Summary: Thorn, Case, and a couple of no names go out on CAP. When they return, sparks fly… but not the good kind.
Date: PHD124
Related Logs: Happens concurrently with Memorial event

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] As the CAP launches from Kharon, the flight radio channel crackles. "All ships, Thorn. Beta's got a bit of a sore throat today, so I'll be handling communications on behalf of Foxbat-4. I know you're all just thrilled t' hear it."

[Wolf-11: Samantha] Passi's Viper launches out along side of some poor schmuck Ensign that got stuck flying during the ceremony when everyone cared to stand and pray. She didn't. She's happy to be on flight. She swoops around to flank the Raptor, giving a little wing wiggle before settling into the steady flight pattern. "Gods… we have to listen to YOU all night? I need drugs."

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] "Oh, please, Case, you know you love it," Somehow, even over the radio, one can tell that Thorn is probably smirking. "T' quote a woman I know, 'loike a frish spring breeze 'tis…'" He thickens his accent comically as he speaks that last. Up in the cockpit, Karpathe is likely shaking her head in the front seat, likely wondering who she honked off to get stuck with this crowd. Nevertheless, the Raptor continues to fly straight and true as Thorn keeps an eye on the DRADIS readouts.

[Wolf-11: Samantha] Samantha falls easily into pattern at his side, this as natural as breathing these days, despite the two poor schmucks stuck with cupid and his arrow oblivious to each other tonight. She dodges just a bit fast, almost throwing him off course, though it's not the perscribed pattern…"…Just keepin' ya awake over there…"

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] And awake the Raptorbunnies are indeed, as Beta adjusts the Raptor's course in the wake of Sam's sudden maneuver. Ensign Who Cares in the second Viper follows along as Thorn gives Beta the command for MOAR SPEED! And thus, the CAP roars along through space. "Try t' keep up, eh?" comes Thorn's voice over the radio as the Raptor surges ahead.

[Wolf-11: Samantha] "Oh, frak me… a show off, is it? Wonder what he's compensating for over there, Karpathe?" Sam's voice chimes back in over the comms as she easily speeds up, the Viper infinitely more maunevrable than the larger Raptor, anyway. She does a fast fly over of the head of his vehicle and then speeds past, shaking the buttocks of her plane as she goes.

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] "Who's a show off? Just had Beta here air out the old throttle, is all. Compensating, hnh." Thorn's voice crackles teasingly over the radio. "And you're one t' talk, anyway, Ms. Fly-Circles-Around-The-Raptor-Just-Because-You-Can." His tone briefly turns businesslike once again. "And, in case anyone's wondering, my scopes are still clear."

[Wolf-11: Samantha] "Ain't just because I can. it's because I'm -that- damn good. You know you wanna kiss it." And Passi's Viper's ass wiggles again before she falls into a more calm flight pattern at his side in order that CIC doesn't start yelling at them about wasting fuel. She is still grinning, in a far better mood than if she'd been at the damn funeral. "And yeah, everything looks kosher over here."

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] As the CAP begins to fly a little more tranquilly, Thorn laughs, the sound punctuated by a ever-so-brief burst of static. "Well, not your arse, certainly," he retorts. "I don't know what you've heard, but… hold on." Thorn's voice goes serious once again as he trails off, just long enough that Beta, at least, is worried. "Never mind," he says a few seconds later. "False alarm. Just a loose bit of rock, looks like."

[Wolf-11: Samantha] The moment he might have found something, Sam is dead quiet. Even her bird seems to fly a bit steadier, falling sharply into CAP position in the split of a heartbeat and turning off all antics. She releases a half breath of relief as he says it's nothing…"Tryin' to give me a heart attack? Charming. Just keep yer eyes open…"

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] "Of course not… just trying t' keep you awake, is all." No, there's no devilishness in that tone, not in the slightest. "I like it when you're bothered." There's a soft chuckle over the channel as Thorn continues. "Open, eh? And here I thought I could do my job so much better with my eyes closed."

