Tall Tales
Tall Tales
Summary: First night of shore leave becomes a forum for pilots and their tall tales.
Date: MD043
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Charybdis, Central Ring

Kai arrives from the Port Authority.
Kai has arrived.

Roubani is in his offduties and a jacket, hands in the pockets. While the crowd bustles around him, the tall young man is off to the side watching the streams of people move about, looking distinctly like a fish out of water.

Kai may or may not be recognisable in the sea of military bustling to and fro, owing to the fact he's dressed in a leather bomber jacket atop his fatigues. There's a moderately sized duffle bag slung over one shoulder, and though he's probably headed for the 'hotel', he looks quite distinctly not in any particular rush to get there. Then again, if one were inclined, one could simply walk the ringed corridor indefinitely, and get nowhere at all.

Roubani would probably be less recognisable if not for the bruised face and nose splint. He fiddles with the zipper on his jacket, closing it further up towards his chin, and slips his hand back into his pocket. His dark eyes flicker here and there, and he flinches slightly when someone drops something glass right nearby, causing a loud shatter.

The problem with civilian ships, is civilian children. It's a kid, maybe twelve or thirteen, with the butterfingers over there, and his mother is quick to swoop in and scold him in harsh tones while trying to pick up the mess. She's jostled a little by people still trying to get where they're going, but at least one ostensible gentleman stops to help. Duffle bag swung off his shoulder, Kai's gently dismissive of the poor woman's flusterment, though does note Roubani in the midst of it all with a quick cut of his eyes that way.

Roubani 's shoulders remain hunched for a good five seconds after that debacle. He stays statue-still, as if counting on both mother and child's vision to be based on movement. The little boy for his part barely notices the slender Ensign, rushing off to no doubt break something else, and Roubani glances back at the young mother in time to graze eye contact with Kai. He offers the Captain an awkward nod.

"It's all right. It's fine. How old is he?"

"Twelve going on two some days, gods damn it.."

Roubani's awkward nod is returned with a quick smile as Kai tries to mollify the woman. It doesn't take long to pick up the glass, and toss it into a paper bag that probably held someone's lunch at some point. He doesn't get so much as a 'thank you' as she weaves off after her son, though it seems not to bother him much. "You're liable to get run over, standing there like that," is remarked quietly as he pulls to his feet and fetches his duffle bag.

"Oh. I don't think I'll be long, sir," Roubani replies. His voice today sounds even more like he's got a killer head cold. "I just wanted to see what it all looked like. It's, uh…" He clears his throat, one long brow raising as he glances around. "…busy."

Eddie arrives from the Port Authority.
Eddie has arrived.

"Haven't been aboard a space station before, have you?" Kai's straightened by now to his full height, and steps aside before he gets shouldered into a bulkhead. Mind, he's not scrawny, so it'd take a pretty good shove. "Just watch the late night bar-goers, they can get fairly rowdy." His lips twist in a small smile, and then he's headed off again.

"Yes, sir." Roubani steps back a little bit, keeping his hands tucked away. Alone again in the crowd, the air of 'uncomfortable' descends on him quite rapidly again, and he starts drifting once more.

Eddie signed her name to the manifest and put her requested time aboard the Charybdis as twelve hours, and therefore she's not wasting any time. She's already found a bathroom to change in, a locker to store her fatigues, and now she's pressing out of Port Authority after flashing all her military credentials to the right people to get pressed through processing in short order. She steps into the throng of the inner circle, pausing to let the flow part around her while she tries to get her bearings. Booze is the first thing on the list.

Kai is one of those people bustling out. Duffle bag shouldered, he veers off down the corridor leading to the chapel, of all places. Not much of a heavy drinker, the Captain, it seems.

Kai heads through the exit labeled <CH> Chapel.
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Roubani 's blackened eye squints slightly as he looks up, the neon lights of the bar flashing blue and green in a sickly medley onto his face. His head tilts at the sight of it, brows drawing together, and he steps back and away from it. Moving on with the flow of the crowd, he keeps his hands slid neatly away in his jacket pockets.

Pike strolls along the corridor with the flow of the crowd in her fatigues, not all that concerned with her appearance for this little layover. Her hands in her trouser pockets, she makes her way over to the bar, silently hoping Charybdis may have something beyond what's in Kharon's liquor stash.

Eddie has her head down and she's charging through crowd towards the bar, so as a man infront of her takes a step back, she knocks shoulders with him. "Hey buddy, why don't you watch where the frak you're going?" She's about to give him a good shove, when she realizes she's practiclly nose to chin with her squad mate. "Rubix?" She asks, astonished as if she almost caught him walking into a titty bar.

Roubani tenses up like a shot when someone bumps into him. Given the swift-moving crowd in this area, it's surprising he hasn't cracked in half for the all the times this has probably happened within a twenty minute span. His shoulders are still halfway to his ears as he looks around and down towards the familiar voice. "Hey, Morales."

Pike passes the two pilots as they have their run-in, prompting the formation of an amused smile on the CMO's face. She pops her eyebrows once at the two of them in silent greeting before heading further towards the bar.

Eddie cracks a smile for Pike's benefit, recognizing the CMO from some where or another. "Sir." She offers in passing, but doesn't hold the Major up from the pursuit of greater things, like intoxication. Dark eyes swivel back to Roubani, "Where you going? C'mon. Come get a drink with me." Because it looks like he's tucking tail and fleeing.

The Major's 'greeting' sparks a shy look onto Roubani's face, and he looks down as he lifts a hand from his pocket and scratches his eyebrow. You'd think he just got caught browsing porn. "Uh. Not right now, I…" Grasp. "I'm not supposed to drink on these painkillers. You go get something."

Pike catches a longer glance at Eddie's civvie attire, eliciting a bit of a smile, before pulling her ponytail free from the band securing it and heading for the watering hole.

