Sing Little Hummingbird
Sing Little Hummingbird
Summary: Kai confronts Eddie about Case/Dash
Date: PHD045 (2 June 2009)
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Berthings are quiet, as they tend to be when people have better things to do. Eddie doesn't seem to be one of those people. Her desire to cavort and get into mischief seems to come in waves, and right now she seems to be in the mood for a quiet lull. She's sitting at the center table, futzing with a triad deck like she's trying to do magic tricks.

The current CAP isn't due back for at least an hour yet, so whoever's thumping into the berthings just about now, must be getting ready to go up— rather than returning from a jaunt. Oh look, it's the Captain, too. He's got a basket of laundry in his arms, which he promptly dumps on top of the table. Hopefully Eddie'll grab her cards in time before they're hidden under a mountain of fatigues, tank tops and underthings. Though on the upside, at least they're clean. "Morning, Morales," Kai greets once he's ditched the empty basket on the floor.

Whoa. Knicker tidal wave. Eddie scoops up her cards into her hands and starts to straighten them into a neat hexagonal stack. "Captain. About to iron your tightie whities?" She asks, with a slight smirk daring to tip the corners of her lips up. Once she has the cards collected and righted, she starts to shuffle them idly in her lap, as if she needs something to keep her hands busy so they're not fingering his drawers.

"Much as I'm sure you'd get a kick out of me being so domestic. No." Kai drops into a free chair, and starts folding. Which, you know, he could've done in the laundry room but go figure. "Are you frakking Dash?" Yep. JUST LIKE THAT.

"Not currently, no sir." Eddie glances under the table, just to make sure. Nope. No Martin. She pauses in her shuffling though, at least he's got her full attention. "Is this an official inquiry into my private life, or casual conversation?" She asks, treading on thin ice carefully.

"Let me rephrase, Morales." Kai finishes folding a pair of trousers, and drops them atop the empty chair next to him. A t-shirt is next; he's not terribly good at this. "Is your private life any of my business whatsoever?"

Eddie starts toying with the cards again, her eyes dropping to the deck. She picks one at random and shows it to Kai in the 'is this your card' manner, "This is one of those trick questions, isn't it? May I speak freely?" She flicks her dark gaze up to his face, watching his eyes carefully like they're playing Triad and she wants to see if he's in a bluff. Apparently she doesn't wait for permission to speak her mind, "If I had a choice in the matter, it's not something I particularly care to be chastised for. If it's friendly concern, I'm less inclined to want to say 'frak off'. But you're my commanding officer. Your business is what you decide your business is."

"You don't have a choice in the matter," the Captain replies evenly, blue eyes lifting to watch Eddie while she goes ahead and states her mind anyway. They're off duty, so he seems willing to let what would normally be a breach of protocol, slide. "Furthermore, I'm not chastising you. I'm not running a godsdamned daycare, Morales, I'm running a viper squadron. During a frakking war. I don't give a shit whose pole you're polishing on your own time, or whether you like the taste of forbidden fruit." The t-shirt's tossed onto the stack, and he reaches for another pair of trousers. "And frankly, I don't want to hear about it. You keep your private life, private, or I will make sure you don't have one. Am I clear, Morales?"

Eddie drops her feet back to the floor, tossing her cards onto the pile of his clothing as she stands. "Crystal, sir. Good talk." She says dryly, moving to vacate the area that's suddenly a little too Brass unless he bids her otherwise.

"Sit your ass back down." Kai doesn't look up from his folding. Nor does he raise his voice. It's the same maddeningly even tone that he uses with everyone.

Eddie plops back into the chair like her ass just filled with lead, though her posture is slumped and the look on her face makes her seem like a petulant child who's just been grounded.

"You're being moved to Rabbit's wing." Fold, fold, fold, toss. "Since you seem determined to act like a spoiled child with no self-control." A pair of socks are tucked together, a few sets of boxers tossed atop the heap. "The Lieutenant will be mentoring you. I expect to hear good things from him, since you're determined to prove to me, that this is more than a carnival ride at a fun park." It could be seen as a reprieve, that he's removed her from Samantha's wing. It could even be that he's worried about her. Who the hell knows.

Eddie doesn't seem to care one way or another at being shuffled around like a red-headed step child from wing leader to wing leader. Even if she is purported to be boinking the ex-boyfriend of her last one. "Rabbit already called me out about stepping up." Her voice is a grumble, as she's still trying to work through her annoyances about the entire 'Dash Debacle'. She's eyeing Kai like she's not even sure he knows what the inside of a fun park looks like.

"Then step it the frak up," Kai answers, just a hint of growl in his voice there. Of course, she was talking about Hale stepping up. But he's a Captain, he can twist it however he damned well pleases. It's also probably a 'dismissal', though he isn't going to formally tell her to leave. This is her home base, after all.

Eddie watches Kai for a moment longer, perhaps reflecting on how similiar this is to her childhood. It's like sitting at the kitchen table, while your dad rants and raves and eventually takes away the car keys. She lets silence settle between them, a subtle tension in the room like she might rebel. Finally, she just asks, "Do you know why they call them hummingbirds, sir?"

Kai continues folding clothing quietly, head down, like he half figures Eddie's gotten up to wander off. When she speaks, he pauses for a moment before resuming. It's rhythmic and mechanical, the sort of thing one could doze off to. "Enlighten me, Morales," is his low-voiced reply.

Eddie cracks just the barest of smiles, "Because they forgot the words."

Even Kai isn't made of stone. His lips twitch, easing briefly into a smile as he snaps the collar and cuffs of one of his blues jackets. It's not affixed with pins or flight qualification wings; those will probably be slid back into place later.

Eddie's smile quirks into a smirk. Apparently, that's all she wanted, just that little glimmer of something besides the iron fist she's generally smacked around with. "Enjoy your laundry, sir."

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