Map of the CEC Kharon

Basic Setup

These schematics were done at a very early stage of development and are not the highest quality. They will be reworked when the designer has time to redo them, but unfortunately that will be a little bit. However, the ship has been lain out for players to reference a little easier to aid in navigation.

Side View

Below is an early schematic done of the Kharon as seen from the side. For the most part it is accurate but not entirely detailed. The main differences rise when looking at the living spaces, the fact that the 'Flight Deck' occupies the Hangar Deck as well as the 'Etc Needs' section is occupied by Air Wing-specific rooms. The left side of this schematic is the Aft end of the ship and the right is the Fore end. Yes, as it appears on the schematic, the only way Fore and Aft through the ship is through either Deck Two or via the Hangar Deck.



This first shot is the Hangar Deck as seen from the top-down. The top of the picture is the Fore end of the ship and the bottom is the Aft. In this picture the Ordnance Elevator at the Aft end drops down into Ordnance Storage on Deck One. Both of the Raptor Elevators rise to the Flight Deck. The stairs at the Aft end lead up to the exposed Flight Deck as well. And yes, I know 'Hanger' is misspelled. LOL


This second shot, below, shows the lower three decks. It is accurate to the placement of all rooms however they are not to scale. At the Aft end of Deck Three, there is a simple '?' shown. When these were done, we weren't sure what to do with that area. It is now the cargo area for storage of any materiel to be transported by the ship. This is also the location of the primary airlock. These schematics read from left to right, displaying Decks One, Two, and Three in that order.

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