Study Group
Study Group
Summary: After the Air Force meeting, Yuuri and Roubani talk in the library.
Date: PHD08
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Kharon - Library

Yuuri had kept quiet while walking with Poet through the Kharon. He's still in his flightsuit with the pen slid behind his ear. As the duo reach the library he enters first, heading to a table in the back of room. He slides out a chair for Roubani and settles into a seat across the table. "I'm going to be straight with you Poet. I don't have the best attitude in the fleet. I'm smart, just choose not to really use it, but when I do, I get stone walled." He opens the notepad and flips it to the page he showed the Captain. The diagrams are fairly clear: A 3D image of the Raider with dimensions wrote along planes and a sketch of a cylon model the marines said they saw. "Like I tried saying in the meeting, there is no way one of these seven foot cylons can man one of these." Typhys's finger points at the articles.

Roubani sits down, putting his notebook down. The edge of it is perfectly parallel with the table's edge. He offers no response to Yuuri until the end, though he does watch the man talk. His eyes go down to the drawing. "I agree. The command centre of these vessels is undoubtedly evolved; I wouldn't be surprised if they were running completely on AI of some sort."

"I wish you would have said something like that in the meeting." Yuuri chuckles after he replies. "So you are saying this could be individual AI's or networked?"

"Your point was correct and supported by its own evidence. There was no need to hammer it," Roubani replies, still looking at the drawings as he considers them. "I couldn't say for sure. I would need to analyse their group dynamic again, but instinct would say they are able to communicate information over network in some manner. They seemed too group-adaptive to be isolated systems."

"Isolated systems can be trained to work coesively can they not?" Yuuri continues to toss out ideas.

"They can," Roubani nods, folding his hands. "But the success of such systems is heavily dependent on the environment being sufficiently static." He pauses, his eyes coming up to look at Yuuri. "Why did you use the word 'trained' just there, sir?"

Yuuri leans back in his chair, caught offguard by the question. He didn't realize he had said it like that. "Well..I..uh..I mean, well we are trained to work together. I guess I was comparing the possiblities."

Roubani makes a considering sound in his throat, quiet a few moments as he looks back down at the images on the papers. "We also have a comms system and are in constant communication with each other during flight. If I were to guess, I would say they have an analogous function. Now granted, being able to communicate enemy positions and movements is a different level from 'networked programming'. They may very well have both."

"They have advanced quiet a bit in the last forty years. We can all agree to that." Yuuri starts, leaning forward against the table. "Anyone see what caliber holes were put into any of the Vipers?"

"I did not," Roubani shakes his head. "But I suspect deck has the full damage reports filed by now. It would be there."

Yuuri sighs and leans back in the chair, "You hear anything about that scanning program yet?"

"I'm still looking at the data from Captain Legacy's raptor," Roubani says. "It's going to take a little while." He exhales quietly through his nose. "Even if it does work, Lieutenant, and we find their staging point. What in Hades could we possibly do about it?"

"Remember, you are talking to the egotistical maniac viper jock?" Yuuri chimes in, chuckling.

Roubani gives Yuuri a weak half-smile and shrugs one shoulder.

"Counter-strike." Yuuri's humor disappears. "Raptor recon the shit out of it. When CO feels we have enough data..Strike and strike quick." He pulls the pen from behind his ear, "Same way we took the Odyessus."

Roubani folds his arms, cupping his elbows with his hands. He looks at the edge of one of the nearby shelves. "I guess we'll see."

Yuuri rips out the paper and slides it across the table towards Roubani, "If anything, you'd have more luck pushing the idea." His smile is positive towards the Ensign and he's being honest about it, "I'm just jock who doesn't feel fear in the cockpit."

"It'll be a while before anyone's in a position to push it, sir. One step at a time, as frustrating as I suspect it will be." Roubani turns his eyes from the wall and looks over the drawing again. "I don't know what to tell you about fear. Only that if you aren't lying then I sincerely envy you."

Fenris arrives from the Hallway - Deck 3, Midships.
Fenris has arrived.

"I turn fear into something else in the cockpit. I'm not going to say I don't feel it at all, but when I am flying..That's my duty, I kill things Poet." Yuuri flips the pen around in his hand, "I'm a killer that has no remorse for doing my job. My fears come to out of the cockpit."

"I'm sure you'll find your way, sir," Roubani replies quietly. He glances at the flipping pen, his own hands still kept motionless. After a second he speaks out of the blue. "You know, it's a horribly long shot. But if they /are/ networked and it's communicated wirelessly…theory would say the signals can be intercepted."

Yuuri and Roubani are seated at a table in the back corner of the Library. Theres a notepad on the table and sheet of paper infront of Roubani. There really isn't many people in the library at this time of night as most prefer alcohol during Condition three.

"I know my way Poet." Yuuri smiles the answer to him, "And if it can be intercepted, it can be traced. I'd give you a hand with the Raptor stuff if you want. Don't know if the Captains will like that, they didn't take well to me being around you."

"I'm sure so long as it gets done, it doesn't matter," Roubani answers. "This all goes beyond what may go on between one person and another."

It is the return of the Fen. The Lt. makes her way into the library with a couple of history books and a stack of video discs. As usual, she has the Stare, and it sweeps the aisles as she makes her way tu returning what she'd taken out. The voices catch her ear, however, and, after placing the discs on the shelf, she begins threading aisles to find the source.

"Maybe. If it does, it stops before me." Yuuri grins broadly, "And about your flying, I'll give you some pointers if you want, even though Fenris is the instructor onboard."

"I suppose I should let her decide. I will undoubtedly cost someone a great deal of time." Roubani trails off as his ears detect someone getting close. His eyes turn in that direction.

