Sneak Attack - CIC
Sneak Attack - CIC
Summary: The Kharon comes up on an asteroid belt and a surprise is in there waiting for them. Praxis gets his first taste of what Command is like on a bad day.
Date: PHD 122
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Dun dun dun dun. Praxis Demitros and his formal march into the CIC takes him right into the fray of all the chaos that is happening around here. Okay, so it's probably quiet because nothing is exploding and no one is receiving any distress calls. Our hero heads to the plotting table, saluting the watch officer that was just on duty and relieving him … the TACCO now standing in the center of the bridge, hands behind his back while he gets acquainted with the DRADIS display.

Selene smiles to Seriy, then turns to let the ensign work and goes back to the nav computer. It's kinda boring considering that the jump calculations for this shift are already done, and there's nothing going on.

Prax heads towards the countermeasures officer for a while, the quiet murmurings of his voice barely heard over the hum of electronics in the command center. It seems he's fairly good friends with whoever is sitting there, but around Knight there is a constant air of formality. Suddenly, at the nav station - Selene gets a proximity alert…many floating objects detected; most likely an asteroid belt. It'll be at least 15 minutes before they get into it but the escort carrier is definitely on a beeline on its present course.

Selene looks over at the console, then up towards the TACCO. "Sir," the diminutive nav tech calls out, taking her pen from her mouth and raising it in the air so that he can see her. "Think you're gonna want to see this. Looks like an asteroid belt, bearing 012 carom 034."

Seriy sits at her station, legs crossed, hands primly resting in her lap, apparently having a conversation with someone on the other end of her gear. "Understood. I shall inform the officer of the watch. Again, please let us know as soon as you have an update on the situation…"

Lt. Demitros pushes off from the ECM console as his attention is begged, the officer strolling the distance all the way over to the station where Selene is manning. "Understood. What do the readings say as to the sparsity and the dimensions of the field?" Hearing 'officer of the watch' in the background, Praxis' back straightens and eyes drift over to Seriy. "Ensign McKale, report."

Selene taps at the console, pen back in her mouth as she calls up the information. "It's not small, sir. Nearly 1SU in its widest dimension, and fairly dense. We could go through it, but… I'm no tactician, but you could hide a basestar in that, and we wouldn't know until we were about halfway through."

Seriy turns towards the Lieutenant. "Sir, launch tube 18 is experiencing mechanical difficulties. Repairs are underway, but they estimate another 30 minutes before it shall regain functionality," she replies with a light smile, which starts to disappear as she thinks about Selene's report. "Ummm… sir… the CAP is currently forward of the ship, shall I warn them of possible detritus?"

Whew. Launch tube eighteen. That's not going to be too much of a problem. Praxis nods at Seriy. "Have the repair crews inform CIC immediately when repairs to that particular tube are complete." the TACCO mentions to the comm officer, not answering her last question before he regards Selene again. "All right, I'll take that under advisement. I want you to start plotting a course around the field … I will inform the crew and set Condition Two until we are clear. When new projections are laid in, Petty Officer - relay them to Ensign McKay so she can update the patrol, please." Now it's finally Serendipity is regarded. "Yes, please do." Now, Praxis heads to the receiver, picking it up and addressing the crew.

Selene nods and turns around, pulling out a chart and beginning to plot on it. For a girl who gets lost on the way to work in the morning, she sure knows how to draw a map. Her pen alternates between the chart and the clipboard, pondering before scribbling numbers. Without looking up, she asks, "How much do you want to clear the field by, sir?"

[Intercom] Praxis says, "Attention all hands, this is Lieutenant Demitros in CIC. The Kharon is currently passing by an asteroid field of considerable size and we are currently plotting a course around the field. Be advised we are going to Condition Two until we are clear of the field. I say again, condition two until we clear the field."
<Intercom> Attention! Set Condition Two throughout the ship.

Seriy turns back to her console. "CAP, this is Kharon… CAP, please be advised that you are approaching an asteroid field. We will be altering course to avoid it. Please standby for new course information and be advised there may be debris in your area."

[TAC3] Seriy says, "CAP, this is Kharon… CAP, please be advised that you are approaching an asteroid field. We will be altering course to avoid it. Please standby for new course information and be advised there may be debris in your area."

