Pulling the Pin - Praxis
Pulling the Pin - Praxis
Summary: "Sunshine" goes off her nut and blows up the Ward Room. The TACCO arrives to find the most grisly of sights. (This is the event from the viewpoint of Praxis)
Date: PHD 183
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A very loud detonation just took place nearby CIC. It could have been from the Ward Room, in fact. The boards light up with sensors detecting damage fore and aft on this deck, though reports from the departments will be required to confirm.

[Intercom] Praxis says, "Action stations, action stations! Set Condition one throughout the ship. Repeat, action stations, action stations."
[Intercom] Praxis says, "Damage control teams to Deck Two. Engineering, place a call with a report to CIC immediately."

Selene comes in to CIC at a dead run, pale as a ghost for some reason, her hands shaking.

Praxis, as well as everyone else in CIC is extremely shaken. A series of explosions rocked Deck Two, one of them seeming to come even directly from the Ward Room. The tactical officer is on watch (as per usual) and is barking orders at everyone. "Full sweep of DRADIS. Check hull integrity throughout the ship, not just on Deck Two. Get those teams out there!" Demitros locks eyes on Selene. "Daiasu, did you see anything on your way here?"

Selene looks somewhat torn between disbelief and tears as the question is asked. "They're arresting Sunshine," she replies, running her hands through her hair as she sinks into her chair. "My gods, they're…"

[WIRELESS] (from Sen) The line buzzes.

Praxis settles his sight on Selene when she relates what she saw, mind mentally cycling through the duty rosters when it locks onto the memory of Jules Ozymandias. Demitros grits his teeth tightly, looking over to the phone when it starts to ring. He moves towards it, but not before eying Selene. "Pull yourself together, Petty Officer. I need your mind here and in the now. Stay and help, or be relieved and leave." He picks up the phone. "Demitros."

Selene sits up a little, not entirely sure what good she'll be with the ship stuck in orbit. "I'll try, sir," is all she replies, while her mind is still swirling.

Suddenly, a panicked crewman comes in to report from the hallway. "Sir, the explosion from the Ward Room — someone was in there. And one of the Marines…oh my gods, he's bleeding."

Praxis stares at the new report from the unknown face, a grave look given to him before Demitros starts towards the hallway. He points to the two Marines in turn, "You're with me. Daiasu, quickly page medical teams to the Ward Room, immediately!" He realizes it's not exactly her job, but he'll make her do it anyway.

Selene nods and grabs her phone, fumbling it a little and clicking it over to the intercom.

Without waiting, Praxis runs into the hallway, flanked by a pair of marines on either side of the tactical officer. He has to go see this for himself.

[Intercom] Selene says, "Now hear this, medical teams report to the ward room. Repeat, medical teams to the ward room."


Outside of the Wardroom, the scene isn't so great. Black smoke is coming from under the hatchway which has been blasted shut, though the bit of debris from the room can be seen in the hallway, along with a body-though this one isn't wearing blue, like the one in the wardroom is. Outside a burnt and bleeding marine lies on his side, though face is turned away…
Bits of table lie about, along with pieces of burnt flesh strewn about like macabre confetti. If one was to look into the room there's a rather destroyed, and not immediately indentifiable corpse laying in there. Its not pretty-not pretty at all.

Praxis doesn't walk out of CIC like many hoity-toity officers do when there's an emergency. Demitros runs. The explosion in the ward room was close by and when you want something done right, you do it yourself. Immediately spotting the damage, as well as the wounded marine, Demitros grimaces at the sight. On each of his flanks the TACCO has an armed Marine, and immediately does the man bark orders to them. "Check him. See if he can be moved." The phone in the hallway starts ringing, and Demitros runs to pick it up. "Demitros. Make it quick." To the other Marine he barks, "Open that door!"

[WIRELESS] Kai says, "What's the situation up there, Lieutenant? I assume no unfriendlies in the air; it looks like we've just got a PFC who's gone off her rocker."

As far as moving Elder, it looks like it can be done-carefully, as nothing appears to be broken in the man's neck or spine. But he's got some rather bad burns, and other damage, IE his bleeding head, and a bit of wood deep in his leg. But nothing like a severed spine or such. Still he's out for the count. So the Marine can help and move him before going to see to the door, which should open easily with some effort.

Demitros replies into the phone and angrily hangs it up, as the Marine begins to open the door. The TACCO moves right up to and kneels in front of the downed man, looking him over. "We're going to take care of you, Sergeant." About this time, medical personnel SHOULD be rushing down the hall. "Stabilize him if you need to and get him down the hall to Sickbay, now!" When the hatchway is finally open, Praxis stands up from Dutch and peers into the destruction that is the ward room, Demitros suddenly coughing into his sleeve as the black smoke billows out from the opening. The bits and pieces of human flesh are unnerving at best, but Praxis is fearful of nothing. With one of the two beefy men that protect CIC all the time as well as one of the medical officers, he enters the Ward Room to assess the damage and casualties.