Pike heads through the exit labeled <BAR> Poseidon's Revenge.
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Eddie doesn't really hide simple emotions much, so when Roubani turns down her offer, its like a light switch turning a smile into a frown. "So have juice." She offers flatly, arms folding into one another.

Roubani looks away from Eddie and back towards the neon lights of the bar. His hands gently flap the pockets of his jacket, a brief and uncomfortable motion. "Alright," he says after a very long pause. "Just one, okay?"

Eddie takes a step backwards towards the bar, as if she's afraid that should she take her eyes off him he might bolt in the other direction. "Sure." But she doesn't sound all that convincing on the matter. She holds her hand out for him, even if he won't take it, and starts backing into the bar.

Poseidon's Revenge

Eddie arrives from the Central Ring.
Eddie has arrived.

Roubani follows Eddie into the bar, keeping his hands firmly to himself. He stops halfway through the door, his brown eyes widening slightly and then narrowing into something resembling a wince. Drawing a very careful breath, he starts walking again to keep up with Eddie.

Pike is seated at one of the barstools, enjoying a hefty stein of beer with her fatigues shirt off and draped on the back of the seat.

Eddie is walking almost backwards through the door, hand outstretched for Roubani which he'd never likely take. Its like leading a dog on an invisible leash. "C'mon. There's not a damn thing in here that's going to bite you unless you pay them first. There. Table. Safe. I'll go get drinks." She turns towards the bar, hopping up on to a stool by pressing a knee into its cushion. The drinks she orders at least /look/ like juice.

Roubani gives the table a dubious look. When Eddie's back is turned he withdraws a bandaged hand from his pocket, knocking his knuckles quietly on the back of the chair three times before he walks around the chair and sits down from the left side. His fingers fold in his lap and he looks around with a combination of trepidation and almost guilty fascination, his attention finally ending up on the painted ceiling.

Pike glances over to Eddie with a smile. "Hey, how's Roubani's hand doing? And I sincerely hope you aren't trying to engineer an unwanted chemical interaction there." The smile on her face masks whether she's being serious or not, as does the half-drank stein and the empty one nearby.

Eddie glances over her shoulder to Roubani, watching him through the dim light. "Alright I guess. He doesn't complain." Which must mean it doesn't hurt. "I ordered him Poseidon's Punch. That's gotta be safe, right?" She asks, then gives a shrug of her shoulders while she pays for the drinks.

Roubani's hand looks considerably less damaged than his face. In the low general lighting, the blinking neon signs light up that white nose splint in almost comical way. He keeps staring at the ceiling for a while and then lowers his chin, his study of the room a little bolder.

Pike looks at it sidelong and shrugs. "His funeral. Just know I'll be none too happy if I have to pump his stomach in a few hours." She grins and knocks back a healthy swig of her beer.

Eddie takes a sniff of the light peach drink, then gives gives another shrug. "Can't go wrong with punch." She declares, then takes both drinks and retreats back in the direction of the table Roubani is occupying, calling over her shoulder. "Major's next drink is on me." A glass is slid in front of the man she's dubbed 'Rubix'. "Punch. Punch is juice, right?" She asks, flopping into a chair across from him with a slightly darker drink.

Roubani tilts his head as he spots Pike grinning. Too far to hear what they're saying, it might just be for the best. His eyes come up as Eddie returns with some stuff in a glass, and he doesn't reach for it. "Is that the Chief Medical Officer?"

Pike looks over her shoulder and lifts her mug in appreciation to Eddie before saying to the barkeep, "Think I'm ready for number three, love."

Eddie pulls a cherry off the little plastic trident she was given as garnish, pulling it to the corner of her mouth, giving a, "Mmhmm." As she pulls off the stem and chews. "Brass gets shore leave too, ya know." The plastic weapon is used to stab at the ice in her drink a few times before she gives that up and just takes a drink. Her eyes crinkle around the corner with the taste, but she keeps drinking anyways, draining nearly half before she comes up for air.

Roubani smiles a litle bit at the look on her face from the drink. His folded hands migrate to the table top, his thumb making a repetitive rub over his knuckles. "Really. I thought…maybe they all just ceased to exist whenever we weren't in trouble."

Kai arrives from the Central Ring.
Kai has arrived.

Pike gets a third bug of pain-go-bye-bye juice set before her, just before she slides off her seat and slings her shirt over her shoulder before making her way over to Eddie and Roubani. "Thanks for the drink," she says to Eddie, before looking in Roubani's direction. "I see we're healing nicely."

Somewhere along the way between the chapel, the crate motel and the bar, Kai's dropped off his duffle bag. And, by the looks of him, showered. He's back in his fatigues and dogtags and civvie bomber jacket, and draws the usual complement of glances that the military tend to in here: what do you do and how big is your gun? Hands in the pockets of his fatigues, he seems headed in the rough direction of the bar, while noisy club-goers jostle him from all sides.

Eddie plants her elbow on the table, obscuring her mouth with the curve of her fabric clad wrist. "Probably why they're out and about then. Shore leave and trouble go hand in hand. You wanted juice, I got you juice." Now drink it! As Pike draws up, she pulls up a smile forcing it to the corner of her lips. "My pleasure, sir." Because a drunk superior officer is a happy superior officer.

Roubani smiles politely at the mention of the untouched juice in front of him, and her sentiment. "Brass are your pink elephants, are they?" He questions, giving a slight nod to her drink. His fingers start to unfold, thumbs still touching, and then fold right back up again. His back straightens subtly when Pike comes over. "Yes, sir. I'm fine, thank you."

Kai might or might not have spotted the two pilots and chief medical officer congregating at one of the tables over juice and pink elephants. Not the most sociable fellow at the best of times, he's headed for a stool at the end of the bar, where he can tell his CO later that he 'spent a night out on the town' while sipping a glass of water. Which is what he orders, when the 'tender drops by to wipe the counter.

