Squishy Moments
Squishy Moments
Summary: Jupiter is visited by Castor and a squishy moment is had by all.
Date: PH 36 (May 25th, 2009)
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The ward is still populated with a few of the Air Wing, though it appears they're all asleep at the moment, all except Jupiter. She sits up in her bed, this time wearing sweat pants under her gown, to prevent ass flashing at unexpected moments. Some bruises have begun to blossom up her right arm, but the rest, if there are any (there are) are hidden by her various clothing bits. Her hair is rumpled and curly as ever, hiding her head trauma, and the quarter sized balt spot she's currently sporting. She has a magazine about gardening on Caprica, and could not look more bored.

Castor steps into the recovery ward round two, this time he is going to hang in their and not freak the frak out. He takes a breath and looks for any sign of movement. He has a bag with him, a brown paper bag, aparently it cleared security and the Major. He spots Jupiter and begins walking toward the woman as he attempts not to look over at Roubani. He finally makes his way to the mouthy pilot as he says, "So, you needed a toothbrush?" He then reaches into his bag producing a toothbrush. He notices the magazine and then pulls out a book, it is one of those popular culture type books that everyone knows about but not everyone has read, this one is about a magician.

Jupes looks up over the magazine, with a crinkle of pages, to regard the new arrival to the ward with a steely blue eye. "I have dragon breath thanks to the terminal delays of the Castor express. Shit, man. Twelve hours late." She yanks off one of the leads attached to her body, and slides out of the bed, taking her prize and heading for the Head.

Castor looks at Jupiter and offers a, "You're…" and as the woman walks to the head he says, "welcome." To the empty bed. He then takes a moment to say softly, "Well, good to know one pilot made it through all of this." He then takes a second to look around in the bag as if he is searching for something as he waits for Jupiter to come back. "Where is the frakking thing?"

Jupes takes a good long time in there, enjoying the pleasures of clean teeth and non-dragon breath. She's always in the head brushing her teeth or flossing her teeth, or otherwise grooming. She leaves the door cracked, and the soft sond of brush, brush, brushing can be heard. Oddly, no nurse comes by to check out the beeping of a removed lead. Probably because there is none. Woops, someone turned off the alarm. Mysterious.

Castor notices the lack of alarm and he would normally frown on such shenanigans, but it is Jupiter and she can get away with such behavior, however for some instinctive reason Castor becomes a look out man. He then says, "You've got about t-minus, twenty seconds before the nurse comes back." He says to the empty door. He then moves toward the nurse to distract her. He places the paper bag by Jupiter's bed and engages the nurse, "Nurse Ratchette, I was wondering if I could talk to you for a moment about the state of medical affairs on this ship, I mean, there are so many pilots in the ward right now and I hope you are treating them well. May I also say that is a lovely shade of white you are wearing, it goes well with your blonde hair." The nurse gives Castor an odd look but she isn't watching the door to the head or Jupiter's bed. The kid learned how to fast talk somewhere and it shows in the nurses confusion.

A cigar is promptly snatched from the bag, and stowed away under the pillow, as is a deck of Triad cards. It's likely that no one even notices the bag crinkle when she does it. And that's why they call her Fingers. Jupes slides back into bed, and flips open the book Castor was messing with before. "What the hell is this?"

Castor looks at the nurse, "Well, Nurse Ratchette, this has been lovely but I need to check on my fellow pilots now." He then offers a warm smile, "And do take care." He then turns to look at Jupiter who has now pilfered her prizes from the bag although puppy dog Castor missed it, "This is a bag of goodies I managed to put together for you sorry lot that couldn't handle all the cylons." He takes a moment to grin as he opens the bag, "Let's see, I've got a few things, magazines, chocolate, and other goodies." He offers the bag to Jupiter, "Anything you want from here?" He says in comforting tones.

Jupiter looks up from the book, and shakes her head. "No, I'm good. I should be out of here sometime today, unless my brain bleeds or I start flopping around like a fish out of water. I'm told that would be bad." She doesn't sound too concerned. "Thanks for the toothbrush." Aw, she can say it!

Castor takes the bag back, "Suit yourself and the bit about your brain bleeding isn't funny." He says, "However, if you start flopping around I'm not sure anyone would tell the difference." He teases, He then doesn't look but he thumbs over in Roubani's general direction, "Did the preacher man fix Poet's beads or do I need to break his jaw." There is something in his tone as he mentions Ajax that isn't evil, but it isn't good.

