Solon II Facility Recon - Briefing
Solon II Facility Recon - Briefing
Summary: Kai briefs the air wing on the mission to Solon II.
Date: PHD108 (4 Aug 2009)
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It's early. Damn early. But then Sam hasn't flown for weeks, since her crash, and she's itching to be in the pilot's seat. So… she's in the ready room, pacing around, coffee in one hand and all the information she could get off the ship's computer about the Tylium mining place they're stopping in the other. She's almost trying to memorize it with a thoughtful, hopeful frown on her lips. Her flight suit's helmet rests on one of the tall seats in the audience of the room, flight suit unzipped down to her waist, just wearing her tanks beneath.

Komnenos seems to have the same idea, as he enters the ready room with his PDA in hand and a cigarette on his lips. There's a slight furrow in his forehead, and the look of concentration on his face is clouded with an ever-so-slight grimace. As he takes a drag, he notices he's not the first to arrive. "Sam. Hey," he greets the woman tersely.

Matto is splayed out in the ready room, himself, looking quite at home, slouched in a chair with a foot up on the back of the chair in front of him, knee bent, the other leg crossed over the first, ankle over knee. A stub of a pencil in one hand as he flips page to page through the printout, presumably the same that Samantha and toes are looking over, just… on paper. Flip. Scribble.

Samantha looks behind ehr as someone is greeting her, and it turns out it's Thorn! The woman actually smiles a bit more than normal, but she hides that 'happy to see you' countenance between her normally half stern professional glare a heartbeat later. "Anton." Since he greeted her by first name, she gives as good as she gets it seems. She then looks back to Matto and chuckles…"frak, I'm surrounded. Raptors raptors everywhere."

Komnenos does a brief double take at hearing his first name, but he's not complaining. "We are in your ready room, invading your space," intones Thorn sonorously in response. He, too, shows a bit of pleasure at seeing the blonde woman, but hides it with a crinkled eyebrow. "Hey, Kiss," is spoken to the other Raptor man in the room, as Thorn moves to take a seat.

Matto misses almost the entirety of the exchange between Toes and Sam, engrossed as he is in annotating some bit of mostly illegible marginalia. At his name, though, his head jerks upward, "Dude," he greets, sounding almost cheerful, "Hey. Hey, Sam," he adds, not to leave the jock out, after all.

Samantha shakes her head towards Kiss…"Been ages, how ya been, Kissy?" She calls over to the man as she continues her slow pacing, flipping forward a page to reread something she came across. It's study hour in the ready room, it seems. Just evidence enough of how nervous some people might be about this mission, even if no one would dare admit to it. "…Thorn, got another one of those cigarettes for a lowly viper pilot?"

"For you, Case, always." Thorn's voice is a deadpan, but he does toss her a smoke. He slumps down into a seat with a wince, exhaling as he rubs his forehead with steepled fingers. Blue-gray eyes blink, and he turns his attention back to the PDA, puffing thoughtfully on his own cigarette. Several rings of smoke waft lazily through the air as he exhales.

"Hm," Kissy gives a weak laugh at Samantha's question, "Up and down, y'know," he tells her. "Looking forward to stepping out for a while," he adds. "What about you?" he asks her.

"Better now that I can -get- out again. Sick leave sucks Sagittarian donkey balls." Sam states flatly, as eloquent as ever, a half smile on her lips. She then looks back to Thorn, catching the cigarette and bowing her head to him, "You are a gentleman and a scholar. And exceptionally handsome. But that goes without saying." She winks at him and slips the cigarette between her lips, smoothly lighting up.

"Hey, watch who th' frak you're calling a gentleman, Case." Thorn's tone is sharp as he adds a little something extra to the word 'gentleman', but there's a mischevious glimmer in his eyes as he speaks. A half-smile tugs at his lips, the first noticeable disruption of the heavy cloud of solemnity that had followed him into the room. "I know the feeling," he continues, this to both of them now. "Beats the hells out of another boring CAP."

Matto tosses a casual glance back toward Toes at his protestation, the corner of his mouth twitching upward in a sly glance that almost approaches salaciousness. He makes no comment, though, on that first, then, to the latter comment, "Yeah. Reminds me of when I used to cull fare back in west Thal. After shift I'd joyride out to Cimmiron Juncture to gas up. Out of the way, but the gas was cheap-as-free. And a gorgeous drive, to boot. Especially at night, when the moon was out."

