Talking Shop
Talking Shop
Summary: Castor and Legacy meet in the tool room and friendships are strengthened and there is an awkward ending.
Date: PHD 188
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Leda is wandering the ship and he is looking high and low for someone, someone he misses and someone who he desperately wants to see. He has a coffee mug in his hand and he is looking in every room but the Black Squadron berthings for one Captain Thea Legacy since he wants to right wrongs and because she is important to him and their last meeting went over OH so well.

Thea is currently in her "office," which is the Tool Room. She's in her off duties and is doing what she does best when she needs to think - cleaning tools.

Castor steps into the room and he looks at Thea and he says, "Captain, do you have a moment?" He asks curiously as he enters slightly relieved at finding Thea but also slightly nervous now since he wants to meet with Thea and he wants this meeting to go over well.

The Captain looks up after a moment and gives Castor a tired smile. "Come in, Tin. I'm not calling you Bubbles tonight. I don't feel like it. Pull up a seat. What can I do for you?"

Castor says, "I just wanted to appologize to you, sir, for pissing you off." He says sounding honest and the smile is something he needed from her right now and he takes a seat, "I'm here to make sure that you and I are still friends, sir." He then takes a moment to place his coffee cup down and he says, "Need help?"

Thea's quiet for a moment, watching him, then dips her head. "The apology is accepted, but not worth shit if there's nothing behind it. If you don't know why I got upset, well…" She shrugs, but doesn't run him off. "Sure. Grab a rag and a wrench."

"I understand why you got upset, sir. I needed to talk to some people to understand but I do understand, sir" He says though he doesn't offer more on the subject as he grabs a rag and a wrench and he begins to work on the rag as he studies Thea and he says, "So, how have you been, sir?" He asks since he hasn't seen Thea in a few days and he does miss seeing her.

"Black Cat or Thea, Tin. We're off duty," she says, keeping her voice quiet for now, Clearly she's got something on her mind. "I'm doing alright. Was better after a good sleep and a few runs to Solon. How about you?"

Castor says, "I've been doing some thinking after our last meeting and I've been trying to feel tings out." He then says, "I'm going to go to the shrink here on the Kharon and figure some things out…" He pauses, "I don't like shrinks so this is me taking a chance, Thea." He then notices her tone and he says, "Are you sure you are okay, I mean is there anything you want to talk about?" He then says, "I know this much about myself and that is I am the sort of person who supports others."

She offers him a little smile and dips her head. "If there are things you need to figure out, then the psyche is the best way to go," she says quietly. "And I'm fine, I promise. Just came in to do some thinking. This is my quiet place. One of the benefits of rank is the fact that I can hide here."

Castor is cleaning a wrench and he says, "Well, I suppose this is a good place to hide." He then says, "Though if you ever need someone to listen to you then I am here for you." He doesn't push further on what Thea is thinking about as he says, "i don't know about that the head doctor I mean I have these memories of when Pollux and I were being processed for life in the orphanage and there was social workers and then the shrinks and I didn't like them much since they kept asking questions and trying to figure out who Pollux and I were."

Thea listens attentively as she cleans then dips her head. "I've had to see a psyche a few times," she admits after some silence. "One of the first times was after my accident. Psyche helped put me back together. It's odd. Psyches have a bad reputation, but they're really good people who can give you something to think about." Fingers move lovingly over the torque wrench in her hands. "And for what it's worth, Cas, I shouldn't have lost my temper with you. I'm sorry."

Castor listens to Thea as she speaks and he realizes that Thea is telling him the truth about psychologists and so he says, "Aye, Thea, maybe this one won't be so bad." He then puts down a clean wrench and he picks up a hammer and he begins to clean it as he says, "I..wha?" He seems confused by the apology but he quickly adds, "Thea, you never have to appologize to me since I think of you like the older sister that I never had." Did he just say that out loud, yes, yes he did.