"You should back off everyone, snarly." Jupiter flips a page in the book, pretends to read it, then glances over. "Pick your battles before someone puts you on your ass. I'm sure the preacher fixed them. Men like that have a thing about doing what they say they're going to do." She sounds a little annoyed by that statement, but it's gone in a moment. She tosses the book into her lap. "Get the stick out of your ass already."

Castor says, "Well I've got orders from the Major to make sure the beads were fixed and returned to Poet." His tone then calms as he remembers why he is here, "Alright Jupiter, I'll back off for now." Notice the emphasis on for now. "Anyway, how are they treating you, I mean you sort of landed your bird like a drunken bat coming off of a meth high so I'm thinking your bird must have been frakked up beyond all recognition." He then adds, "What I mean to say is that I'm glad to see you are alive." There is something in his tone, there goes that family tone again that he used the other night. "And I'm pretty sure the Chief is shitting kitties because of your miracle landing."

Jupiter glances over at Castor. "Are you seriously quoting orders on a thing like repairing prayer beads? Man, that stick is wedged up there good." She tips back against the pillows, and eyes the other pilot for a long moment. "Wasn't such a bad landing. I still had my tail and controls, even if half my cockpit was out at the time. Good thing I'm a hands on girl." She smirks a little. "It was going good until Spider decided he wanted a kiss. Talk about swapping paint."

Castor looks at Jupiter and says, "Hey, I just want to make sure Poet gets his beads back and I am under orders is all." The way he says this places emphasis on the first part and not the second. "It is a good thing ou are a hands on girl and yeah, I haven't seen a landing that close in, well, ever."

There's a pause before the dark haired Black replies. She shoves her arms behind her head, reclining like she's on a beach, and this is a lounge chair, not a gurney. An Aerelon Apple Twist would complete the look, but sadly there are none on hand. That's a shame, too, because they're pretty tasty. "Keep watching, they'll get closer. Course I might not walk out of it, but that's what the medical monkeys are for." She doesn't look over at Poet, but she's probably thinking about it. "What's your problem, anyway? A preacher take you aside for some private libation when you were a munchkin, or what?" Classy.

There's a pause before the dark haired Black replies. She shoves her arms behind her head, reclining like she's on a beach, and this is a lounge chair, not a gurney. An Aerelon Apple Twist would complete the look, but sadly there are none on hand. That's a shame, too, because they're pretty tasty. "Keep watching, they'll get closer. Course I might not walk out of it, but that's what the medical monkeys are for." She doesn't look over at Poet, but she's probably thinking about it. "What's your problem, anyway? A preacher take you aside for some private libation when you were a munchkin, or what?" Classy.

Castor looks at Jupiter and he says, "Well, the Doc will patch everyone up, that is what they are paid for." Pay, who is getting pay these days. Leda then lets his eyes drift to meet Jupiter's as he says, "The truth? My Mother and Father died when I was a kid, the priests told me everything would be fine and it wasn't. My brother and I lived on the streets for a few years. The priests never helped and they always told us everything would be okay." He then takes another breath, Ajax has to get Castor angry for the truth but Jupiter just has to you know land badly and possibly die. "Then there was the bit about my brother dying and the prophecy. The Oracle said one of us would die and the other would live to be a hero. So, my brother, the perfect pilot, the perfect hero died and I lived. The priest said I survived and that it was all part of my destiny and it was a miracle. So, I'm not a fan of the Lords."

Jupes settles in with her arms crossed behind her head. She watches Castor as he relates his tale of woe. "Priests are people, just like everybody else. A lot of them are selfish pricks. A lot of them ain't. If you want something, you have to get it. No one's gonna give you shit. All that prophecy crap pays the bills and gets them donations. Don't worry about it. That sucks about your brother, though." She's quiet for a moment, then says, "You turned out fine. You know," She picks up the book again. "More or less. So quit bitching about it. Everyone's dead anyway. Including those priests. Pray to them and tell them to suck it."

Castor listens to Jupiter and he smiles, he tries to hide it, but he beams a bit. He then says, "Well you turned out alright yourself you know." He says, "A bit of a brash potty mouth, but to be honest, I am jealous of that." All of this truth telling can only mean one thing, a subject change. He then takes a moment to look around the ward before he says, "No, but seriously, how bored are you in here cause I reckon on a scale one to you know, paint drying is exciting, how are you feeling?"

