Small Talk Over Coffee
Small Talk Over Coffee
Summary: The S2 and Captain Legacy discuss various items including the con in the Brig.
Date: PH 109 (05 Aug 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Security Hub
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #109
OOC Time: Wed Aug 05 19:28:20 2009

This room is the defacto headquarters for Marine operations on board the ship and also serves as their office. There are a pair of desks that flank the entrance to the door and another at the rear, that one obviously belonging to the Marine CO. A Colonial Marine Corps flag hangs proudly in the corner, accompanied by pictures of Marines in action and paintings depicting famous battles of the Cylon War and other actions. A picture of the Commandant of the CMC also hangs on the far wall as a reminder. There is a small video monitor in the corner that feeds into a camera in the brig, displaying a live feed into the office. As well, an armored door at the far end of the room displays in bright white lettering 'Primary Small Arms,' denoting the Security Hub as holding the main locker for storing the rifles and explosives aboard. Another hatch on the opposite end of the room denotes it as leading to the Small Arms Range.

The Sec Hub is fairly emptied out today, with only a couple of marines in the Firing Range beyond, and the S2 seated behind the one of the desks near the back of the room. Beside the folders, the marine's duty weapon is in pieces, and she's buffing the barrel lightly with a smooth cloth. A small stack of folders rests nearby.

There's a quiet knock on the hatch and then Thea steps in, in uniform. She appears calm and relaxed, none the worse for wear after last night's little incident. "Good evening, Ensign," she addresses the woman she's come to see. "And congratulations."

Salazar glances up at the knock, and nods as Thea wanders in. "Captain." She greets before waving the raptor driver inside. "Thank you. Please, come in, have a seat." She wipes her hands on a rag, then rises. "Good to see you back safely from the mission."

Blue eyes glance briefly at the gun and her lips quirk to one side. "Reminds me I have to clean mine tonight," she murmurs, settling in. "How're you doing, Ensign? Getting used to life on board our little home away from radiation?" Ahhh, someone's clearly in a mood tonight.

"It takes some getting used to, being on a ship again. No sun, no rain, no wind, no forest. No seven foot metal robots of death." Salazar shakes her head slightly, and steps over to the coffee pot to pour two mugs. She turns from it and asks, "Coffee?" She moves back over, and sets one on the edge of her desk, then steps around to her side to take a seat in her own chair. "Not bad despite all of that. I'm comfortable enough."

A pale hand reaches out for the mug, fingers wrapping around it as if seeking warmth. "Very true. It's the little amenities in life one gets used to. I always know that I'm going to die with my hair a mess when one of those damned things is shooting at me. Nothing like seeing your reflection in what you're shooting." Yes, that's said rather tongue in cheek. After a moment, her expression softens a bit. "Glad you're aboard. I don't know that we'd have been able to handle Scorpia without your work down there."

"Glad to be here." Salazar tips back in her chair, dragging her own coffee mug into her hands. The tattoos on her fingers are delicate, she's removed her rings for duty hours. She smiles and replies, "I know what you mean about hair. I had to look like hell for days after I was shot down on the surface. Talk about looking rough." She sips from her coffee and notes, "Grateful you folks were on a walkabout when we finished soldering the connection in our radio." Sip. "Thanks for the assist. I enjoy this breathing deal."

Salazar is sipping, Thea's cradling her cup - she hasn't taken a sip yet. "I don't know about you, but going down wasn't our problem. It was the damned welcoming committee." A slender hand reaches up to lightly massage her left shoulder. "I still need to get that bullet from Elder. He's the one who took it out of me." Finally she takes a slow draw from the cup after first blowing lightly on the surface. "Which brings us to the crux of the conversation. How's he holding up?"

"He's managing, but taking a little flak from some of the crew." Sal gestures slightly with the mug. "86ing brass makes folks a little nervous, I guess, despite there being no choice." She's quiet for a moment before she notes, "I haven't been to visit him in Medical. I'm not sure he'd even be awake." The injury Dutch took was pretty dark rough. "How's the wing holding up?"

"They're…coping," Thea says, choosing her words a little carefully. "Spider's an excellent leader, which helps. Keeping busy keeps us out of trouble." A sudden smile quirks her lips upward at one corner. "That's why I'm planning another drinking and cards night. Going to have to start distilling our own stuff before too long." The Captain sighs and leans back in her chair, seeming to relax somewhat. "How's our guest in the brig?"

"I always enjoy a good drink and card game. Better with a lot of smokes to go around." Salazar leans forward, and reaches over to put her mug down on the edge of the table. "I'd be willing to bet there's plenty of distilling going on already." She grins a bit and leans back again, reaches up to sweep strands of black hair from her eyes. "Cavalera's stoic, more or less. Awaiting his fate like an experienced prisoner." She pauses for a moment, then asks, "Do you have any thoughts on his… character?"

That gives her pause for a moment or two. Thea studies the S2 consideringly, though isn't looking at her - but through her. "He didn't have to help, he didn't have to tell the truth, but he did," she says quietly, after a bit. "On one hand, he attempted to secure the word of Spider and I that we'd put a good word in for him with Command in exchange for his assistance. On the other, he fought hard. I was impressed with what I saw. He claimed that he was wrongly accused, if I remember correctly." Finally her eyes snap back to Salazar. "I don't know if he told us because someone made him, whether he was warning us, or if he's really trying for a new start. Given his performance…Well, he fought hard for us."

Salazar rests one hand on the arm of her chair as Thea relates her thoughts on the subject of one Damon Cavalera. "He does seem particularly adamant, as many convicts are, that they were wrongly accused. His particular case was extremely weak. The officers didn't go out of their way to investigate other avenues. I'm surprised it made it through cross."

