Tessa Sideris
Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt as Tessa Sideris
Name: Tessa Sideris
Alias: None.
Age: 21
Hair & Eyes: Brown hair, blue eyes.
Faction: Resistance
Position: Paramedic
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: Evenings and weekends!
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info


Born and raised on Caprica. Her mother took off when Tessa was too young to remember, and her father never remarried, choosing to raise his two children as a single father. Following in her brother's footsteps, she convinced her father to come with her to Scorpia while she attended school to become a paramedic. The job was simply to get some hands-on experience, which would better prepare her for medical school.


Mother: Medea Sideris (presumed dead, on Caprica)
Father: Jacob Sideris (presumed dead, on Scorpia)
Brother: Seth Sideris, 29 (presumed dead, on Scorpia)
Sister-in-Law: Magdela Sideris, 28 (presumed dead, on Scorpia)


Standard Colonial education (on Caprica).
Paramedic training (on Scorpia).

Distinguishing Features

Blue streaks in her hair.
Really, really bad fashion sense.


First Aid - Tessa is a trained and practiced paramedic. She hasn't been one for more than a few years, but it's been long enough for her to be decently skilled. Paramedics are not doctors, however, and she's the first one to remind people of that fact. While she does increase the chances of someone surviving trauma, she can't perform surgery or complex procedures.

Botany - Tessa's little side hobby involves knowing a little something (or a big something) about plants and how to care for them: identification, growth and development, toxicity, uses, etc. It might come in handy when it comes to growing new food - or knowing what's susceptible to radiation poisoning.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Angel. A little too quiet to get a good handle on, but she seems nice enough. Except for how shifty she seems sometimes. Not sure how I feel about her yet, but I'm hoping it's just the end of the world that has her acting weird.
Anthem. I like him. He has a good head on his shoulders, and he's one of the few to consistently treat people with respect. Feel a little safer with him around, really, even if it means there's always a weapon or five nearby. At least he knows how to use one…
Monty. He's letting us all stay in the Lodge out of the goodness of his heart (we think), so I don't have a lot of bad to say about him. Too bad about all the deer, though. And how he expects me to set up a little med base in the Lodge.
Homer. He sort of saved me from harm once. He was also the one to tell me about the whole end of the world thing. Something about him sets me at ease. (It's definitely not the gun thing, though. Or the chamalla-smoking. Or the gambling. Huh.) Oh, and we found a baby together. Does that make him my baby daddy?
Phaistion. He's got to be the only other plant-lover around. He has some pretty backwards ideas about how we should go about a garden in the radioactive wake of Scorpia's destruction, but he gets an A+ for Effort. He's also one of the only ones who doesn't think I'm off my rocker for not eating meat. Thanks, spooky-looking boy!

Timeline of Events

PHD 00: Tessa is out camping, "clearing her head," when the bombs fall.
PHD 11: Disoriented, lost, and still suffering from a bit of shock, Tessa comes upon the Lodge. Bad Things happen when she arrives.
PHD 12: After Tessa checks on his gunshot wound from the day prior, Homer tries to teach her how to shoot a gun.
PHD 15: Monty Harkins introduces himself to some of the Lodge's current inhabitants.
PHD 16: Homer wants to leave, and he manages to convince Tessa that she should go with him.
PHD 21: On the road, Homer and Tessa come across a horrific scene - and find something left behind, which they bring back to the Lodge.


"I'm still not going to carry a gun— or shoot one if you put one in my hands."
"What's wrong with my outfit?"
"I am not ridiculously cute."
"I'm not a doctor. I can patch people up and keep them alive until they get to a doctor, but I'm not a doctor."
"When you're feeding the masses, think you could leave the needlessly slaughtered living creatures out of some of it for me?"


  • Animals. All of them. Even the freakish ones.
  • Helping fix people, even when they don't deserve it.
  • The outdoors. Camping! Botany!


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