Situations Like These
Situations Like These
Summary: Komnenos has a momentarily tense meeting with Legacy in the corridor that doesn't get any more relaxed when Sam shows up. However, the three hash some things out over tea, and Kissy returns from an exhausting experience in the sims.
Date: PHD150
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Hallways. They get people from one place to another, usually with a minimum of fuss. Usually. This evening finds Thea heading back toward the berthings in her flight suit, helmet under one arm, hair plastered about her face damply, as it usually is when she's just off CAP.

Thorn is heading in the opposite direction, having just exited berthings. His PDA in hand, he doesn't seem to be in any particular hurry as he trudges down the hallway, humming idly to himself as he stares at something on his screen.

Ah-ha. It's the humming that catches Thea's attention first, then she spots the hummer. "Evening, Thorn," she says quietly, a small smile on her lips. It's not a bright smile, but it's warm enough.

"Captain." Thorn doesn't return the smile, but he does stop, the handcomp falling to his side as he straightens. His shoulders square as he regards her, his expression perfectly neutral. "Good evening, sir."

Thea pauses in the hall, dipping her head. The lack of salute goes unremarked-upon. "How are you doing this evening, Thorn," she asks quietly, studying the man for a moment. The smile fades into something more professional.

"I'm well, sir," Thorn responds. The side of his mouth twitches ever so slightly at the question as he slides the PDA into his pocket. Reflexively, he pats at the other pocket, presumably where his cigarettes are kept, but he doesn't reach for one. "Yourself?"

As he pats for the cigarettes, Thea can't help but a little twitch at the corner of her mouth. "Doing well. Quiet CAP today, which was nice. If I remember correctly, you're scheduled to go up second tomorrow?" Yes, it's a question.

"Th' best kind." There's a slow nod from Thorn at the mention of the CAP. "That's correct, sir, though I forget offhand with whom I'll be riding, given that Ivory's back in medical hack."

"I think they're going to name a bed after him," Thea comments, a hint of levity in her tone that's belied by the worry in her eyes. "You'll be backseating for me tomorrow. I'm switching things up this week to make sure everyone plays well with everyone else. Crybaby's going up with me next week."

"Ah. Of course." If there's an emotional reaction to that news, Thorn doesn't show it; but for the most part, he's been keeping a tighter lid on himself than usual these days. There's a momentary silence, the man standing stock still in the corridor as he considers something. "Have you and th' CAG decided on th' roster for this upcoming scouting run t' Scorpia, sir?"

Thea shakes her head slightly. "Not yet, no," she says quietly. "I've volunteered and I know Crybaby has as well. I haven't checked the list to see who all's going yet." She studies Thorn for a moment, head canted to the side, mulling.

"As did I." A humorless smile tugs at the corners of Thorn's mouth. "Something t' do, at any rate," he notes sardonically. Her scrutiny is noted, and his chin juts out ever so slightly as he returns her gaze.

Thea's quiet for a long moment as she studies the ECO. "I've got nuggets coming in soon, and I'd like you to put some training ideas down on paper. I have an outline, but I would like some imput from someone who's doing it daily. Stop by my desk and pick up my outline tonight or tomorrow."

Samantha steps into the hallway, still in her flight suit, just off of CAP, it seems, the flight suit hanging down around her hips and her tanks visible above that, blonde hair slightly plastered to her forehead. As she sees the pair, she pauses a heartbeat or two, before looking down and moving a bit faster for the red berthings.

"I'll stop by later tonight, Captain," Komnenos replies, nodding in acknowledgement. "Will I be joining th' training staff then, sir, or is this simply an outside consult?" His head tilts curiously to the side as he asks his question; his eyes flick to Samantha, and he offers her the tiniest hint of a smile before turning back to Thea, all business.

"Outside consult, for the time being," Thea tells Thorn quietly. "You don't have the appropriate background - yet." Yet. Maybe there's hope? Her face gives nothing away. Eyes cut past Thorn to Sam and she can't help a bit of a smile. "Evening, Case," she calls quietly. "Care to join the Lieutenant and I?"