[Into the Wireless] Praxis says, "Airspace is fine, Captain. As for the situation here, I believe you should assume the worst. I'll tell you when I find out for sure. Demitros out. *click*. How rude!"

The Marine Sergeant does as he can, dragging the wounded medic a little more out of the way, as he's going to hurry and at least try to stop the bleeding and stabalize the Sergeant so that they can have him moved from the hallway "Call a stretcher for him LT? I only got basic shit on me, sir." Come's the call from the hallway as Praxis slips in.

Inside it would be clear that only one person was in here, and that they were an officer. Face is burnt, and destroyed, but there might be a pin still on his lapel. But good luck trying to get a sense of things in here. It is utterly destroyed. No way anyone in the room could have survived at all.
Under Praxis' boot the flesh goes squish where he may have stepped on a bit. This is more than he had ever wanted to see of the inside of the human body. Leave the rest for the doctors. While he's inside the destroyed Ward Room. Demitros kneels over the horribly mutilated corpse and reaches for both the lapel of the officer as well as the dogtags if there are any. He rips both articles off from the man and then moves out of the Ward Room. "Nothing else to do in there." Praxis growls deeply, before looking to the Marine that asks for a stretcher. "Absolutely, of course." he murmurs, moving over to the phone on the wall and sending another shipwide page.

[Intercom] Praxis says, "This is Demitros. I require a stretcher at the Ward Room on Deck Two, immediately."

Salazar arrives from the Hallway - Deck 2, Fore.

When Salazar gets to the Wardroom, she'd see a burnt, bleeding, and rather wounded medic in the hallway having been drug out of the way while Sergeant Furious Tyne is busy seeing over the wounded marine. Inside the wardroom it looks like hell, or a pizza oven exploded. There are bits of charred and gooey man here and there, and a pile of what resembled a man at the end of where the table once was. Currently standing amongst the entire destruction of the wardroom is the TACCO, having just wrenched his hand into gooey man, and charred/exploded/liquified remains to secure dogtags and lapel pins.

In from the Aft comes the S2, sidearm stowed in a thigh holster that isn't clasped closed, for easy drawing. The threat has been brigged aft, theoretically. She heads directly for the ward room. Her eyes pass over the marines. She'll ask in a moment. Her attention goes to the ward room. "Frak." Salazar clears her throat, and then she steps into the room. "Is it Sheridan, sir?"

Cortez, lazy bastard that he is, is in the process of hurriedly buttoning up his duty jacket as he jogs along the corridor toward CIC. He isn't far behind Salazar, which means he likely has some idea of what in the holy hells is going on, already. Still, he has to ask, "What in the holy hells is going on?"

To be honest, Praxis hadn't looked down at the pins/lapel he had cupped in his hands. Between trying to keep from hacking from the terrible black smoke and mushing his way through the bits of melted tomato sauce and cheese bits that used to be a person, he hadn't gotten around to it. Maybe, deep down, he hadn't wanted to get around to it. To the S2 he looks gravely. The truth is, Demitros already knew without even looking. The pin is tossed in Salazar's direction for proof of the event, and his eyes drift to Cortez in the back. A long, grave look is given to him. "Casualty report - Commander Jack Sheridan is KIA. Under section E2 of the Colonial Military Code, Colonel Mark Cortez, you are now in command of this vessel." As smooth (albeit quiet) as this all comes out from Praxis' throat, it's still difficult to stomach for the normally stolid man. There is a huge pit in his stomach. A glance down to Dutch, and then back up at the two. "Area is secure. Let's get the Sergeant where he can be taken care of." Hopefully the stretcher is coming down the hallway soon.

Salazar is left to catch the pin, still warm and a little gooey. She swallows once, and then glances down at the pin in her hand. Her fingers close around the bit of metal, and she nods. "Sir." She turns to face Cortez she he enters the room on her heels, and steps back slightly. "Sir." She nods and moves to step out. She could be going to check on Dutch, going to throw things at the MPs, or going to put a round in the prisoner. Nothing is given by her expression. Not a hint. "The subject responsible is in the Brig. You will have a full report shortly."

Fun fact number fifty-seven, about Colonel Mark Cortez: he has a weak stomach. As he takes in the full depth and breadth of what's transpired in the ward room, and sees Praxis tug a set of dogtags out of the chared heap that used to be a man, he hoarks. Yes, hoarks. One hand's braced against the hatch opening, and Salazar misses getting the XO's lunch all over her boots by about six inches. Well, someone had to do it. "…acknowledged, Ensign." His face is kind of screwed up in a grimace as he manages to get that out. "Lieutenant. I have the watch." He forces himself to look away, and wipes a few smeared chunks off his mouth as he turns and heads for CIC.

Tyne is still in the hall with the injured and knocked out Elder. But as the words are said the MP who was in the CIC is looking up as the S2 comes out. No words said, he's just busy putting pressure on wounds. Not his place to say anything isn't it After all he's just a marine.

