Someone To Watch Over Me
Someone to watch over me
Summary: Castor and Camille have a conversation in the Library about hydroponics and who is looking after who…
Date: PHD063
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Castor sits with a series of books around him, all sorts of different subjects, the book currently in his hand isn't really in his hand it is more against his chest and he has fallen asleep proped up in the library. The books seem to be about building things, especially how to lay out floor plans for a houst and basic construction techniques.

Camille steps into the room quietly. She hasn't been seen all that much around, truth be told, but then with the ailing Vendas she's probably been on CAG watching duty for a while, as well as trying to replenish her stock of more natural supplies after using quite a few with the religious CAG. However, tonight (or possibly today, but it's night on her body clock) she can't sleep, and she's not needed in sickbay… so, into the library steps. She's still wearing her temple robes, probably having just come from evening vespers at the Chapel…

As the sound of robes flitter, Leda's religious sense begin to tingle and his eyes snap open…then again he is asleep and leaning in a chair so it would rather appear that he is instead awake because he is about to fall, as he hits the floor there is a low, whispered, "Frakking frak frakety frak, frak, frak!" He then hopes no one saw the

Camille lofts a brow quietly, a touch of concern crossing her elegant brow…"Lieutenant… are you alright?" She inquires with that gentle, worried tone to her elder voice, Sagittaron accent a touch more clear for having been through prayers for about an hour. She heads over towards one of the science shelves, but doesn't look for her book yet, just searching him for any apparent injuries…

Castor sits up as he looks over at Camille, "Only thing broken is my pride Doc Locke." He then picks himself as he studies the robes and then quietly sits back down, "How about you, Doc, everything alright?" He asks in his normal concerned tones, it is after all, part of who he is, curious like a puppy dog.

Camille nods quietly, "Fine. Just working a lot… still monitoring the CAG so… it's a full time job. I'd rather not have anyone else living full time in my sickbay, though, so do be more careful about your choice in sleeping areas, yes?" Camille states with an almost teasing, lofted brow as she gazes him over one last time and then finally looks back to the bookshelves, searching for something it seems.

Leda frowns as he thinks about Vendas, "Well, Doc, I'm sure that if anyone can keep the CAG alive you can." He seems to believe what he says as it comes out in supportive tone. He then pauses as he says, "Oh, sorry, yeah, I sort of fell asleep after Kas got shot and then after the whole fracas with the fire." He then chuckles, "Though I'd rather not be in for bullet wounds, yeah. I hear lead poisoning is the worst."

Camille shakes her head quietly at the comment of herself…"It's in the Gods' hands now, Mr. Leda… but they seem to have plans, or they would have taken her already." She seems confident about that. She finally pulls out two books, both on plant growth in space. Apparently, she's having a few issues with her greens at the moment. Maybe that also explains the worried look in her eyes.

Castor simply says, 'Well, even the Lords need people to work through." He offers without making any kind of commentary on religious beliefs, it would appear that he has been making attempts on respecting the faith of others. "Something wrong, sir?" He says making note of the books and the look in her eye.

Camille shakes her head quietly. "Not… not really. But I didn't plan this long in space…without a stop anywhere. Soil is drying out… and I have little left to actually expand growing on anything I might plant. So… trying to figure out different ways around things. Sometimes you can use cotton or guaze…" She begins flipping the book open, searching the index with a thoughtful frown to her lips.

Leda begins to think, "Well, I'm good at finding things, what sort of things do you need? Soil might be hard to fine and I'm sure there is a lot of cotton or guaze on your end though it might start some static with the powers that be seeing as how they might want it used in a different way." He then takes a moment to add, "Could you ask one of the Raptor crews to get you some soil next time they touch some planet somewhere?"

Camille looks up to him, a bit surprised at that possibility. She considers it a few moments…"If the ambiant radiation in the soil wouldn't render it unuseable, that'd be lovely… but I worry about transporting things which have been touched by the nuclear holocaust. I'll fully admit it's not my area of expertise at all." She seems to find nothing in the index of the book she's searching for, shutting it and then opening the other..