Pike leans in close to Roubani's face, straightening her glasses, and examining his face for a couple seconds. "Yes, looking good there. Sorry to get in your space, just wanted to be sure."

Eddie shifts to pull out her pack of cigarettes, working some paper cubits out of the cellophane and paying for the latest drink that Pike is sporting and a tip for whoever is going to bus the table. "This has been fun and all…" And there's usually a but that follows, though the fact that she's getting to her feet should be enough. "Be careful." She tells Rubix and his untouched drink. "Sir." She gives Pike a nod.

Roubani stiffens further when Pike leans towards him, though he doesn't pull backwards. "Yes, sir. I have an appointment tomorrow, I believe. For the nose. I wouldn't want you to have to talk shop in a bar, sir." His brown eyes flicker to Eddie as she gets up, though his head doesn't move an inch as long as Pike's still peering at him. The flash of trepidation at her slipping off is clear, and he clears his throat. "I'll…uh. See you later."

Kai doesn't bother taking off his jacket, not to mention striking up conversation with anyone sitting near him. He does smile as the bartender questions him about something, and gestures to the nearby table housing the trio of military folks; Eddie's departure raises a brow slightly.

Eddie pats her hand on the table next to Roubani's as she passes. It's a comforting gesture usually best if it actually makes contact, but it seems the varnished wood is going to get the attention. "You'll be alright. Half click back to the ship, straight shot, no one else trying to buy you juice. I'm gonna go tend to my own needs." And then she's gone, winding through the people.

Eddie heads through the exit labeled <CR> Central Ring.
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Pike knocks back the remainder of her beer, not that there was much left, then shakes her head. "Not a problem, there. Just making sure you're well on the mend. Think I might take in the rest of the station for a bit." She smiles and heads to the bar before depositing her stein on the bar and heading out.

Pike heads through the exit labeled <CR> Central Ring.
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Roubani exhales quietly as Pike makes her way out, taking the smell of liquor with her. He hasn't noticed Kai, and as all his company departs he focuses his attention on his hands rather than anything else. The glass of pale juice on his table remains untouched.

It's some time before Roubani's joined at his table. Five minutes, maybe ten; the noise level in here is approaching eardrum splitting, and certainly requires that people yell in order to be heard. So, rather than shout or clap the kid on the shoulder to get his attention, Kai settles on the more direct route of pulling out a chair and imposing his company. His glass follows: water's been upgraded to some kind of virgin mixed drink, without anything resembling fizz.

Roubani qualifies as 'off somewhere in his head' by the time Kai sits down. Having fished a broken pencil from his jacket pocket, the table in front of him is enduring a long stretch of his writing on it. His head snaps up at the movement, brown eyes sharp as a cat's before he relaxes again. His hands fold neatly over whatever he was defacing the table with. "Sir."

"You don't mean to tell me, that you came to a bar only to do homework on the tables, Roubani?" Kai's talking a little louder than normal in compensation for the noise, voice slightly hoarse and more prominently accented when raised. He looks bemused, as a sip of his drink's taken.

"Morales was the one who insisted on the bar, sir," Roubani half-shouts back. His hands stay planted where they are. "I suppose I just neglected to leave."

The younger pilot is regarded for several long moments in silence, then there's a soft chuckle as Kai downs roughly a quarter of his drink. It smells sweet, and a tiny bit bitter. "Do you actually know how to have fun?" he queries. Oddly enough, the question doesn't sound mocking. He looks dead serious.

Roubani looks totally caught off guard by the question, blinking slowly. He opens his mouth and then shuts it again for a couple seconds. "Just because I don't get drunk and fling my clothes off at the first opportunity doesn't meant I don't know how to have fun, sir."

Vendas arrives from the Central Ring.
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Kai shakes his head once or twice, and leans in a little so he doesn't have to shout so loud to be heard. "I didn't say anything about getting drunk or flinging off clothes, Nadiv. Though if you remind me some time, I've got a good story about that, from my first year of service aboard the Pegasus." Grinning, he tips back his drink to finish it off. Yes, he actually grinned. Maybe there is alcohol in there after all.

Maybe it's the fact that the bar is too dark to tell if Roubani's face just turned red. His hands remain tightly folded and he pauses for a long time before answering. His eyes flicker towards the bar first as though guilt demanded he check if anyone's listening first. "Really?"

Annnd in strolls the CAG. Kind-of. She's in a long black dress that flatters her, the woman's hair done nicely to hang around her shoulders. She's already got a beer in hand, though. Keen eyes scan the crowd, rolling past Roubani and Kai with the briefest of smiles as she makes her way towards the bar. "Evening, boys," she greets happily as she walks past the table. That beer looks about empty.

Thankfully perhaps, deus ex machina arrives in the form of the CAG. In a black dress. It couldn't quite be termed leering, but Karim hasn't seen her in anything but fleet-issue uniforms, so maybe he can be forgiven for a few moments' curiosity. He, himself, is in his fatigues with a leather bomber jacket thrown over top, and a glass that used to hold some kind of mixed drink in front of him. "Swear to Apollo," he answers Roubani after a moment, pinging his empty glass with a fingertip as he turns back to the Ensign.

Roubani looks like he might - shock of all shocks - be about to smile. Then Vendas' voice cuts through the loud din. A sudden blinking of bright neon light reflects on the awkward white of his nose splint, lighting it up into a comical cherry blush, and he seems to barely resist sliding down in his seat. "Major." He spots the dress like an afterthought, tilting his head. "You look nice, sir."

The looks don't go unnoticed. Maybe that's what she was going for. Who knows with her? She winks to Marek and turns a touch to face them as she continues to the bar, voice carrying just over the din. "Thanks, Roubani. I f- Damn! I trust the other guy is still in the ICU?" She lifts the beer, dangling it between two fingertips before taking another sip to finish it off. A turn back at the bar and a few words to the bartender. Another beer is delivered moments later.