Legacy laughs softly and shakes her head, looking back to the wrench in her hand, studying it for dirty. Her cheeks are a little pink. "Well, better than you thinking of me as the mother you lost," she replies, tone dry. "And I do have to apologize. I was wrong. I could have handled the situation better." After a time she looks up at him, the smile gone. "I'm not going to fault my people for something I do myself."

Leda thinks about Thea as a mother fo a fraction of a second and then he says, "Nah, older sister, if you were my Mom I'd have turned out much better." He then works his over the hammer as he makes sure it is clean and he says, "Well, you are still okay in my book Thea so apology accepted." He then takes a moment to place the hammer down and he picks up a drill and he begins to work on cleaning the drill and he says, "And as for not handling things well, I may or may not have been there every day of my life."

She grins at him, shaking her head, and leans back against the bulkhead. "It's difficult to be who we are, where we are, doing what we're doing," Thea murmurs after a moment. "Truly. It's one of the hardest things I've ever had to do."

Castor says, "Well, we all have to move on and we have to keep moving on." He then looks at the drill and he says, "You know, last night I was talking to Kitty and I came up with this…life on this ship is like a snowglobe. I mean you pick a snow globe up and shake it and it goes from peace to chaos and right now all of us on this ship are in chaos and we are all falling and looking for a place to settle." He then stops cleaning the drill and he says, "And we will settle, Thea, I know we will because things will work out."

Thea smiles softly after a moment and nods. "You're right," she says softly. "I know you're right. It'll just take a bit of time. Sometimes I wonder how much time we've got - but we'll make the most of it."

"I feel like we have all the time in the world to be honest." He puts the drill down and picks up a sander and as he cleans it he says, "All of this is happening for a reason and that reason is what is keeping us here and alive and safe and there are pockets of humanity left and that means that all of this will one day work out." He begins to say, "This isn't an ending but a new begining and it isn't a gentle one but it is the one we have."

Thea nods slowly after a bit, eyes half closing. "It IS a new beginning in a lot of ways. But it's just very hard sometimes. It's a matter of the heart."

Castor then lowers his head and he knows what hard times are like and he says, "Yeah.." he is silent for a moment and he says, "Yeah…but this is why we have to stay close to each other and that is one of the big things we need to remember we all have to stay close together and that means we both need to forgive each other for the stupid stuff we say sometimes."

"You're pushing it a little, Tinleg," Thea murmurs, reaching out for a screwdriver. "Forgiveness is necessary, especially when we're living in quarters this close, but sometimes the hurts go too deep for quick forgiveness."

"I didn't say that forgiveness should be cheap." He then smiles and he says, "I just mean that we need to forgive each other even when it takes time." He then takes a moment to put the sander down and he picks up a saw that could use some work. He then takes a moment to says, "And some of us have a knack for hurting people more deeply than others even if it is unintentional."

"A DEFINITE knack for saying stupid shit," she murmurs, glancing up at him with a little grin. "In fact, if there were still politicians, you could have made a career at it." She's teasing, a little.

Castor chuckles, "Well, maybe when we are all back on our feet I'll go into politics then." He says jokingly, "I think I could represent Aquaria and entertain the Colonies very well. In fact I think it would go someting like this, "Would the Representative from Caprica come forward…" and then he begins to chuckle, "And everything thing following that would cause all of Caprica to go into an uproar and then I'd would have to look at an aide and ask them why the Capricans were mad and then there would be a huge public appology. Rinse and repeat."

"You've got plenty of practice," Thea tells him, reaching out with her foot to nudge his shin. "How many people know of my little outburst now?"

Castor dips a bit with the toot nudge and he says, "Crybaby and Mudguts, since they helped me process it all." He then says, "and I don't see them as the sort to go about blabbing." He then says, "I think we hurt each other plenty when that went down…which is good and bad. It is bad since we know how to hurt each other but it is good because it means we are close."

Thea snaps her rag at him playfully, smiling a bit. "Let's just call it quits, hmmm? I've already lost face in front of the nugget and Birdman." Her lips purse slightly. "Chatted with your other half, too."