Samantha seems a hint surprised, pausing in her quick skittering away. She looks back to them, back stiff and shoulders straight as she faces Thea, as utterly professional as she can look only half wearing her flight suit, "…If that is your wish, sir!" She snaps off curtly, respectfully, all business. Thorn gets a slight look, but she's a hint too nervous and stiff to do much more.

"As I informed Captain Marek, I do have two years' experience teaching, and I'm the most experienced ECO on th' ship," Thorn reminds her, his tone rough but not disrespectful. But then, she probably knows those bits of trivia already. "In any case, I'll help how I can," he adds a moment later; is that a hint of disappointment in his voice?

"You're not flight school certified," Thea tells Thorn gently. "So we're easing you into this. You're also one of the most experienced. Poppy has quite a bit of experience under her belt, as well." Her tone remains gentle, no heat to it. "Case, we're just talking about the nuggets coming in. We've got a lot going on with it and the CAG and I are going to need a bit of help beyond the usual teaching. We need experienced folks willing to act as support and mentors."

Samantha seems only a touch surprised, and that surprise mainly that she's being asked, but she nods curtly. "Of course, sir. I'd love to. Nothing will keep them alive better than good teaching." Sam states flatly, her voice still layered with heavy business.

"Ah. I understand, sir." Komnenos' features do indeed seem to soften slightly in comprehension as Thea explains a little further. There's a look over at Samantha, and a tiny nod in agreement to her words.

The Captain offers the pair of them a smile then glances toward the door to the black berthings. "Would you two care to come in and have some tea? We can probably be a bit more comfortable sitting down rather than being a tight cluster here in the hall." There's a hint of humor in her tone.

Samantha looks between the two almost skeptically, as if she were waiting for the other shoe to drop. Where's the catch? "If you wish, sir." Sam responds, just as formally as before, keeping her business like respect up to the nines at the moment.

Thorn risks a glance over at Samantha, but follows her lead, offering Legacy a slight nod. "Very well, sir." With a quick step towards said berthings, he pulls the hatch open, allowing the other two to proceed.

Legacy steps into the berthings, glancing over her shoulder at Case. "I'm not going to bite, Case," she says quietly. "I promise. I may be in a flight suit, but I have no intention of sinking my teeth into your ass." A pause as she looks to Thorn. "Or yours."

Samantha nods curtly, "Alright then… tea sounds good." She adds after a second, almost having gotten comfortable, "Sir." And with that, she turns to head into the berthings. She's still tense and formal, not daring to give Thorn a look or a smile. It's all work right now.

Thorn gives a silent nod in response, his face a mask as he ducks around the open door to head into the berthings.

Thea moves toward the back, toward a teapot and a stash of tea she's gotten from, well, somewhere. "Grab a seat," she tells the pair of them. "I think you both know where everything is." Wait, is that HUMOR in her voice?

Samantha steps inside, still keeping herself as stiff backed as she would in the ready room, even if it's getting a bit uncomfortable during off duty hours. She strides over towards the chairs and settles in as told. "Yes, sir…"

Thorn follows the pair in, his posture only a little less stiff than Sam's. He takes a seat at the table, his fingers tapping idly on the metal surface; his pack of cigarettes is tossed down onto the table, and one is pulled out and lit.

"If the two of you don't relax a little," Thea says quietly. "I'm going to dump the hot tea in laps to see if that melts the steel a little. I'm not going to bite. I'm not going to yell at either of you. You're two of the damned nicest people I know and I'd like to have a damned relaxed cup of tea without feeling like you two expect me to scream." There's a look over her shoulder at both of them. "I'm just not sure how the hells else to let you both know that I accept what's going on and, now that a little time has passed so that things have died down, approve. You're two good people who both deserve the best with as little bullshit as possible." Her tone is slightly gruff and after a moment, she turns back to the boiling water.

Samantha flickers a look between them, not really believing her ears for a few moments. Part of her says it's a trap, she's walking into some fraternization charge just being set up for her. But Thea was a friend, and she hates being like this. Still, she frowns, uncertain. Finally, she just clears her throat. "Thank you… sir. I simply do not wish to appear…Unprofessional." But she does want a frakking cigarette, or so says her jealous look at Thorn's back, the first moment of relaxation from her tonight.

