Sound It Out
Sound It Out
Summary: A polite conversation turns not so.
Date: PH 044 (01 July 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 3, Library
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #44
OOC Time: Mon Jun 01 21:43:48 2009

A small desk to the aft is the first sight that greets an entrant as they step into the library. Kharon's library is respectable by the standards of most of the Colonial Fleet. The stacks and shelves run the entire length of the room. The access rows between the stacks are a close fit for a man of average build, and would be a squeeze for broader individuals. Every inch of the shelving is used. The circulating collection spans centuries, and ancient texts are compiled alongside contemporary Colonial selections. In addition to printed text, there is an expansive collection of digital disc movies. Viewing screens are available at intervals throughout the library. Magazines and periodicals are located in a smaller shelving unit, several of them issued just a month or two before Day 0.

Ah the Library, usually one of the more quiet ares, it's a frakin' library afterall. But of all the things present, would one ever suspect a Marine? Well maybe if they are partaking in the movie selection. But that is not what Ashe is doing. Yes, this particular Marine apparently believes the Library is for personal recreation. Sitting in front of him is a rather thick volume that he is reading over while wearing (gasp) glasses. A pad of paper is next to the book and he is penning something while pouring over the tome.

Nobody expects the CMC … to be in the library. Of all places! They teach them to read? When did that happen! What, glasses? Stop it. It's just too much. Jupiter passes through the hatch and wanders into the library proper. She carries a spiral bound notebook in hand, and a pen is tucked into the loose ponytail she wears. She doesn't spot Ashe right away, as she makes her way along the tables. That is to say, she notes a figure, but doesn't pay it much attention. Could be any guy, right?

Passing by Ashe would allow the noise of soft hmming to be coming from him, the tones of deep thought by the looks of it. As he sits looking over what he's reading he finally looks from book to notebook and back then shoves both back from him. "Mother fraking frakity frakjump."

It's not so much the volume as the words that makes Jupiter jump. He didn't yell, after all, but she's right behind him when he intones. She almost drops her notebook, so engrossed was she in the shelving. She glances over, then full on leans across left shoulder, looming a little. "Just sound it out. It makes things easier."

Glancing over his shoulder at the voice, glaring, yes glaring. There is such well borderline pure rage in Ashe's eyes it's amazing he doesn't grab the book and use it to bludgeon. Instead, he snarls and eeks out. "I will keep that in mind, Sir."

Jupiter should take the opportunity to back up off of Ashe, and go about her business. See, the thing is, she's still a little hung over. So she reaches across to drag the book over, and have a look at what he was reading about. She even glances at his notes. Nosy, jerk!

Of all things it's actually math. It's a physics type of book and Ashe was working on Math, working being the key term considering it's not that good but an attempt. As she drags the book over, he reaches up though to attempt to quickly close it. "Do you frakin' mind." He snaps, obviously forgetting his situation and adds a belated, "Sir." to it.

Jupes pauses, as she sees what he's working on. Her fingers almost fall victim to the snapping closed of the book. "I'm off duty. I don't mind at all." She straightens, and reaches over to tap the paper. "You transposed these numbers." Who knows if he actually did. Maybe she's just being an ass. "I'm not the best at math, but I passed. If you need some help."

Blink. Ashe looks over at Jupiter for a long moment then he actually begins to laugh, not a chuckle but a full blown laugh. "You got busted down didn't you. You got your backside chewed up, Sir, and now you're playing all repentful. Well I appreciate the offer, Sir, but I'd much rather fail on my own accords, I don't need any help." Pushing back his chair the Marine moves to stand up.

"You're an asshole. You're a giant frakkin' no sense asshole. All I catch from you is crap. What is your problem, marine?" Jupes doesn't move away as Ashe stands up. She just leans back and sits on the edge of the table, her thigh almost atop his notepad. "Is it all pilots, or just me? I really want to know." She doesn't sound angry, so that's a plus. Then again, she's being confrontational, so maybe it's not.

"Sir, I have my orders. I am a Marine sir, I follow my orders." He does that stand at near attention bit again, but his eyes are complete pools of absolute rage and near hatred while looking momentarily at Jupiter then past her, biting his lip. Oh there's more, so much more on the verge of being said but he's a good boy.

"I asked you a question. Is it all pilots, or is it just me, Lance Corporal?" Jupiter's arms cross over her notebook, maybe to be sure she keeps them to herself. There's no ring in here, so she has to keep her hands to herself. Her eyes come up to meet his, after a brief glance over the papers. Her blue eyes show no real signs of anger. She got that out with the multiple asshole comments.

