Your Current Staff

Name Position
Zeus Ops: Head Wizard / MU* Owner
Nemesis Theme: Lead Storyteller
Nike Theme: App Wizard
Aphrodite Support: Building / Helper

Code of Ethics

For a MUSH to survive, the Players need to be able to trust the Staff. As a result, these are the Code of Ethics that all Staff adhere to.

1) Stay off of Player Channels. Nothing worse then wondering if a lingering dark admin is monitoring your channel. If you need to join a channel for some reason, and you are dark, check with players on the channel before joining it or check with the player who 'owns' the channel.

2) SUSPECT Flag. It's good and it's bad. Should ONLY be used on players that are /known/ troublemakers who are MALICIOUSLY trying to disrupt game play for others. It is not to be used as a whim or to spy on players.

3) If you feel the need to join a players location, let ALL the players in that location know and try to get permission if it's somewhere "private", ESPECIALLY if you are DARK. Nothing worse then @tel'ing into a VERY private scene and embarrassing people (Ala Ambryl's Wizard Lecture) . Where possible, try to use +JOIN <PLAYER> after you have given several minutes of advance warning, as this announces your arrival in the room.

4) Being DARK in a room with players. Avoid it. A player WILL catch you with @sweep. If you need to do something to a room, or be in that room, again, let all players in that room know.

5) Arguments. These are bad, especially in public places. If an argument ensues, try to keep cool and calm about it. As a Staff Member, how you treat the players is a representation of the MUSH itself. Never let your temper get the better of you. If things start to get out of hand, step back, take a breath and ask someone to take over.

6) You have EXAMINE powers. Don't abuse them. Players will and do store personal information in &-Attributes on themselves. If you come across personal information, DO NOT SHARE IT.

7) Do not @force players. It's rude. As well, don't randomly change @descs of players or modify their &-Attributes, unless you have a reason (Such as to correct a Skills problem).

8) Under no normal circumstances, should staff be monitoring players pages, mails etc.. etc.. — Privacy is paramount in my opinon and if I find loggers belonging to Staff, I will @nuke the objects immediately and let the players involved know. This includes the use of @forwardlists or any other loggers.

9) @sitelock is not a toy. It's not a get-out-of-an-argument-quickly button. It's used as a last resort for players who have repeatedly attempted to harm the game.

10) Under no circumstances should a Staff Member use their position as Staff to try and force a character to do something. As well, under no circumstances should a Staff use their position as Staff to better their own PCs.

And finally, people will have opinions. Both good and bad. Under no circumstances will a player be penalized or banned for voicing opinions that are different then that of Staff. If it transpires on Public Channels, you may politely direct them to the <Rant> channel. Personal insults based on sexual preferences, religion, race etc.. will not be tolerated though.

NOTE: Everything of I've listed here can be found in in Ambryl's Wizard Lecture located at:

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