A guardedly curious look at the back of Thea's head as she starts talking turns into a surprised stare as the captain finishes what she has to say. There's a moment of silence from Thorn, and he glances over in Samantha's direction just in time to catch the tail end of that Look. The cigarette pack is tossed in her direction, and his head turns back towards Legacy. "I'm glad t' hear y' say that, sir." His face is still carefully neutral, but he does seem to relax and unclench a bit as he leans back in the chair.

Thea keeps her back to the pair for a time, giving them a little privacy. "Now if my bunk starts rocking, I'm going to kick someone's ass. But as far as I'm concerned, all is well." Finally she turns and offers each a mug. "I'm tired of that tension hanging over us. I consider both of you damned good people and friends." Thorn gets a wry little smile. "Aside from duty, of course."

Samantha accepts the pack of cigarettes, but she sure as hell isn't going to lean over and kiss the man or do anything impolite otherwise, even if Thea's back is turned. She learned her lesson about even visibly waking up in the black barricks. "Don't worry, sir, you won't be bothered by us. And. I'm…sorry if we…bothered you."

"We were never breaking regulations," Thorn reminds the both of them simply. It seems mostly intended as reassurance for Sam, though. There's a small smile for Legacy, though. "My bunk isn't connected t' yours, sir, so I don't think that'll be a problem. I'm just glad I'm not Priest, then." He shrugs. "An' I don't think Ivory will much care for th' time being." Is that a grin on his face?

"No, you weren't breaking any regs," Thea tells them, moving to settle into her bunk. "Just common decency and thoughtfulness. Though, in this day and age, I guess it can be forgiven." She settles on the edge of her bunk with a sigh. "Though I'm not going to accept 'it's the end of the world' as an excuse much longer." Yes, she's teasing. Mostly. "And no, I doubt Ivory will care. He'll just be glad he's not -here-." Yep, definitely teasing there. "And, as of right now? I'm off duty. As are the two of you," she reminds Case.

Samantha nods slightly, pressing her lips a moment and trying to sink a bit more comfortably into her chair. She grasbs the lighter, slipping one of Thorn's cigarettes between her lips and then lighting it up before she hands both things back. "I… I ain't ever been commonly decent. Why most of the people on this ship hate me, Legs… Figured a knew that about me, sadly. Ah well, it's… done now. I'm just tryin' to do my job."

"Thoughtless, I'll agree with. Decent…" Thorn shrugs, his tone light, but there's no mistaking the steel in his eye. "This is th' Colonial Fleet, not th' bloody Morality Police." He sighs as he brings the cigarette back up to his lips. "Yes, we might've handled things a little badly in th' beginning, but I'd really like t' just… move on, an' try t' be happy."

"Which is why I'm attempting to sit you both down now," Thea says, settling on the edge of her bunk and leaning back. "And make sure you both get the sticks removed from your ass. As for people hating you…" Thea seems clearly surprised that Sam said that. "I haven't seen it. Yes, there are going to be some hard feelings for a little while. Yes, people will take sides. But as long as you both keep being the people you are, everyone else will get the hell over it."

Samantha shrugs slightly, "You seemed to be leading the hate train, Thea… and frak, it hurt… so…I'm just a bit on edge about this all." Sam finally admits, some of the ice in her voice melting as she admits the sting she felt at her friend's anger. She takes another deep breath of her cigtarette, looking over to Thorn…

Thorn's eyes meet Samantha's, then Thea's, going back and forth between the pair as the former speaks. He's quiet for a second, though, as he pensively takes another drag from his cigarette. "There was Martin, of course. And I did have a rather candid discussion with Morales about it. But your reaction…" this directed at Thea, before he looks over at Samantha. "…well." He simply shrugs, unsure of what else to say. "You made me feel like I was going t' have t' start choosing between relationships, sir, and frak all if I liked th' thought of that." Thorn looks back up to Thea, a frank expression in his eyes. "It's not fair t' any of us."

