Talking Heads
Talking Heads
Summary: Marines play a little game of get to know you
Date: PHD 139 (September 4th, 2009)
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When one is confined to marine country and not on active duty it can put quite the squelch on one's activities. As such The Major is currently lounging in here instead of the security hub, or in the messhall. What is he doing? Simply reading a book. Something purloined from one of the bunks, or maybe it was one left out. Ezra barely even looks up as a private bustles in and then back out. Looking back down to his book.

Ashe meanders his way into the Barracks, dressed in the ever popular off duties laced with a bit of work out sweat adhered to the clothing. As the man moves, he glides rather smoothly across the ground until a hiccup in his step occurs upon seeing Ezra there, reading a book. A soft chuckle comes out of his lips and he speaks out calmly, "The sex on page 322 is rather amusing."

"Ah yes." comes the gravelly voice of the older, and possibly more grizzled marine before he is barely peering his eyes up to take in the other. A look showing sweats, so there's no rank to address the fellow with, and he is looking back down. "Because I am really into some fake woman having some man frak her, with his pulsating rod." A twitch of his mustache, but the frown doesn't come so Ashe is safe from Ezra for now. "The story leading up to it, is much more humorous, I believe."

"It's your usual fare. Romantic comedy type books, but when desperate for entertainment, they suffice." He heads towards a bunk and tosses over his shoulder, "Swift, by the by." Either he is still talking about frakking or giving his name. "You came back over from the Bella correct?"

"Its something else than hearing about the same pyramid teams day in day out, in the frakkin' sports page." A look back up as the page is marked and the book shut, setting the novella down beside him. Ezra gives the marine a once over before he is nodding for a second. "Cass." No need to throw Major out there- most already know that little fact by now. "Yup. I was the CO on the Bellerophon." there that's out 'Didn't see you on the boarding action-take it you had garrison duty?"

"Concussion actually." Ashe responds with a soft chuckle. "Got a blind sided wallop, had a mild concussion, medical wouldn't clear me." He pauses and sighs, "Probably a bit of a good thing considering the Heavy Raider that paid the visit. Nice to meet ya though." There's a nod of greeting as he sets to work changing. "I had actually been hopin' to end up on the Bellarophon or another big ship when I got my transfer, got the Kharon instead."

"Who decked ya?" asked back towards Ashe, before Ezra's nodding. A hint of a grin there before he's letting it tick off with the mention of the Raider busting through. "Heard you all took some casualties on that. My condolences." its meant even if there's no overtly honest look or much emotion that comes from the old man. But, then Ezra is from Aerelon-not prone to showing too much emotion on that planet. Not stoics-no. More gruff. "She was a beaut, still this place ain't so bad. Its a bit smaller, but you know how it goes." a rub of his chin before the Major continues "Where were ya holed up before your transfer?"

"I was on Gemenon actually, on the ground." Ashe offers with a soft smirk, eyes flittering with memory, "Hell, seems like years ago not months. Turned a year older, got promoted, and then got shipped to the Kharon." A shake and he is back to doing his work of getting prepped up. "Took a shot from a Pilot. In the ring. Caught me offguard, real cheap shot artist but well, what can you do?"

"Ah Gemenon. I woulda loved a posting there, but I spent the majority of my time on Libris and Saggitarron. Only after they sent my ass to OCS did I see a ship." A grin there, which diminishes with the bit about the pilot. "I see." a faint frown, but it is not The Frown(tm) so again Ashe is doing pretty well with the Major. "Well-" and up come fists, even if Ezra's not leaving his perch from the bench. "I woulda waited a second or two before popping them once" fist juts out, and then his hand motion to touch at the throat "Lightly. Make sure not to close the throat, but enough that they're choking an cryin for a bit." Which makes it sound like it is something the Major has done before. "Tricky maneuver, but if it works, they won't sucker punch your ass anymore."

There's a soft chuckle again from Ashe as he actually moves over towards Ezra after pulling on a clean shirt, pulling up a chair to sit with the Major. "Yeah, this one? Bit more tricky I think than usual. Real fighter actually, probably could have survived as a Marine." He leans back some and glances up at the ceiling not noticing there's a wistful gleam to his eyes before he adds, "We got a mighty fine bunch here, real close knit some of us. Others, still getting used to one another. But hells, it's family now y'know?"

