Tea and Captains
Tea and Captains
Summary: Roubani and Komnenos have an impromptu tea party, while Kai and Thea pop in a bit later. No crumpets, just captains.
Date: PHD091 (18 July 2009)
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Roubani said he was bringing tea, and by Jove the Ensign does it. The snipe out of water has a thermos in hand as he drifts into black berthings, a glance going up towards Matto's empty bunk before he continues on towards the back.

Komnenos rests in his bunk, reading a battered paperback and smoking a cigarette. His attention falls away from his book, though, as he notices movement in the corner of his eye. "Poet," he exclaims in surprise, putting down the book and removing the ashtray from his chest before he gets up. "That for me?" he asks with a small smile, gesturing at the thermos.

Roubani peers at the empty bottom bunk before looking up. He's tall enough that he doesn't have to crane his neck too far. "There's enough for you and Lieutenant Stathis, should he convince you that tea parties aren't too unmanly." He holds up the thermos, bracing it on the edge of Thorn's bunk. "Chamomile, as I mentioned."

Thorn sighs with happiness. "Ah, but Lieutenant Stathis isn't here," he replies with a sardonic smirk. "Gimme." He reaches for the thermos as he hops down from his bunk.

Roubani smiles slightly, the expression bordering on a smirk. The thermos is readily reliquinshed. "So much for the rewards of the working man. Has he been well, by the way? I feel like I haven't seen him in some time."

"I think he picked up the same bug that Cat and I did," Thorn replies. His voice is still hoarse, but he's recovering. The sneezing's subsided, at any rate. "I haven't seen much of him recently, either. But then I've been grounded for the past few days, so I'm a bit out of the loop at th' moment."

"Grounded?" Roubani didn't bring a mug, so Thorn's stuck with that duty. He blinks, both brows ticking up. "For a simple cold?"

There's a snort from the lanky ECO. "Hardly," he chuckles. "My attitude caught up with me." He raises an eyebrow at the younger man. "Surprised you hadn't heard already." With that, he goes to his locker, and after rummaging around for a moment, comes out with a pair of mugs, each with writing on them. One bears the pi symbol, the other reads 'Eschew Obfuscation' in large block letters.

"I try to take gossip with a grain of salt, sir." Roubani answers a touch wryly. "But it's irrelevant anyway; if it makes you feel better it at least hasn't reached the greased ears of Engineering." Right, what a booby prize there. He nods to the second mug. "That has, I assume, never been in Ivory's possession." For the ribbing, he still sounds fond of the man.

Thorn emits a strangled laugh. "I think the joke would elude him," he replies dryly. As for the gossip mill, well. He shrugs noncommitally. "Doesn't matter t' me either way. I mean, it's not like I was the first pilot t' be grounded for an excess of attitude. Either way, my three days are up, so I could care less."

Kai doesn't knock on the hatch, because no pilot in their right mind knocks. But he does shove it open about a foot, and glance briefly inside. As if to ensure there's no drunken, naked hijinks going on before he enters the breach. The rest of him follows shortly; he's in his fatigues tonight, with a faded t-shirt replacing the tank tops, and the trousers untucked from his combat boots. He looks about ready to hit the hay, except for the coffee cup in one hand.

"Better attitude than…I don't know, a tapeworm." Roubani is megahelpful tonight, seriously. But he has the grace to be self-aware, light drollness in his tone. "It's good to see you in better spirits, regardless." He's standing by Komnenos, who's holding a thermos and has just fetched two mugs from his locker.

And from behind Kai, just far enough back that she could have conceivably come around a corner unnoticed by him, comes Thea's voice. "I hate to see you leave," she comments, just loud enough to be heard. "But -damn- I love to watch you walk away. That's a view to bring a girl home from CAP any day of the week." She's in her uniform pants and tanks, standard CAP outfit. Given the way her hair is curled a little oddly to her face, and the slight case of helmet-hair she has, this is clearly -after- CAP.

There's another snort from Thorn, accompanied by an eyeroll, but he's quieter, more discreet, this time. "Captain Marek. Take a wrong turn, sir?" he asks the tired-looking CAG flippantly as he pours tea into the two mugs. He pushes the one with the pi symbol to Poet, while keeping 'Eschew Obfuscation' for himself. Then a nod to Thea as he takes a sip from his mug. It's hot, but he savors the taste with pleasure.

