Staging Point
Staging Point
Summary: Yuuri and Roubani bring an espionage project to Legacy and Kai, and leave with a mountain of responsibility on shoulders all around.
Date: PHD 06
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Kharon - Naval Offices

The Navy Offices are quiet this evening. Thea's in her tanks and sweats, oddly enough. Off-duty woman to the rescue! She's sitting at a desk, files open in front of her, puzzling over something, apparently.

Roubani is wearing blue as he walks into the naval offices, buttoned straight to the top. He hasn't brought anything with him except for papers, which are behind him in his clasped hands. The interior of the place gets a cautious look before he spots Legacy at some desk, and he hesitates. "I think she's off-duty, sir," he remarks to Yuuri, quietly.

Yuuri enters behind the Ensign also in his blues. He nods in acknowledgement towards Roubani. In his hands are a notepad and a few of his Yuurigami figures.

Thea continues to sit at the desk, cheek resting in her hand as she taps a pen against the papers, apparently puzzling something out. She's clearly so lost in thought, that not even breadcrumbs will bring her back.

Roubani rubs his fingertips over his chin. He glances at the JG next to him, keeping his voice down. "Should we come back later, do you think?"

"Excuse me. Captain." Yuuri offers from just inside the hatch. His posture is rigid and down to busy.

Thea practically levitates at the voice and turns, blinking, eyes huge. Yeah, someone's not been sleeping well and isn't QUITE on her full game right now. But when she sees who it is, she offers both men a sheepish, albeit professional, smile. "Good evening, gentlemen," she says quietly. "Do you need this space? I can vacate if you've work to do."

Roubani turns a slight shade of red as Yuuri calls over, stiffening. His shoulders relax slightly when Legacy doesn't immediately bite their heads off, and he clears his throat softly. "Actually, sir…do you have a few minutes?"

The Lieutenant did his job of finding and getting the Captain's attention. Yuuri follows Roubani's lead, stay firm until he begins to move.

She blinks at them for a moment, then smiles and nods. "Come in and sit Lieutenant, Ensign. I do have a few minutes. What can I do for you?"

Roubani's posture remains formal. Even the insanity of the last few days can't break the mask of impartial neutrality that he wears. His dark eyes flicker to Yuuri and he starts over towards Legacy, but he stays silent to let the superior officer open this particular negotiation.

Yuuri follows behind the Ensign like a teacher walking a student to the principal's office. His icey jades looking upon the Captain, "Captain, Poet and I were going over films lastnight and we were curious if we could get your assistance with it." They duo finally reach the front of Legacy's desk and stop. "I'm sure Poet will go into the particulars off the hypothesis."

Thea's attention goes between the two for a time, then she gestures to the nearby chairs. "What can I assist with, gentlemen," she asks - again.

Roubani gives the chair an uncomfortable look. He'll follow Yuuri's lead as to whether they sit or not. Looking back at Thea, he says, "Would you be willing to grant access to your Raptor's signal analysis files from the last enemy engagement, sir?"

"The purpose of the analysis is to study signals of the Cylon fighters we engaged to see if we can determine the FTL capability for distance." Yuuri adds to Roubani's question.

Thea does not look overly pleased as she studies Yuuri, then turns her attention to Roubani, offering him a small smile. "I already spoke with the CAG, Poet," she says quietly. "I'm assuming you're referring to Constantine and that engagement? If so, I've already given my permission for you to have full access to everything my birds recorded and all of their information."

Roubani ahs quietly. "Yes, sir, the Constantine. My apologies then, I wasn't aware everything had been released." An Ensign doesn't regularly run into the CAG, after all. "We'll work from there, thank you."

Yuuri nods to the Captain, "Thank you for your time sir." He turns and moves towards the hatchway.

Normally, Thea's quite easy going and relaxed. One would think so tonight, as well, given that she's in her off-duties. But every once in awhile it's quite clear that there's a -reason- she's earned her rank of Captain. "Ensign, please sit," she says quietly, formally. "Lieutenant, you're welcome to stay or go, as you choose, but I will not ask you to sit for a third time." Her voice is cool and quiet. Attention turns back to Roubani and she dips her head. "I only spoke with the CAG about it, and about opening it to you, the other evening, Poet," she tells him with a small smile. "I'm sorry that I haven't had the chance to track you down. I wanted to be sure I had Captain Marek's permission for you to be on the project before dumping it in your lap. Mudguts is also doing an analysis from her place in the cockpit, focusing on the tactics used by the enemy ships."

