Talk in the Library
Talk in the Library
Summary: The Ajtai siblings talk things out while in the library and are soon joined by Matto.
Date: PHD 178 (OOC Date)
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A place of calm, quiet, and organization: The library would be the last place people would look for Pandorian. Maybe bursting into flames. But no, he isn't doing that, he's waiting at the end of one of the rows, standing at parade rest and handily blocking off access to it. When Kitty arrives, he's finishing a scaring contest with a rather perky little redheaded civilian, who scampers back off to her escorted group.

There's no doubt about how horrible Kitty looks, her eyes holding dark circles and her face pale, her cheeks a bit more pronounced as a result of not really having eaten much over the past few days. At first she doesn't notice her brother as she's not really looking as a result of her not expecting him to be here but the fleeing girl has her looking in the direction she is running off in, bringing her brother fully into view. She doesn't hesitate although she wishes for nothing more than to run off, her fear causing her to consider just walking out the way she came from, her steps now swiftly bringing her before Panda. She tries to say hello but all she can get out is a timid little squeak, it causing her to blush as the pathetic tone of it sounds in her ear, making her cringe.

He's tense. Gods is he tense. It shows through the marpats Panda wears, despite the camo uniform being more combat-smock than fitted suit. After all, why else would Kitty ask him here, the library, a place he's not supposed to shout or stomp, if not as a way to keep him from fighting with her as strongly as he otherwise would? He's been battling himself since he read the note asking him to wait here, the anger at being manipulated like this conflicting with the pride at how crafty his sister is. Despite quite the spirited internal contest, it's a stalemate… until he sees his sister's state. Neither hesitation nor deliberation comes into play: Pandorian immediately takes one step up to his sister, grips her by the shoulders and pulls her to his chest with a hoarsely whispered, "Hey, you look like hell."

Kitty wasn't trying to be crafty, nor manipulative as much as Panda might think. Yes, she did pick the library because they couldn't yell here but it was due to her desire to find neutral territory, somewhere they'd both feel comfortable being while talking instead of a cold environment like the storage rooms they often times go to talk. Her eyes close when she feels his fingers curl over her like they do, perhaps expecting him to shake her, but when she feels her body pulled against him in an embrace of sorts she takes a deep, shaky breath, all her concern blown out with that exhale. "I haven't been able to sleep or eat," she murmurs into her brother's left shoulder. "I've been so scared that I lost you forever." That is hard for her to say, partially thanks to the sob that about chokes off her voice entirely and also because of how much it hurts to remember that.

"Don't be stupid." Harsh words, but they're said with an abiding love. "We're family." Panda asks, arms sliding round her body to cradle her shoulders in one arm and pet her back with the other hand. "You remember how father would belt mother? And, and how sometimes she'd…" His arms close tighter now, and both sniffle and laughter tinges his voice. "She'd chase him out the door with the butchering knives? Remember that, we were little kids, and we'd laugh at it, like a cartoon in real life." He sighs, suddenly unable to squeeze, too weak to do more than rest against Kitty now. "And how she'd still give him that look, that one where they'd kiss like they were in a movie. And we'd choke and gag, but, but, remember?" Voice now hoarse again from emotion, he buries his face in Katherine's hair and whispers, "You could almost hear the orchestra playing that big kissing chord…"

For a moment the reason behind the retelling of how their parents were is lost on her and it takes Kitty a bit before she realizes what it is he's saying, the story and its relationship to how things are between the siblings making a lot of sense. "So basically you're telling me that no matter how angry we might be with each other we're still family and will always be there for each other?" The hug is doubled on her part, her arms tightening around her brother's body, using herself as a means to help him stay upright when he leans on her more. "Look, Pandy," she murmurs against his cheek while nuzzling it, falling back on an old childhood nickname for him, "We do need to talk about what happened but I….I mean talk. There will be no angst or anger or yelling or anything negative. Not from me. Let's sit down and talk, please?"

What Kitty does is not just to summarize why he'd brought their parents up. It ensures they're on the same page, it shows that what he remembers, she remembers too; it proves that they are family by more than just an arrangement of chromosomes and protein strands. "Yeah," Dorian laughs softly, giving Kitty one last squeeze before breaking away from her, nearly pushing his sister to arm's length by the shoulders. "We do. I kinda…" He gestures behind himself, turning sideways in the narrow aisle to point to two stepstools in green and blue he'd been guarding, meant for reaching high shelves with but far more often used as seats (to the librarienne's eternal chagrin). "The green one's more comfortable."

Kitty looks at the stools while trying not to lose her balance, the shove so unexpected that it about puts her on her butt despite the fact that it wasn't his intention. "Whoa," she chuckles at the same time she reaches out, grabbing onto Panda's left hand at the same time her other hand flails. "You're stronger than I am, punk. Be careful!" The pointing out of which stool is the comfier of the two is taken as an invite and she sits down on the green one, her legs stretched out before her once her ass makes contact with the upper level of the item. "I want to listen first, Panda. I will explain where I'm coming from later but for now, the floor is all yours." She smiles again, the tension almost gone from her body, her face relaxed as is her shoulders.

Panda squeezes past Kitty as she sits on a green stool (a step-stool, the librarienne's glare wordlessly informs them) down the third aisle, he himself settling down on the blue stool like a rook on a perch. His left heel is squeezed onto the little platform, hands folding over his knee and chin resting upon those fingers. There's no room for the right leg on his perch, so it just lays extended out in front of him. "Alright, me first." Instead of glaring, or staring, Pandorian closes his eyes, swallows, and tries to keep his voice level. It lasts for two, maybe three syllables. "Katherine - " those three " - I forbid you to date that coward. He is not willing to shed one drop of blood for you. He's bad for you, he'll hurt you, I - I…" Eyes squeeze closed, then snap open. "I forbid it!" he says, shaking a finger at her. "I forbid you, I…" Then he's tilting his head, looking at the pointing Finger of Shame and turning red. The expression is one of frustration and defeat in equal measure, one men have run into since time immemorial: "(Godsdammit, I'm turning into Father,)" he whispers to himself.