Looks like the Major's trying to get well and skunked. Marek seems bemused, and snags the sleeve of a passing waitress toting a tray loaded with empty glasses. He motions to his own, and Roubani's juice, and she sashays off after giving them both a slow once-over. "Keep us company, sir, and I'll pay for your drink," he offers the Major, kicking out a chair opposite him with a booted foot. Yes, he's still smiling. Kai must be having a good night.

Roubani shrugs at Vendas, giving her a polite smile. He picks up his juice for the first time, room temperature as it is by now, and takes two handy swallows. The waitress' once-over? Totally missed.

Vendas saunters on over at the invitation, grinning. "Hey thanks, Karim." The chair is taken lightly, her beer set on the table while she straightens her dress. Legs cross and she nods to the Captain. "Hope I'm not interrupting anything too fascinating? I can always continue my prowl around the station looking for other pilots to haunt." She shadows a devilish smirk to Roubani. "How's our resident genius? Enjoying your pass and drink hopefully?"

"No, though I think you've nipped a horror story in the bud," Kai confesses, running his fingertip around the rim of his glass before licking the stickysweet stuff off it. "I was just about to tell Roubani a story about the glory days of being twenty-two and on my first shore leave." Blue eyes shift from Major to Ensign, and the drink he's only just started to down.

"It was to involve drinking and flinging off his clothes," Roubani informs Vendas, deadpan matter-of-fact but with -just- a touch of cheek. "Perhaps in the Major's opinion she may have arrived just in time." His brown eyes shift to Kai and he smiles. Sweetly.

"Damn. Sorry about that." Torch shakes her head and sits back in the chair. She's not quite drunk but she's had a few. Probably just want she needed, too. The CAG doesn't look like she has a care in the world. Roubani's words find her and a brow shoots into the air. "Roubani, you deliver me intel like that? You can call me Torch." She stifles a laugh in spite of Kai and swings her gaze back to him. "Well don't let me interrupt." She lifts the beer, tilting it towards Kai. "Please. I think I'd kinda like to hear this myself."

Kai's mouth opens.. and shuts again. His gaze sharpens a little upon the Ensign seated at his right side, but he's rather lacking in convenient distractions at the moment, so he seems to decide a little evasiveness is the better part of keeping his dignity intact. "I'm sure you can use your imagination, sir," he tells Vendas, scratching at the bridge of his nose.

Roubani keeps his mouth conveniently hidden by the juice glass and his eyes down. Still, there's this tiny little sound. Did Nadiv Roubani just /laugh/? He clears his throat quietly and looks back at Vendas, shaking his head and adding earnestly. "I'm sorry, sir. I was just having a joke, it was nothing like that."

Vendas takes a sip from the bottle and sets it down on the table, eyes on the beer. "Karim, I've got a few beers in me and I've known some raunchy guys. Trust me, you probably don't want me using my imagination. I told you about the guy I named 'Pogo' right?" She recrosses her legs and shakes her head at Roubani. "Roubes, do you see pins?" She waits an answer for just a fleeting second. "You don't have to call me sir. Besides, jokes're good for the soul, yeah? C'mon. Why don't you tell us about a hellacious night you had hugging a bottle and whispering sweet nothings in its ear after you sang six straight rounds of karaoke?"

"Of course I remember Pogo. Guy that used to do pushups in the buff, right?" Still smiling, Kai tips his head up briefly to thank the waitress who comes by with their drinks. Sex on the beach, virgin style. How's that for a mind bender? The rest of what his CO says gets a gruff laugh out of the pilot, but he's kind enough not to comment on it for now.

Roubani gives Vendas a self-conscious little smile, eyes turning down to the rim of his glass as he shakes his head. "I'm sorry." He sounds sincerely apologetic. "I don't…" Hug bottles? Sing? Know what hellacious means? Who knows. He lets it hang unfinished. One can tell the instant he understands the comment about 'Pogo', as he quickly takes another swallow of juice.

Vendas taps the neck of her beer against the edge of the table. "Bingo. That's an Ensign I will remember until the day I die. I heard from a guy I know in the 169th last year that he still does that if you feed him enough rum. He'd been in the brig for it three times, once busted by his ship's XO. Poor guy is a 27 year old Ensign. Still." She shakes her head, laughing. But a sympathetic gaze turns on Roubani. "Aw, c'mon, kiddo. You gotta have something. At the very least, you need to start. Have a couple drinks. Do something stupid. Its part of being in the fleet's Air Arm." She shadows him a more motherly smile before looking back to Kai. Kids these days.

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Levesque arrives from the Central Ring.
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One rather odd thing about the Captain? He may be terse while on duty, and keep to himself when off the clock, but there's something less than demure about him, for all his shyness. Blue eyes fairly glitter with mirth as Vendas tells her story, fingers turning at his drink with an idle -tink tink- of his wedding ring against the glass. "My CO used to tell me, you'll only regret it if you weren't drunk enough," he asides to Roubani with a little wink.

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Roubani's right brow slowly lofts over that blacked eye as Vendas tells her story, almost staring. When the attention abruptly returns to him, he immediately looks back down and smiles politely at his glass. "I'll try," he says, with zero sincerity. A glance at Kai and then back down at his juice, and he softly clears his throat. "What…" He dares to ask. "…did he do to be brigged three times?"