Thea dips her head at that. "I didn't exactly have the information with me down there to go into it. Since we got back…" Yes, she looks a hint sheepish. "I haven't really had the time to go down to visit. Given what Command knows of the case, given what he did for us on Scorpia…I don't know. With this whole end of the world thing, I'm inclined to give him another chance. He made it that far. He treated everyone well, that I'm aware of. He was true to his word while we were there." A shoulder lifts slightly. "It's a difficult call."

"It is." Salazar agrees, "It's a very difficult call." She reaches for her coffee again, and notes, "They were my files that helped put him away the first time. The investigation beyond my notes was not thorough. In the time I have known him, I've never seen him use violence in anything other than self defense. It's why he stayed on the street for so long."

Thea's eyes flash briefly with surprise, but she nods, once. "I didn't spend a lot of time with him, but what I saw of him - he seemed to be disciplined and protective rather than threatening." She reaches up to tuck a bit of hair back behind her ear - perhaps a tell? "I don't think a thorough investigation can be done now. And if you've had previous exposure to him, I think your views will carry quite a bit of weight as well."

"Unless something fairly dire comes to light in the next few days, I'll conduct another interview, then file a recommendation up the chain." Salazar seems reluctant to make the call just yet, but she watches Thea for a moment, dark eyes on the other woman for a while before she adds, "I'll be sure to add your thoughts to the report. I'd like to avoid more unnecessary deaths."

Legacy laughs softly and takes a sip of her coffee. "As would I," she comments, though the smile's a bit dark. "If something were to happen to our current CAG, I dare say the perpetrator wouldn't live much past their next breath. If that long." Her thumb strokes lightly along the side of the cup. "Hopefully your brig is emptying out a bit and will stay that way."

"From your lips to the Gods' ears," Salazar replies, nodding in agreement with the Captain. "I'm just as quick on the draw as Elder. If there's a need for rapid response, there will be." In other words, yes. "The brig has had about all the occupants it needs for the next while. Leda is back with his squadron, and frankly, I think Cavalera enjoys being behind those bars too much. He should be working for his keep."

Thea's eyes crinkle at the corners at that last and she nods. "Some people just enjoy the easy life," she comments sardonically. "I mean, he's got food, shelter, company, all the fake light he could enjoy. What's not to love about that?" Relief flares briefly in her eyes. "I'm glad to hear Leda's back. Did…" She pauses, then shakes her head. "Nevermind. Not my place to ask."

"The investigation is ongoing," Salazar replies, without asking what information Thea was after. She drains her coffee mug, liquid cooled enough to drink it quickly. "No evidence came to light that implicated him directly." Nothing she just said is confidential, and none of it's exactly conclusive either. No direct claim of innocence. "Do you know many of the pilots well?"

Thea dips her head slightly. "All of the Raptors and most of the Vipers," she says quietly. "Of course there are some I know better than others, people I work with most often." No, she doesn't go any further into the previous topic.

"I spoke with Morales yesterday about her head injury. She seems to be improving." Salazar takes a moment to consider the redhead, then asks, "Where are you from, Captain?" Her mug is set lightly down on the edge of her desk, and she reaches over to slowly begin re-assembling the pieces of her side arm.

"Then I'm sure you're aware of the rumor that her head injury wasn't naturally occurring," Thea comments quietly, glancing down at the weapon. "Gemenon, originally. Though my family was military - my parents were Caprican. Yourself?" It's clear she feels like the question from the S2 wasn't an idle one.

That's the thing about being the S2. No question will ever seem idle again. And often times they aren't. "Scorpia. My entire family is from Scorpia, and we all almost always come back after a tour of duty, and definitely on leave." She slides the final piece on the weapon, and pops the empty magazine, pulls open the drawer to her right, then sets magazine and weapon into her desk drawer before sliding them closed. "I hope to return to the Colony one day. Preferably without the toasters."

Thea might be a pilot, but that doesn't mean she's a dumb one. One eye remains on the weapon until it's safely tucked away in the drawer. "I don't know what to think about the radiation," she says quietly. "And I'm not sure the status of all of the other colonies - just a few. At least, on Scorpia, we know there are some survivors."

"My people are tough ones." Salazar is silent for a moment before she says, "I'd be surprised if there weren't some on Sag." She grins a bit, and glances across the desk once the drawer's closed again. "If there's no way to go back, eventually we'll find a new home. Once we're sure the toasters don't get to set up shop. I hope."

"That'll be the tough part," the Captain says quietly, lips pursing. "Damned things are like cockroaches. Kill one and three more pop up" The smile she offers Salazar is wry and a little tired. "Alright, Ensign. I won't take up any more of your time. Is there anything else I can do for you this evening?"

"Just tell me all of your pilots are safe in their bunks, Captain," Salazar smiles, and rises with her empty coffee cup. She nods to the other woman. "Thank you for your time, and your words. I appreciate you stopping by."

The empty cup is left on the edge of the desk as Thea stands, laughing. "Safe in their bunks, safe in each other's bunks, safe in the Red Berthing's bunks…" She pauses and seems to affect a thoughtful pose. "I think one might even be in a CIC bunk, but that's just a rumor."

Salazar chuckles, carrying her cup over to the coffee maker. She pours herself a fresh cup. "As long as they're safe in someone's bunk, Captain." Her grin widens at the thought. "That's all I ask for tonight."

Legacy laughs quietly and dips her head to Salazar, turning toward the hatch. "I try not to keep track. It'd require a flow chart. And a native guide. And half of Arielle Pike's stash of antibiotics. Have a good evening, Ensign." With that, she's gone.

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