[TAC3] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "Copy, Actual. Snuggling up to Momma with a weather eye to the rocks."

Praxis puts down the phone onto the receiver, swallowing and regarding whoever is sitting at the ECM console. "Keep a close eye on the DRADIS. Do attempt to make a narrow scan so we can get readings between the rocks, if you can." Selene gets his attention. "Most efficient path, Petty Officer. Keep us far enough away so that any stray rocks can be avoided with a course correction. Stay vigilant. Ensign McKay, order the CAP closer to the rocks than we are - they will be our eyes."

Selene nods and begins plotting, nibbling on her pen a bit as she decides on the best course. "Okay, here we go," she calls out. "Starboard 012, then arc over by 010 port when we get to the belt. We'll pass within 30km of the rocks. Close, but we'll have warning if anything comes out at us."

[TAC3] Seriy says, "CAP, Kharon. Please proceed forward towards the asteroid field. We shall be making a close pass and would like your assistance in reconnaissance."

[TAC3] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "Actual, Fingers. Wilco."

Seriy makes a note on her log. "CAP has acknowledged the orders, sir," she says before her hands return to her lap.

Praxis moves back towards the plotting table after having acknowledged what his crew reports. It's a little while of the ship coasting over the field and Demitros standing the center of CIC in parade rest when a little flicker catches his eye. Oh damn, he did NOT just see that. "I observed an unknown DRADIS contact, bearing ninety carom one-sixty-two. Weapons, have the batteries ready and a watchful eye upon your screen. Ensign - inform the CAP of the last known position of the contact. I wish to know precisely what it was." And then poor Selene, she has Prax's eyes. "Be prepared for evasive action."

[TAC3] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "Merlin, watch my six. I just had this viper shined."

[TAC3] (from "Fingers" Jupiter) Merlin's reply is brief. "Fingers, Merlin. I'll keep 'em off your ass if you quit coming on to 'em."

[TAC3] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "Wow, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the escort carrier. Give my love to your left hand, and tell it to get back to work. Damn."

Selene mutters and moves to the console, releasing the pen in her mouth to pull a string of beads from her pocket. Prayer beads aren't exactly regulation, but who's going to yell at her for it, really? She begins chanting a ritual prayer under her breath in Kalimnos, while trying to plan out multiple ways to execute Operation GTFO.

Seriy's perfect posture becomes a little more tense as she uncrosses her legs and sits forward, reaching for the push to talk switch.

[TAC3] Seriy says, "CAP, Kharon. We have unknown Dradis contact bearing niner-zero degrees carom one-six-two. Please investigate immediately."

[TAC3] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "Actual, Fingers. Copy that. I saw a warble on my DRADIS too. Alerting course to intercept estimated position. Merlin, hammer down, kid."

[TAC3] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "Actual, Fingers. ETA 3 minutes."

Operation GTFO. I love that. Anywho, Praxis watches our friendlies head towards the belt, hands unfolding from his back to come to a rest on the table while his head remains bent upwards, watching that radar and ready to be on his feet for when anything happens. "Ensign, I want the CAG on the line and informed of the situation."

Selene scribbles a few escape routes on the chart, then looks up nervously at the DRADIS, still whispering a prayer under her breath. It might be a different prayer this time. It's hard to tell if you don't speak Kalimnos.

Seriy switches channels, along with a "Yes, sir." Then she's on "the phone", working to find the CAG. A brief glance is spared for Selene as she hears the prayer, but sadly academic interest goes by the wayside.

Meanwhile, Praxis continues to maintain a long stare on that DRADIS. It may be somewhat dangerous to pay attention to nothing else; but when someone needs his attention he'll hear a 'sir'. "Continue to scan that field. And of course do not forget the empty space to our dorsal side - I do not wish the Cylons to believe that floating objects in space will keep us from looking up once in a while."

[TAC3] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "Kharon, Fingers. I've got a mess in here. Attempting visual confirmation. It's like looking for a deranged sugar high riding four year old in an arcade at night. This could take a few."

