Summary: Fenris puts Castor through a simulation that doesn't go smoothly.
Date: PHD015
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"An explanation would have averted most of what happened that night." Fenris replies where she stands by the simulator, turned to look at Yuuri who's sitting nearby, "When I told you to take it to the ring, you should have known what assumption I was going on."

"You didn't ask either, didja?" Yuuri grins and points at Fenris. "Besides Fingers and I have this bunkmate thing going on." He ashes the nearly burnt out cigarette. "She's always getting me introuble, knows how to push my buttons, but she never pisses me off to the point where I'd physically harm her. In the two.." He airquotes, "Fights..we've had, I've never gotten really physical with her."

Castor enters the simulator deck, he signs in and then prepates to move to one of the simulators however spotting the two he salutes to Fenris, "Sir." he looks at Yuuri, "Lieutenant." He then stands in place waiting for the eltee to salute back or if he is clear to use the simulator.

Fenris doesn't grin in return, nor does she sound very indignant, as she answers, "Next time, just listen and explain what you think I'm misinterpereting." With the sound of the new voice, she turns and returns the salute, "As you were." A glance back at Yuuri, then, "They aren't in use, if that's what you're waiting for."

Yuuri smirks, "Yes /Sir/, I'll give you the 4-1-1 on the next time I try to seduce Fingers." He isn't trying to sound like a dickhead, just make the icey pilot crack a smile or something. "Just get put on our flight rotation lately pops?" He asks Castor, still grinning with the conversation.

Castor turns to Yuuri, "Nah kid, I was assigned to cover a first shift yesterday. I've got third shift off tonight so I thought I'd get some sim time in." He doesn't comment on what he has heard, it isn't his place to say anything.

Fenris is patently immune to the attempts of Yuuri to provoke so much as a muscle tic, and simply states, "It'll be rife with sinful details, I'm sure." she comments dryly, then looks back to the other Jig, "Mount up, I'll key something in."

Castor takes a seat in one of the simulators and says, "Ah, this ought to be fun." He checks everything on the sim as he waits for everything to get started.
"Sinful?" Yuuri's laughing now, but his body is tired. (Especially after the engagement lastnight) "Only if you want it to be like that. I'm sure Fingers loves it rough." He roars like a lion to Fenris and swipes three fingers in a cat claw motion towards her.

"If the bandages on your back that night were to be taken into account, yes." Fenris asides as she steps over to the console, keying in a few parameters, but doens't load it, just yet, "Shall I boot you in, or are you set on flight time, tonight?" she inquires of Ty.

Yuuri waves dismissively, "I think I had enough flying lastnight. Thinking about a hot shower and trying to sneak up with Fingers." His smile would be playful, but he's dog tired.

Castor on the other hand is wide awake and apparently locked in and ready to go, he seems to be in a moment of deep concentration as he prepares for the sim.

The Lt. gives a nod, then a jerk of her head to the hatch, "Bounce." she replies, making a few more keystrokes and adding, "Try not to lose an eye if you do catch up with her." The moment of casual complete, she puts her headset on and engages the simulator.

Castor says into the Sim Com, "Com test. Check. Flight control test. Check. All systems appear to be good."

The sim loads in the catapult as the Lieutenant, icey as ever, replies, "Copy, hunter one. You're cleared for launch, over." Her hand rises to the boom of the mic and she says, "Good night, Yuuri."

From the sim screen Hunter One is launched successfully, "Control, this is hunter one, I am clear." Tinman keeps checking his instruments as well as keeping his eyes on the horizon around him.

From the sim screen Hunter One is launched successfully, "Control, this is hunter one, I am clear." Tinman keeps checking his instruments as well as keeping his eyes on the horizon around him.

From the sim screen Hunter One is launched successfully, "Tinman to Kharon, I am clear." Tinman keeps checking his instruments as well as keeping his eyes on the horizon around him.

Yuuri taps his forehead is farewell.

"Tinman, Carrier actual, we have unidentified DRADIS contacts. Vector for the bogeys, bogeys low and slow, bearing zero-five-three, carom nine at five hundred klicks, over." A little roleplaying seems to be the preferred mix for the Lt. as she lets the little slip go on without correction.

From the cockpit of Hunter One Tinman checks the DRADIS and says, "DRADIS contact confirmed acctual, setting course to engage for visual of bogeys." He then turns the Viper and sets his speed at half burn in an attempt to get a visual.

After a short jaunt to chew up some of those klicks, the DRADIS conclusively registers four targets, two smaller than the others, and apparantly faster, as they pass and loop around again. One of the bigger bogeys is suddenly lost as a distant explosion erupts in view from the canopy, framing what looks like a colonial mining ship and a couple of raiders.

"Tinman to Acctual, I'm looking at two raiders and a Colonial Mining ship. Advise." He says as he sets weapons free guessing acctual will say. He also makes a final check of instrumentation and begins to set the Viper to make a straight course to hopefully catch a Raider by suprise.

