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Solon II

Basic Information

Solon II is a small planet seven or eight jumps away from Scorpia's orbit, deep in the Hesiod quadrant of non-Colonial space. It was discovered shortly after the first cylon war to contain conisiderable deposits of tylium, but due to the inhospitable environment — extreme heat and cold, an almost constant sulphuric 'rain' during most of the planet's year, and little to no vegetation that could be made to take hold in the rocky, craggy, nearly soil-less land — colonisation was a tricky thing. Both Scorpia and Leonis tried to stake a claim on Solon II at first, and it was a joint venture between the two that finally funded the building of a self-contained outpost named Keros, in a valley of the planet's tylium-rich southern landmass nestled between towering mountains and inert volcanoes.


There is a small military base a few miles from the town of Keros, which housed a contingent of marines, and boasted a small landing platform and an adjoining communications tower with signal boosting to breach the planet's thick atmosphere.

Notable Events

Solon II Facility Recon - Briefing
Solon II Facility Recon - Main

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