Stations and Events

Kharon-Canon Duty Stations (Deployments) and Events

This is a page designed as a tool for players to look at and help them develop their char backgrounds if they want. Here you will find listings of various events, ships, and bases that people can utilize to help them fill out their backgrounds or maybe even give some a few char ideas. Each area is subdivided among major events and deployments, with further divisions available for each. People may add or create pages to this at their discretion.

However, there are some guidelines for creation of these pages:

  • Any event added into the system needs to be approved by staff if it falls outside the canon created by the show. Please submit a +request to staff prior to creation of an Event page. Instructions will be given within the responses provided by staff.
  • Please submit all major installations or ships via +request for review. You may do this by creating the page, and adding a BOLD text caveat 'not yet approved' to the top of the page, and then +request to let Staff know it's there and needs approval.
  • If a player wishes to fill-out the details of a canon event portrayed in the show, this must also be approved. Singular events that were merely touched on in the show are fine to create without permission as long as nothing else is added beyond known details provided by BSG.
  • Any major events on a ship such as a fire that killed a bunch of people or explosions, etc should be approved also. Minor events such as a Viper crash or events along those lines are fine to add without approval.
  • Out of respect for other players, do not modify existing information already listed on the pages.
  • Ships should be created using the blank template provided below.

You can find the ship/base template under templates when you create a new page. Enjoy!

Colonial Fleet Ships

These are the ships deployed by the Colonial Fleet. Registration numbers are not required. Feel free to pull ships that have been mentioned in the series and add them here.



  • Placeholder


  • Placeholder


Non-Fleet (Civilian) Ships

Colonial Movers, Cruise Ships, Luxury Yachts, you name it. If it doesn't belong to the Colonial Fleet and it floats in space, the information goes here.

Land Bases

Whether Marines or Navy, both services have duty stations and bases all over the Colonies. Small deployments for the Marines may be listed here as well, though any major combat operations should be listed under the Events section below. Please denote in the name below which Colony the base was on and try to keep them alphabetical by Colony.


War on Sagittaron? Major religious shift on Gemenon? These events should be placed here. Remember, prior to any creation of a page for this section, Kharon Staff should approve the event in its entirety.

Other Points of Interest

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