"Oh, gods forbid any pilot could be a -gentleman-. I almost got us all burned to hades for that slip." Sam rolls her eyes, still watching him over the lazy smoke of her cigarette, husky chuckle following a moment later from her throat. She's more relaxed now that she's got tobacco in her, though her green eyes continue to drop to the information in her hands. "…We might be frakked tonight. I think we're good enough to pull it off… but frak. This is gonna be dangerous." She then looks up to Matto at his words, chuckling softly…"Yeah… It's been calm, but… still, down there there was no risk of a toaster jumping in on your neck. I hate the… just waiting. Not knowing. At least we know shit's gonna be hard for this one."

There's a terse chuckle at Sam's sarcastic retort, but after a moment, he's solemn once again. "We've survived worse," Anton intones, not out of any sense of optimism, merely a matter-of-fact statement. He gives Sam a cursory look as the two pilots discuss danger and toasters. "I don't think we'll have come out all this way just t' buy a plot… but I've got an odd feeling just the same," he confesses. "I've been on edge all day." There's a nod at Case's words to Matto. "Yeah… the waiting is the worst part. Of any mission, really." He looks around, as if hoping the ready room will suddenly fill up so the briefing can begin already.

"Nope, just the thoroughfare patrol. Right bastards, most of them," Kisseus chuckles, not giving any sign that he's worried, if he is. It doesn't stop him from going back to studying the plans, though, perhaps trying to pin down some good areas to flee to if things go craptastic.

Samantha nods quietly to Thorn's feeling, a slight frown on her lips. "You know what… it's just cause Scorpia went a bit sideways. This ain't gonna be anything to worry about and we're all just frakking insane for thinkin' that way. No odd feelings. This is fine. We might even have fuel at the end of it all!" Sam does her very, very best to believe the words she's saying and, from the tone of her voice, she's mostly convinced. She's ready to fly again. So what if she took almost a month odd due to injury from the last time. She subconciously stretches and flexes her scarred right arm… "Thoroughfare… ah… horses, right? I… never saw a horse."

Thorn gives a minute shake of his head. "I wasn't thinking about the mission, exactly…. something else." He doesn't elaborate further, though, simply returning to his cigarette and his PDA. Sam gets another look, though, as she mentions horses. "You've never seen a horse before?" he echoes incredulously. "You've been deprived."

Eddie can't fly. She can barely stay awake long enough to have a meaningful conversation. But yet here she is, at least long enough to make a showing at the briefing that she may be down, but not out. She shuffles into the room, having slipped into her dress blues for the occasion, but her hair is still covered by that kerchief. With a notepad and pen, she makes for a close chair.

Kai strides into the ready room, flight suited and armed with a file folder. And his standard-issue sidearm, of course. He bustles up to the front of the room, ditches his papers atop the podium, and moves to the wireless immediately to send a brief announcement across the intercom. The chattering pilots are, for the time being, left to their own devices.

Wil's definitely more composed than he was when he rolled out of his rack this morning like some mythical Libran sasquatch. Wait. They don't have sasquatch on Libran. That was more of a Canceron thing. He strolls in at an even pace, slipping through the hatch with his usual notebook under his arm and just makes a quick beeline for his usual aisle seat. Good timing too, he barely beat the Captain here. That would look bad.

"They don't use horses anymore, anyhow," Kissy relates, keeping his eyes on the packet of papers propped up on his crossed legs, the lower of which has its foot planted on the seat of the chair in front of him. Well, of course they don't. But presumably Sam knows what he means.

Thea's not too far behind Kai, suited up in her flight-suit. She moves to take a seat at the front, pad and paper in front of her - though it's likely she's heard this before. The other pilots are given nods and smiles. Yes, she's relaxed. Though the observant might notice the dull sheen of a coin sliding slowly through her fingers.

Samantha shakes her head towards Thorn. "Nope… never saw a horse. Or all that much of anything of the outdoors kind. Grew up on a freighter. Stars are home… Guess I almost got lucky, considering…" Sam admits with a briefly awkward little laugh as she shakes the thought off and takes another puff of her cigarette. When Kai and Thea come in, however, she does call a quick, "Captains on deck!" And stands into a fast attention to salute the proper greeting.

