Tempest Aurora Pompeo
Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet as Tempest
Name: Tempest
Alias: None
Age: 24
Hair & Eyes: Red hair, sky blue eyes
Faction: Civilian
Position: Other-Civ
Colony: Gemenon
Play Times: Varied
Timezone: MDT

Biographical Info


Born on the colony of Gemenon, Tempest Aurora Pompeo's parents believed her life was to be one mirrored by her mother, her mother's mother and all of those Gemenese gone before. When she reached the age of consent she would be given in marriage to one of her father's choosing and when she reached the age of menses, she would be united with the one chosen and the babies would begin, another legacy of the Pompeo's continued.


But there was a reason the youngest child of Britta and Jamison Pompeo was named after such a tumultuous event. During her birth occurred the worst hurricane on the East coast of Brezzel, the capital of Marchant. It left the land saltwater burned, decimated and nearly leveled. She came to the world with a shock of red hair and a scream of impatience. The impatience never lessened, though the screaming tempered to an inquisitive nature. Those passive attitudes of her parents met their match in Tempest. When she was told who her betrothed was to be, she put her foot down. She informed her parents, at the age of sixteen, she was going to one of the Kobol Colleges in Brezzel. The more they pushed, her stubbornness became even more evident. Receiving a full scholarship, she entered the university early and began studying psychology, her final thesis on the rites of the conservative fundamentalists within her own family and within her former community, earning her a doctorate in the subject.

She was visiting Scorpia with a friend before the holocaust (who has since become lost) and is now trying to find her way without having her family, with whom she denied their way of life but never their love. She now finds herself a member of those who survived, each day an unknown quantity which fills her with dread and disquietude.

Distinguishing Features

Bright red hair and incandescent blue eyes.


Writing, Academia, proficiency in several languages, Doctorate in Psychology.

Those I have encountered thusfar on Scorpia
Hephaistion Bray - A decidedly gentle soul, earnest, interested in those around him. He seems lost in some ways, in others anxious to prove himself to others. At first he shows tendencies of shyness, however once the object of his tentativeness has been proven not as harmless as first imagined, he warms to them quite swiftly. I look upon him as a sweet younger brother.
Frank Dobrin - Cautious, each reaction thought out. Trustworthy, I feel, but would have no qualms about killing someone who would place our small entourage in danger (and may have already done so if the talk is valid). He is needed and wanted here. He seems to be thinking and observing several miles down the road. He has a past, has intimated of it, but I am unconcerned by what has gone before. His actions of the here and now speak volumes to his character.
Passryn Achapri - Passryn. I have encountered several like her back on Gemenon, however not to the fanatical extent she exudes. Bedecked in full armor, similar to those who used to recreate the epic battles of Gemenon and the days of yor, she, too appears fearless and she seems as though she would go down fighting, even to her last breath. Appearances aside, she exhibits the same signs as those who have been indoctrinated and reeducated into an extremist cult. She may superficially believe what she says, though sounding as though it is being done by rote. I have grave concerns for her, even though I'm sure she could really care less what my thoughts are of her.
Dmitri Alexandros - Mister Alexandros…He is the typical survivalist, possibly having lived in solitude for the past many years, only coming into civilization for needed supplies, all else provided by the sweat of his brow and the cultivation of his hands. Probably has his own purification system, a cistern and a bunker, filled with years worths of provisions. His dog is kindly, but I do not trust the man yet. Move cautiously around him, as I feel he has a hair-trigger and more than likely a personality disorder which precludes him from forming any lasting relationships.
Lukas Banks - Mister Banks I met briefly and he seems thrust into circumstances of an unpleasant nature. He is not overly communicative, speak when spoken to, appearing to be more of a loner than to seek out others for companionship. Will be one of those who will reveal his knowledge only when placed in a corner or pressed to do so. A possible tragedy having occurred in his life that makes him comfortable in his solitude.



  • Honesty
  • Controlling a situation
  • Watching those around her


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