Roubani now looks a little confused, albeit curious. He glances back at Yuuri and then follows the direction to sit. Granted, rather on the edge of the seat. "Project, sir? Which project is this?"

Yuuri turns around again and stands behind Roubani's seat. The notepad and figures still within his hands. He crosses his wrists and remain still, quiet and observing.

Thea looks up at Yuuri for a long moment, expression relaxed and thoughtful. But there's something else at hand, so she returns her attention to Roubani. "An analysis, thorough, of our opponents and their technology," Thea tells him quietly. "You are one of our strongest minds in this field, Poet. Of all the pilots, you are the one I'd trust with this. I spoke with the CAG about it the other night, and she and I are in agreement. There were…oddities about the way these things flew, the way they jammed, the problems with the avionics."

Roubani's dark eyes remain somber as he listens. "I will do everything in my power to assist, sir. Who is the project lead to report to?"

Yuuri stands behind Roubani's chair. The notepad and figures still within his hands. He crosses his wrists and remain still, quiet and observing.

"The CAG," Thea says with a small smile. "Though, I would like it if you reported to the Cap…" Pause. There he is! "If you would report to Captain Marek and he can decide whether or not the information needs to be shared with me."

Speak of the devil, indeed. Kai's still prodding lightly at the bruise on his cheekbone, by the time he draws up to Legacy and his pilots. The latter two are given a curt nod, rather than being addressed separately by rank. Then, "I didn't expect to find you here still, Captain. I don't suppose you've got some ice?"

"Understood, sir." Roubani is still sitting forward in his seat. One doesn't get too comfortable in front of Captains, especially when they start multiplying like this. "Sir," he says to the bruised Kai, and then addresses both at once. "What Lieutenant Yuuri and I wanted to do with your Raptor's data will likely constitute a separate project, though under this umbrella of technological reconnaissance. He is prepared to explain it more clearly than I, I think."

Yuuri breaks his silence and stillness with a nod towards Captain Macek before he speaks to the both of them, "Those were fighters and combat personel carriers that we fought. During aerial combat we found that those fighters used FTL drives to jump away." He pauses trying to collect his thoughts. "These fighters.." He begins, moving around Roubani chair and letting the foil figures fall to the top of the table - two looking like the raiders and one looking like the heavy raider. He flips the pages of his notepad and opens it to a 3D illistration of the two ships. "We believe have only limited FTL capabilities." He takes a step back allowing the two captains to view the details.

"I don't," Thea tells Kai, glancing curiously at the bruise. She looks past him to an Ensign at a back desk and says, simply, "Ice." The Ensign takes off after one glance at the female Captain's face. "Thank you, Poet," Thea tells him quietly, formally. Then she turns her attention to Yuuri. Whatever she's thinking is hidden behind a veneer of professionalism.

Kai sets his helmet down on one end of the desk, and strips the gloves off his hands while Roubani's speaking. His hair is matted against his skull in a rather fetching manner at the moment — if one finds helmet head appealing — and is rifled through while Roubani, then Yuuri speak their piece. "Not to piss on your parade, Lieutenant, but.. this isn't new information. Where are you going with it?" He doesn't sound angry. He doesn't even sound irritated, really, so much as cautiously curious. The foil figures are ignored for now.

Roubani looks over at the drawings as Yuuri shows them. He stays quiet so the Lieutenant can go on, his mind likely churning through a few hundred things in its non-verbal downtime.

"We were going to attempt to find the FTL signitures from the Constantine combat. Then come up with a program to detect those signitures and install it into the Raptors scanners." Yuuri pauses to look at Roubani for confirmation that he is going down the correct path, "The program will give a detailed distance scan to pinpoint the staging point."

Thea mulls Yuuri's words for a time, studying him, but then she turns her attention to Roubani and Kai, studying the expressions of the other two men.

"Thank you, Captain," Kai murmurs to Legacy, once the Ensign's scurried off to fetch that ice. He rests a buttcheek against the desk, blue eyes focused on Yuuri while he speaks. "So what you want, is an early detection and warning system for cylon raiders, based on detecting when they spool FTL? I'm willing to entertain your and the Ensign's ideas, provided you work with Engineering on this, but I'll tell you now— if their FTL is at all comparable to that of a capital ship, they'll be able to hide well out of the range of the raptors' scanners." He glances back to Althea. "Captain Legacy can correct me if I'm wrong."