"My reaction was based on the fact that I've seen this type of thing before," she tells the pair of them. "And both of you, well, it's my opinion that you should have been a bit more discreet for a little while longer. Dash has friends here in the Black Berthings, and it made them uncomfortable." Thea's response is calm, quiet, yet firm. "And Sam? Disappointed in is not the same as hating. It was also rather a surprise to see you rolling out of Thorn's bunk before the ink was dry on his disciplinary notice. It rather rankled a bit of disrespect for everyone else. But that's my opinion, and an opinion that, apparently, no one else shares." A shoulder lifts delicately. "I stand by it. Just because I didn't agree with what you did doesn't mean I hate you, Sam. And no, Thorn, I wasn't going to make you choose. I was pointing out that you'd already chosen. Honestly? I'm glad you two have found each other. It's nice to see someone happy. I hope you'll be good for each other." An odd blessing, to be sure, but an honest one.

Samantha shrugs slightly…"Dash was the one telling me to get on with it…that Thorn and I had been pining for so long, he wanted me to go. He'd feel less worse about us being over if I did. When Martin is screamin' at me to go to the guy, well…" Sam sighs and shrugs, having been caught in an odd place there, and it still feels odd now. She sinks back deeper in the seat, sighing, staring at the floor. She hates talking all of this.

Komnenos simply sits back in his chair, smoking his cigarette as he watches the interplay between the two. On this subject, at least, the man seems to have said his peace for the moment.

Thea dips her head, once. "It wasn't you two being together I had problems with, Sam," she says quietly. "It was how open you were being, so soon after the body was buried, so to speak. And the fact that I knew I'd have to deal with hard feelings." After a moment, she offers Sam a smile. "But you know what? It's over. I was a hardass about it. I'm not going to lose two friends, however, about their relationship. I don't hate either of you, never have. I was just disappointed in the choices that were made."

Samantha nods slightly, "Well…it's done and past. Take time for everything to heal over but… at least it's all laid out on the table." Sam still seems a bit closed off, not certain how to take any of this, but she's not totally cold. Still, she doesn't reach for or really look at Thorn. No reason to flaunt it now, really.

"The choices that were made, were made. Can't change how it happened. For what it's worth, if we could've done this without ruffling any feathers, I would've… but hindsight is always perfect. " Thorn shrugs matter-of-factly, taking a drink of his tea. "That's all I have t' say. I'm done apologizing. I think we've been penalized enough already… an' if we're all friends again, can we just move on now?"

Thea settles back with her drink and nods, once. "I would hope we can," she tells Thorn, quietly. "I'm sorry if I seemed out of line in expressing my disappointment." She seems oddly subdued now, however.

Samantha finally takes a half sip of her tea, giving a faint smile in Thea's direction, trying to relax more but there is still tension on the air. It'll probably be there for a while. "Dunno…I feel like if you're friends you… support your friends, no matter what. But… I guess times are different. Everything's weird. It happens. And yeah…time to move on." She admits flatly, alternating sips of tea with her cigarette.

Thorn nods.. "Accepted, sir," is his only reply. He looks as though he might say something else, but given that it was his suggestion to move on in the first place, he refrains. Besides, judging from his expression, what needed to be said has been said. With a slight smile on his face, he reaches out to squeeze Samantha's hand as he takes a drag.

Thea looks at Sam for a long moment, then offers the woman a faint smile. "And this is why senior officers aren't permitted to have nice things," she says quietly, putting her mug aside. There's something rather closed off about her now. "If you two will excuse me, then?" Without another word she slips out of her bunk and goes back to her locker, out of earshot.

Samantha blinks faintly, frowning a bit more, but now it's not in offishness, but in genuine concern. "Thea…stick around… we're just relaxing, right? Come on… I… frak… we've all got our hackles up over this…" She calls out gently, but she does allow her fingertips to reach out and give a small squeeze to his palm in turn. She holds on gently, at least, whether Thea returns or not. But she's watching for Thea.

"We won't bite." Thorn offers Thea a sardonic smile at that. "At least, I don't. I don't know about this one, yet." There's a jaunty smirk in Samantha's direction, but after a moment he too looks back to Thea expectantly.

"I need to shower," she calls over her shoulder to Thorn and Sam. "Post CAP gunk." It's quietly spoken, but gently so. "Enjoy your tea." And with that, she disappears into the head with her towel.

"Alright, Legs. We'll be here…if you wanna talk more…" Sam calls after the slightly older woman, and then looks back towards Komnenos. She leans over, pressing a soft kiss against his mouth, in their few stolen moments of being alone. Even with the tension in the discussion, she just wants the memory of…well, why it's worth being tense.