[Wolf-11: Samantha] The comment about liking her bothered receives a deep laugh…"Hot and both-…" She pauses then, realizing JUST what she's saying over official comm and, well…one can practically feel the blush over staticy lines. She clears her throat…"Uh… never mind. You know…yeah… just… work… 'swhat we're here for…"

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] Sam's sudden stammer is enough to make Komnenos flush slightly in return. Oops… someone forgot they were on, like, an official channel and such. Komnenos immediately busies himself with something or other on his DRADIS console as they come up on the next leg of the CAP. His voice is a tad strained as he speaks. "Right. Ahem." There's a brief pause. "Approaching checkpoint. Come t' one-seven-niner carom three-six-eight."

[Wolf-11: Samantha] All business now…"One…seven niner… carom three six eight on my mark…. Mark." Sam states flatly, settling into the point as he's indicated, the flirting over for the moment but, dammit, it's fun. It's only a few seconds later that another wing wiggle is given, almost an apology. Sam's still quiet over the comm, but her breath can be faintly heard, the line still open and active.

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] The three ships whirl around back towards Kharon, beginning the second half of their CAP. The Vipers bracket the Raptor, Case ahead and above, with Ensign Who Cares below and behind. "Hey Beta," Thorn rasps, changing targets to his pilot. "You heard th' one about th' pilot and the ECO?"

[Wolf-11: Samantha] "This better be good, Rosebud, or I'm gonna kick your ass after CAP for boring me to tears." Sam chimes in over the com, whether it was asked of her or not. She huskily chuckles, though, voice smoky and relaxed over the speakers between them.

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] There's no reply from Karpathe, but that doesn't seem to deter the ECO much at all, nor does Sam's ersatz threat. "New ECO, fresh out of training, goes on CAP with his pilot. Pilot pulls out his service pistol, puts it on the console. He says, 'Know what I use this for?' ECO shakes his head nervously. Pilot says, 'I use this on copilots who get me lost!' ECO thinks for a second, pulls his gun out, puts it down next t' the pilot's. Pilot asks, 'What's that for?' So the ECO replies…" He trails off with a grin, delaying the punchline for dramatic effect. 'T' be honest, sir, I'll know we're lost before you do.'" Thorn laughs roughly.

[Wolf-11: Samantha] There's a groan from Samantha over the comms, her eyes rolling in her flight helmet. "Frak, Thorn…that… was so obvious I saw it coming a million clicks away. You and your ECO pride. Silly man. All you boys would be doin' is sitting on your buttocks, twiddling your thumbs over wires if it weren't for us pilots."

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] "You laughed on the inside. Don't lie." Thorn's crackling voice is a deadpan. "And I seem t' recall, silly woman, you pilot types being a lot more appreciative of our skills when there's Cylons around," he retorts. His words are still teasing, but is that a hint of touchiness in his voice, all of a sudden? "Still nothing on DRADIS, speaking of which. Quiet night." Another brief pause. "Beats the wake, though."

[Wolf-11: Samantha] "Yeah…yeah… guess you guys made yourself a niche, or whatever…" Sam's voice is still clearly teasing, not wanting to hurt him too bad, and there is a brush of apology towards the end also there… even if she'd never actually say the words 'I'm sorry'. She runs another scan herself, "Yep, clear skys… and… I dun need to stand in a room of 200 people to say good bye to my friends….so yeah."

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] Thorn says nothing more about the subject of ECOs vs. pilots either way, however one might interpret the sudden silence. A moment, later, his voice sounds again over the comms, notably more thoughtful. "I didn't know any of them that well. Torch, Triple, Typhoon, Merlin… only one I'd ever even talked t' was Torch, and that was her little 'welcome aboard, welcome t' the wing' speech she gives all the new arrivals." Another long pause. "It'd feel odd being their next t' all their friends, trying t' mourn a person that didn't really mean anything t' me personally in a service given by a priestess whose gods I hate…" He works at the console, trailing off again, searching for the right words. "I know how that must make me sound… Least out here I'm doing something productive, y' know?"

[Wolf-11: Samantha] The other pilot is quiet a long, long moment now… Even after he talks, the only thing audible is the faint pattern of her breath. She flies a totally quiet, on point CAP now, not even a wing waggle here or there. Finally, she murmurs…."I knew Yuuri… Well." It's the sort of hesitation in her voice of an ex-lover, or almost lover…" And… Torch… well as anyone knows their CAG. She…had headaches. I helped her with them… " It's all she says. No more elaboration, no excuses. But they were her friends. close friends. And she didn't go to the funeral.