Vendas is at a table with Kai and Roubani. Kai's in a bomber jacket and his duty duds. The CAG has opted for something more on the blank and slinky side. They all have drinks i nfront of them. Torch is chuckling at Kai, smirking to him. "That's the back-up I was lookin' for." There's approval tinged with the playful relaxation in her voice, her eyes dropping to the man's hand as his ring -tinks- against the glass. Her gaze slides back to Roubani. "Besides, how are we supposed to name you? You don't want to be the nameless pilot, do you? I'll end up having to call you 'Brains' or something. Or your Captain and I can get together and come up with something dreadful." And given how many beers Vendas may or may not have had.. that could be dangerous. "But what did he do?" She takes a deep breath. "Ensign Javier 'Pogo' Davorchak. He would take dares when drunk. One night back at Cafferty, before he had even finished basic fighter maneuvers with my group, he was doing a pushup competition with a couple Marines. So he wins. The Marine is all pissed, bets him double-or nothing he can't beat the Marine while naked. So Davorchak, without missing a -beat- drops trou.. and my God. Wow. Horse, I tell you. Anyway, the Marine is totally stupified but follows suit. They got down on the ground and Davorchak's appendage was bouncing off the bar floor. Funniest godsdamn thing I've ever seen." She can't help chuckling to herself at the memory.

Unobtrusively but with an obvious military air, Levesque enters the Poseidon's Revenge, looking somewhat more relaxed than ordinary. And looking out for something, apparently. His eyes dart around after he takes a step away from the door. He's in civvies.

Hey, what's a wingman for, if not backing up his CAG? Though by the time Vendas has finished her story, Kai's head is back and he's laughing, laughing like he means it. It's a deep, hoarse-voiced belly laugh from too many cigarettes over his lifetime, and he hasn't even had anything alcoholic to drink! "That is the funniest shit I've heard in a long while, Danika," he almost whimpers, scrubbing at his eyes.

Samantha steps into the room next to Martin, looking remarkably… well…Girly. She's in a red swing dress with tiny white polka dots, a white halter tieing behind her throat. Matching red high heels complete the picture, and even a bit of lipstick to set it all off. She's got her arm laced through Martin's free hand. he is also in civvies, carrying a bag of groceries…"Come on, one drink first here…then we'll go to the room…"

Roubani has this look on his face as Vendas finishes her story. It's not naivete, but rather guilt. He gets the corner of his split lip between his teeth and presses down on it, though even that doesn't stop the whole smile. So up comes the juice again for a sip, as the rim does as good a job of hiding a smile as the dark does of hiding the flush. "That's…awful."

Dressed in a simple pair of khaki colored cargo pants and a plain gray tee-shirt, Martin's shopping bag appears to have some cooking supplies and ingredients from the local station exchange. Arm in Samantha's he nods to her and rounds around the tables on their way to the bar. Spotting the pilots, he grins quietly and looks to Samantha. "Heads up…" He chuckles and leads her to the bar, setting some cubits down. "…I'll take a Picon Brandy on the rocks, Case? What are you gettin?"

Vendas looks between the two. "Oh, seriously. You should have been there. One of my squadmates, a hard-drinkin' female Captain calls out 'Hey! They frakker is cheating! He's using a third arm!' Davorchak loses it, laughing. The guy falls flat on his face. The Marines declare shenanigans…" Torch peters out, laughing still. "Gods. But geez, the next day Pogo was pissed. Turns out the wing commander's wife's best friend was there. Word gets back and the poor bastard gets recycled through training for it." She shakes her head before taking a sip of her bottle. A quick glance around the bar and spots Samantha. "Oh, hey. Look at that! Pretty dress!"

Levesque takes a step very much /around/ the commotion, though he gives Samantha a nod of recognition and a bit of a stray smile. He moves to take a seat at the bar, close to everyone else. He orders a whiskey sour.

Samantha smiles comfortably, actually looking happy, content for the moment… relaxed against Martin's arm, even if she's got a rank and over a decade in age on him. At least they look good together. She heads for the table with everyone else, responding to Martin as they go…"Ah… a martini, dirty. Gin. Thanks dear." And, since they are off duty, his cheek gets a brief kiss. She takes the grocery bag from him to put it down on floor near their chairs, so he has free hands to get drinks. She nods to Leveseque too… motioning the ground pounder over. "So…what'd we miss? The CAG stripping yet?"

Seeing Torch, Dash raises an arm and waves to her. Issuing their area a nod as he sits, the bartender rushes off to start making their order. Propping his foot up on the lower foot railing of Samantha's barstool, he looks over his shoulder to see Levesque, and nods again in greeting to another patron. This nod is an upward one. The drinks are set down and the money is taken away. Smirking to Sam, he lifts an eyebrow. "The CAG known to strip or somethin?"

Kai shakes his head slowly from side to side, the rim of his glass hovered near his mouth and effectively obfuscating his own smile. "Reminds me of a Lieutenant I used to fly with, on the.." His eyes squint up, sketching harsh crow's feet at the corners. "..Archon? I think it was the Archon. Gods, it all starts to run together. Vindictive little son of a bitch. His section lead replaced him with me, as his wingman, and the guy never forgave me for it. One night, we get riproaring drunk, and it turns into a game of truth or dare. And he comes out and tells the CAG.." A good portion of his drink is swallowed, throat working before he sets the glass down again. "..that he's the one that's been frakking with the fuel line in my viper. Guy gets sent packing so fast, his head spins." There's dry humour in the Captain's eyes, and something else as well that's more difficult to discern.

Roubani looks over the rim of his glass towards Samantha when Vendas points her out. He smiles absently towards her and Martin, watching them for a few moments before turning his attention back to what's being said at the table. The new story fades his smile away, the normal seriousness creeping back into his brown eyes.

Levesque seems hesitant to join the gathering of officers at first. He waits until he's got his drinks and then wanders over a few metres to join them. "Sir." Who that's directed at isn't really easy to determine. Maybe more of a general greeting.