Of course, no privacy lasts long on Kharon. Kissy trudges along soon enough, mildly rosy-cheeked and sweaty-haired after a bout up in the sims, which had gone all well and good until he'd tried his hand at the viper sims. One day he'll get the hang of it, but that day is not today; like some wild mechanical bull thrashing some drunken college student on a saturday night, the viper sim's taken its toll on the decidedly-not-a-viper-jock, but he's not dead of it, no matter how much he looks like he wishes he was as he climbs up into his bunk. "Hey, guys," he tells the other two, the kissing not seeming to phase him a bit. Maybe he's had all the phase shaken out of him.

Thorn is in the middle of returning Samantha's kiss with a peck of his own as Kissy walks in. There's a look over to the worn-looking Raptor pilot. "Hullo, Kiss," he says neutrally. He regards Matto for a moment. "Y' look like hell."

Yeah, Thorn and Sam are never, ever, ever going to frak. Because people are going to come in every single time, duck in curtains, tool rooms, etc, and that is the Murphy's law of their relationship. Ah well. She gives a little laugh and squeezes Thorn's hand. "Our luck…" She mutters to the younger ECO, and then she looks back towards Kissy…"Kissy… what the hell is wrong?" She frowns, immediate concern on her face.

Matto gets into his bunk and unfolds his back, face drawing into a wince until the muscles relax, "Ahhh," he squeezes his pillow in his arms for good measure before he tosses a tired grin to the couple. "I -feel- like hell, it comes as a set," he winks at Thorn. "I just took a wrong turn in the sim room and let viper sim three abuse me for a while. Ugh," he notes with a chuckle. "Hey, you guys don't have to stop on my account, y'know," he adds, resting cheek on his bundled-up pillow and just laying there still.

Komnenos gives Sam a knowing look, accompanied by a quiet snort in response to her whisper. Then, he looks back over at Kissy, his eyebrow raising at the mention of the simulators. "In th' sims, were y'? So… what'd y' think?" He's referring to the upgrades, undoubtedly. In response to the remark about continuing, he carefully says nothing, his eyes simply shifting back to Samantha wearily. At some point, it will happen. Maybe?

Samantha leans over, quickly kissing Thorn's temple, before she stands up and heads in Matto's direction. The back of her hand is bared a moment later and, unless he turns away from her, she's reaching up to feel for his temperature. Maybe he's getting sick too, or at least that's the worried look in her eyes…"Yeah, tell us about the new programs. As flashy and miserable as a real cylon attack?"

"Very smartly put together," Kisseus comments, impressed, if tired, "Much better than anything I could do," he yawns, them smiles at Sam, "Hello, mother," he tells her with a chuckle. His forehead's hot, but that may easily be exertion rather than fever. "While you guys were down on Scorpia I started adjusting the settings to see if we could use them to plan a better strategy for extraction, but it was… primitive programming, at best, I was just feeling my way through it. When I handed it over to Willem I never figured he'd go that far with it. You guys did an awesome job."

"Well, thanks," Thorn replies with a relatively graceful nod. "Still waiting for th' final signoff, of course, but so far I haven't heard anything bad from anyone." He shrugs. "Guess I did something right, then, what?" There's a smirk at that as he stands from his chair, heading towards his own rack.

Samantha shakes her head to Thorn, "You do plenty right. Frak, everyone's in a bad mood tonight. What, did Hades shit in all our coffees?" She grumbles out with a smirk, still gazing down worredly to Matto, "And you're on fire…unless you get awful worked up in those sims, Kissy, you got a fever. And don't call me mother. It makes me feel old." She ruffles his hair in worry before stepping back.

Roubani always follows one rule of etiquette when invading Black berthings - bring tea, so the dragons don't eat you. His dull silver pet thermos is with him, hooked with his fingertips. His gait is a bit stiff, and looking at his face it's no wonder. There's a congealed cut across his cheekbone and two other distinct places where his face is swelling, mitigated perhaps by some early intervention with ice. Who knows what the rest of him looks like under the clothing. But no stormclouds above his head, demeanor as it nearly always is as he winds through the aisles in search of voices he knows.