"Then I think son, the only way to get them to stop sucker punching you is to finally just whoop the shit outta them in the ring. And I am talking a beat down that would make th' goddess cringe." Yes, singular-but then Cass is an unabashed monotheist..which can make for some interesting conversation on its own. Currently Ezra is seated on a bench in the center with some trashy novella found in the bunks at his side. Ashe, has graciously joined the Major in a seat. "Sorry about your Eltee." Which means he was of course there when she fell. "She went down fighting if its any consolation." A grunt before he is nodding. "Well good. A platoon should be close-specially now. I hope mine can integrate well. I got faith in em, but you know how that shit can go."

He nods his head slowly towards Ezra does Ashe. "Yeah. She was a decent enough sort. Honestly cut me slack once when I needed it, when my head wasn't on straight so she had a good sort about her." HE falls quiet for a moment before sighing, "As for the whooping? I've beaten her so bad she had to sit in sickbay before in the ring. Knocked her seven ways from service day. Still nothing." A smile creeps onto Ashe's lips as he glances at Ezra with the last then sighs, "As for your folks? I'm hoping too. We're quirky though. Shortstack? The one laid up in the sickbay is a real hyper one. I'm usually pretty flip flop. Jules? She's the adorable blond that never has a bad day. Everyone is just up beat folk, well, not everyone but you get the picture I'm sure."

"Good CO, then. Though if you ass ever needed a whoopin I hope she gave it." He's big on discipline or rather-having disciplined soldiers as Eleni, or Torres could even attest. "Hm." though it seems the Major is still percolating on the thoughts concerning the pilot. "Any idea why as she seems to be pegging you for all her shit giving?" Obviously trying to figure out the conflict there, but with pilots that can be downright puzzling. "Ah, Jarot. The one watching my kid." well grandkid. And at the mention of a blonde there's a bit of a laugh from the Major. "Ahh blondes. If I was younger or enlisted. That'd be trouble.." As is, Jules is most likely safe from whatever that chuckle would indicate. "Yeah well, we're in a war where the shit getting kicked into us is a continual occurrence." a pause "Figure we all feel a bit beat the hell up."

Ashe leans forward a bit putting his elbows on the table as his tone drops some. "Honestly? I was feeling beat up lately. But the past few days it's like catching a second wind. Don't know why, but I have that feeling I got the first time we set foot on the ship. The first time one of the Cents came running down at us and it got dropped. Not the fear, but the thrill." Going back to leaning in his chair, the Marine grins. "Feel like there might be a tomorrow afterall."

The hatch opens and in steps Jules, decked out in full on Marine Gear sans a weapon. When she steps inside, she undoes the chinstrap on her helmet (the one that has bunny ears in duct tape on top) and rolls it off her head. Stopping when she spots Ashe and then Ezra, she draws herself up and says, "Hello," with a smile on her face.

Nyx leans into the barracks, hands gripping the top of the outside edge. She flashes a smile at those present. "Major. Ashe. Sunshine." Her Kashmiri accent rolls the names off her tongue. She swings her legs in, boots hitting the plates with a muted clank. "They have released me. After much blood drawn, I am well, they tell me." She smirks, rolling her shoulders. "Though slightly anemic." Go fig.

"That feeling can come and linger worse than a cold. You gotta shake outta that shit." Ezra offers, before he's nodding though. He does understand the thrill that can come when the outcome is in their favor. It ain't the fear which trails down the spine like a snake, but rather its that burning in the blood. "There's always a tomorrow. Either here or in Elysium, soldier. Don't frakkin forget it." but the grin he gives Ashe is genuine. As for Jules she's given a look over, as that mustache of his twitches slightly. A grin as he notes the ears. "Corporal." added to Sunshine "Nice Helmet." And with that he's looking over and a nod to Nyx "Sergeant." Well now he has names for one of em- and the other is just

Ashe leans forward to whisper softly towards Ezra, "Private." He informs him after the address towards Jules. A smile is flashed at the bunny helmeted woman and he nods. "Hey Joodles. How was standing around duty today?" Even as he asks, he's starting to drag himself to his feet, apparently about due for standing around duty himself. A glance is given towards Nyx, a frown on his lips before he nods a greeting.