After the two senior officers comes the most junior and most 'new' of the lot, Ferris. With a notebook under his arm and already suited up to the point of just needing his gloves and helmet, he moves along the rows of chairs… ultimately, finding himself a seat nearby - but, of course, he doesn't sit down. Instead, when Sam sounds off, he stands to, bringing his arms and legs into that attention stance and his right hand shooting up to salute.

Thorn nods in understanding. "Aerelon's pretty rural, so I got t'…" He suddenly springs to his feet, his mouth slamming shut as the CAG and his squadron commander enter the room, the latter not far behind the former.

Eddie had her rump just about down in that seat when the call is given, and so she's prying herself back up to her feet. Up down, up down. Makes a girl dizzy. Her salute is a bit weak, but it's there.

Up is the keyword for Wil. Oh well. He staked out his seat at least. He springs to his feet in time with the others. Good thing, too, as he was about to look back towards Thorn, giving the ECO a sidelong glance. Maybe he's seen a horse before. Or has heard and awkward joke about them, at least.

Matto sets his papers and pencil on the seat next to him, making sure the pencil's not going to roll away to the floor before uncrossing his legs, plonking one foot on the floor, then pulling down the other foot from the chair in front of him. He'd been ner to reclining in that chair, so low was he slouched, but he gets to standing and doing the saluting thing in his own time. For preference before they tell everyone to sit down again.

Kai hangs up the wireless, and heads for where he dropped his papers off. He looks a little damp-haired and tousled, like he recently emerged from a shower. Which he quite possibly did. Salutes are returned crisply, and then he clears his throat while he waits for the noise to settle down. No matter how many of these things he gives, he still manages to look ever so faintly uneasy up there. "All right, let's get this show on the road," he begins with a meagre attempt at a smile. "As some of you may or may not be aware, we're being sent in to secure a fuel source tonight. It's a mining outpost on Solon II-" Which is practically a moon, in a decaying orbit at the edges of Colonial space. "-that should have enough stockpiles to last us a good, long while. If the cylons haven't beat us to it. Our goal, of course, is to eliminate any threat in the airspace, then send raptors in to secure the ground. We get in, we recon the area, grab as much as we can, and get out. And with any luck, we'll be able to rinse and repeat as needed. That's the best case scenario." He pauses a few moments, apparently to let that much sink in.

Samantha settles down into her seat, picking up her helmet from where it was resting there, and now turning hard green eyes towards Kai. All previous conversation is cut off, just giving eyes and heart to the briefing for now, emotionlessness on her features.

As Kai begins his briefing, Komnenos sits quietly back in his seat. He focuses mainly on the CAG's mission breakdown, punctuated with a look at the schematics and notes on his PDA. His lips draw together thinly; he's more interested in the worst case scenario than the best case scenario, but he holds any questions for the moment, sitting silently and waiting for Kai to continue.

Settling into his seat, Wil's actually back to business pretty swiftly. His binder flipping open on his lap, pen out. Scribbling a few things on paper. Hm. He reacts in such a way that it all seems by-the-numbers, now. A small smile at the 'smash and grab' concept being laid out.

And as the briefing kicks off, and things settle back down, including people - Ferris joins them. Opening up his notebook and producing a pen, he begins to take his notes as the CAG speaks, tilting his head a little bit at the wording. But, he apparently understands the idea, because the scribbling continues.

Yes, that all sounds fairly straightforward to Kissy, so far. Beside all the marginalia so far collected on the printed out document he gathers back onto his lap as he eases back into his chair, he summarizes with a few lines from an old ballad which happen to be applicable.

Her ass just barely in her chair in time, Jupes, kicks back with a disposable ball point pen in hand. She has no paper, just the pen. The cap is in her mouth, and she chews on it to the detriment of her teeth. No coffee today, like she usually has. No orders from Spider to finish it or toss it out. Hope nobody's superstitious.