Selene nods and goes back to scanning, then after a moment, she looks up towards the tech operating the flight controls. "Port 010… mark," she says, waiting for the other NCO to bring the ship to bear. She can hear her own heartbeat when she isn't praying… so she goes back to doing that.

[TAC3] Seriy says, "Fingers, understood. We shall be waiting."

Seriy seems… busy. Her hand flicks switches as she switches from channel to channel. "CAP is nearing the contact, the CAG is keeping the alert fighters on standby."

[TAC3] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "Frak. Raiders confirmed up my ass. Kharon, request immediate assistance. Wake those lazy fraks up and get them out here before you have to send Captain Legacy to scrape me off a rock."

[TAC3] (from "Fingers" Jupiter) Merlin comes across the wire with a little more professionalism in his communications, "Two confirmed bandits. Alert vipers would not go amiss."

Busy. Good. Everyone is busy. He likes that. Praxis drums his fingers on the table, a restless gesture that he very rarely partakes in. Despite liking the suspense and the pressure it can still make a man jittery. Speaking of which, where's his coffee? He wishes Persy were her- His train of thought is broken. "Ensign, scramble alert fighters immediately! Petty Officer, I want the FTL spooled up in case we have to make a hasty retreat." A beat, before he picks up the phone and decides to tell the Actual what's going on.

<Intercom> Attention! Action Stations! Set Condition One throughout the ship.

[Intercom] Seriy says, "Action stations. Cylon raiders spotted. Launch the alert fighters. Repeat, action stations. Launch the alert fighters."

[TAC3] Seriy says, "CAP, Kharon. Support is being launched."

Selene whimpers softly, "Oh gods," and turns around, grabbing a phone conveniently positioned that links her to the engine room. It rings a moment, and she simply says, "Spin the FTL up," before setting it on the hanger again. Grabbing her clipboard from earlier, she starts punching buttons to input the jump coordinates she calculated not more than an hour ago.

Seriy gives a "yes, sir" before getting on the ships intercom. That done she gets back on the tactical frequency to let them know that help is going to be on the way. And then dutifully notes it all on her communications log.

[TAC3] (from "Fingers" Jupiter) Fingers sounds a little tense when her voice comes over comms, "Kharon, Fingers. Good to hear, better to see."

[STC] "Rebound" Willem says, "Actual, Rebound. Proceeding with systems check. Board is green and everything's a go."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Kharon, This is Rabbit, green for tubes-Shoot me out."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Vigilantes, launch as soon as you have clearance from CIC and form up on me once we're up there. Black Cat, keep your raptors spooled and on standby for a possible SAR."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Spider, Rebound. Copy that."

[STC] Seriy says, "Rebound, CIC. Launch immediately. Cylon raiders at niner-zero degrees carom one-six-two."

[STC] "Rebound" Willem says, "Launching in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Sweet Hermes, I luv ya."

Praxis puts the phone down after talking to Sheridan or Cortez or whoever the heck picked up the line. "Thank you, Ensign." the tactical officer says at her report, chewing his lip while he ponders the situation. "Clear all pending viper launches, get them to assist Lt. JG Black as soon as humanly possible." Eyes watch the DRADIS, the fighters amongst the rocks flickering in and out. He knows that there's no way to really resolve the contacts. Praxis moves up to the ECM station and tries to make an effort in jamming the enemy Raiders, although he is unsure as to the success in doing so while they're in the field.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Copy Spider. Got a trio ready to go on your mark."

[TAC3] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "If you lot put down a hard burn, I might not need that SAR. Bring the big guns, these frakkers are slippery little suckers."

Selene is done praying now, it would seem, but keeps the beads clutched tightly in her right hand, while scribbling on the chart once more with her left, updating their escape routes as they move.

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Kharon, boards are green, on your mark."

[STC] Seriy says, "Spider, CIC. Launch immediately. Cylon raiders at niner-zero degrees carom one-six-two. CAP is on tac 3."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Fingers, Rebound. We are en route, Kicking in full burn, repeat, full burn. Now's the time to appreciate cheap shots."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Spider, Rabbit. Copy Safe t' assume weapons are free."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Rebound, you're with me. Rabbit, Screamer, attack pattern delta, weapons free."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Spider, Rebound. Copy that, sir!"