"Ensign Nikos." Praxis says across the hall, ignoring the fact ENTIRELY that Cortez just ralphed all over the floor. "In CIC on duty at this current point in time is a known associate of the Marine with the moniker of 'Sunshine'. There was emotional disdain on her features at the event. Petty Officer Selene Daiasu is on station currently and I recommend she be taken into custody for questioning." Jade eyes then turn onto Cortez. "Sir. With all due respect - " No. Demitros changes his mind. "I apologize sir. Carry on."

Salazar pauses. She turns. "I was going to suggest a formal reprimand at a later date, sir, but I would be happy to take her into custody on suspicion of collusion." Salazar crouches briefly beside Dutch, and glances up to Praxis. Happy and Salazar's expression don't really go together. She nods, and rises to head into CIC. She asides to Tyne. "Report as to Elder's status when he's safely transported." She doesn't react to the vomit. Just another day in the Ward Room.

Cortez isn't sticking around to listen to Praxis' objections, if indeed they are. Someone else can clean up the mess; he's headed for CIC post haste, with a nod toward Salazar after Selene's mentioned. "On me, Ensign." And off he goes.

"Aye Ensign." The MP calls out, before he is moving to take the Corpsman off to the medbay, well once the stretcher arrives, then he will be giving over the call as to Elder's status once he is able too. For now he's off to the medbay.

Praxis is currently in the hallway outside of the Ward Room. There is debris everywhere, and the entering snipes would see that the injured form of Sergeant Dutch Elder is being taken away. In the hallway there are table bits, but more notably the pieces of body that once belonged to a person. There are unidentifiable parts strewn all over. Black smoke is billowing from the Ward Room. There is also a pile of vomit on the floor about ten feet away from Praxis. In his hand, a dogtag hangs off of it with the name embossed: Jackson Sheridan. His unidentifiable body is mutilated in the Ward Room. Praxis is as stoic as ever, watching the S2 and the XO head into CIC to do something.

The light at the end of the -…frak, never mind. Kappel's jaw is set as he leads Callie and another enlisted up the hallway, carrying DC cases and fire extinguishers. The scorching, he expected. Perhaps even bodies. Praxis hoarking, that's pushing it. "Ah, hell."

Selene comes out of CIC, doing the walk of shame in front of an unhappy looking MP. She doesn't even look up as she passes by, making her way to the brig.

[Intercom] Cortez says, "Attention all hands, attention all hands. Now hear this: all crew and personnel currently on leave are to return immediately. Multiple explosive detonations have been confirmed across deck two, and the perpetrator is currently in custody in the brig. Several casualties have also been reported, including Commander Jack Sheridan, who has been confirmed killed in action. I will be assuming command of this ship henceforth. I repeat, all crew and personnel currently on leave are to return to Kharon immediately and report to barracks until further notice."

Carnage of a mechanical kind is something Callie can handle but that of the physical kind causes her to freeze in her tracks; the dead body, the sight and smell of vomit along with whatever else might be in the air and everything else getting her to tear up immediately. "No…" she whimpers while forcing herself to look up and away, not daring to look anymore. It is the announcemet of the CO's demise that does her in and Callie sheds all military professionalism to the side and begins to cry.

"Pull it together, Crewman." Kappel's voice isn't harsh, but it is firm. "Go back and report to Eos or stay here, but if you do the latter I need your mind working." Gods, what a…'mess' doesn't cover it. "Gibbs," the other poor enlisted guy, "Get this room cordoned off."

Demitros catches sight of the approaching two before he listens to the audio broadcast over the ship, none of this overly surprising because all of it he's got knowledge of. To the two snipes he gestures to the room. "Take a moment. Get it together, and then proceed to make repairs." Of course, Kappel has that sentiment down. Praxis stuffs the dogtags in his pockets while he waves a couple of crewmen down the hall with another stretcher. He eyes Selene and the S2 as they move through, but pays them little mind as he assists the crewmembers to load the half-body onto the stretcher and take him away.

Callie snffles and rubs the back of her hand along her face, smudging dirt along the wet trals the tears left. "Sorry, sirs. I ju-just…" The body's stared at for a moment, eyed in the manner that horrific sights are observed, morbid curiosity mingling with the innocent manner a child simply takes things in, almost as if she doesn't believe that the CO's gone. "W-hat do we ned to start on first, sir?"

"You alright, Lieutenant?" Kappel asks Praxis under his breath. Not patronising, just making sure the man can move and everything. A nod to Callie. "Help Gibbs get this taped off and secure first. Start about fifteen feet from the hatch itself." Which will give Callie time to breathe without looking into the room.

"Affirmative." That is, Praxis is able to function and perform his duties. As for the emotional impact, well it would be hell if he even started to show it. It's hit everybody. But Demitros is the kind to push on fearlessly. "I will get out of your respective ways. Thank you. I must go write a report." With that said, he's moving out, alongside the stretcher carrying Sheridan, towards the aft section of the ship.

Callie nods. "Yes, sir." A roll of yellow caution 'tape' is the first thing fetched from the box full of stuff used only durng emergancies like this. The two enlisted crewmembers begin the slow process of making sure everything's taped off, the brightly colored strip stretched from one side to the other, tied to various objects when an anchor point is needed.


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