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] "Y' ask me, being out here is a better memorial for any of them than some stupid bloody ceremony, anyway," Thorn replies firmly. His tone sounds almost as though he's trying to reassure. Almost. "They might be gone, but we're still here. Cylons haven't made us yield yet, no matter how many of us they kill." The Raptor flies serenely on under Beta's practiced hand as Thorn talks. "Hell, when I go, I don't want any frakkin' ceremonies, memorials, remembrances. Just frakkin' fly."

[Wolf-11: Samantha] Silence lingers again, Samantha thoughtful, and she doesn't really -like- thinking. It's uncomfortable. "Yeah… i guess. Just… too many funerals lately… but… can't turn your back on 'em either…" Sam admits quietly, her voice definitely quieter than he's possibly ever heard her…

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] Thorn, for his part, is an obsessive thinker, and he's probably spent a sleepless night or three in his rack thinking about this very subject. After his mini-rant, though, and Sam's too-quiet reply, Thorn falls silent. "Sorry I brought it up," he mumbles abashedly into the comms. "Didn't mean t'…" He trails off, his meaning evident enough.

[Wolf-11: Samantha] "Sorry, Anton… I shouldn't really be dwellin' on it. What's done is done. I ain't quite been sane about all this shit since Ajax, I suppose…" Sam admits, her voice quieter, that comment pretty much meant only from him and, if he notices, she's switched channels. They're on a private frequency now… she just hopes she's broadcasting to the right flight helmet.

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] Thorn follows suit, quickly clicking his helmet mike over to the same frequency. "I… don't worry about it," he manages in response. "What th' frak do I know? I shoulda just left it bloody well alone. Everybody's lost somebody at this point. You wouldn't be human if it didn't frak with your head by now." There's a pause. "Eh… don't listen t' me. Damned idiot with a big mouth, I am."

[Wolf-11: Samantha] Sam's flying is practically boring now, but she's not one to show off while they're having, strangely, one of the most serious conversations they've ever had. "No, you're not…. you're a good guy. I… I like listenin' to you. Just ain't all that sane about all this, I'll admit….Trust me. Long as I don't start seein Yuuri or Torch back from the dead, I'll be fine."

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] "I knew you liked th' accent," he replies after a moment's pause, a hint of mirth escaping into his voice before he gets serious again. "It's not crazy, and I'm not worried. We're not machines, what? Hells, if you didn't feel that strongly about people you were close with, then I'd worry." Thorn stops, lookin curiously towards Beta in the front cockpit, but the Raptor pilot is engrossed in her flying, oblivious to Thorn's private conversation in the back. As long as she doesn't have to listen to him, she must not care what he's up to, right? "And… thanks. That's… sweet of you t' say."

[Wolf-11: Samantha] Seen or not, it's half heard in her voice, a casual shrug given at his comment of thanks. "Ain't sweet…just true. And… I forgive the accent. I sure as hell don't -like- it…" Sam grumbles to him, muttering a few things under her breath and sighing as they finally begin to take it back home. "But yeah. I hope it's not crazy. Scorpia… was weird."

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] Thorn grunts slightly at her response. "You say so." There's a soft chuckle at her grumbling. "Well, I can't help it, it's how I talk. Yours isn't all that different, y' know," he continues, tweaking her gently. "Scorpia frakked with all of us. Hell, Ivory still thinks about that crash. I still think about it. You're not the only one, believe me."

[Wolf-11: Samantha] "But I…" Sam considers a few moments going on, and then she stops herself. She really doesn't need another person thinking she's crazy, much less one she's actually come to be friends with..if not more sometime. She looks up…"Almost home…five more minutes to go…" She distracts the subject, hopefully…

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] Thorn is about to say more, but he stops himself, mindful of her sudden desire to change the subject. He doesn't press any further. "Right. Kharon, Thorn," he announces, changing back over to the tactical frequency. "No hostiles detected, CAP is returning t' base. ETA five minutes."

