Support & Logistics

Support Departments

  • Support Officer – The members of the Support Department that have officer rating handle the oversight of all operations within their individual sub-departments. They also handle all major issues within their fields. Possible billets could include Personnel Clerk, Mailroom, Judge Advocate Generals’ Corps (JAG, Navy Lawyers), Chaplains, or Quartermaster.
  • Support Enlisted – The enlisted of the Support Department perform most of the daily tasking within each of their individual sub-departments. Possible billets could include Personnel Clerk, Mailroom, Judge Advocate Generals’ Corps (JAG, Navy Lawyers), Chaplains, or Quartermaster. The Enlisted would perform more daily tasks with their jobs and take care of smaller jobs. For example, the Enlisted members of the JAG Corps would be more of a paralegal than a lawyer. Personnel Clerks in this rating would deal more in paperwork.


JAG Officer

Judge Advocates General Officers are responsible for the legal and disciplinary procedures associated with all aspects of battlestar operations, and may also liaise with the civilians of the fleet to assist with legal operations.

Legal Clerks

Legal clerks are enlisted ratings who assist the JAG officers in research and paperwork.


Traditionally the Chaplain has been regarded as the "Friend and Advisor of All", irrespective of rank, and acts as an advocate for those of any faith or none. Chaplains are responsible for carrying out chapel services, confirmations, marriages and funerals, counseling the anxious, visiting the sick, and absolving the penitent. While a Chaplain holds an officer's rank, tradition dictates that the Chaplain is treated at all times as though he were of the rank of the person addressing him or her, thus he or she neither accepts nor returns salutes, and has access to every mess and berthing aboard. This is in regard to when they are within the Chapel or Temple grounds and giving solace to another military Personnel.

All other times, the Chaplain is an Officer of the Colonial Military and will conduct themselves as such and in a manner relating to such ranks they may hold.



Military barbers are just as their name implies.


Cooks are enlisted ratings who carry out the essential task of preparing and cooking food and drink for the entire battlestar's crew, accounting for, stowing, and maintaining supplies by working the recycling and replicating plants.

Logistics Officer

Logistics Officers lead and manage the diverse team of specialists who make sure that an operation can be sustained by co-ordinating orders and deliveries of equipment, and providing food and other vital services. Logistics Officers may also be called on to provide professional advice on policy, professional, and accountancy matters.

Stores Accountant

Stores Accountants are enlisted ratings who are responsible for storing, accounting for and supplying all the equipment for the battlestar, from machine spare parts to clothing, from air and water filters to ammunition for the weapons systems.

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