Damn, indeed. Kai's been spotted! "Thank you, thank you. I do performances nightly. Tips are always appreciated, preferably in the form of donations of cigarettes." It's murmured somewhat drily as he thumps over to the table at the centre of the berthings. The one with the coffee machine that works. Aha, ulterior motive. "I'll have you know my navigational skills are top-notch," he tells Komnenos, while fiddling with the settings on the machine. It doesn't take much, technology wise, to confound the man. "Thea?"

Roubani gives Kai a bemused look, a half-smile on his face as he quirks a brow. He settles on the edge of a chair with his mug of tea, lifting it to blow across the hot surface as his eyes shift over the top of the rim to Thea.

Thea reaches around Kai from behind and flips the proper switch, much as if she's done it dozens of times before. "Your navigational skills are top notch, but you need a map to make a pot of coffee," she murmurs teasingly, grinning up at the CAG before winking at the other two. "It's alright, though. You excel in other areas. Evening, gentlemen. Poet, it's good to see you in the Valley of the Raptors. Thorn, excellent job." She doesn't say for what, oddly enough, but clearly the ECO has done -something- to put that smile on Thea's lips.

Well, someone's upbeat tonight. Not that Anton's complaining, of course. "Evening, sir," he replies, the hint of a smile on his own face as well. He knows what she's talking about, naturally, but doesn't explain. The rumor mill doesn't need his help.

Kai makes a little mock-snap with his teeth, like he's pretending to bite the hand that's thrust out to flip that switch. It's a subtle motion though, might not even be spotted at all. Playful, besides, isn't a word in the curmudgeonly Captain's vocabulary. He settles into a chair then, silent while Legacy converses with the junior officer. Roubani's eyes are met, fleetingly, and a small nod given across the way. Of excellent jobs, however, he doesn't ask; if Thea wants to tell him, she will.

Likewise joining the peanut gallery is Roubani, who seems content to sip. He's surrounded by people who seem like they've either gotten laid or shared a secret, neither of which this particular Ensign is going to admit to doing himself just for the sake of camraderie.

There's laughter in the berthings tonight - honest to gods laughter. After Kai snaps at her hand, Thea laughs quietly and gently flicks his ear with her fingers. She goes for one of the other mugs and pours herself a cup of coffee. "Are the Captain and I interrupting anything," she asks, moving to take a seat near Poet, settling in with a contented creaking of old bones.

Komnenos is watching the interplay between the two captains, so he observes Kai's mock-snap with a raised eyebrow. There's a strange look in his eye at that, but he says nothing. He just drinks his tea for a moment; ah, so much better than coffee. Finally, he turns his head back to Legacy. "Not really," he replies. "The ensign here was just bringing by some of his tea t' share." He ashes his cigarette in the tray he'd brought from his bunk. "May I assume I'll be back on flight status in time for th' mission tomorrow, Captain?" he asks lightly.

With his cup of liquid energy procured, Kai takes the liberty of fishing a pack of cigarettes out of his fatigue jacket. This is right about when Thea flicks his ear, which is stoically ignored. Save for a brief flick of his eyes toward her, then down again. "Coffee machine in red berthings is busted again," he explains. "But no-one's talking." So he's here, mooching off of the raptors' brew. "Mind if I smoke?" He stops himself just in time, remembering Legacy's dislike of cigarettes.

Roubani's eyes flicker from person to person. With Silent Mode comes observation here and there; who knows what's getting filed away in there. At least a half-smile stays on his lips, so it can't be too dire. He shakes his head to Legacy's question of interrupting, then raises an eyebrow at Kai. "Is it? I'll put a work order in. As much for the well-being of the rest of the ship as you."

Thea opens her mouth to make a retort to Roubani's words, then quickly seals her lips again, smiling. "Go ahead," she tells Kai, nodding. "I'll sit downwind. I've been tempted to swipe one from you." Wait. Thea? Smoke? She takes a sip of coffee then nods to Thorn, smile warming, losing its teasing edge. "You're clear," she says, glancing briefly at Kai before looking back to the ECO. "I do, however, expect scheduling of your presentation within the next seven days. I know you're not going to disappoint me." No, those don't seem to be idle words or patronization - she clearly -doesn't- expect Thorn to disappoint her.

