Squeaky Clean
Squeaky Clean
Summary: Girls gossip in the head between shifts
Date: PHD179 (14 Oct 2009)
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The head is quiet tonight - it's apparently between shifts. Aly's standing at one of the sinks, a towel wrapped around her, as she does the pre-shower make-up removal routine that most women go through.

The door to the head swings open, clanging, before the woman entering grabs ahold of the back and pulls it shut with a thump. "Holy shiiiiit" she groans out, immediately upon entering the end, not really caring if there's anyone in the head already or not. She's finished up her shift, and now she's looking for a shower before hitting the sack for some shut eye. A towel is slung over the shoulder of her off-duty tanktop, and her bathkit is in her hand, as she slides up to the sink next to Aly. "Heya" she practically grunts out, giving the woman a little nod of her chin. "Just finishing up? Or getting cleaned up before starting?" Cin's never seen this woman before, but what a big frakkin' surprise that is!

Aly glances over and chuckles quietly, seeming to be one of those relaxed types. "Just getting ready for the shower," she replies. "There is very little in the world as wonderful as a nice, long, hot shower." There's a pause and she sighs. "Unless it's a long, hot bath. I'd kill for one of those, but the kitchen sinks aren't big enough." There's a grin on her face, though. "Just coming off duty?"

"Ugh…yeah, please don't remind me what a hot bath feels like. I was just getting used to hot steamy showers for the rest of my natural life…" she says with a sigh, but remembers that daily showers are better than weekly or biweekly showers. "And yeah…coming off patrol. My feet are frakkin' killing me." She takes a second to bend over and untie her boots, but doesn't kick them off yet. After, she stands back up, snatches up her ponytail, and wraps it up in a loose bundle on the top of her head with a tie. "Private Cinder Brand…grunt" she says, holding out her hand after putting her hair back.

Aly finishes swiping her face with the cloth then holds a clean hand out. "Lieutenant Emannuelle Mimieux, psych. Pleasure to meet you. You might try some band-aids for your heels. That helps."

"Yeah…already doing that. Not the first time I've had raw heels…'cept this time it's in boots and not pump heels" she comments, taking the woman's hand and giving a firm, brisk shake. "It's the rest of the foot though…just hurts. Not used to being on my feet for such a long stretch at a time yet. I'm like…super green. Barely out of basic and MP school." At the sink beside Aly, Cinder gets the hot water going, filling up the basin and getting out her soap to get off her own minimal makeup.

Aly chuckles quietly and nods. "That's always a bitch," she allows. "I remember those days all too well, and sadly, they're going to get worse for me. I'm picking my PT back up. I'm WAY out of shape." Her cloth gets carefully rinsed and wrung before getting draped over the side of the sink. Then it's on to facial inspection.

Aly's inspecing her face just as Cinder begins to splash her face. "Ahhhh…" she groans out, luxuriously. "I'll never get tired of that!" Dripping water from her chin, she gives Aly a little grin. "Hey, maybe we'll see each other in the gym or something then, since it looks like we drew the same shift or whatever. I've been in there quite a bit…gotta get fit myself. No more time to be a soft civvie, especially now that I somehow got through basic and all."

"Mmmmm," Aly murmurs, shaking her head. "I'm afraid I don't get the luxury of shifts. I'm on call 24/7. The joys of being the ship's psyche." Of course, she doesn't look like it bothers her in the least, though. "I tend to come and go at odd times, though it IS likely we'll run into each other." She tilts her head toward the other woman. "It's not a big ship."

Cinder can only smirk a little at that. "Tell that to my frakkin' feet. Kinda glad we're not on one of those monsters…the big ass ones, like…ahhh what was that one…." She furrows her brows a little, and begins to scrub her face down while she thinks. "Belerophon! That's it. The big mother frakker that found us on the Elpis. Gods…I bet you could go weeks on one of them and not see the same person outside of your bunkmates."

Aly's smile flickers just a little and she nods, once. "Yes, the Bell," she says softly, going still as she studies her reflection. "Smaller ships can be somewhat of a blessing." Or a curse. "How long have you been aboard?"

"You know…I can't honestly say. Came over from the Elpis. Then it was a week or two before I marched up to a marine grunt and told him I wanted in the service. Then basic. MP school…so…three months I'd guess. One day runs into the next without too many peeks at the sun…suns." She's really bearing down hard now with the soap, scrubbing deep…beauty's no longer and essential part of her job anymore, and she's scrubbing to get the pores clean.

"One month, fifteen days, actually," Aly says in a quiet voice, still for now. Her attention seems focused in the mirror. "I was stationed on Bellerophon and went over to Elpis, with the Marines, to get the civilans off." There's something a touch far away in her voice.