Oh, you know it's coming. "Worst case," Kai continues, eyes on the papers in front of him rather than the sea of pilot faces arranged about the room, "We get our asses kicked out of there by superior forces. So let me make this perfectly clear: I do not want to lose a single pilot tonight. I do not want to have to phone home asking the Commander for a SAR for a downed raptor or viper. I do not want my pilots returning shot up, and off the roster for the next two weeks. I can't afford that, and Sheridan deserves better from me. From all of us. We play it safe. We bug out if we're in too deep. If I see anyone trying to play hero out there tonight, I will personally nail your ass to the wall and let the rest of the wing take potshots at you." There's another pause, and then he turns away to flick the projector on. A grainy black and white photo recon image pops up. "We have two possible landing sites. Here, and here." He uses his knuckle to indicate the marked locations. "Obviously, we'd prefer site A for proximity to the fuel tanks, but B will be our backup plan. Captain Legacy will use her best judgement, once the raptors have broken atmo and we have a clearer picture of what we're facing down there. Any questions so far?"

Smash. Grab. Solon II. Check. Wil makes little notes on his paper with a quick dance of his pen. He finally tilts his head back up to the CAG with a questioning look. "Sir?"

Diagram drawn on the paper. Places marked. The notes pile up on Ferris' paper, the pen scribbling like mad as he looks up between the projection image and the CAG, and his paper. He's gonna run out of ink at this rate.

Not get shot, and not crash. Oh, so that's all they have to do. No big deal. Anton manages to keep his eyes from rolling, keeping his face a stony mask. He doesn't have any questions at this point, but then he usually is one of the quieter ones during briefings. Instead, there's just a thoughtful frown as Thorn uses his stylus to scribble a few notes on the map on his PDA's screen.

Eddie is taking notes like there is going to be a test later. Even though she's not actually flying the mission herself, she's trying to pay much more attention then she usually would. Her eyes are darkened with deep bags beneath them, and she looks like it's a strain to focus on the paper, but she's keeping up. If she can't exercise her body, she's going to flex her mind.

Kai tips his chin up in Willem's direction. "Price?"

The tall lieutenant in the back has kept quiet the entire time. Even when speaking about what the missing entails and what is expected, Rabbit just stays tuned in. Focused on the briefing he is looking down to his pad of paper only once to jot down a few things before glancing back up towards Kai. No questions from him.

"Sir." Wil says, after a bit of pensive staring. "If the Cylons -are- there and also on the ground, can you recommend points to -avoid- within the facility? I mean, a little misplaced ordinance and this thing could go up like a Tauron wedding when someone takes away the wine."

Matto is damned good at cutting and running when things get hairy. Heroics definitely not being his style, he's pretty sure he can handle that part well enough. If he gets tapped, that is. He looks over the locations marked on the image as he listens out to the initial q/a.

Komnenos, for his part, is one stubborn mother when it comes to confrontation, but he's equally pragmatic, and the orders regarding fight-or-flight don't faze him in the least. He listens as Willem asks his question, then looks back towards Kai's podium, an eyebrow slightly raised as he waits to hear the answer. Probably a good thing to know, as he sits with his stylus ready to make further notes.

Kai nods slightly after Willem's spoken. "That's going to be one of our biggest concerns, on the ground. We'll be doing an initial flyby, once the airspace has been secured, but we won't be doing any strafing runs due to the likelihood of blowing everything to kingdom come. It'll be the marines' responsibility, once they're down, to keep firefights away from the tanks and refinery complex itself." He indicates said complex on the photograph, directly to the west of landing site 'A'. "The surrounding outpost should, however, be fair game." For pew-pew, that is. "The population of the outpost was, at last count, roughly one thousand fifty-eight. Obviously, we'll be going in with the hope of finding survivors, as well." Whether he thinks that's a vain hope or not, it doesn't show on the CAG's face. "Any other questions?"

Thea remains relaxed, looking among her Raptors with a somewhat considering eye. Perhaps she's figuring out who's going with whom? Wil's question, though, draws her attention back to Kai.

Jupes just flies with the pretty stick, and doesn't deal with bodies, dead or alive, so she doesn't ask. Instead, the cutest Black sib twists a warm brown lock of hair around her finger, the curl winding around and around.

"One thousand, fifty eight." Wil mouths the words almost soundlessly and for some reason he deigns to commit this number to paper. Morbid bastard. He simply nods, eyes trailing from CAG to footage to paper.

Making a couple more notes in his notebook and looking back up, Ferris sort of glances around slightly and furrows his eyebrows. He doesn't ask anything at this point, though. He makes no sort of deliberate mark on the fact there are that many possible survivors… but his face does look back down to the paper, going over the notes. So it's hard to tell.

