So Is There A Shot For That
So is there a shot for that
Summary: Pike patches Dutch up and listens to Castor's awkward problem.
Date: PH 039 (28 May 2009)
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Pike makes her way into sickbay, lugging a crate of books from Kharon's library and hefting it onto a nearby table with an audible thud. She pauses to straighten her glasses and her ponytail, and exhales once after exerting herself.

Dutch is coming in, dressed in his sweats and Corpsman shirt. Fresh from a second go at rehab, and per the doctor's orders, he's filed right on in to get his wounds looked at, re-bandaged and hopefully from there, he will be done with this mess "Tell th' Doc, Sergeant Elder is reporting.." said softly, to a nurse as he takes time to peel out of the shirt. Carefully.

Leda steps nervously into the sick bay, this is not his normal stomping grounds, but he has been having this problem recently, command knows about it - however they may not have said anything. Castor takes a moment to look around without being seen and as Dutch speaks the man winces slightly, not because Dutch beat him down in the last Dance but because he really didn't want an audience for this…problem.

Pike looks over to Dutch and waves him in. "Sergeant, good of you to drop in. Help yourself to a seat on one of the beds and we'll have ourselves a look at you." A smile and nod is sent Castor's way as he enters, as if to say he's up next on the list.

Dutch nods once towards Pike as the blue shirt, is kept clutched in one hand. Simply on he moves hurrying over to come and take a seat-gingerly on one of those beds "I try to be punctual." the medic intones as he looks blankly for a moment to Pike "I tend to hear you female types like it." Don't worry-since they let him out he stopped yelling at your nurses.

Castor offers a small awkward smile back and he goes to take a seat, oh look, a magazine that is now three months out of print, that should be something to read while he waits, as for who left it there and why it is in the sickbay who knows but it is a good distraction for Leda.

Pike grins a little as she gingerly pulls the dressing away from the wound on his chest. "It's something to look for, yes." She closely examines the gunshot wound underneath. "This is healing quite well… I think we're probably looking at just under a week left before I can clear you for unrestricted duty. One second and I'll look at your arm. How's your head feeling?" As she awaits Dutch's answer, she works on carefully removing the bandage from his arm wound.

"The quicker the better if you ask me-I need to be in the field tomorrow.." But that is Dutch just being impetuous…or something. Sergeant Elder takes his time to glance over to where he sees Leda sitting, a grunt, before he's looking back towards Pike. "Ok.. Head's fine. No light headed ness, or pains other than usual."

Castor flips a page, ah so this is what women on Caprica will be wearing for the spring collection, very stylish - well it would be if Leda knew anything about fashion. He flips a page, 'Seven Ways To Know He is Cheating on You' followed by, 'How to Lose a Guy in Seven Days'. Flip, an article on Aquarian get away resorts, now this could be good. Castor intently studies the page, well, not really but he is acting like he does.

Pike nods as she examines the scabbed-over hole in Dutch's right arm. "Definitely a good sign that we're on the right track. Okay, give me a couple seconds and I'll get you some fresh dressings." She passes Castor on the way to the supply cabinet, saying to him, "Not much longer, Lieutenant." Pik pulls some gauze and surgical tape from the cabinet, before returning to her current patient.

Dutch simply nods, silently as he is getting checked out. Seemingly keeping an eye on the pilot who is over sitting and reading, and then his head is snapping back to Pike "Thank you sir." he mutters all the same, scowl as ever, entrenched on his face. "You do some nice work."

Castor nods as Pike speaks, "Take your time, Major, there is a fantastic interview with members of the Caprica Bucks and the relationships between they with their signifigant others." He then flips a page and he goes silent again trying to hide his embaressment behind a magazine, yup, this must be a doozy of a medical problem. He then flips another page as he keeps reading, then he hits a lingere advertisement which is quickly flipped over.

Pike grins as she carefully covers Dutch's arm wound with a gauze pad and secures it with tape. "Helps having a helpful patient." Once the arm is re-bandaged, she works on doing the same with his chest wound.

Dutch straightens his arms out and keeps them level, as he waits for the chest wound to be re bandaged. A chuckle there and a brow raises "If I didn't know better Doc, I'd swear you were comin' on to me." Perhaps one of the more…cheery replies the CMO will get from the Corpsman. But eh, its how a marine is, right? "You know, I always wanted to do this shit.." a chew of his words, as he passes the time "be a doc."

The pilot pauses for a moment to look at something, he then turns the magazine sideways, and then a sudden, 'oh!' expression comes over him as he recognizes what he is looking at. He then turns the magazine the right way up and finds an article, 'The South Aquarian Diet - Fact or Fiction?' Leda frowns for a moment at the thought of all the fad dieting before he flips another page and smiles as there is an article about how a family was saved from a fire by their year old dog.