Seriy looks up from her station. "Sir, vipers are away and on full burn towards the targets." She turns to look at Selene, praying quietly. "It shall all turn out well. They are very good at what they do. The hero figure often exists to slay an enemy, as it were," she says, referring to their earlier conversation.

"Navigation, rotate on our axis so our batteries are facing the field. Weapons, plot a firing solution and keep an itchy trigger finger. If it gets too much busier than this I am going to have our people come back and we're going to scatter some rocks for cover on their way back." Praxis' voice is loud and clear in the bridge. With the confidence permeating his tone, it's no doubt that he has faith in the pilots as well as the CIC crew.

Selene looks up at Seriy, clearly a bit worried, at the very least. She tries her best to defuse the situation with a joke, replying, "Well… don't tell them that. It's hard enough to get a pilot and his ego in a viper as it is." It doesn't work too well, at least not for her. She looks up to see the NCO at the flight controls spin the ship, and looks back down to her chart, scribbling to make adjustments to their escape plan.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "CIC, Black Cat. Is Kharon in range to jam those Raiders?"

Praxis shakes his head at the comm officer. "Tell them there is too much interference from the belt for effective countermeasures."

Seriy is about to reply to Selene when she pauses, then she's back at her job. Attacks really are bad for socializing…

[TAC3] Seriy says, "Negative Black Cat. There is too much interference from the asteroid belt for effective jamming of communications."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "CIC, Black Cat. Then why the frak are we… Belay that. Permission for three Raptors to leave the barn to back up our Vipers."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Kharon, Spider. I need a SAR out here for Fingers."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "And negative on the raptor backup, it's like chunky soup out here as it is."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Spider, Rabbit. Breaking formation, mainly cause of the rocks out here- Oi Watchit!"

That last transmission isn't very encouraging. Praxis glares at the flickering DRADIS as if it were his mother-in-law. "Dispatch a SAR Raptor to pick up Fingers." Demitros mentions. "That asteroid field is really getting on my difficult-to-get-on nerves, McKale. Ask the CAG if he is able to bring those Raiders within jamming range and out of those rocks." The asteroids are an unsafe element to this whole battle.

Seriy nods her head before turning to the radio, first to launch the SAR, then to talk to the CAG.

[STC] Seriy says, "Launch Raptor for search and rescue."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, gruffly, "This is Rebound. Splash one. I want to glue this thing's ass back together just so I can shoot it again." A pause. "We allowed to do that?"

[TAC1] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Ivory, Black Cat. You're clear to launch for SAR on Fingers. Bring her home. Birdman, stand by. You'll be next out if ou're needed."

[TAC3] Seriy says, "Spider, Kharon. We… should like to know if you would be able to… draw the raiders in closer and away from the detritus."

[TAC3] "Screamer" Antioch says, "Careful, everytime someone says that, something bad happens."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Birdman, Black Cat. You're clear to launch for SAR on Fingers. Bring her home. Ivory, you'll be next out if we're needed."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Rebound, Rabbit. Nice bloody shot"

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "*whistles* Good hits, Rebound. Kharon, all enemy contacts are eliminated. Holding for SAR on Fingers."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem murmurs a quiet, "Thank you" over channel but is otherwise silent.

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Belay my last, Kharon. I'm reading three more contacts, bearing three four carom niner.. Rabbit, take detached escort on our incoming raptor. The rest of you, engage. Slash and dash, cover your wingman."

[TAC3] "Birdman" Sparro says, " Copy that, Black Cat. Birdman leaving the barn."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Spider, Rabbit. Copy that-got a bloody bandit on my three-make that twelve now. I'll cut my way to the Raptor."

[TAC3] "Ivory" Timon says, "Roger that, Black. And Birdman: good luck out there."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Viper Wing, Rebound. Looks like we've got another bogey coming up behind me. Doesn't like me. Trying to shake him."

Praxis is overcome with relief at the news all of the enemy has been eliminated - until the bastards decide to make a comeback! It's like being given an ice cream cone and having the whole thing fall on your lap. Where the heck is the commanding officer, anyway? "Once Lt. Black is aboard the SAR, get those Vipers out of the field." he orders. "I suspect there may be much more in that field than we want to know about. Nav, is that FTL ready to go?"