Vendas watches the whole thing with Martin and Samantha with some mild amusement. That's for Kai to deal with, not her. "Oh Lords, Passi," she chuckles. "And no, Dash. I haven't done things like that in a long time." Joking? That's a tough call. She puncuates the comment with another sip of her bottle. "By the way, Samantha.. I love that dress! Too cute!" She looks the LT up and down a moment with a bright grin before looking back to Kai. The grins fades and her expression drops to boggles. "Geez, Karim! What'd you do, leave him fun-smelling presents in his helmet? Damn!" The CAG lets out a soft chuckle, shaking her head. "So Roubes, c'mon. Tell us something stupid or hilarious that you have done. Or are you just an honest preacher?" She looks to the Marine arrival. Torch doesn't know him, but she doesn't seem opposed, either. "Pop a squat. Open chair behind ya."

Samantha settles down in a chair across from Kai, as she's in high heels and Martin can easily hover behind her. She grins to the CAG…"Oh, come on, clearly you just need another drink, doll!" Sam laughs warmly, reaching up for her martini as Martin returns to the table with the booze…"And thank you. Only one I own, figured I'd pull it out for a special occasion. But yes, I'm curious about what trouble Roubani here mighta gotten up to in his days. Surely it's not all math and shy looks, eh?" She grins over to Roubani..

Kai lifts a hand, palm up, as if in surrender to the CAG. What he may or may not have done, is going to be left to her imagination. As, no doubt, are many things concerning the enigmatic Captain. Way to kill the mood, Kai. He twitches a smile as a couple of his pilots arrive, and the marine receives a careful looking-over, as if he finds him familiar in some respect.

Nodding to Levesque at his arrival, Martin seems content to not be asked about his own stupid stories for a moment. He's reckless to have a few too many for his own good. Grabbing a chair from the next table over, he sits beside Samantha. Taking a sip from his drink and double checks the shopping bag at his feet before grinning to the table, he grins. "Oh wait so I got here after the stories from the upper ups? Damnit I've always got that curse where I either got to the bar too late or left five minutes too early."

Levesque grabs a seat and pulls it up, doing his best to remain quiet and unobtrusive… for now. He returns the nod to Martin. Green eyes shift right on over to Roubani.

The sudden attention sparks an abrupt change in Roubani's demeanor. His shoulders slowly tense, and he avoids both Vendas and Samantha's eyes. "No, I…don't know." His fingernail finds a chip in the rim of the glass that it scrapes against, and he lifts his eyes to focus on Martin instead. "I'm sure they'll tell more, sir. There have to be other pilots named after pieces of gym equipment for less than wholesome reasons."

"Passi, really." Vendas sighs dramatically. "Does one ever not need another drink when off duty?" She smiles innocently, then. "But it looks great. You know its never a good idea to make your department head jealous, right?" A devilish little tinge creeps into that smile before she looks back to Kai. "Uh huh. What'd you do? Leave your dirty shorts in his helmet overnight? Probably did. I know your type." But there's a glance to Dash. "Bah. Marek just related a quick one about a murderous wingmate. I shared one about this guy I know who is called Pogo. I've got endless stories, though. Rifle, Pukes, Cheater.. Great pilots. Amazing stories."

Samantha motions down another waiter, pulling out some cash and nodding towards the CAG, "Get her another of whatever she's happening… and him too." She nods to Kai. Always good to buy the superiors a drink, since Martin is buying for her tonight. Once the drinks are ordered, she leans a bit to the side, her shoulder brushing Dash's, just getting comfortable there as they sit around for story time.

Kai nearly opens his mouth to say something, and that something almost certainly is in Roubani's defense. But it's shut again, and instead a sip of his drink's taken. Kid's got to grow his own set of balls, doesn't he? "Not my style, Danika. But should I start checking my helmet before CAP in the morning? Just in case you're trying to tell me something, sir." Yes. Sir. It's thrown in there for a bit of posterity while Karim continues to fiddle with that wedding band absently. He, of course, does not mind free drinks on the behalf of sucking up pilots. Not one bit.

"Oh don't you throw me under the bus, Rube." Martin looks over, lighting a cigarette and draping an arm over the back of Samantha's chair with a shake of his head. Smirking just a little at being ousted, he lifts an eyebrow and stretches his back lightly. Pointing at Roubanis, he exhales the smoke skywards and takes another sip of his drink. "Allright you don't wanna fess up? I'll toss one out." He leans forward a little. "So I've got an iron stomach, and everyone knew this after I got my first assignment because they always took me out for drinks to try to shame me or try to get blackmail on me. Didn't have a callsign back then. Anyway, three seperate nights of drinking and nothing. I was the one calling the cabs and dragging them back. So this guy Apeface says to me, let's all sneak out and hit the bar. We'd just done double PT in the evening and we were all dead-ass tired. So I'm a grown ass man, I can take it right? So we sneak off the base and walk two miles to a bar outside of the perimeter…" Martin grins, motioning to his glass. "Absolutely shitfaced. I felt like my head was made out of cheese it was horrible. Eyes spinning and whantot we forget to sneak back into base…we go to the guard station where our CAG was waiting for us. I decided to play dimplomatic and went up to my CAG with our excuse. We were busted but I still thought we could get away with it." He pauses. "Then I puked on his shoes in front of the MPs." He smirks. "Dumb. As. Shit." He nods. "Dash."

Roubani's posture slowly unlocks when the topic goes back to more intangible things. Like, not himself. He even smiles at Martin, as much as his splinted nose and split lip will let him. He settles back in his seat and folds his arms, more comfortably than defensively, listening to the stories coming out. There's something guiltily interested in his eyes as people talk.

Samantha starts at Martin… and she practically chokes on her drink she's laughing so warmly…"Oh god… that's so much better than Boner. Alright, Dash… Understood. You better cook well because your brain sure as hell ain't winnin' points tonight." Sam's back water accent comes out a bit more as she quicker downs the booze and her cheeks are beginning to flush. But she's enjoying herself, in the very least… Still, she hasn't come out with a story.