Thorn's already in mid-smoke anyway, so she can't object too much. He looks surprised at her admission as she addresses Kai. Was that a double-take? He tries to imagine Thea smoking, but the image doesn't take. She's given him enough grief for smoking in the barracks before, certainly. He nods, though, as she continues. "I haven't forgotten," Thorn replies. "I've almost finished the slides. I'll need t' consult with Ivory before we begin, but we'll be ready long before then."

Kai has nothing to say, apparently, on the subject of Thorn's discipline or flight status. He's Thea's responsibility, clearly. "Thanks," he murmurs once 'permission's' given, and promptly lights up. A deep drag of the cigarette is taken, and Legacy chooses that moment to mention she might swipe one from him; he nearly chokes on the stuff. "Forget it. It's a vile habit." He gives her a look, then turns his eyes on Roubani. "I'd appreciate it. I don't suppose you could upgrade it to an espresso machine, while you're at it?" His tone is bland.

Roubani has nothing to say where Thorn's discipline is concerned either. Ensign zen at its best. He's got his own cigarettes in his front pocket but hasn't reached for them, even when Kai and Thorn both start adding carcinogens to the air. He has a distraction in Kai's words, and he takes a thoughtful sip of coffee before lofting a brow. "Is that a dare?" And no, he's not teasing.

The lone woman at the table gives Thorn a warm smile and a nod. He says it's a done deal, it's a done deal. Her attention pulls back to Kai for a long moment before she's dropping her eyes to the cup that's being lifted toward her lips. "Well, I DO need a bad habit, you know. There are so few left to choose from."

"You mean a second one, after coffee drinking?" Thorn interjects teasingly. He's probably risking his hide by teasing not one but a pair of captains, but neither seems to be feeling formal at the moment. Then again, he's been wrong about such things before. He takes a drag, expelling one of his eponymous smoke rings. Ironically, Thea herself had given Anton about the only good coffee he's had on this deployment, but that's part of the reason he was so happy to see Roubani and his tea.

Kai alternates sips of coffee with pulls of his cigarette. He's holding them both in his left hand, which requires a bit of coordination. Something he evidently doesn't have trouble with. "No," he tells Roubani, quite seriously. A beat. "It's a double dog dare." Thea's words are considered carefully then, while he tips his head back and exhales smoke from his lungs, in a column that dissipates well before it reaches the ceiling. "How about a cleaning habit? The berthings could use a maid." He even pre-emptively twists his body to the side, just a little. As for being formal, when Karim's off-duty, all bets seem to be off.

"Fine." Roubani sniffs lightly at Kai. "By the time the tylium run's done." He might have said something else but then Kai busts out with that to Legacy and he gives Thorn a dry look. "We might want to move back. Mommy and Daddy are about to have a slapfight."

With the unerring accuracy of long practice, Thea's fingers go right for that vulnerable spot on Kai's side, just below the armpit. She doesn't even put her coffee down or make any sudden movements. "A cleaning habit? Mmmm. No, that wouldn't work," she comments with an easy smile. "I always was the…dirtier of the two of us." Maybe not a slapfight, but she was going for the vulnerable spot - briefly. "As far as the berthings needing a maid, well, we clear out about 0700, so I don't think anyone would mind our little cleaning fairy CAG coming to pay us a visit." Now -she's- the one pre-emptively sliding away from Kai, clearly expecting retribution. "We do NOT slapfight," she tells Roubani primly. "We tussle. And coffee drinking doesn't count. That's not a bad habit. That's a necessity."

"Such a shining example our superiors set, what?" Thorn responds drolly to Roubani. As the talk turns to cleaning, he can't help but toss a sideward glance at his own bunk, easily the most disheveled in Raptor country, even when it's made; no wonder he usually keeps the curtain drawn unless he's in it. As for the necessity of coffee drinking… "Only when there's no tea around," he replies to Thea, his tone suddenly as primly arched as hers.

Tickle. Ack. Splutter. Kai manages to twist away, thankfully, before Thea's well-placed fingers can dissolve him into a fit of the giggles. Nobody needs to see that. "Dirtier fighter, maybe," he mock-mutters into his coffee, once he's composed himself again. His gaze is briefly fixed on her with a wounded look that's thoroughly feigned. "Has Roubani been corrupting you with that shit, too?" he asks Komnenos, blue eyes cutting toward the ECO now, and seeking his with a directness that could be interpreted as aggressive.