Pike smiles finishes re-dressing Dutch's chest. "Well, what I hear, the Marines are lucky to have you aboard. All right, you're all set. Door's open as always if you have any out-of-the-ordinary discomfort."

"Course, and I know no picking at it, be careful with water and all the usual shit." There's a hop off the table, boots sounding with a resounding thud, before he's pulling on that t-shirt of his. And so with a nod he's making for the hatch. A slight glance back towards Leda "You're up Tiger." Dutch looks like he isn't spending much more time here anyway

The words 'out-of-ordinary discomfort' make Castor wince, however, he is hidden behind a magazine, right. Right? Either way he flips another page, eight recipes for cooking tender and healthy chicken, boring. Flip, an article on erogenous zones…awkward pause, flip, flip. Leda stops at an article on what wine best goes with which dish - well, it is hooch, and hooch is always relevant to Leda's interests. He looks over at Dutch, "Wha, me, oh..thanks." He stands up slowly.

Pike nods with a lopsided grin. "Good that you've been listening. Thanks again for coming in, Sergeant." She then looks to Castor as Dutch prepares to depart. "Lieutenant?"

Castor looks over at Pike, "Uh, Major?" He takes on a voice most likely every doctor from the dawn of time has heard, the - something is wrong this isn't normal - voice that is mixed with - and this is going to be an awkward - voice. He then says, "What if you know…you are having problems with urges, sir?" he says hoping he doesn't have to say more, please dear whatever he believes in don't let him have to say any more.

There's a pause by the door, and the Marine is looking back over his shoulder towards Castor. Perhaps one of the oddest things to hear upon leaving the sickbay- but there's a half assed smile, as if Dutch is about to say something rather mean or else, but instead the Marine holds it together and slips on out. Oh Lords.

Pike blinks, her interest definitely piqued. "When you say you're having problems, you mean they're out of control or not as strong as they should be?" She leans her lower back into the edge of the bed she was treating Dutch on, having tossed his previous bandages in a biohazard container.

Castor nods his head, "Out of control…" he pauses to think about it, "Like all the time, I mean, I'm with someone and that helps and then other times I have to…" he pauses on how best to phrase this, "visit the bathroom." He then takes a moment to gather himself, "I'm not a religious man, but, let's just say Aphrodite's got nothing on me." He frowns, "And I'm not bragging I wish I didn't have all of these urges."

Pike considers that for a moment. "Well, I can imagine libidos have been thrown into the red what with everything going on of late. About how often are you having to relieve yourself, with or without your current partner?" Her arms are crossed and her manner very matter-of-fact.

Leda considers for a moment before he says, "Multiple times, daily, and at the worst of times multiple times within the same hour." He then takes a moment to look down at the floor, clearly he is embaressed talking about this because it isn't who he normally is. He pauses and says, "I went seven years without and then Kassia and I got together…" he pauses, "And it started before I got with her really, I had to devilver some request froms to a petty officer in the channel and ever since then I've been like this."

Pike frowns. "That is a bit excessive… and it can be a bit draining on your body's nutrients. Is this something you'd be willing to deal with through medication, or is this a psychological issue you feel you should talk to someone about? We have a rather talented shrink aboard."

"Well, that is the thing, so this isn't normal, right?" Leda says, "Well, I would like to try anything to help. I don't know why this is going on. I mean don't get me wrong I love women but not like this…." He frowns, "I talked to the Captain about it and he thought it might be psychological but I'll try anything and everything to stop this."

Pike nods. "Let's try to get the mental part of the picture first before we go prescribing pills. I want you to make an appointment with Lt. Evean, the shrink I told you about. I'll read over her assessment and we'll see about a treatment plan from there."

Castor nods, "Aye, Major, I'll make an appointment with Lt. Evean." He then says softly and clearly embaressed, "Uh, Major, you aren't going to tell anyone about this? I'd hate for the airwing to find out about this."

Pike smiles and looks at Castor over the upper rims of her glasses. "Lieutenant, confidentiality's something sort of in my job description, unless it poses a threat to ship security. Your issue, while worrisome, fails to qualify. My lips will be quite sealed."

Leda says in relieved tones, "Aye sir, thank you." He then says, "So, just get some vitamins and set an appointment with the shrink then?" He never has liked shrinks but this is an occasion that might warrant one.

Pike nods. "Yes, and try to find something else to occupy your time in the meantime. Gods know we don't want you blowing your load walking down the corridor, but see what you can do on your own about reining yourself in, and we'll see how that goes, all right?"

Castor takes a breath, "Aye, sir, I'll do what I can about reining it in." He then takes a moment to smile, "And thank you, sir, for not being all…jugdemental about this." He then pauses, "Permission to be dismissed, sir?"

Pike nods affirmingly. "My pleasure, Lieutenant. Keep me posted."

Castor salutes, "Aye sir." And then he is out.

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