Sparring With The XO
Sparring With The XO
Summary: Praxis and Leda sound off on the subject of Kitty's problems while she spars with the Captain.
Date: PHD 192 (10-28-09)
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It's several hours since her talk with Captain Legacy, a talk that has left her feeling raw and angry at herself, that anger directed at a heavy bag which she punches with gusto. The dull thud of gloves against the large piece of vinyl-covered workout equipment is coupled with the grunts and huffs of exertion can easily be heard as very little in the way of other people are here, Kitty one of perhaps five here currently.

Praxis enters into the gym with his off duty clothing. Yes, even with his crippling disabilities, the man still thinks exercise is super important. Wait what? Crippling disabilities? Anyway, the XO heads further in with a duffel bag and heads over to the mat, dropping the bag and quirking a brow at Ajtai. "Lieutenant." the Captain calls to her, unzipping his duffel bag and throwing in her direction a pair of boxing gloves. "You look as if you have some steam to unload." Fight time.

Kitty looks up and sniffs a bit, using her arm to rub the tip of her nose as she regards Praxis curiously, not used to seeing him outside of the few times she happened to wander into CIC and the occasional run-in at the mess hall. "You could say that, sir." Whatever caused the 'steam' is not commented upon, it left alone until either Praxis asks about it directly or somehow directs her to continue on. "How are you doing?"

Seeing as how Kitty is failing to see the ordinance that he had pretty much thrown at her, Praxis now gestures towards it when he's strapping on his gloves. "Are you blind, Lieutenant? Pick those up and put up your dukes." And by the tone of his voice, Demitros wasn't asking at all. He then affixes some more miscellaneous protective gear and steps into the ring, waiting for Ajtai. He doesn't respond to her query about his well-being.

Castor Leda steps into the gym and he is here for his second round of PT since he has been doing two per day however this time he is hear to hit a bag, hard, very hard - it works out anger and tension and he stops to look over at everyone in the room as he wraps his hands and for the moment he stops to look at Kitty with the XO and he says teasingly, "Sir, try not to break her to badly the wing needs her." He then takes a moment finish wrapping his hands up and he watches the pair - a show and a work out - this is going to be awesome.

The tossed gloves has Kitty blinking, only noticing them now that the Captain has brought them up, having to look at the ground to look at them. Those more suitable for sparring opposed to the less-padded ones she has donned, the woman quick to swap them out and join Praxis in the ring. She manages to put a smile on her face right up until Castor implores the XO to be gentle, something about that causing her to wince. "Am off flight status so I guess the XO can break me, if he wants." Not the way she wanted it to get out but life never goes as planned as this proves.

"Hmm." Praxis says at the fact that Kitty is off the flight line, looking once towards Castor and nodding at him before getting ready to fight Ajtai. "Are you anything like your brother, Katherine?" he asks with some sort of challenge before stepping forward and throwing a punch or two at her. It should be of note that any punch he lands with his left arm feels more like a tickle. "Start talking. What's going on?" It seems that down in the gym, Demitros is quite assertive.

And Castor makes with his punching watching the pair from the heavy bag as he begins to throw a series of combos these are slightly dirty combos not meant for a clean fight but this is a bag and hitting it in the groin area isn't going to hurt it much - it is nice and good that bags do not complain. He does give a curious look to Kitty but the XO asks the question Castor would and so the pilot remains silent so he can hit the bag and listen to the reply.

Kitty looks sidewards at the Lieutenant before the punches start to fly, several of Praxis' hitting but whether they effect her or not is left to guess as she doesn't outwardly react. "What do you mean by 'are you anything like your brother', sir? Asking if I'm good in a fight or if I'm hot tempered like he can be?" A right jab is aimed for his torso as she pauses, trying to think as how to answer that in the short span of time it takes for her arm to reach full extension. "I can't cope in combat, sir, and Captain Legacy wants to make sure I won't put anyone at risk. Took me off of flight status so I can get evaled by the shrink."

"Perhaps both. They are not mutually exclusive." Praxis remarks about Pandorian when he takes the hit to the abdomen, bending over a little bit with a grunt before attempting to get in a few hits himself. "So who are you angry at, Lieutenant? Yourself that you're not mentally prepared or equipped to handle the call of aerial combat?" A few more fists thrown. "Legacy because she made the judgment and took you off the flight line?" A lot of his concentration is being put into the fight before them. "Perhaps you should ponder a few things - if you are truly mentally fit to sit in the back seat of a Raptor…you should have nothing to worry about from your evaluation. If not … perhaps you should reconsider your vocation."

Castor continues to punch and Kitty's reason for getting pulled brings a look on his face - it isn't one of disapproval but a mixture of concern and maybe approval - he grunts however as he makes like Tony Danza and shows this bag Who the Boss is as there is a loud smacking sound from his bag - take that beeyotch and by take that he means a punch and by beeyotch he means bag. He is however making note of the fight as if he is watching how they move and how make use of the space around them.