"Tinman, Carrier Actual, you are cleared weapons hot for intercept. I repeat, you are cleared hot." Fenris replies, "Alert Vipers are en route, Eee tee ay, four minutes, over." On the charge, it becomes more readily apparant that the ship has taken a few hits, which may explain why the big ship wasn't coming back as a friendly.

"Tinman to acctual, confirmed, going in hot over." With that Tinman attempts to fly Hunter One into the light of a near by sun in an attempt to fly over one of the raiders taking it by suprise.

Hunter One only barely misses being spotted but is unaware of this fact. Seconds later Hunter One comes flying from behind the light of the sun catching the Raider by suprise. When he is within a range of 500 meters Tinman engages his gun in an attempt to wipe the Raider out in this moment of suprise.


The first Raider gets autographed by the Viper's fire and tries to peel away from it's strafing run on the ship, it's course wavering and pieces of growing size and importance start filing for divorce from the machine before it goes dead in space. It's partner, however, lays a burst along the engin nozzels of the miner, destroying enough to slow it even further before peeling off and tumbling over to try and get a pursuit on it's enemy.

Tinman keeps his cool as he suddenly finds a Raider close by on his 6, he is cool but concerned. Suddenly, Hunter One flips over to face the Raider and Tinman fires attempting to hit the Raider. The bullets come within a hairs length of hitting but nothing has really been hit.
The Raider jinks a bit, yielding right of way to the incoming fire. It bellies up and peels off from the unintended joust and tries to loop in on the Viper for a shot.

Hunter One at the top of his loop to dodge makes an attempt to flip over in order to gain the opportunity to hit the Raider. Hunter One flips, but over flips and goes back to its original position.

The Raider on the other hand comes in for what should be a textbook strafeā€¦. and flubs it. The rounds come somewhere in the neighborhood, but hardly enough to be more than a reminder of hostilities.

Hunter One attempts to shake the Raider mostly by getting some distance and attempting to loop over the raider.

The Raider's followup shot is, somewhow, even more pathetic than the last, though it keeps dogging the Colonial.

Tinman makes another attempt to shake the raider, this time he is still cool in the cockpit but his concern at how long this has been going on is begining to show on his stress registers.

Hunter One barely manages to shake the Raider leaving both ships going in different directions.

"Hunter one, Alert Vipers inbound your position, ee tee ay, two minutes, over." Fen chimes over the com as the Raider tries to regain angle and lay into the Viper.

"Roger that Acctual, assistance would be helpful." Having said that Tinman has managed to get on the Raider's six. It isn't the best lock but it is better than being shot at. Hunter One's guns erupt open in an attempt to hit the Raider.

More paint comes off of the Raider as twenty-milimeter hate spews in it's direction. It goes completely defensive to try and shake the Viper.

Hunter One attempts to hold on to the Raider as it clearly wants to break. At this point it looks less like a dog fight and more like two six year olds slapping each other at the schoolyard.

The Raider slips in behind the Viper though it's ability to land even a single round on target seems to be lacking.

Hunter One makes another attempt to flip over and shoot the Raider, "Would you please lie down and die? You're standing in the way of my rum." Tinman says cooly.

The silent Raider, successful only inconvieniencing it's enemy's drinking schedule so far, makes a lackluster attempt at winnowing out of the Viper's line of fire.

Tinman attempts to do what he does best. He lets everything go silent and he stops looking at the targeting computer as he eyeballs the target and squeezes off a volley in an attempt to hit the Raider.

With the gusts of verniers, the raider flips and tries to return fire, though it comes no closer to the mark than the Colonial's, leaving the two ships in a joust.

Tinman looks at the Raider and then says, "Let's see what you've really got." He doesn't make a dodge attempt he simply fires at the Raider.

Sparky finally manages to land a stinging burst of love, evidenced by the muzzle flashes from the Raider's wings before the screen blanks out, leaving only "EJECT" in bright red letters on the black field. "Shutting down." comes Fenris's voice over the comm.

Castor steps out of the Sim. He doesn't look upset or angry like other pilots do. Instead he simply says, "Hm. That didn't work as well as I planned. Though there is always next time." He walks over to Fenris, "Sorry eltee."

"As consolation, you did buy time for the civilians to get away." the Lieutenant says in the lifeless tone she always does, "You had some interesting moves, but had problems sealing the deal. I want you on targetting sims an extra two hours a day for the next week."

Castor nods his head in agreement, "Will do, sir. I was't at my best." He then adds, "In the future I won't attempt a head to head fight." He then salutes, "I'll put in my time, sir, and maybe extra, even if it means not drinking my rum on my off time for a while, sir."

"I have no doubts, Lieutenant." Fenris replies, returning the salute, "Jousts and flip bursts are difficult to land because of the narrow head-on profile and closing speeds. A joust is best for breaking a formation. You did have the right idea using the sun as cover to gain surprise." There is a moment's pause, then, "Make it an hour a day, and I"ll reevaluate in three."

Castor breaks his salute, "Aye, sir. Permission to return to my rack to re-evaluate my tactics. sir?"

"Granted. Good night, Tinman." Fenris replies, "Dismissed."

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