Vendas doesn't miss a beat. "Keep calling me 'sir' off duty and I'll be leaving worse than spent underwear in your helmet, Marek." She speaks it into the opening over her bottle, the smile can even be heard in her voice before she takes that last sip while Sam's bottle appears. "Hey, thanks! Okay, you and Roubes get choice CAPs for a few weeks." But her attention falls back to Dash as he tells of how he got his callsign. At the end, she busts out laughing, tilting her head back and resting the bottleneck against the side of her neck. "Oh Gods! Oh that's frakkin great, Black." She looks back at him and shakes her head. "Kudos to whoever came up with that callsign." The bottle is lifted in cheers. "So I knew this guy back when I was on the Constellation, right? His callsign was Butts. Had nothing to do with his name, oddly." She sighs, chuckling. "Anyway, like Pogo, this guy had a thing for his booze. He liked to get rowdy. Play rough. Well some pilots from a different squadron didn't know he was just messing around. So one of them takes a swing at him. Rather than duck -out- of the swing, this Jig turns his forehead into the punch and breaks the man's hand! He then proceedes to headbutt the two guys with him. He broke his damn nose doing it but won the fight without putting the beer down!!" She shakes her head. "So he's in the infirmiry for like three days because he pissed off the Doc. Well the guy breaks out of the infirmiry after getting pissed and sick of it. Goes back to the bar for a beer to cool his nerves. Expected, right? Runs into a few of his old buddy's friends. Stupid ass uses his face as a wrecking ball and spent two months in recovery trying to get his nose rebuilt." She tilts the bottle to Roubani. "Be thankful."

Oh dear. The story-behind-my-callsign is making its round of the table. Kai tucks the tip of his tongue against the inside of his cheek to stifle his grin, and hopes for the best. His drink is given a few swirls, so he can watch the pretty liquid paint the sides of his glass. "You puke on my shoes, Black, and you're buying me new ones. I've always wanted a pair of loafers from that ridiculously pretentious little shop in Caprica City." That's it, change the subject, change the subject. He might just kick Vendas under the table if she wasn't, you know, his CO. And with full authority over his shifts for the indefinite future.

Martin laughs and shakes his head a few times, offering Samantha a demure shrug. "Hey my cooking's a better way with words than I am with my own mastery of the language." Martin grins, a few surprises prepared for a home cooked meal. "Remember, brains are a hard commodity to come by." He adds with a wink to Samantha before listens to Vendas' story. "Yeah, Rubes, be very, very thankful." He comments and then looks to Kai. Swirling his drink in his comfortable pose with Samantha, he smirks and salutes his glass before drinking. "Hey, I won't puke on your shoes. That's the first and last time I ever lost my stomach drinking since high school, and I don't drink so much nowadays because we got leave, right?" He tilts his head, downing the contents of the glass. Setting it down, he grins. "But if I do puke on shoes would you rather it be some lowly hallscrubber, Spider? Cmon…it's a sign of respect."

Roubani has been long finished with his juice, only a little of the pale liquid left in his glass. There's no smell of alcohol. He keeps looking tempted to smile and sometimes even does, the expression sparking and fading here and there. He might even look relaxed, sort of.

Samantha finishes off her martini with an almost gulp, motioning to the waitress again for another, but pointing to Martin that he's gonna buy it. She sinks back deeper into her seat, her head lulling a touch to the side as she chuckles through the various stories. Her eyes narrow upon Kai, though, rather intelligent and able to see the diversion there…"So… boss…how'd you get your name, hm? Since we're all sharing."

Vendas laughs to Black, nodding to Kai. "Ya know, he's got a point. Though if he pukes on my shoes I'm gonna strap a bungee cord to his ass and tow him around behind my Viper while we practice some ACM." Sagenod. But she looks over Roubani for a loooong moment. "I feel like we should call you Chatterbox or something. Maybe Giggles. Something truly epic for your personality." She winks at him once more and looks back to Kai. Yes! Do tell, Mister Spider!

Paying for the round of drinks, Martin circles his hand towards the table and tosses down some cubits, effectively paying to have everyone's drinks refreshed. "Round on me." He announces, saluting them all with his new glass after a glance to Samantha. Smirking, he tilts his head back to Vendas and raises an eyebrow. "Bungee cord tied to your Viper in an EVA suit right? Not vaped?" He ponders, that wheel in his brain moving. "That would either kill me or be the new fad of the season. Viper Rodeo…which I thought was something else up until now…"

Roubani smiles a little and replies to Vendas in his soft-spoken voice, "Oh, why not go for the gold…Drunken-orgy-potsmoking-perpetually-late-sonofabitch?" He pauses. "Or do you think CIC would complain?"

Oh, hell. The best way to handle this, is to play it cool. And if Kai is anything, he's one cool cat. Rolling his ring absently with his thumb, he answers Samantha to the tune of a husky chuckle, "I was an Ensign at the time, aboard the Pegasus. We had this fire breathing dragon of a CO, you have to understand. People get called into Cain's office, and they wet their pants on the way. So there's a rule that you can't bring animals aboard the ship, but I had this pet.." He gestures with his fingers. "Tarantula. Big as my hand. I figured that what nobody knew, wouldn't hurt them." A small smile is shot across to Danika and Samantha. "First night there, he pops his terrarium and goes for a jaunt around the ship. Ends up, by some fluke, in Cain's bathtub. She finds out who brought it aboard, and I'm thinking she's going to roast me for it." He licks his lips. "Instead, she steps on him, gives him a good squish with her boot, and tells me I've been named. I walked out with my heart in my mouth, let me tell you."

"Oh, you'd get an EVA suit. For sure. I want you alive when you stain your flightsuit." Torch browwaggles at him before looking at Roubani. She stares, wide-eyed for a moment. "Its a little long. Can we shorten that, though?" She even makes the shrinking-measurement motion with her beer and the free hand. "Like, Dorgy. Or Procrastobitch. Wait- no. That's a little long. Hmmm." She taps the mouth of the bottle against her lips as she considers the man. "Nothing too angsty. I like you. Maybe we should call you Pitbull." But as Kai begins, her attention falls back to the man, legs recrossing once more. When Karim finishes, she looks at him with completely sympathy. "Oh Gods, Karim. That's so sad! What a turbobitch!"