"Well, what about hydroponics?" In his mind, Castor, is recalling a school field trip. One he had before his parents died. "You know where they grow plants without dirt. Just water and so on?" He offers this as another option although he knows little more else about the concept behind hydroponics.

Camille tilts her head, shutting the second book and standing up as she returns to the shelves, searching for any books on such things…"it's a thought. It's not… traditional. I'm not certain we have room for traditional methods, though. I… I can only hope the gods would understand."

Leda thinks about this for a moment before he says, "Well, sir, plants grow right, so, if the plant grows wouldn't you say the Lords wanted it to grow?" He offers again, he isn't a theologian on any degree and he is now working on keeping his religious tones very civil but he has not clue what to do with true believers.

Camille gives a slight chuckle, looking down at her hands for just a few tired moments, now silent in thought. "I…I suppose so. There are… well, there were just… Certain ways to do things. To ensure they were blessed. To help proper growth." She admits, but there seems a stuggle behind her eyes, considering much blessing doesn't seem to be happening much lately and she always did things right.

"Doc Locke, I think right now if you got plants to grow in whatever method and they did grow than yo…" he pauses and collects himself, "Then the Lords would be happy with what you did." He then takes a moment to look over his own collection of books as he begins to straightening them, "And, if they don't grow, then we will think of something else."

Camille smirks just a bit, pulling down a book on hydroponics and finally returning to her seat across from him. "Yes, I do suppose so… I'm sorry, Mr. Leda… I am not usually so morose. I am simply worried…" She admits again, giving him a half smile from that motherly countenance.

Gives a look to the book, a sort of puppy dog look before he says teasingly, "Oh, you were being morose?" He then smiles and adds, "See, you apparently haven't spent much time around the rest of the pilots, we are sort of ten different levels of crazy." He then shakes his head, "No need to appologize, Doc. We are all in this ship together and so sometimes we need someone to bounce ideas off of. Even the sad ones."

Camille frowns a hint more at the news about the pilots, tilting her head, "What is wrong with the pilots? You all are, possibly dangerously, our first line of defense. I'd hate to think no one was actually taking care of you lot." Camille confesses, her eyes now fully on him, far more worried abuot him and interested in his words than the book in her hands…

Leda gives off a small chuckle, "Well, we also have the Marines who serve and protect us as well." He then gives an aww shucks look to Camille before he says, "We got Marek looking out for us right now and I mean he is our Papabear." He rubs his chin, "And I've got Kassia looking after me and all which helps."

Camille considers that with a lingering frown, her eyes most definitely worried…"Then why would you all be ten levels of crazy? Do… forgive my digging, but with the incident with… Jack… Ajax, I mean… and the CAG, I'm getting more than a little concerned about this crew."

Leda nods his head, "Aww, Doc, I was just being funny. The air wing is serious business and pilots who keep screwing around get grounded." He then points out, "And the Padre wasn't in the air wing." He then thinks about Vendas and he says, "And we will keep it together because we have too." He then says softly, "And if you have faith in the Lords won't they look after all of us?"

"The Lords, as you said, sometimes empower others to look after everyone. They can't -always- do it, or our lives would be too easy." Camille admits with that quiet bittersweet smile on her lips, half sitting forward on the chair, possibly preparing to take her leave sooner rather than later..

Castor says softly, "Well, children have to spend time away from their parents to come into their own but the parents will always love their children." He then asks, "Hey Doc, who is looking after you in all of this…I mean on the ship?"

Camille waves it off, finally standing, "The Lords, I suppose. And with that, I should possibly try to sleep. You be well, Lieutenant Leda….it was good seeing you, as ever." With that, she bows her head gently to the man.

As the doctor stands so does the pilot, a bow is given in return to Camille, "Well, be well Doc and go toward the things that comfort you." Which is the agnostics way of saying, listen for the Lords. He then says, "And if you ever need someone to talk too, find me."

Camille smiles faintly, keeping her head bowed. "I shall keep that in mind." And with that, she turns upon the ball of her foot and heads down into the hallway…

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