Castor raises an eyebrow and he snaps his rag back as it pops in the air away from Thea, "Watch it…might take my eye out with that thing." He then says, "What did Delann have to say?" He asks curiously as he thinks about Birdman waiting to talk about that in a moment.

"Just a little concern is all," she says with a sigh. "She's a good girl. Excellent pilot." Thea shakes her head after a moment, though is smiling. "I'm looking forward to her being in the wing."

Castor tilts his head slightly and he says, "I can keep an eye on her if yoou want?" He then adds, "And she is a good pilot since she used to fly for Aquaria on rescue missions. She will be able to make a Raptor sing for you I think." He then takes a moment to pause as he considers his words and he asks, "And what about Birdman, I take it you two were close once upon a time?"

The mention of Ky has Thea smiling softly. "Yeah, we were - and we still are," she says, leaning back again. "We met when I was fifteen and he was a rookie in flight school, fresh to the academy." Clearly she's fond of the man.

"So, he is your older brother type?" He asks curiously noting the difference in age and he says, "And you seem to have a knack for keeping in the company of good people." He then muses, "Myself excluded."

Thea crinkles her nose at him and laughs softly. "Older friend," she corrects quietly. "Someone who, had the situation been a little different, I probably would have ended up dating. I love him. He's my friend and has been for a long time. We've…been through a lot together."

Leda nods his head and he then when Thea mentions dating Castor nods his head, "Yeah, I picked up on that vibe…" He then says, "Though it is good to have dependable people to rely on." Castor then says, "And at the end of the day dependable friends might be the most important thing in all the worlds."

"It's a little hard though," Thea goes on, with a little bit of difficulty. "He's in my CoC. It's almost a reversal of roles."

Castor nods his head and says, "Well, think of it this way it means you can keep tabs on you and yours even if it makes a friendship difficult."

"Yeah," Thea murmurs quietly. "There's a man who loves me, deeply, and all that happens is that I get to order him around." She's teasing, somewhat.

Castor doesn't hesitate as he says, "See, sounds like marriage already." There is a tone of humor in his voice but he does add, "All joking aside there is something nice about keeping the people who are important to you close by you know." He then says, "And there are people who love you deeply and they don't get to order you around and you get to order them around which sounds like you are the one in the better position." He then winks.

Legacy laughs softly at that and dips her head. "I know. It's just still a little bit lonely. I can't exactly curl up and sleep with them, you kknow?"

Castor remembers something that Jarot said and he says, "Well, you could always try to get the regs changed." He then says, "I tried the other night for a friend but I don't think it went over well."

She grins and shakes her head. "It's bad practice, Cas," she says, picking up another tool. "A leader shouldn't be frakking those she's leading."

Castor saays, "I know, I know…it is just the shepherd needs to eat or the shepherd eats the flock." He then muses, "So, just take care of yourself, you know."

Thea pauses for a moment then starts to giggle quietly. "I can't frak the whole squadron, Cas. I promise. Even *I'M* not that good. And could you imagine the signup sheet?"

Castor smirks, "Right, right…but it would make for a fun memoir wouldn't it, dear diary today I…" He then stops, "Nah then it would sound like those letters in Nymph magazine, "Dear Nymph I never thought it would happen to me but…"

Her mouth opens, closes, and she just stares at him for a moment. "Castor Leda," she squeaks. "YOU read Nymph magazine? Remind me to check under your bunk a little more carefully during next inspection. How many letters did you write in?"

Castor says, "Thea, all men have read Nymph at one point or another." He then stops and holds up his index finger, "Correction, all men have oggled women in Nymph magazine." He then says, "And since I spotted Delann my supply of those has been traded off since you never want a possible girlfriend to spot you with porn." He then says, "Letters? Why, I don't know what you are talking about." He then puts his hand to his mouth and stage whispers, "Five, but who is counting."

And so Althea Legacy just sits and stares at Castor after that revealation, giving him plenty of time to escape. Her mouth is open far enough to catch a hell of a lot of flies.

Castor finishes cleaning his share of tools and he says, "Take it easy Thea." He then leaves Thea to wonder if he is joking or not.

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