Jupiter flips the page in the book, and scans the second paragraph. She narrows her eyes slightly, then skips a few pages, maybe looking for the scandalous part. "Is there any sex in this thing?" Page, page, page, page. "If there's no sex in this thing…" Oh, look out. She might throw it. Or she could be messing with Castor. Dang, it's so hard to tell!

Jupes says, "Don't get squishy. I'm just saying you haven't gotten anyone killed yet." She always knows how to bring the house down and tug those heart strings. It's like a basket of puppies, all warm and fuzzy. "Still have a little headache, but bored as shit. I hate sitting still."

Castor opens his bag, "Sex, huh?" He begins looking through the brown bag, "Well, I tried to find porn for the Cap, but, you know it just sort of turned into those mags where no one really gets naked and it is a lot of frivolous talk about how to please a woman or seven erogenous zones you never knew she had." He keeps looking through the bag, "Oh I've got a Lady Caprica mag, if you are into that sort of thing." He then looks up at Jupiter, "I don't want anyone dead and in fact no one dies on my watch." He then puts the bag down, "As for the headache I tried to sneak booze in but the Major caught wind and I had to ditch it. Though I'm sure you could fake the headache and get the nice stuff. You know the stuff that makes you forget you have a soul."

"… Seven? There's at least twelve. What kinda shit magazine are you reading?" Jupiter snorts and crosses her arms over her chest, book still resting in her lap. "I don't think they want me sucking down a blood thinner when my brain might bleed. Are you trying to kill me?" She shakes her head. "The stuff I want they don't prescribe on a military vessel." A grin curves her lips briefly.

Castor looks at Jupiter and offers in his Aquarian tones, "Ain't nothin been twixt my nethers for over seven years so I couldn't tell you." He then gives a small laugh as he says, "I don't want you dying, remember, no one dies on my watch." He pats his pocket as if to look for a cigar until he realizes where he is, "As for the good stuff, I can always try to sweet talk the Major?" He offers, Lords know the guy manages to fast talk a lot of people into all sorts of strange trades in his favor.

Jupiter shakes her head slightly. "How did you get your wings without learning the art of getting the panties? That explains a whole lot." Obviously she thinks he's uptight because he's not getting any. "Tell you what, I hear the engineers are easy. Failing that, go for a nurse. Go pretend to pass out. Works like a charm." She gives him a shooing gesture. "That blonde was giving you the eye earlier."

Castor eyes Jupiter for a moment and then says, "I'm one of those old fashioned Aquarian boys, I'm a one love kind of guy." He then jokes, "However, I'll add your suggestions to the playbook." He goes through the options, "Engineers huh? Really, but they are all sciencey and serious." He does think of a certain combat medic for a moment before he says, "Which blonde, do you mean Flash? Frak, she is like my little sister."

"The nurse, you tool." Jupi laughs and shakes her head again. It's like sitting at the table with your littler brother over dinner, when he shows the parents the condoms he made into earthworm habitats. Hey, it could happen. "There's no time for true love when the population is down to us."

Castor looks over at the nurse and he gives a wave and a smile before he turns to Jupiter, "Well, I have my heart set on someone." He offers though he adds, "The blonde is cute, though, I like brunettes myself." He then turns back and looks at Jupiter before he offers, "As for the no time for love thing you are right, I'd love a couple of kids." He then takes a moment to give the blonde one more once over before he says, "However, if it becomes an order I'll put in my part to repopulate the human race. Then again the day that an order like this given I will most likely be dead and gone or we just entered paradise or the Cylons just surrendered and are acctually a series of ridulously hot women."

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard." Jupiter does throw her book at Castor now. "Gods. You know, I would ask who the lady is, but I've learned there are just some things I don't want to know."

Castor is silently happy she doesn't ask, seeing as how Eileithyia is enlisted and he is an officer however as the book hits him in the chest he lets off a sudden, "Oof." If the puppy dog has a weakness it comes to dealing with meeting the hotter sex. "Right on that note, I think I'm out. Jupiter, when you get out and you have time find me, I've still got booze for you once we hit condition three."

"Shoo. Take that book with you." Jupes' lips twitch into a brief grin, but it's gone as if it never was. See, stoic. Poker face. "I'm watching you. I know you're up to something." She points at Castor, then says, "Have the doctor come over on your way out, upon threat of disembowelment or, you know, more bitching. I need out of here." She makes the shooing motion with a hand.

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