Yuuri nods to the words of Roubani and follows his gaze in the direction of the Ensign's eyes. "Hello?"

"Experience will help." Fenris chimes in, still bearing the books in her arms. A gaze flicked between wingman's old and new, then, "Poet, Typhoon. Am I interupting?"

Roubani unfolds his arms and stands up, stopping short of salute. "No, sir, not at all."

Yuuri looks a bit sheepish now seeing his old wingman. He never did get a chance to talk to her about that morning in the sim room. He leans back in his chair, using a foot to push out a seat for the Lieutenant at the table. "Mud." He offers, his icey jades never making eye contact.

"As you were." Fen returns as Roubie rises, "It wasn't my intent to disturb you." if Yuuri's demeanor makes any impact on her, she hides it well.

Roubani unfolds his hands from behind his back and sits back down. "You aren't disturbing us, sir. I had rather been hoping to find you. If you had some time later, perhaps after dinner shift."

"Well I hope the information or atleast thoughts I had can get your brain working overtime Poet." Yuuri says standing up. "I should probably change out of my flightsuit and head to the gym. If you want some of my notes from flight school Poet, I'll leave them on your bunk." It seems he's kept every note about flying since the academy. "El-tee, good seeing you on your feet again. You look better." He smiles-it's fake but he is sincere about seeing her walking and looking healthier. "Take care of Mud, you hear me?" Typhys speaks to Roubani from over his shoulder, his legs taking him down an aisle towards the hatch.

Pike arrives from the Hallway - Deck 3, Midships.
Pike has arrived.

"After dinner it is." is Fenris' reply, accompanied by a nod. She glances at Typhoon as he prepares to bug out and nods again, "Thank you, Yuuri. Don't injure yourself." She looks back to Roubani and asks, "Shall I leave you be, then?"

Roubani shrugs to Fenris. "We were just talking, sir. How are you feeling?" He nods to Yuuri. "Have a good evening, Lieutenant."

"Better, and yourself?" is the return. Fenris stands off in the aisles with a couple of history books in her arms, near Roubani as he sits.

Nine arrives from the Hallway - Deck 3, Midships.
Nine has arrived.

Yuuri nears the hatchway, looking back as his old wingman and sighing deepingly. He has no idea that someone has opened the hatch and he catches Dr. Pike right in the framework, wrapping an arm around her to steady himself. "Oh! Excuse me Doc." He offers genuinely before those icey jades spark a hint of amusement, "Never did get around to that free time did we?"

"Fine, sir, thank you." Roubani pauses, then says with an air of formal caution, "Captain Marek has moved me to your wingman." He sounds as though he's half-thinking he ought to be apologising for such a thing. "I assure you I'll be spending extra time in the sims."

Pike heads into the library, looking a little like she hasn't slept much. The bump into Yuuri startles her enough to make her pop her eyebrows skyward. Taking a moment to straighten her glasses and shake her head, she replies, "No, I, um, suppose we didn't…"

Nine enters the library, her prayer mask still on her head, but now reversed, the ribbon across her forehead, the back of her head wailing at the state of the universe, her under-face registering blank, for the most part, as she slips off into the stacks.

Fenris nods, "I will give you as much time as I can once I've been cleared, Ensign." she assures him. She sets her books down for a moment, then, hand settling on a shelf, "If there is anything you feel you are having particular difficulty with, let me know."

Yuuri unwraps his arm around the doctor, nodding in apology again. "Back is feeling better, used the pills up. Got anything for a bruised ego?" His smile is that charming one he tried on her in the recovery room, but he's going solo on this one, Fenris being near Roubani on the other side of the Library. "Was on my way to the gym, I'd ask if you'd like to join me..But I think that would be an extremely poor attempt at a date." He notices the strange woman he met a week ago, both icey jades following her down an aisle then back to Pike.

Roubani nods to Fenris, his dark eyes as solemn as always. "I'll make a list of what I was pointed at by my last instructor, sir." He gathers up the paper and notebook that were on the table in front of him. "I won't keep you if you've got things to do. I'll see you after dinner tomorrow." There's something in his voice that implies it's not going to be a casual chat type of meeting.

Pike grins a bit sheepishly, her eyes showing just a trace of bloodshot. "I suppose so, yes… I was actually planning to get some reading in. Been a couple journals I was planning on getting caught up on."

Nine heads out of the stacks again with her favorite two volumes from the bottom shelf of the middle unit in the third row, facing the hatch. She cradles the huge books on her way to a seat.

Fenris gives Roubani a little nod, "That will be helpful." There's a moment's pause, perhaps considering, then, "I'll be on hand if you need me." With that, she turns and begins to move off to give Roubani some space.

"Then perhaps yet another day." Yuuri offers the Doctor with a smile and a nod. "Scuttlebutt says we may have an Op coming up. Hope I don't see you in the infirmery." He slides to the side to allow Pike to pass and makes his way out through the hatch.

"Thank you, sir." Roubani replies in his soft voice. "Good evening." He tucks the papers and notebook into the crook of his arm and steps past Fenris, headed towards the hatch. He slows as he sees Pike and Yuuri still there, not looking to get too close to them while there's a bottleneck.

Pike nods, her eyes a bit droopy. "Yes, I should hope I have few patients then. Be safe." She then nods politely and makes her way into the stacks, nodding to Roubani as he makes his escape.

Nine turns pages slowly, looking over the information so often perused as if seeing it for the first time.

Fen watches Roubani move past her for some moments before she slips back into the aiseles and makes her way back to the history section to return her burdens while flirtation and perusal proceed apace around her.

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