[TAC3] "Birdman" Sparro says, "Spider, Birdman. Do we have any notion of Finger's last position and trajectory? Eyeball scanning will be better than DRADIS in this mess…"

[TAC3] Seriy says, "Spider, Kharon. As soon as your pilot is recovered, you are requested to withdraw back to the ship. We are a little concerned of what else might be hiding amongst the rocks."

Selene looks down at the nav computer, then up at the TACCO. "Aye sir, we're spun up and ready to jump," she replies through her pen. Her eyes quickly flick between clipboard and computer, double and triplechecking the numbers she input. If she frakked up the calculations, she can't fix it, but if she frakked up the entry, she can.

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Birdman, Spider. Kharon has her last coordinates, but she- *there's a rattle of his guns* -ted off course. Recommend initiating mid-range sensor sweeps."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Fingers, Spider. Do you read me?"

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Spider, Rebound. Watch out, boss. Looks like you made him mad."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "I'm sure it's my sparkling personality. Birdman, any luck?"

"Thank you." Praxis displays gratitude to the nav officer. "Transmit the last known coordinates of our pilot to our SAR raptor if required." Then he regards Seriy. "Have medical teams on alert for a possibly injured pilot."

[TAC3] "Birdman" Sparro says, " Negative, Spider, this is like trying to follow a shout in a echo chamb…. belay that! I have positive contact on Fingers, sector 567 karom 4.2. Negative on ejection, moving in for tow."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Copy, Birdman. Let me know as soon as you have her in."

Selene nods and looks toward the computer, then towards the DRADIS, scribbling down some numbers on her clipboard before putting her pen back in her mouth as usual.

[TAC3] (from "Rebound" Willem) ..there's the sound of distorted crackling and whirring over the coms as Rebound cuts in, "Splash ONE. You're clear, sir!"

[TAC3] (from "Spider" Kai) After a few moments of silence over the comms, "Copy, Rebound. Kharon, we're wiping the floor with these bastards. Birdman's got a fix on Fingers, we should be RTB in a couple of minutes here."

[TAC3] (from "Fingers" Jupiter) Merlin's response is somewhat terse, "Blast 'em."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Oh. FRAK."

[TAC3] "Birdman" Sparro says, " Kharon, Birdman. I've got a lock on fingers and I am bugging out but she's unresponsive in there. Gonna need a medteam on the floor when we land."

Praxis pounds his fist on the plotting table. His regular and proper tones are completely lost. "Get our people the hell out of there. ECM be at the ready. Advise them medical teams are already standing by — and Weapons, covering fire at the 'roids at my mark." Head cranes to the enlisted officer. "When they are all aboard, we're to jump."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem crackles over the comms. "All ships, Rebound. Merlin's DOWN. Repeat, Merlin's down. Fingers -and- Merlin? We've got…" Pulling it together a little bit. "Chasing down remaining Raider down with extreme prejudice. Spider, Going to break hard left and try to box him in."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Ivory, Thorn, Black Cat. Prepare for launch on CIC's mark. You'll be going for Merlin. Bring him home, gentlemen."

[TAC3] "Ivory" Timon says, "Roger, Black Cat. Kharon, this is Ivory, awaiting your go."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Copy, Rebound. Break left, I'll break right, bracket the motherfrakker and stay focused. Merlin, this is Spider, do you read?"

[STC] Seriy says, "Launch SAR immediately."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Birdman, Rabbit. Got your ass-you're in the clear for the run."
[Intercom] Seriy says, "Medical teams report to the landing bay immediately. I repeat, medical team, report to the landing bay immediately."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Screamer, cover Merlin's SAR."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem merely replies, "Copy."

Selene winces as another blip vanishes from DRADIS and nods to the TACCO, looks up to Seriy. "Standby for jump," she says, as a hint to announce it to the ship. Nibbling on her pen, she grabs the navigation plot table and lifts her phone to the FTL room. "Stand by…."

[TAC3] "Birdman" Sparro says, " Kharon, Birdman. I have an open path and coming in for landing. Rabbit, Birdman. copy that, heading home."