Roubani shifts in his chair as they talk, crossing his long legs and resting his folded hands further back in his lap. When Kai finishes he shakes his head slightly. "I doubt with our systems that we could do that, sir. What we mean is this. Knowing that their escort ships have limited range jump capability, it may be possible to use that to detect where it is they deployed from. If we can sufficiently analyse the signature from their jumps and determine their maximum jump range, we can set a trigger in the Raptors that will scan that particular radius when they detect that signature. If it works it may give us information about their original staging point, whether it's some sort of larger ship or…whatever it may be. If that makes sense, sirs."

"Ten cylons jumped away from the combat." Yuuri looks towards Thea for a moment as he speaks, "If your scanners picked up as much as they could, the data could allow us to code a program to scan for their navigational systems. This scan could figure relative distance in accordance to out lying systems, giving us a chance to send Raptors in to investigate those systems." A hand reaches to his chin, finger stroking just below his lip. "If we can get into their nav systems and figure a way to track them from their FTL coordinates, we could mount a counter strike if we find the staging point in the Raptor recon mission."

Thea takes in all the information then nods slowly. "You're correct," she tells Kai, then looks to Roubani, dipping her head. "You don't want to go after the raiders," she states. "You want to go after their ORIGIN and take it out from there. Which you can do by determining their maximum jump capability, to give us a starting point."

Kai's brow smoothes slightly at the elucidation from Roubani, and the junior pilot is given a small nod of understanding. "It's dependent of course, Lieutenant, on being able to decode and decouple their FTL signature and nav algorithm. Ideally, we'd have one of those machines sitting in our hangar bay that we could dismantle. Why don't you two write me up a proposal, and I'll see that it gets to the CAG? Again, you'll be working with Engineering on this if she and Captain Legacy approve it."

Yuuri just nods to the Captains.

Roubani's eyes flicker at the notion of one of those things sitting in the hangar bay. It's as close to 'starry-eyed' as he gets, though it's quickly back under the solemn cover. Task at hand, focus. He too nods, formally. "Yes, sir."

"I know of a snipe who'd be perfect for the project, should we get our hands on one," Thea says quietly, nodding to Kai.

"Got it, Lieutenant?" Marek enquires of Yuuri. The ice has finally arrived, and he murmurs his thanks to the Ensign before touching it gingerly to his cheek. "I wouldn't hold my breath," he adds, to Legacy.

"How much data did we collected that day will determine how many signitures and how much coding it will take to gain any idea on their systems in general." Yuuri looks to Macek, "We match up the signitures from the data with film to determine what time the information was gathered. This should help us point out which -could- be their nav systems." He pauses to try and reword what he said. "Using the film to determine the time the data would have been collected with the received data from the Raptors, we can narrow the coding and signitures down to atleast eighty percent if not better."

Roubani's expression says nothing about the exchange between the Captains. He just sits, not moving but for his breathing and a shift of his dark, intensely guarded eyes to Yuuri while the Lieutenant speaks.

"That's a decent idea, Lieutenant," Thea tells Yuuri, smiling a bit. "I know you'll be happy to work with engineering on this." She pauses. "Unless you come to us with an engineering background?"

Kai remains silent for now, listening and letting Legacy play 'good cop' while he ices his cheek.

"I'm sure engineering would be a great amount of help." Yuuri says with a nod towards Legacy.

Roubani looks back and forth between those talking, his attention focused. His mouth remains in an unsmiling line, his eyes occasionally flickering. One can imagine the mental filing system in his head busy taking up some of his personal CPU as he organises his mind.

"We might involve the LSO, as well," Kai clarifies. "Unfortunately, we don't have anyone aboard specialising in cylon technology— to my knowledge. But I'll be relying on your expertise, Ensign." A nod to Roubani.

Yuuri nods again towards the Captains and looks to Roubani, "I just had the idea, you are the brains of this. We could discuss this again and go over details."

Thea falls back to silence, glancing over at Kai with a brow arched ever so slightly. Wonder-twin powers activate!

"What I know of cylon technology is limited," Roubani says, evenly. "But it will not stay that way." That sounds like as much a solmen promise to himself as to his superior officers. His eyes flicker down when Yuuri calls him the brains of it, and he scratches the corner of his eye with his little finger. "An ECO could also be of great help, Captain Legacy. Particularly one that has a solid understanding of the programming, such as Lieutenant Thayer."

Kai meets Legacy's eyes for a moment, while Roubani's speaking. Who knows what they're communicating with those silent looks. He nods to the Ensign then, setting the ice down in order to prod at his bruise again. "Good idea."

"As the Ensign said was I was thinking, an ECO would have the knowledge of the systems used to scan. With the information picked from the data recorded, the ECO(s) could help create a computer program to scan and essential spy on the Cylon spacecraft's systems." Yuuri points out, reaching to take the notepad from the desk.