Samantha winces deeply, her heart practically breaking to hear that…"Oh god! You… your poor… Oh, sir!…" And she's suddenly leaning over the table, attacking Kai with a brief hug before he can really protest that. She might be a bit in her cups. Chances are Sam did pre-drinking somewhere before coming here, or she really has no tolerance.

"Wait so you've kept a callsign that was over a sad moment?" Martin blinks. "Frak that man, I'd be the first in line to work around giving you a new one, like Storybook or somethin." Martin grins, sipping his drink halfway. Not moving quickly, but he's definitely enjoying the liquor. "Yeah the last time I heard the term Viper rodeo, I was told that it was when a Viper pilot dates a Raptor ECO and their Pilot, and then the Air Wing makes bets on how long he can keep that going before it explodes. Bungee on a viper? I'm game." Martin nods, downing a bit more of his drink. "Shit, Torchie, I'll do that shit for free anytime, anyplace. I just want a back brace first." He grins, looking to Roubani. "Or we could just call you Rubber. Rub on this." Martin shrugs, looking to Samantha with a swirl of his liquor. "So I told Case here I'm a good cook, and I've indebted to make her dinner. Y'all wanna try some of the leftovers? We should have enough?" He looks back to the table after giving Samantha a wink.

Roubani makes a strange face, taking that last sip of his juice as though the string of words he'd used had left a bad taste in his mouth. He pauses to watch Kai for the duration of the man's story, both dark brows making a very slight loft. They loft higher as Samantha suddenly hugs the man. Sympathy turns into some sort of veiled amusement, his hands folding. He comments to Martin, quietly and with a slight grimace, "I can only imagine how that might be misconstrued. At least a triple entendre."

Kai did not expect to be hugged, and it's definitely an awkward moment, resulting in the frosty Captain suddenly stiffening like a board when Samantha puts her arms around him. "I assure you, Passi, I'm quite over it." He flickers her a smile, and sinks slightly deeper into his seat. Subtle, yet the perceptive might spot it. To Martin, "I kept the callsign to remind me never to do something that assinine again." And Roubani? Roubani just gets a chuckle while his lashes lower for a sip of his very non alcoholic drink.

At least Vendas gets a little chuckle at Sam's words and her attempts at hugging. Awww! Yep, the CAG amused! But she slides a gaze back to Dash. "Black, don't tempt me. Remember, I'd still have to trap. Or we could turn the Viper into some weird high-tech trebuchet and launch you and see if we can land you in a Raptor! If not?" She offers the jig an apolgetic shrug. "Well.." Another sip of the beer and Torch lets the others speak about Martin's dinner offer.

Samantha collapses back into her seat, laughing softly. She managed to freak out the Captain! That's hilarious. She leans back there, crossing her legs and stretching out, "…well, if you wanna do dinner, Martin, we should go sooner rather than later or you're gonna be peelin' me off the floor, handsome… They can come and get scraps later if they want them… or find our dead bodies because your cooking poisoned us both." She winks to Dash…

"Well…not gonna waste much time arguing that." Martin replies and downs the last of his glass. Leaving it on the table, he stands and grabs the bag, offering Samantha an arm as he nods to the table. "I'll see you all around then, I've never been too drunk to cook and I don't wanna start that habit now." He pushes in his chair with his toe. "See you all around."

Roubani makes no further strange comments, thankfully. He rubs his thumb over some of the lead marks he'd made earlier on the table, coming up with a gray cuticle for the effort. "Goodnight, sirs."

Samantha loops her arm through Martin's and slips out with him..

Kai lifts a hand in farewell to the pair making their exit via stage left. None of them are on duty, so he neither gives nor expects a salute. Nothing's said, but he looks very faintly pleased with something or other. Maybe nothing more than his pilots having some fun, getting some rest and relaxation. Kai's a simple man.

Roubani glances up as a waitress comes to collect his juice glass, gently shaking his head when she offers a refill. He picks up the broken pencil he'd abandoned ages ago, slipping it back into his jacket pocket. Some people keep tarantulas; he keeps pet writing utensils.

Vendas nods her head to Sam and Martin. "You kids have fun. Enjoy your time off." She sketches a rouch salute to them and reaches for the bottle once more. She tilts it up once more and looks to Roubes. "At least tell us a story. Something. A funny memory from childhood? Did you burn the hair off your sister's dolls? Tell your brother that his girlfriend was as pretty as a horse's ass?"

Kai remains quiet while Vendas questions the Ensign, blue eyes fixed upon some point slightly to the left of them both. He's listening, though his thoughts seem elsewhere; adrift in the pounding music that's started playing, and the drone of conversation.

"Um." Roubani's eyes flicker away from Vendas. "When I was ten I caused a tree to fall on a neighbour's car," he offers. "That was…rather before I'd learned much about gravity." He allows himself a brief flicker of a smirk at whatever memory /that/ is, but it disappears and he starts to stand. "I should get back, I've got CAP in a few hours."

Vendas chuckles. "A tree on a neighbors car? Eventually, Mister Wizard, you will have to explain yourself." She winks to him one last time as he departs. "You have yourself a good night, Roubani." She then looks back to Kai. "So, what now, Captain, sir? More drinks? Or should we head out also?"

"Evening, Nadiv," Kai tacks onto the CAG's farewell, opting to use the Ensign's first name. His lips twitch in a brief smile, and he chuckles into his drink before finishing it off with a practiced toss-back. "Whichever one will keep my helmet safe, Danika," he answers cheekily.

"Good night." Roubani still stays away from the first names. He looks at Kai for a second as if tempted to say something else, but in the end just smiles politely at them both and turns to head out.

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