[Wolf-11: Samantha] All the men of this ship so strangely polite, not pushing the hard issues, which may or may not be good for mental health down the line. It sure as hell lets everything be comfortably repressed. She switches frequencies again…"Be home in a few, Kharon… keep the deck squishy for us."

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] In Thorn's case, it's not so much politeness as it is his natural inclination, whatever the effect on his mental health may eventually be. Talking things through has never been his strong suit. Even now, he's silent, all levity gone as the CAP trundles back towards its home base.

[Wolf-11: Samantha] "So…Thorn…watcha up to after… after shift?" Sam dares to ask, when they are a minute or two away, but just over the private channel again

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] "Nothing specific planned," Thorn replies after a moment, again clicking his comms over to the private frequency. He looks out through the cockpit as the silver dot that is Kharon grows steadily larger in the viewport. "Was thinking about maybe hitting th' rack early, but I'm not tired. You?"

[Wolf-11: Samantha] "Nothin' planned but yeah… not tired. If ya feel like company…I'll join ya somewhere. Your choice." It's not a date. Just friends hanging out, right? Sam does her best to keep her voice calm and casual about the whole thing.

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] There's silence over the comms for a moment, only the sound of breathing to indicate they're still working, but then Thorn finally replies. "Sure. Love t'." His voice is just as calm and casual as hers.

[Wolf-11: Samantha] "Seemed… hesitant. We don't have to. I mean….forget i asked…" Sam stammers out as she slows down, they're really getting close to the ship now. She switches back over to the full frequence…"Kharon, requesting permission to land…."

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] "Oi, I didn't mean… " Thorn sighs in sudden disgust at himself as he clicks back to the general frequency following a pointed glance from Beta up front. "Kharon, Foxbat-4 requests permission t' land." Beta kills the ship's thrust, waiting for the Vipers to go first. Thorn, for his part, simply sits in the back, shaking his head.

[Wolf-11: Samantha] Samantha smoothly lands her ship, no discussion over the private frequency any longer as she smoothly settles in on the deck, a scrap or two coming down, but over all she brings the ship in quite, quite nicely…

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] With the Vipers landed, the Raptor follows suit. Karpathe might not quite have the precision of Timon or the more experienced Legacy, but she's no slouch herself, bringing the Raptor down onto the elevator with only a soft bump. The Raptor disappears into Kharon as the elevator brings the ship down to the hangar deck.

With the Raptor down safely, the hatch swings open. Beta descends first, followed shortly thereafter by Komnenos, who it seems gets stuck with postflight. Again. Thorn accepts it with aplomb, though, a neutral expression on his face as a petty officer brings him the usual postflight paperwork, and his pen attacks the paper.

Samantha steps down herself, once her canopy is popped and helmet is off. She gives the deck crew a brief wave and accepts her clip board, looking it over smoothly and checking off various marks down the list. Everything looks smooth as silk though…"was good flyin' Beta… Thorn…"

"Another one down, eh, Beta?" Komnenos calls after the Raptor pilot with a sardonic smile. Thorn hears Sam's voice just as he hands the clipboard back to the petty officer, who scurries along to his other duties. He looks over to Case and her Viper for a moment before he begins to walk over in her direction.

Samantha finishes up her final check list, handing the clip board over to the deck crew…"And think about that letter! … Seriously, i think we could paint her up nice!" Sam states warmly, giving a half smile before turning away and practically bumping -straight- into Thorn, as he's coming her direction.

Thorn's eyes widen in surprise as Samantha nearly headbutts him in the chest. His hands snap up instinctually, grabbing her upper arms; nothing forceful, just enough to halt her movement and prevent a collision. "Careful, there," he says softly. "Y' nearly sent us both t' sickbay," he says with a half smile, looking down into her eyes.

Samantha is caught by him and, suddenly, she's half blushing. "Yeah, well…stop stalking me and we won't have that issue!" She lightly punches him back in the shoulder, trying to play it off as being entirely smoother than she actually is. She grins a moment, gently pulling away and shaking her head…"Alright… well… still. Good flying…"

"Who's stalking?" Anton retorts, his eyebrows crinkling with mock indignation. "Never stalked a woman in my life, thank you. Well… there was this one girl in Delphi…" Judging from the sudden glint in his eye, he's clearly joking. "Good flying, eh? You say that like you're about t' run off," he continues, tilting his head.