Matto is up in his bunk, laying on his stomach with his pillow hugged under his chest and head while Sam paws his forehead and ruffles his hair, "You're awesome, Toes. You know that," he smiles warmly across at him, then, to Sam, "Just the viper ones. I'm fine. Or I will be," he assures her. When his eyebeams drift to N, his drooping eyelids open a little more widely, "Hey… what happened to you?" he wonders, worry loitering on the streetcorner of his voice, waiting to get chased off by the fuzz.

"Hnh." A short grunt is Komnenos' only response to Kissy. He's just pulling himself up to a seated position on his top-level bunk when Roubani enters. He gets a glimpse of the younger man, and instantly slides down, approaching Poet with a concerned expression on his face. "Roubani. What th' bloody frak happened t' you?" Matto's question, but with more profanity; c'est le Thorn. For the moment, anyway, the dragon is more concerned with the man than the tea.

Samantha steps over towards the kettle Thea had on earlier, grasping it up and putting it on so the rest of the hot water can boil. Apparently, she's going to make tea for someone, probably sick Matto. She blinks at Roubani…"Frak, boy… someone messed up your pretty face." Yes, she and Thorn really were made for each other. Or at least their mouths are.

"PT homework." Roubani answers all concerns and none in one breath, sounding utterly unconcerned about the matter. He lifts his fingers to dangle the thermos almost in Thorn's face, lofting a brow. "Tea?" His eyes flicker past Thorn towards Matto once the question's out, probably noting the drooped eyes. Then Samantha. Then back to Matto. "Are you alright?"

Matto grimaces a little, though he doesn't move, otherwise. "Did they make you walk facefirst into a marine?" he wonders, sympathetic to the Poet's plight. "Tea would be great. I'm fine. Just tired. I let one of the viper sims have its dastardly way with me and nearly had to use my inhaler by the end of the ordeal, that's all."

Samantha pours out some fresh hot water into a tea mug, with one of the half strength tea bags around, and she brings it to Matto's side. "Here. Drink up… somethin' for yer throat. It'll feel a bit better in the morning." She admits with a touch of still lingering concern. Once he takes, or denies, the tea…she heads back towards Thorn's bunk, beginning to climb up inside also.

Thorn accepts both Roubani's explanation and his offer with a nod, taking the thermos and using it to top off his mug. He's perched back up on his bunk, mug in hand, as Samantha approaches; he slides over to make room for the woman to ascend. He takes a drink of the hot tea with a contented sigh as he stamps out the remains of his cigarette in his ashtray.

"Into Marek." Roubani tells Matto with a faint smirk. And with the stuffy nose that comes from its having been popped with a fist. He lets Thorn have what he wants from the thermos, and since Matto and Sam don't appear to need any it just gets set on a table. There's a glance flickered up towards Thorn's shared bunk, then back to Matto. "I've walked in at bedtime, haven't I."

Matto drags himself upward as he takes the mug of tea, smiling gratefully to Sam and lifting it to his lips to blow rivulets of cool air over the surface of the water, making the steam rise and inhaling the steam for a moment before he chuckles at Nadiv's correction, just shaking his head. Boys and their liking to hit one another. "I think it's getting close. But come up and sit, have some tea," he smiles. "You look like you could use some, too."

Samantha settles down into Thorn's bunk, actually rather exhausted herself. She shimmies out of the last half of her flight suit she had been wearing and leans -out- of the bunk and towards his locker so she can throw the bulky suit inside, clearly not hung up, but it'll do. Now just in her tanks and shorts she settles down in his bunk…"I swear, Kissy, if you get us all sick… uh… we'll give it right back to you in a week's time, probably."

"If I get sick, an' Legacy takes me off flight status, I'll have y' looking like Poet here in nothing flat, Kiss." Thorn's words are teasing, if his smirk is any indication. Well, mostly. Likewise, his fatigues top is tossed into the locker, which is then slammed shut with a strike of the hand. He reaches for the cup of tea on his shelf, taking one last, long drink before he puts it back down and settles in next to Samantha.