"It is a majority of your kind, Sir." Kind? "You pilots believe that because you have wings, Sir, that somehow you have a higher duty than the rest of us. That is false, Sir. But your arrogance as a group is ridiculous.. your insults are undermining. The pilots of this ship, Sir, have lost sight of the very important truth. We are it, Sir. We are the last, Sir. And frankly, Sir, if a Cylon Centurion walked up to you with it's arm cannon deployed ready to spray your face all over the hull plates, do you believe any Marine would want to step forward?" Ashe bites his tongue, literally bites it but then adds, "Nearly all of you are reckless, and stupid for being such. Sir. So it is not just you, you simply exemplify and amplify those sentiments to the utmost. You represent, Sir, everything that is to detest about the Airwing and why the Human race should in fact have been wiped out. Your attitude. Sir."

Blink. Okay. She did ask. "…" Jupiter just sits there for a moment, and stares at Ashe. "Wow, okay. If you were a real marine, you'd step in front of any bullet fired, regardless of target, because that is your job. That is what you signed up for, and that is why you get the big bucks." The tone, oddly, isn't mocking. It's hard to place exactly where it sits on the spectrum. It's close to flat. "You need a frakkin' hug, oorah."

"I don't tell you how to fly, you don't tell me how to do my job. I fyou would listen, you would have heard me say would want to step forward. I didn't say I wouldn't, but you're damned out of your mind if you believe you're worth it." Ashe states flatly. "And your problem? Sir. Your problem I think I have figured out. You ain't managed to figure out how to cope with your existance, Sir. I'm not the brightest bulb in the marquee, but I damn well suspect you're pissed off you're alive and everyone else is dead, Sir. So you take it out on frakin' everyone else."

"Well, since you've got it all shored up and figured out," Jupes reaches back, picks up the math book, and hands it to the marine in a manner that will send it tumbling to his chest if he doesn't take it. "I guess you shouldn't have a problem with the math." She rises, but doesn't move off. "Good luck with that." She turns.

"You make your own luck, Sir." Ashe responds, catching himself and the book, grunting as he does. Still tender afterall. "Enjoy sitting on your backend, Sir, just like I am, because you can't keep your head on straight."

Aaand she turns back. "For a guy who only gets paid to put his body in the line of bullets, and defend us on the ground, you sure got a big frakkin' head full of information you don't know what to do with. Don't let access to this many books actually convince you you know what's going on." Jupes was going for something a little more light and conversational, but it got pretty deep in here pretty fast. "There is no luck. There's just you not sucking so much you get your friends killed. Think about that the next time you decide to bitch about the Air Wing. You spend more time acting like a soldier, and less time frakkin' with the officers, and maybe your tiny little brain will keep you alive long enough to realize I'm trying here. I'm trying talk to you, you snappy little weasel, and all you do is shit all over it. Yeah, I was ordered to apologize, so here it is. I'm sorry, you shit, for assaulting you in medical. It was uncalled for, and reprehensible. I should have waited until you were well enough to hit the ring, and then we could talk it out like adults. But you just push me and push me. Somebody around here has to be arrogant, otherwise we'd be too busy catching bullets and trying to get ourselves killed like you!"

"At least I don't hide what I am, or hide what's going on inside thinking if I put on a brave enough face eventually everything will work out." Ashe responds rather calmly. "You pressed, not me. You just couldn't handle someone shoving it right back at you. And you didn't come in here to help, you came in here because you were ordered. You don't give a flying /frak/ about me, don't pretend you do. What you care about is getting your flight status back so you'll bend over whichever way you're asked." He pauses, contemplating an insult but actually skips it. "And just so you know? I didn't say /shit/ to anyone, they /forced/ me to sign off on it under threat of being kicked down to the civvies. So maybe you need to get your frakin' facts straight to." Turning, he picks up his notebook and moves to put the Math book back on the shelf. "Brat." He comments under his breath.

"I came in here for a book, because the piece of shit Tincup gave me to read keeps putting me to sleep. I'm not supposed to be talking to you until I have my squadron leader proof a written apology, because apparently I can't be trusted to do this without getting pissed off!" Jupiter pretty much just illustrated exactly why Kai told her to write it, get it approved, then deliver it. "So this isn't even your real apology, frakker. You got a formal one comin', so you better buck up and take that one like a man so I don't have to beat you with it!" The dress rehearsal was total fail.

"Of course Sir. I would like to point out Sir, that jumping someone in Sickbay who is in the middle of rehab doesn't exactly constitute an admirable fight, Sir." Ashe's voice can be heard and turning he reemerges, a new book in hand that he tosses on the table. "If you need some reading, you might want to check this out." Oh he's good. He's taken a sheet of his notebook paper, wrapped it on the book cover and written '12 steps to not being a psycho bitch'. "It's a classic I hear." Turning he heads for the door.