Samantha tilts her head back up to him…"i… I guess I was thinking of a shower. Or maybe the bunks. I dunno. You…had something in mind?" She asks him as casually as she can manage, but there is a hint of guilt behind her voice also. She was planning on ducking away without resolving any of that awkwardness of previous.

"Well, I…" Awkwardness, thy name is Thorn. "If you still wanted t, anyway. I didn't mean t' sound reluctant, or… anything." All of a sudden, he's looking anywhere but her face. Hm, the hangar deck sure did clear out after the memorial, didn't it. "Sorry if I gave that impression, I… would love t' spend some time with you," Thorn says, his accent thickening and his face reddening ever so slightly. By this point, his voice has quieted almost to a whisper.

Samantha stares up at him, blushing just a bit more herself, lips pressing together as she considers his handsome face. She shouldn't, she shouldn't… her eyes flicker across the deck, anywhere but him… and land on the tool room. dammit, the last time she was in there was for, well…Strangely similiar purposes. N ot a good place for her head to go! She finally sighs and looks up to him. "Sure… dammit, whatever. Where shall we go? What shall we do?"

"'Dammit, whatever'?" Thorn's angular features suddenly screw up in a scowl at her reply. "Try not t' sound too enthusiastic about it, eh?" He takes a step back, arms folding over his chest defensively. "Y' know… never mind. Sounds like you've got more important things t' do. Fit me in when you can, then, I suppose." The anger does a decent job of disguising the hurt in his tone, but not a perfect one. He turns on his heel, storming away from the parked fighter.

Samantha blinks up to him, her jaw dropping as he storms off like a hurt child. She… is in shock. She really just stands there a few heartbeats, jaw half dropped. "Are you seriously frakking just… walking away? Never mind…" Sam shakes her head, trying to stalk off, past him, strangely angry now. It seems, much like his pilot, Thorn als ofails at having a clue.

Komnenos stops just as abruptly as he started, whirling about to face her. "Walkin' away? From what, then?" That accent she dislikes so much grows thicker with each passing moment. "I say I want t' spend some time with you, and y' kin only say 'dammit, whatever'? Bugger all, woman!" Their 'conversation' is undoubtedly drawing some startled attention from the deck crew by now, but Thorn, with his dander up, doesn't seem to care. "What d' y' want, dammit?"

Of course, hurt pilot egos are NEVER A fun thing… and the fact he's walking away, and now has his dander up enough to YELL at her, when she was the one who swallowed her pride and pushed the getting together thing anyway… Well, now HER dander is up! She rests her hands on her hips, anger blaring through her eyes…"I just wanted to GO OUT with you and have a NICE evening, but since BLACK SQUAD boys are apparently as thick as the outter frakking bulkhead I suppose that ain't gonna HAPPEn now, is it!?!"

As Samantha speaks, Thorn's eyes widen, and his jaw drops a bit as he realizes his error. Nevertheless, his mouth is still moving a bit faster than his head, as it tends to. "Y've a daft way of showin' it, then! I didn't know 'dammit whatever' was code for 'Hey, let's go out'!" His voice quiets some, but not all that much. "But then again, I am 'thick as the outer frakkin' bulkhead', right?"

Samantha draws back her fist, just ready to take that punch, but then she realizes what she's doing… that both their tempers are way, way out of control, and she just breathes. She didn't hit him. She must be getting better. She breathes raggedly. "Maye…. maybe we do both need some…air… we… we'll do this… Another time…Yeah?"

Thorn stares at her, a multitude of emotions swirling in his blue eyes. He folds his arms again, exhaling heavily. "Fine. Alright. I'm… I… fine." And just like that, words fail him. He turns around, stalking off; to where, he doesn't know and doesn't care. A stray toolkit is kicked savagely across the hangar deck, much to the chagrin of a nearby deckhand. Thorn shakes his head, muttering to himself as he disappears through one of the forward hatches.

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