Jules gives Ezra her best ramrod straight posture and a salute. "Thank you, Major." She lowers her hand and looks down at her helmet, smiling some more as a tinge of color comes into her cheeks. "It helps me keep morale up on missions." Taking those last few steps over towards her bunk, she sets her helmet carefully into her locker and sets about removing her various pieces of gear. "Guard duty is hella fun, Asheypoo." She's being serious, of course. "I got to meet like five new people -and- one of them gave me a granola bar." Over her shoulder, she gives Nyx a wink and says, "Hey Sarge. Guess the medvamps didn't bleed you out."

"I have reversed your name," Nyx tilts her head, thus — it seems — interpreting Ashe's frown. "Forgive, Swift, if you will." She grins at Jules. "Yes. How they expect one to heal draining blood again and again…" She rolls her eyes. "I lost less on Scorpia."

Ezra blinks and looks back towards Jules again though by the angling it is quite clear the Major is trying to get a view of the pins "Ah shit-put another stripe there. You think I could pick that up from here." He was a sharpshooter once. Honest. Still the Major shrugs and begins reaching for his book again. "Guess I am lucky I don't need readers.." Or maybe he's gotten too used to using a scope on his guns. Hard to say really. And so he looks down beginning to read said trashy novella again. That doesn't mean he won't talk- it just seems as if everyone is filtering in an out right now. A glance up and the smirk returns "As long as you don't get shot in the head cause of em, I say keep em." After all the medics get the blaring red crosses on their helmets. Not likely to change that anytime soon. A glance to Nyx "So you'll be cleared for duty then?" Which means to say they didn't bump you to some cushy navy job.

Ashe blinks again at the Nyx and shakes his head, "Hmm? No, don't worry about it. It was something else." He manages a small smile and then lifts a hand towards the others. "Folks. Gonna head off to get to the hub and then duty. Don't keep the lights on." Turning he heads for the door.

"Wouldn't want to waste the electricity," Jules fires off after Ashe as she tugs the straps to her body armor free. Shimmying out of it, she secures it in her locker and takes a seat on the bunk below hers, wrestling off her boots. "One day, I would love to shove my toes into a pair of bunny slippers again… with extra whiskers. Man. I saw some in this catalogue in the Lounge. It was like foot porn."

Nyx ambles in a few steps and leans her shoulder against the first bunk on the right, folding her arms. "They would not have let me go were I not." She wrinkles her nose. "I am a bad patient. I have no… ah…" she shrugs, "patience." For lack of a better word. She glances at Ashe, one eyebrow raised as he passes her, but says nothing. Jules's fetish makes the Staff Sergeant choke slightly, pressing her knuckles against her mouth to contain and outright peal of mirth.

Ezra chuckles towards Jules "And this is why I like marines.." This right here, and so eyes slide back into his book, as one hand moves up to brush through his silvery hair. a brow raised towards Nyx and there is a chuckle for a second "You're a marine, Sergeant. I don't know of any particular marine that enjoys a trip to sickbay and then having to go through the duties of PT without getting guard and other thrown in. In my long life of forty eight years. Majority of em in th' corps- I have yet t' be proven wrong on that fact." That grizzled accent showing the Major is from Aerelon coming free, before he looks as if he is rising. "But, its good you're out Sergeant. More th' frakkin merrier."

"Maybe when I rotate planetside, I can try and rummage up a pair," Jules ponders outloud. Left boot yanked off, she goes for the right and yanks it off too. Then both are planted safely in her locker. "Maybe I'll get lucky and find a whole box or something and everybody can have a pair." She smiles at the happy thought and looks over at Ezra. "Maybe we could have a party in the berthings sometime. With cake."

Nyx smiles at Jules, both charmed and non-plussed, as though the blonde were an adorably fuzzy — and entirely alien — creature. "Bunny slippers and cake," she muses, rolling a shrug. "Why not? Though for my luck, I rather would have liquor and cigarettes."

Ezra chuckles as he tucks the book back under his arm. A nod given back towards Jules. "It'd be a shame for the platoon to loose your spunk their kid. BUt, maybe you'll find yourself a pair." And with that he's turning for the hatch-making his way out for what little bit of a walk he is allowed, before he is looking back over towards Nyx. A grin there "I'd rather take that party myself. But, right now I am sure cake would be fine too." A twitch of his mustache "Have a good day, kids." And with that-he's ducking out.

"I think I could manage those too, if the brass is okay with it. And maybe some chocolate, too," Jules licks her lips at Nyx, then reaches up for her bunk, tugging herself upward and into it. "Have a good day, sir! Don't let the Cylons bite."

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