Matto was not here looking for family drama or, well, drama of any sort, really. Poetry, rather. As his eyes light on the Ajtai both perches upon stools, he takes a quick turn into the stacks. Speaking of cowards. Kissy's more or less the poster boy for cowardice. Where on earth has he landed himself, he wonders as he lifts his eyes to the stacks surrounding him. Engineering. Huh. He takes down a tome and idly flips through pages. Maybe the pair didn't see him, after all. He'll just pick his moment to sneak back out again.

The forbidding along with that finger actually has Kitty laughing, perhaps that enough to hint to Matto how there is no drama here, simply two siblings talking things out after having hit a rough spot. "I had actually anticipated this and have already told Martin that there is no way I could possibly be involved with him unless you're alright with the thought of us being a couple." With the way Panda has pretty solidly made it clear that he is not alright with it, she has no choice for now as blood…her brother…is too important for her to lose. "I appreciate your honesty, Pandorian. It has always meant a lot to me but it does all the more so now." There's motion that is caught out of the corner of her eye and she turns towards it, head and then body moving to that side, her smiling growing upon seeing who has joined them unintentionally. "Kissy! Hey, come and join us, please?"

"It's not up to me!" Panda half snaps, half whines, distracted from his quarterlife crisis. "It's up to him! I was ready to give my blessing!" He runs a hand through his hair, shaking his head in frustration. "Thank you," he says softly, letting the subject matter drop. If he has more to say, it's stifled when she calls Matto over.

There's quiet, a moment, then a tentative peek of one dark green eye around the corner of the stacks, a brief retreat and the Kissybear finally comes out of hiding, strolling over, Engineering tome under his arm with his finger holding a place. "Ajtai both," he greets them in one fell swoop as he approaches at a cautious meander. "You guys doing alright?"

Kitty nods with a blush, the way Kisseus is behaving getting a rather sheepish response from her. "We're fine," she's quick to assure, not just her pilot but her brother as well, the latter of whom gets his hand held. "We were just talking things out, getting our feelings made known." The hand that had been slipped into Panda's squeezes slightly and she adds as a continuation to their discussion, "It's not just up to him, Dorian. It's up to you and me as well. There is no one-dimension to this. There's more than one actor in this play, you know?"

Panda frowns, but he takes hold of Kitty's hand. Avoiding eye contact with Matto he stays quiet, only moving to trade which knee is the one upraised and which outstretched.

"That's good— talking's… good," Kisseus, all out of adjectives. A pause, and Kisseus regards Pandorian, lower lip drawing into his mouth, "Hey, guy, if— I said anything to offend you the other day… I just wanted you to know that I never meant to. If you want to… talk sometime? I'm not a psychic… if I hurt your feelings I need you to tell me out loud what I've done so I can try to make it right. I -do- want to make it right, Pandorian, if I'm able."

Kitty's turn to be quiet for a moment, all of what Matto has to say needing to be said without interruption or commentary from the peanut gallery of one that she is right now. What she does do is tries to be supportive of them both, of Panda who is almost a twin to her thanks to how close they and to Matto who has become her brother as well in many ways; her hand is slipped from her brother's only to be settled on his arm when she leans her head against his shoulder while Kissy's smiled at and winked to.

Kitty's hair is ruffled and stroked, more for Panda's sake than for hers. "Siddown," he grunts. His lidded eyes lift, giving the man a look more tired than glare - though both are there. "Whattaya -really- want, Kissy?"

Matto sits when told, finding a spot on the back of a cushy chair not far off and drawing his knees up after him. "-Really- want? Like, out of anything in the entire world? Well… the human race back, would be a nice start. But for right now I'd settle for knowing why you're upset with me," he adds, head tipping to the side just a little bit as he direct his open, warm eyebeams toward Panda's eyes. Not staring down. Just seeing if he can glean what the matter is.

Kitty hasn't heard about Matto and Dorian having clashed and she finds herself boggled a bit, puzzled as to what it is they're talking about. Still, despite her not having a clue in what they're talking about she feels a familiar vibe from her brother, one he almost always gives off just before becoming mule like. "Dorian. Please don't do this to Kissy. He deserves better than to be treated like one of the enemy. Save that attitude for the Cylon, please?" It's a gentle pleading along with a soft prodding, a poke to remind him to behave himself without getting grumpy. "Please forgive him, Kissy. He's been very wound up since this entire fiasco with Martin. I am sure it is not you personally." Or so she hopes.

"It ain't you," Panda says at length; that is, after Kitty puts to words what he can't. "It's just… damn people acting like your giant damn skyscrapers and, and frakkin asphalt and colleges and shit is the only way anyone can live, the only way anyone -wants- to live." The Marine shrugs, slowly lowering his foot so as not to throw his sister off-balance. "It's not. You wanna' understand us, Kitty and me? It doesn't come from talking, or…" He waves his hands ineffectually. "Studies, or whatever. We're too frakkin' simple for that shit to work, it's like zappin' a rose to make it bloom." He looks over to Kitty, his hand suddenly scratching the side of his head. "It's… hrnh…" Frown.

Matto opens his mouth to say something, then is baffled just long enough by the 'zappin' a rose' statement for whatever else he was going to say to be cut off by the announcement from the CAG. He looks up to the intercom, then down to Kitty, then Panda. "Later," he comments briefly but sincerely. He does want to talk. But— briefing.

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