…just need some water, excuse me. Just a minute." He turns away from the washer, accidentally knocking the can off it. Pewter pieces clatter to the floor, but he's already five steps for the exit.

Thorn watches Roubani beat a hasty retreat, and sighs. "Oh, for frak's sake… Nadiv!" Anton calls out after the fleeing lieutenant, who seems to have been gripped by a full on panic attack or something. Then he looks back at Kissy, this time with a genuine frown on his face. "Didn't trust me enough t' tell me it was him, did you? What'd you think I'd do if I found out, disown you both as friends?" Out comes the cigarette pack, and he lights one as he continues to stare down at Matto.

As Leda moves into the room he pretty much swings out of the doorway as he comes back to check on his laundry and he makes a hole for Roubani if the pilot turned engineer turned pilot makes for the exit and he says, "You know if this is about the slavegirl thing I was just joking…" Not sure of why said pilot is running off he then looks at Sam and he mouths silently, 'What the frak?'

Matto clings to the top of the washing machine— looking about to set down roots into the metal like some great lichen. His own cheeks a little flushed from a heartrate accelerated with fright, he overcomes the natural instinct to pursue, sitting, helpless, where he is, not wanting to make things worse. He watches the Poet's way out the hatch, then, slowly, his eyebeams return to Toes', and his brows draw a little bit downward. "He wasn't" he begins, voice lowered in volume, "Isn't" he corrects himself, "Comfortable with people knowing. I was respecting a boundary. It didn't have anything to do with you," he explains flatly.

Samantha just shakes her head quietly to Leda, as if to say it's not about the slave girls, but she doesn't elaborate otherwise. She just furrows her brow, staring out after the departed Poet. She's speechless…utterly speechless. Finally, she offers a quiet, "I'm…sorry, Kissy…"

When it's fight or flight and the switch flips to flight, there's not much one can do about it. Roubani dodges past Castor, out of the hatchway and to the side of the laundry's hatch, his back thumping against the wall. His knees bend and he slides down the wall, arms folding over his waist, and just crouches there for the next few minutes, panic draining into a heavy feeling in his gut. Water was the excuse but really it's just air. Gold star for breathing.

Thorn stares after Roubani for a moment as he ducks out the hatch, a worried expression on his face before he turns back to Kissy, his eyes narrowing. "I didn't think I was just 'people'. Not t' you, and definitely not t' him." He makes a throaty noise that's half sigh, half soft growl. He flicks his cigarette butt out of his hand with a hint of undirected ire.

Matto's eyes are still there, having skirted aside toward Sam briefly for her apology before returning to where he'd been looking at Toes. "You know how I feel about you, Anton. People, in this case, meant everyone." Before a bunch of people found out anyhow, but that's beside the point. He looks back to Sam, then, "Not me you should apologize to," he tells her succinctly, drawing his lower lip a little bit into his mouth before casting another glance at the hatch. Still, he stays still, and, to stop himself from doing or saying anything further, he just lowers his head to read at the book in his lap. Or, at least, stare at the words.

Samantha nods quietly to Matto. She then leans over, kissing Thorn's hair before slipping off the machine. "I…I'm gonna go check on him." She whispers gently and pushes her way out into the hallway, quiet, respectful as she can be. She looks around for where Roubani might have disappeared to. She blinks as she sees him on the floor, about to run to him, but she knows touching is a bad thing. "…Gods…Poet…I'm sorry….I'm so sorry… are you okay? I can get a doctor…."

Castor is not part of this bit of drama but a suspicious look crosses his face for a moment and then he takes his now done laundry and he sets off on his merry way out of this since for once the drama around him didn't start from his mouth opening and some horrible words coming out of it. He then gives a brief two figered salute to say goodbye and then a laundry bag is tossed over the shoulder and one Viper Jock leaves the room.

Roubani is just crouched against the wall is all, one hand over his nose and mouth as he watches the floor out in front of him. He doesn't look up as Castor comes out, eyes flickering when Samantha's voice appears nearby. "I'm fine." He talks behind his hand, which muffles the words. "I just…" His thumb bends, scraping the nail over the top of his lower teeth. "I'm sorry, I couldn't think."

Thorn's expression has softened slightly, though it's plain recent developments have put him in something of a mood. "Frak it," he mutters, following that by rattling off something under his breath in Mierce. He yanks his half-full laundry bag unceremoniously from the ground and stalks for the hatch. The ECO stops in his tracks, though, as he comes upon the scene in the hall. After a moment, he offers a tentative "Nadiv, I…" before shaking his head and muttering at himself before he finally heads off down the corridor, stormclouds on his brow.

Matto lifts a hand as though to stop Samantha, but she's off, already. Then Toes is off and he can't stop himself from fretting that the pair of them are cornering the poor boy somewhere. He slaps his book shut, tentatively toeing down off of the machine, but then he hesitates. Nadiv assaulted by two people is at least not as bad as him being assaulted by three people. Especially when one of those people is him. So he resorts to his old standard of standing there looking powerless to do anything at all.

Samantha nods quietly to Roubani. "…I'm sorry again… Just…relax. We're all your friends, dammit… don't have to hide from us." And with that, Sam shakes her head, turning away to give him his room, or at least time with Matto. She turns off down the hall after Komnenos herself, probably having to make more apologies. So much for relaxation.

Matto is saved from sheer aporia by a buzzing from the two washing machines. There, something to do. He goes and preps two driers and then begins pacing back and forth, transferring the laundry to dry.

Roubani presses the back of his hand against his mouth, eyes tracking Thorn as he storms off in anger. He doesn't say anything as Samantha heads off after the ECO, his shoulders staying tensed.

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