"I'm pretty frakkin' sure I covered that with reprehensible, assh-" Jupes glances at the cover, handmade though it is. There's a beat, and then Jupiter looks up, she takes a breath, and asks, "Belonged to your mom, did it?"

Ashe's foot is half out the door falling and it stops midstride. He stands there in utter silence as seconds tick along and he doesn't move. Finally, slowly he turns and speaks in a voice so quiet that it would be a strain to hear if there wasn't utter silence already. "If you ever. Ever. Say anything like that again to me. They will never find your remains." It's quite obvious, whether from pain or cold rage, Ashe is holding back at that moment. His knuckles are pure white and his eyes are reddening, not from unshed tears but from restraint. "If you ever. Ever. Ever. Insult those who have passed… ever. The last thing you will ever see is my face as I squeeze the last breath out of your little neck until your head pops like a zit. Do you understand me, sir?"

Jupiter reaches over, and peels the faux paper cover from the book, crumpling it slowly in her hand. She leaves the volume where it lies, without checking the actual cover, and she walks along the table to the end, pausing where it's no longer between her and the marine. She leans on the edge. "Death doesn't make a whore anything more noble, no matter how it happened. Don't threaten me with things you're incapable of, Lance Corporal." She tosses the crumpled paper into a waste bin. "It's sad."

Ashe's eyes remain solely on Jupiter, solely on her for a long moment then he takes steps forward until he's right in Jupiters face as he speaks. "You're right you know, I couldn't do it. I follow Orders. But all you have done, Sir, is prove what I said earlier as correct. You are nothing but coniving and angry, nothing but those things, Sir. I hope you sleep well at night, knowing, Lieutenant JG Black that it is because of people like you the Human race deserved to be exterminated and extinguished. That you are more concerned with scoring points in your self imagined battle with a Marine, then being a human. You're disgusting. You're dispicable. And the only person who will weep at your death is your foolish Brother who is too stupid to know any better. And when you die, the only person to greet you will be the Cylon fraks who will cheer at your arrival to their hell of existance, because you do their work. Traitor."

SMACK! That would be Jupiter's hand meeting Ashe's face. Her nostrils flare slightly as she blows out a breath. There's also a little grunt with the force of it. Must have been something he said. Her eyes, slightly narrowed, could be described as dark if they weren't clear blue. Oh yes, it was definitely something he said.

Ashe almost lifts a hand in time to try to deflect the slap but not quite and so his head turns and his shoulders twist but he doesn't move his feet, instead straightening as angry red begins to draw up on his cheeks. "How do you like it?" He asks quietly towards Jupiter. "The difference between you and me, Sir, is that I can control myself even when every fiber of my being demands I don't."

Jupiter's eyes narrow slightly more as Ashe makes a point. "I don't." She sucks in a breath. "I don't like it. I've never liked it." She moves to shove past him. It's definitely, definitely time to go. She's preserving her last tiny chance at ever getting her flight status back. She is. Pilots do not do the big scaredy runaway.

As she pushes past, Ashe mutters, "Then grow the frak up and learn to keep your thoughts to yourself Sir if you can't handle the same being handed back to you." Shaking his head, he grumbles under his breath.

"Shit." The mutter from Jupiter is audible and vehement. That is the sound of her flight status falling away for good. Self destructive is one phrase that applies, but Jupes has a knack. Too bad she has trouble using her powers for good. "Frak off." She sucks in another breath, and adds, "Shit." Again. And then she disappears into the stacks with long strides.

Ashe stands there for a few moments then opens his notebook and writes, pulling free a sheet of paper and slamming it down on the table. As he heads towards the door, his voice rings out. "Note for you, used small words you could read." The last words as he disappears out the exit.

"Nice one, Jupiter." The Lieutenant-for-the-moment grabs a book off the mystery section, flips it open, and her eyes skim a page in the middle. She groans, and smacks herself on the forehead with the book. "Stupid, stupid, stupid." She stands there for a long moment, talking to herself in the stacks. "Stupid girl." After another few moments of silence, she takes the book and exits the stacks. Yeah, she drops by the table to grab the paper, because she's Fingers. She never just lets things lie.

Ashe, having departed to go cope with the encounter must have had some serious difficulty writing the note. It is scribbled with a hand writing that looks perhaps hasty, but if one knew the situation they'd know it was written forcefully. As for what it reads?

Thank you Lt. Black for assisting me with my studies. You were of great help. Feel free to let Captain Marek know I appreciate all you are doing to help me with this work. -LNCPRL Swift-

Jupiter stares at the note for a moment, and reads it again. She glances around. No one seems to be in sight just now, though she didn't really check before. "Shit." The note is folded, and she slides it into her notebook. "I won't tell Daddy if you won't." Yeah, she talks to herself. "Shit." Sentiment of the day, Jupes takes her stuff, and she exits stage left. Onward! Shit.

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