[TAC3] Seriy says, "All aircraft, once the pilots are recovered please return to base. We are warming up the FTL drives now. Kharon will provide covering fire."

[TAC3] "Ivory" Timon says, "Spider, Ivory, request Merlin's last known location, over."

[Intercom] Seriy says, "All stations, prepare for FTL jump after aircraft are recovered. I repeat, all station prepare for FTL jump."

[TAC3] "Screamer" Antioch says, "I reckon that the SAR's pretty well covered… by little explodey bits of dead toaster. Let's take Merlin home."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Ivory, Spider. Sector five six six on Merlin. Bearing three four carom niner. *there's a pause* Be advised this is a recovery, not a rescue mission."

Seriy is a little one-woman verbal whirlwind as she gets the SAR launched, gets orders out to the pilots, gets medical ready, and lets everyone know it's time to bug out. And all done so prettily. "Sir, medical teams are standing by."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Ivory, Rabbit. Got your wing- you're clear t' search"

[TAC3] "Ivory" Timon says, "Three-four-carom-niner, roger. Good to have you, Rabbit."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem calls in the obvious. "All ships, Rebound. Uhh, bandit down." A pause. "I don't see anymore. Flying cover for SAR in standard formation."

"Understood." Praxis intakes a long breath of air before expelling it, defaulting to his parade rest, just watching the flickering screens as the people do their work out there. It sets in that this is the first person that has died while indirectly under his command and it hits him inside like a sack of bricks. He can't wait until he is reviewed by command. With his iron features staring straight ahead and nowhere else, he counts the seconds.

Selene hangs up her phone and stands quietly at her station, hand next to the jump button, ready to open the protective cover and jump the ship at a moment's notice. She peeks up at Seriy, then back to the TACCO, waiting. Waiting sucks almost as much as the actual jump does.

[TAC3] "Ivory" Timon says, "*click — followed by a long pause* Spider, Ivory, Foxbat-7 has arrived in designated sector. I see debris, that's all."

[TAC3] (from "Spider" Kai) There's a heavy pause from Spider, and then, "Copy, Ivory. All points, RTB. I repeat, all points, get back to the barn and ready for jump."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Ivory, Rabbit. I confirm-See nothing. I'll have your wing back to the barn."

[TAC3] "Ivory" Timon says, "Spider, Ivory, roger. Foxbat-7 is RTB."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, a little haltingly. "Spider, Rebound. Copy. RTB."

Seriy looks up from her console. "Sir, aircraft are on their way home." She returns to listening, waiting for the word everyone is aboard.

"I frakked up big time." Praxis says. FUN TRIVIA FACT: Praxis has not said 'frak' for the entire duration of his stay on board the ship. The officer simply waits for all of their people to return to the beehive, the man twisting around to nod in acknowledgement to the comm officer. "Thank you, Ensign." Demitros then picks up the receiver, ready to broadcast a page. "Let me know as soon as all fighers have returned. Jump on my mark, Petty Officer."

[TAC3] Seriy says, "Spider, Kharon, please let us know when everyone has returned."

Selene nods and waits quietly still.
[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Kharon, Spider. All birds recovered."

Seriy turns from her seat. "Sir, all aircraft have been recovered."

[Intercom] Praxis says, "Jumping in five…four…three…two…one…mark."

Selene reaches over and flips the protective cap off the jump button with her thumb, bringing her hand down on it as she grips the console and closes her eyes. Gods, she hates this part.

All aircraft have been recovered, but not all the pilots. After the distortion of time and space as a result of traveling faster than light speeds, Demitros heads to the tactical station to sit down at his console. "Carry on." Everyone can go back to socializing now while Demitros starts writing a report.

Selene shakes her head a little to get her bearings again after the jump, then picks up her clipboard. They used her jump coordinates, which means she has to calculate new ones now. Poking at the nav computer, she pulls out a new plot sheet and begins plotting.

Seriy's posture grows noticeably tense as reality shifts around her. A jump to safety is a jump to safety, however, and with that thought she is immediately in a better mood about the experience. She too sets to her paperwork now that the excitement is over, catching her logs up and listening to the various chatter as the new CAP gets ready to launch…

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