One of the Captain's punches gets Kitty in the ribs, causing her to have to twist to lessen the blow although that's only partially effective, the impact still getting her to wince in pain. "Frak…I guess I'm like my brother in the latter part sir but he's definitely the better out of us two when it comes to a fight." His persistent questioning's distracting and for now she gives up on doing anymore than defend herself while she answers, tucking her arms close to her torso while she weaves side to side. "I'm not angry at her for her doing her job," Katherine answers honestly. "I am mad at myself. Feel like a frak up." That's not something she says everyday in regards to herself, something that just might surprise Leda. "I have no choice but to fly, sir. If I fail I'll let Captain Legacy down and I'll wind up working in the kitchen." Definitely not something an officer wants to do for the rest of their career.

Praxis pauses for a moment or two when Kitty mentions that she thinks she's a frak-up, taking the moment to catch his breath, taking in a long gulp of air and exhaling, the fighting causing sweat to build up on his brow. "Not the kitchen, Lieutenant. Your skills are far too valuable to waste ladling soup. Castor Leda would heartily agree - he may compliment endlessly but more often than not he really does appeal to your good qualities." Demitros shakes his head. "Ajtai, if you are not fit for the stresses of flying, perhaps you will consider the transfer to Tactical. The Combat Information Center is as safe as you're going to get. Think about it." Now he gets back into the fight. "If you are going to transfer to ECM however - I need to know I can rely on you when things get tough." Not that she's going to stop being an ECO. But Praxis used to be one. The circumstances between his departure from that line of work and hers was different, however he still understands.

Don't call it a comeback, he's been here for years, puttin suckas in tears - Leda's got knock you out - Mama said knock you out - so take that BAG - as the blows keep hitting the bag but as Kitty calls herself a frak up something that Castor calls himself on a semi-regular post-mouth running induced event but to hear Kitty say that he acctually stops punching - this is the moment the bag has been waiting and now it can strike Leda back for all of the punching and punishment that the pilot has given to the bag and so it can only scream in silence as it does have arms to punch with, a mouth to scream with, or a soul live with curse people and their living. He does listen to the XO while he speaks and as his name is mentioned he says, "Aye sir, Crybaby is no frak up." His tones speak in confidence since he is always confident in Kitty - even when she yells at him.

Looking between the two, Kitty lets her arms fall to either side of her body, appearing to have tossed in the towel in defeat. "Well, that is pretty much what my life would become, sir. Soup pusher. Maybe that was said to snap me out of things, I don't know, sir. I don't really know Captain Legacy well at all and her tactics are alien to me but part of me really thinks that was more of a promise than a threat." Leda's given a smile but then the subject of whether she can do her job or not is brought up again, causing her to mutter to herself before saying out loud. "I understand, sir. That is what my eval will tell us, I guess." Hopefully that'll be a test Kitty can pass with flying colors.

"Doctor Mimieux is a good woman. She will ask you a lot of questions but please, answer them honestly." Demitros says as he removes his gloves and heads back to his duffel bag. "You are not doing anyone any favors by being dishonest. Especially not for yourself." Satisfied by the fight and the talk the two of them hand, the XO of the ship begins to pack up his things. "And do not be quick to dismiss anything Captain Legacy says, either. She is simply ensuring the safety of her squadron, and that does include yourself."

Castor knows some of Captain Legacy's tactics and he won't comment on them as he is to busy hitting a bag but he does offer up, "Captain Legacy is a good woman and this might be a learning moment for you, Kitty." He then says, "She once reminded me that I need to nut up or shut up and I think this is some advice that might apply to you as well." He then brings another heavy blow to the bag, a little too heavy, as he tumbles forward having to hug the bag to stop from falling over, "And I can personally tell you that there is a trick to all of this, put one foot in front of the other and keep walking till you get through this…and I am an expert at being in trouble."

"That's what I had planned," Kitty says to Praxis. "Being honest, I mean. I am not a liar by any measure and I don't want to start, especially since this has to do with my career." That said, she tugs off the pair of gloves that the Captain tossed at her, giving him a tired smile that she then gives to Castor. "I'm trying but it feels like very time I start feeling alright we get more Cylons thrown at us and I'm back to square one. I hate feeling like I can't get get myself in order."

Praxis chews at his cud and gets everything squared away, before strapping the duffel bag over his shoulder. Castor is watched for a moment before the Captain starts heading back towards the door, pausing for a moment and turning eyes over his shoulder to look at Kitty. "There is no point in the foreseeable future that there will ever be time for you to get in order. Find a reason to live, Lieutenant. Then hang onto it, let it fuel you." And with that said, he's gone.

Castor has finished his PT and now he needs a shower - a long one - he is sweaty and this means there will soon be smell and funk - and showers stop funk but he turns to look at Kitty as he says, "Kitters, one foot in front of the other - keep moving and yeah, get busy living because the alternative isn't so fun or so I'm told." And with that he is gone.

Kitty shrugs. "I'll try." She waves to Praxis and Castor both before leaving herself, in need of a shower herself as well as a place to hide where she can sit and think.

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