"What shit might that be, sir?" Roubani asks, with a prim innocence that makes the cussing sound like a prayer.

Thea settles back in her seat once it's clear that she's not going to be the victim of a poke and run. But oh, Kai got his poke in another way, and a very slow, very wicked smile tilts her lips upwards. "I just have two words for you," she tells Kai quietly. "Blue Moon." And that's clearly all she's got to say on the matter. Her attention turns back to the other two men, and both brows literally shoot skyward as she hears Roubani curse.

"Hard t' corrupt one who was already long since corrupted, if you put it that way, sir," Komnenos replies archly, meeting the CAG's gaze with stormy blue-grays of his own. He takes another drag, exhaling vehemently. "Grew up on the stuff." Well, maybe not chamomile — regular black tea was generally the caffienated beverage of choice on Aerelon — but it's far better than the alternative, nonetheless.

Okay, everyone knows Thea's the brains of this outfit. Kai's just the looks. They even established this, not a day or two ago. So when she mentions 'Blue Moon', whatever the hell that means, he tucks his tongue against the inside of his cheek, and goes rather silent. "Aldbrough? Hawthorn?" It's offered after a few seconds to Thorn, and prior to another drag of his cigarette. He elucidates after a moment, "I'm just trying to place your accent." The answer to Roubani's question is a gesture made with his coffee cup, to the tea being sipped.

"I have to admit," Thea says finally, tilting her head toward Kai. "That tea was pretty wonderful. It was one of the things that did wonders for my throat." Lips twitch just a bit as she takes another sip of coffee. She doesn't do innocence too well, not when she's in this mood. "I'm not sure about an espresso machine. Can any of you picture Kissy after a few espressos?"

"Hawthorn," Komnenos confirms. "Parents tried t' drill the accent out, but it stuck," he explains sardonically. He takes a long drink of his tea; somehow, Thorn manages to make even the simple act of drinking look almost defiant. He looks back over to Thea and shudders theatrically. "Espresso is the last thing that man needs," he responds dryly.

Kai looks briefly to Thea when she mentions the tea doing wonders, then back down at his coffee cup. "I'm glad to see you looking better," he offers after a moment. No comment on the briefly amused look she gets on her face. The strain in his eyes, the lethargy in his movements, are both fairly well hidden this evening. Something's apparently put him in a decent mood, though gods only know what. "Mm," is his only reply to Komnenos. It's closer to a grunt than anything else, and followed by a glance at his watch. "I should get back to berthings. Mission briefing to finish." Work, work. He starts pulling himself to his feet again.

"It isn't for Kissy," Roubani informs both Thea and Thorn. "The dare covers red berthings only and that tactic can be used but once. Black will have to settle either for bribery or extensive flattery; I shall take either as currency." This said, he also stands up. Tea's finished, and there was no caffeine in there to keep a wiped-out engineer awake. "I should go as well. Have a good evening sirs, gods keep you tomorrow."

Thea lifts her mug in toast to Kai, her smile softening. "Sweet dreams," she calls after him. "You too, Poet. It's good to see you back over here." Then she, too, is pushing to her feet. "I've been up since 0600 with only a catnap in the tool room. I'd best get some rack time before tomorrow as well." She stands and stretches, something popping audibly in her back. Thorn gets a grin as well. "And you'll need good rest as well," she tells him quietly. "You may be backseating for me tomorrow."

"Thanks for th' tea, Poet, I owe you one," Thorn says to Roubani as the younger man stands to leave. He doesn't say the retort that pops into his mind at Poet's mention of the gods; no need to purposely antagonize the man. Hey, he's learning. The ECO grins at Thea, finally standing along with the rest of them, stamping out his cigarette. "You'll get no argument from me, in that case, sir," he replies. There's a yawn as he stretches languidly.

Kai actually cracks a grin Roubani's way. It's quick, but it's genuine; it even dimples his cheek and flashes his teeth. It's subverted by his usual stoicism within moments, and Thea gets a glance as he reaches over to extinguish his cigarette. "You too, Black Cat." His coffee's finished off, and refilled, before he turns for the hatch. "Rest easy, Thorn." The CAG, without a doubt, has at least a few hours ahead of him still.

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