Roubani eyes Thorn's locker as though he were sorely tempted to walk over and straighten the shit out of it just out of spite for the mess. Deep breath. His hand sets on the rail that supports Matto's upper bunk, but he doesn't yet move to make an entire jump up. Perhaps just because Matto might have germs. "Two out of three in the room seem to think you're ill, Kisseus. You're certain it was just the simulators?" He doesn't sound like he believes it either. Make that three of four. Glancing up at Thorn and Sam again, and then instantly away once he realises the states of undress, he nods amiably. "Sleep well."

Matto leans forward to peek across the length of bulkhead to Thorn's bunk a few down, "I'm not sick," he reiterates, "Please don't hit me." He, for his part, hasn't managed to get any manner of undressed, so far. This is Kisseus, fully clothed. Crazy, huh? He takes another sip of his tea, "Do you want me to go down to Sickbay and have them check? I'm pretty sure I'm not sick. If I were sick I'd either feel hot or cold. As it is I just sort of feel sore. And -that's- definitely the sims."

Samantha frowns a bit deeper to Matto…"Kissy… yer skin is hot. Trust me, I felt… and when -I- think someone's hot, you know it's bad." Round about implying she's so hot no one else should feel hot. Not the best of jokes, but she's tired. She then slips off her own tanks, throwing them in the back of Thorn's bunk before settling with him in just her sports bra and shorts, definitely getting comfortable there, but she doesn't pull the curtain shut yet. Slumber party chatting time.

"Well, Kiss, I'm not your mum," Thorn says with a slight shrug of the shoulders. "Do as y' will." Thorn loses the tanks, tossing them over where Sam tossed hers. There's a long, contented sigh as he settles in, wrapping an arm around the woman.

"If you do have a fever, it might be best to go," Roubani says, more quietly and more seriously. "You ought to see Dr. Locke. That whole responsible Lieutenant thing, you know, making sure your squadmates don't have anything to worry about." He crooks a brow, tinging the bait with a little humour.

The question having been aimed rather at N, Kissy still turns his head to peer over at the others as they chime in, his stubbornness, what there was of it, fading fast. He's nothing if not amenable. And besides, being pretty sure he's not unwell, a trip to the S'bay won't put him out. Not all that much, anyhow. He draws his lips to the side and peers down at N, then just smiles. "O.K.," he declares. "Just let me finish my tea," he stipulates, turning about to rest his sore back up against the foot of his bunk, stretching his feet out toward the bunk's head.

Samantha tosses a smile in Matto's direction. "Yeah, besides, all the staff in sickbay are hot. Maybe it's a white coat thing…but even that doe eyed Marine medic Jacobs is hot. And all the women are MILFs… Might be a place to go stir crazy in, but damn do they take care of you." Sam admits, having spent a good amount of time there the last few months. She laughs gently and settles a bit deeper into Thorn's grasp, looking all too happily content if oddly innocent. No pawing or making out. Just getting drowsily comfortably there. Her arm wraps overtop of Thorn's as she stifles a yawn.

There's an indolent grunt from Thorn over at Kissy; he's concerned, after a fashion, but he's certainly not going to tell the man to go to sickbay or not. He shoots a sigh and a pained look at Samantha at her remark; in any case, though, he interlocks his fingers with hers and leans over to plant a kiss on the side of her mouth as he, too, gets comfortable.

Roubani has nothing to say about medics or MILFs, scratching his ring finger over his eyebrow. Not going to get too comfy with Matto having been convinced to get up soon, he sets a foot on one of the lower rungs of the bunk ladder, leaning back against it. Sore, he can understand. His keeps his attention off Thorn and Samantha at nearly all costs, finding Matto's cup quite interesting and then some random point on a shelf.

Matto smiles hazily at Sam over the pleasant enough cup of tea. At least his face is resuming more of its usual spaceship pallor, the ruddiness of exertion beginning to fade a bit. "I will be certain to tell them that they are much admired for joint comeliness of form and attention to duty," he replies, his jovial manner of speech made a little more sedate with weariness, but there's a cheeky little smile still there. He looks down to Nadiv, in limbo between ground and bunk as he is, watching him for a moment and holding his mug near his lips, lapping a little droplet of cooled tea from near the rim. Lick!