"Stop poking at it," Thea tells Kai quietly. She's not using Mommyvoice. Not really.

Kai obediently stops prodding at the bruise, and shifts a little in his lean against the desk. The corner's starting to dig into this thigh. "Write me up a proposal, Lieutenant. We'll let the experts decide how it's done." His tone is just a fraction cooler than it was a moment ago; not quite a chastisement, though it could easily become one.

Roubani turns what Yuuri says over in his head. He adds nothing after Kai speaks, watching his knee thoughtfully.

"Very well. That's all we had to offer, dismissed? Sirs." Yuuri speaks to the Captains.

Thea finally snaps. It's a simple way to put it. Very easy. The Raptor driver just -stares- at Yuuri for a time then nods, once. "You are, Lieutenant." And then, quite simply, she dismisses him as if he's not even there and her attention turns to Roubani. "You, Ensign, are not."

Yuuri quirks a brow and offers a salute, snapping to attention and turning around towards the hatch with his notepad in hand.

Yuuri heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
Yuuri has left.

Kai is silent while Legacy handles the pilots, arms folding and gaze shifting from the departing Yuuri to the seated Ensign. His brows beetle together slightly.

Roubani raises his eyes when Legacy directs him to stay. Predictably, he doesn't move. "Sir."

Thea's jaw works for a moment as she looks at Kai. Apparently she's chewing quite a few words back and trying to swallow them. "Apologies, Poet," she manages, finally, looking to Roubani. "But this is not the time for officious douchebaggery." Yes, she just used douchebaggery in a sentence. In proper context and with proper syntax. Sadly, it's not a triple word score. "I didn't mean for you to get in the middle of that. When you're ready to go, as far as I'm concerned, you're free to do whatever the hell you'd like. I trust you." She looks to Kai since, well, Kai IS Roubani's boss.

"I still want that proposal on my desk," Kai confirms. That he trusts the Ensign should be implicit, hopefully. And whatever his opinions of Yuuri, they're kept to himself.

The Raptor captain's choice of vocabulary makes Roubani's eyes flicker down towards her shoulder, and he rubs the tip of his thumb over his brow. When he looks back at her eyes he nods, then looks at Kai. "Yes, sir, you'll have it by morning." He glances between the two of them then. "Concerning the main project you mentioned before, Captain Legacy, is there a designated area to work in? I assume the CAG wouldn't wish sensitive information being analysed just anywhere."

Thea looks briefly chastened, but not much. Mainly, she looks tired. "Check with the CAG," she tells the man quietly. "She'll let you know where to work. I'd prefer, for now, that it be your eyes only. Anyone you need to bring in, let the Captain or the CAG know."

Kai lifts his eyes to Legacy, when another project involving one of his pilots is mentioned. The look is brief, and there's a small wince as he touches the ice to his cheek again.

Roubani catches the look from Kai to Legacy but doesn't comment. Not getting in the middle of a Captain Thing, not this Ensign. "I'll see what information we have and what analyses can be done. From there I can better judge who will be needed." There's no 'if' in there. Overconfident, he is not. A look goes between the two again. "Will there be anything else for now, sirs?"

"Stop poking it, damnit," Thea tells Kai, then reaches out to hold the ice herself, voice low. "From the CAG," she tells the other Captain. "I told Roubani at the front that I needed to clear it with you, first."

Kai relinquishes the packet of ice, if grudgingly, to Legacy. "I hope Poet's got time for flying, with all these special projects he'll be working on," is noted with a chuckle. He seems genuinely bemused, not bothered; speaking of trust, there's obviously a fair bit of it between he and Thea. "Dismissed, Ensign. Have a good evening."

Roubani watches Legacy take the ice with an uncomfortable look. The dismissal relieves it, and he sets his hands on the chair arms and stands up. It's a little slower than usual, as though his body weighed a lot more than it did when he walked in here. "You as well, sir. Captain." A polite nod to Legacy and he does the usual salute, before turning off for the hatch.

The female captain grumbles softly under her breath at Kai though nods to Roubani, once. "Evening, Poet," she calls, then looks back toward the other Captain. "How in all hells did you do that," she asks quietly, fussing over the Viper pilot.

Kai's voice is low, and probably not heard by the departing pilot, "I was being a little careless on the flight deck. Moral of the story, man versus reinforced steel rivet, steel rivet wins. Ouch." He gives a little wince.

Roubani heads out. He's going to have to go dig out his industrial-strength calculator.

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