Cinder just sighs. Way the frak off. "Damn…I'm all screwed up for time then." Probably the time spent as a listless civillian on Elpis, then to start the trip here.

The psych shakes her head slightly. "All of us are," she says with a soft sigh. "Time isn't as relative as it used to be, you know? But, well, the important thing is that we're all safe, we've all got a good place, warm beds and other people around." Is she trying to convince Cin or herself?

"Hmmm, good point! Biggest change for me is having a job again. Something to occupy the time between going to sleep and waking up." She keeps scrubbing her face some more, then gives it a nice quick, sloppy rinse, not caring about the water slopping down her tanktop or neck. "So…you're a psych doc right? Don't you think there's a way to keep people's…frak, what's the word…." Cinder scrunches her nose up a little, biting her lower lip with her upper teeth when she thinks. "That…internal clock. There's no way to keep that somewhat normal on a ship like this? On Elpis, when you traveled at night, they cranked the lights down and covered the windows."

"Biological clock," Aly supplies, smile turning a little wry. She drops her eyes and reaches for the soap to clean her hands. She's rather precise about it, too. "And I'm afraid not. All we can do is try to keep to certain set routines."

"Yeah…right! Makes sense, I guess. There's three shifts so yeah…." She doesn't seem too focused on getting super clean at the sink like you, and instead slides some things in her case, collecting it all up and heading over one of the stalls. Inside, she begins by hanging out the towel, getting her shower stuff out of the tote and putting them in the shower proper, and kicking off her boots.

"Exactly," Aly calls over her shoulder to the other woman. Satisfied that what needs plucked is plucked and that all the lines are where they should be, she heads over for a stall herself and leans in to turn the water on, letting it heat up. "It's not too hard, once people get the hang of it. It's the getting the hang of it that's a problem."

Cinder hears Aly cranking the water up in her staff, and leans in to do the same thing in the stall she's getting ready to enter. Boots off, the next sensical thing to come off are the pants, sliding them out and hanging them up on a hook in there, standing in just her marine boxers and her offduty tank.

Once behind the curtain, Aly's towel gets hung on the hook with the other one and various bottles come out of her caddy. A quiet sigh escapes, though it's hard to tell WHY she's sighing. After just a moment, there's the change in sound of a body going under the water.

Cinder doesn't display half the concern over showing her body compared to Aly. Instead of pulling the curtain shut before she strips down, she practically strips down the nude before hauling the curtain shut. The same change in the water sound happens in Cinder's shower as well, and instead of a sigh, it's met with a loud, borderline erotic groan as she steps under the steaming water. "Ohhhhh gods…" she exclaims. "That feels good!"

Aly laughs quietly and shakes her head. "If I didn't know better," she calls out to the other woman. "I'd swear you snuck someone in there with you." Definitely amusement in her voice. She sounds more satisfied than anything, wrapping herself in the warm water.

"Well, it's certainly big enough to!" Cinder calls out from the adjacent stall. "But nope, just me in here!" Of course, that still doesn't completely eliminate the fact that that groan could be exactly what you thought it was.

The psyche just shakes her head and focuses on her own shower. It's safer that way. No, really. Thoughts about what other people might be doing in their showers really aren't anywhere she wants to go.

The head gets more or less silent except for the hiss of water in the showers. Both women seem to be dutifully scrubbing away, enjoying the hot steam that wafts from the shower heads. Soon, the cold mirrors are fogged up from just two showers going. Good thing it's a sort of off hour, or other people out there might be groaning at their shave getting ruined by all the fog!

Aly's shower gets turned off first and there's the sound of her drying off. After a moment, she mmmms quietly and the rustling of dressing can be heard. "I wish we could stay in for HOURS," she murmurs.

"That'd be great!" Cinder groans out from inside her own stall. Of course, with water rations, showers can't be super long, so she's not much longer than Aly's. She turns the water off, and snatches her towel, giving a quick pat down, mostly on the legs, so she can slide her pants back on first.

It only takes a minute for Aly to emerge from the stall in her sweats and tank. Given that her hands are full, her hair's left wet for the moment - at least until she can make it over to the sinks where everything gets put down.

Cinder's out of the shower next, pants on, boots off but in hand, suspenders down around her waist, in just a bra for a top. Her hair, once in a bound up ponytail, is now all down and soaked through. She looks not unlike Aly, carrying an armload of supplies, boots, clothes, and towels over to the shower to finish up.

It takes Aly only a moment or two to get her hair brushed out and wound up in a french braid. "Well, it looks as though ablutions are done for tonight," she says with a grin at the other woman. "It was nice meeting you, Private. If you need anything, my door's open."

"Will do!" Cinder replies, with a little nod. She's left at the sink for a while longer, taking a rather long time to thoroughly brush through that long hair.

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