Matto lifts a hand casually, two fingers half-outstretched for the CAG's attention briefly cutting a few degrees of arc in the air by his head.

Kai almost misses Matto's two fingers in the air. He starts to duck his head and gather up his papers, then glances back up, and nods to the raptor driver. "Go ahead, Kisseus."

Komnenos doesn't even make a note about the population or the possibility of survivors; it seems he, at least, doesn't really expect to find any. He simply waits for Matto's question, the same impassive expression on his face.

"What's our target load in terms of bringing fuel back this trip, if—" and there's a big 'if' there, so he puts some weight to the word, "the rest of the mission goes well?" It might be a more complicated question than it seems, since it implies consideration of how many marines they can take, as well. Not to mention the possibility of survivors.

"Two tons," Kai answers Matto succinctly. "We'll be bringing along two raptors to hold the fuel." He mentions nothing about raptors for survivors, though does meet the younger pilot's eyes for a second, inexplicably. "If there's nothing else, you're all dismissed. Be suited up and on the hangar bay in ten minutes." Any other questions can be directed to him between now and then, it would seem.

As Kai dismisses the gathering, Komnenos stands, but doesn't leave. Instead, there's a quiet look back at Thea, a curious look on his face. His question probably isn't difficult to surmise; whose property is he on this flight?

Thea rolls to her feet, gathering her things - and is just in time to catch Thorn's look. She offers him a smile and nods to Matto, once. "Make sure your sidearms are loaded with the appropriate bullets and you have a stash of them with you to reload," she tells her Raptors quietly. "You're not going down to get shot. No grandstanding."

Eddie closes her notes quietly, slipping her pen away. She's just here for a show of solidarity, and therefore isn't in any hurry to slip off to the hangar. She does ease back to her feet though, to find Hale before the chaos of it all, and give the man a proper fistbump to send him on his way. She's only /slightly/ superstitous.

Martin finishes taking notes on his pad of paper. Seems he DID bring his A-game today. His paper is devoid of stupid cartoons. Rising and looking around the room, he lets his eyes fall on Samantha before he heads to the door. Tugging at his various pouches to make sure that they're secure, he pulls out a pack of cigarettes. Time to get real. "Anyone wants to talk before I go, I'll be in the hall."

For now, Wil's questions have all been answered. He silently slaps the notebook shut and stows it before he finishes affixing his Flight Suit. He's whistling to himself. He's been doing this a lot since he finally got his music player back when the Berthings opened.

Putting his own notepad away in one of the pockets on his flightsuit, Ferris nods, and stands. He takes a deep breath, and moves out from the seats. As he passes Wil along the way, he looks to the pilot. "Rock and roll, el-tee," he comments quietly. "Back to our own kind of stomping ground." He offers out a knuckled-up hand to bump with the other pilot.

Samantha nods curtly to Kai. "Yes, sir." And with that, she slips her helmet on, tucking it into place and giving a half smile at the thought of working, but for now she's half nervous. It's been too many weeks since she's flow. hadn't ever taken off this much time since flight school. She heads for the area outside the ready room, probably for her own bird… even if her old bird is long dead.

Thorn offers a weak grin to Legacy. "After round two on Scorpia, there won't be any arguments from me, Captain," he offers. "I'll behave." He nods to Matto. "See you on the flightline, Kiss."

Kai tucks his papers away and flips off the projector, head down while he works and the bustle of pilot chatter and movement picks up again.

As is her custom, Thea waits to walk out with Kai. She makes her way over to his side, fingers of the hand not holding the coin brushing his sleeve.

Fingers slides out of her seat, and heads over past the CAG. She shoots him a look. It doesn't take a genius to guess why. Case's wing. Really? Jupes clears her throat, and then heads for the hatch.

Matto returns the inexplicable look with a mild nod, then turns his attention to his own Captain as well, just in time to get the bullet ultimatum, which gets a little hint of an 'aw, mom,' wince from the pilot. Kisseus does -not- get along with guns. Still, he stands, gathers his things, and nods his compliance to the Kitten. "Sure thing, guy," he tells Thorn, though, already being suited up for the most part, he loiters in wait for the Kitten, even as she loiters in wait for the Spider.

Unlike the other Raptors, Thorn isn't waiting around; there's enough time for his usual pre mission ritual of sneaking off to the tool room for a smoke. With that, he's out the door.

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