Samantha smiles a bit more towards Thorn, returning that kiss. It's safe, especially since it's rather clear Poet couldn't be paid to look in their direction, even if everything's covered and they're really not being naughty at all. "Long as yer takin' care of yourself, Kissy, that's all that matters. And gods, Poet, calm down. We ain't doin' anything but fallin' asleep."

Thorn smirks slightly at Roubani's reaction. "Oi, Poet. Ivory called; said he wants his stick back." The meaning of that, he'll leave for Roubani to divine. There's a look between Matto and Roubani; he's suddenly reminded of something Kissy told him once upon a time. His attention quickly returns to something a little closer to home, though, as his head turns and his eyes slide over to Samantha.

Roubani is the most sedate person ever right now. His eyes are just somewhere else, along with his mind, which refocuses sharply when Sam says his 'name'. Watch the gear shift without the clutch up there. "Huhpardon?" He lifts a hand, scratching it through the front of his hair. Then Thorn pitches in and he offers, pleasantly, "What, would you like me to stare at you? This is a one-time offer, act fast."

Matto's grin has to be reined in little bit in order for his mouth to make the proper shape to take a sip. Then, lowering the mug and lifting a hand to his mouth to half-cover a giggle. "I already told them they didn't have to stop just 'cause I was here. I don't think they swing toward the exhibitionistic."

Samantha smirks deeper as Roubani offers to stare. "No, no staring, just a happy middle ground that doesn't make me feel like we're horror incarnate to look upon. And we don't swing that way, Kissy, but if things keep the way they are, I think exhibitionism might be the only way Anton and I here see action!" She admits with a husky, half asleep laugh before turning her head to give a single, reassuring kiss to the man behind her. It's not really lustful. Just a good, solid good night kiss of someone who is happy to be where she is.

"Course not," Thorn replies mildly to Roubani, propping himself up on his elbow. He glances from him to Sam. "What she said, is all." Then, eyes back to Roubani. "I'm fairly certain we won't burn your eyes out of your sockets with a glance." He looks down his nose at the younger man. "But don't take that as an invitation t' voyeurism, eh?"

"Unlike Price, you mean?" Roubani flickers Matto the smirk of a private joke, then looks back at the pair nearby. "Oh you're breaking my heart," he informs them, blandly. "I would never infringe on your privacy so directly." He lofts a finger, gesturing to above their bunk. "Just be sure and smile for the camera every so often."

Matto can't really see anything of the kisses from this angle, anyhow, so he lets his attention linger on the Poet and the tea, and between the two is suitably entertained, squeezing his eyes a little toward shut as Nadiv jokes around with the other two, an exuberant little smile hiding behind his mug. His face begins to redden again as he holds in laughter, his shoulders shaking a little with the effort.

Sam does drowsily turn her head upwards, looking to see if someoen has stuck a camera to the ceiling, even if probably Roubani just 'made her look'. Either way, she smirks, kissing Thorn again and then settling her head in against his chest. "Alright. I'm sleepin'. You boys be good. Don't be too loud. And Kissy, get your ass to med bay." With that she tucks her head fully in against Thorn's chest, letting that nearness black out the light incase he wishes to keep the curtain open to talk.

Thorn's had enough of the banter himself; he reaches a hand up to click off his light, and then over Samantha towards the curtain. "Night," he offers himself before his hand tugs the curtain closed; there's a quiet ruffle of sheets from behind said curtain as he settles back in, then silence.

Roubani, killer of conversations. He looks back at Matto and just shrugs.

Matto finishes off his tea and rolls up onto his knees and free hand to go put it on his shelf for the time being, crawling down out of his bunk with a, "Yessum," for Case, chucking a grin at Nadiv as he scales down. "Guess I'm off. I'll see you later? Assuming I'm not going to give you something?" he adds with a sly grin, voice lowered in deference to the sleeping folk.

"Oh please don't," Roubani replies, talking very much under his breath. "Unless it's ice, in which case you can be as contagious as you like." He pulls his foot off the bunk ladder, picking up his thermos. Time to shove off; sleeping people are sleeping.

Matto gives a subtle chuckle, "I will strive against infection," he promises softly, though he'll be perfectly glad loitering there with the Poet a moment while he gets his thermos, then shuffling on out on slothful feet. "I'll see what I can wheedle out of the sickbay folk, in terms of ice packs."

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