Lt. Cristobal Solminihac
Ewan McGregor
Ewan McGregor as Cristobal Solminihac
Name: Cristobal Solminihac
Alias: Alias or Callsign
Age: 32
Hair & Eyes: Dark Blond / Gray
Faction: Navy
Position: Doctor (Physical Therapy/Rehab)
Colony: Gemenon
Play Times: Nights EST
Timezone: {$tzone}

Biographical Info


Born on Gemenon, Cristobal Solminihac was the first born of six in a rural area. To say it was medically underserved would be an understatement. When he was twelve years old, his mother died giving birth to his youngest brother, an emergency service not having gotten to the house quickly enough. Her death had a profound impact on his heartbroken father, who turned completely to faith healing and swore never to trust medicine again.

For a while, Cristobal supported his father's decision. His mother's death had left a mark on him as well, and for several years he was as dedicated as his father about decrying medicine. By the time he was sixteen, however, he had privately changed his mind to the point where he had begun thinking about going into medicine himself. It was a long shot, with almost no money and with his father's overbearing distrust of the profession. Their area of Gemenon suffered severe flooding during the summer that Cristobal was to turn 17, wreaking economic havoc. His father lost the small store he ran, making the family desperate for money. Cristobal finally fled to a last resort - the military.


Part of Cristobal's education came from medic duty in the service, which he quit after a four year tour. What was left of the military dime saw him through school on Scorpia, with loans carrying him through medical school after that. He'd still been repaying them when the bombs fell. Talk about debt forgiveness.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

It was nearly three months of doing what he could for the civilians in the Kharon's cargo bay before Cristobal made the decision to return to the military. There was only so much he could do from where he was, and he knew that going back to the military had to be done. His first night meeting his superior, Major Arielle Pike, he made sure that his duty would remain at least partly with those he'd left behind.

Distinguishing Features

- Scar on his upper lip.
- Enlisted medic corps tattoo on his right arm.


- Dyslexia has plagued him since childhood. He's worked through it for years, using electronic readers when he has to. It tends to rear its ugly head the most when he's stressed out.
- His surname is a very obscure one from Kalimnos roots. It references a Gemenese legend about the creation of the sundial.


- Decent boxer.
- Trained in massage therapy.

On the Grid

Known Associates

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