Sibling Scuffle
Sibling Scuffle
Summary: A disagreement gets physical very briefly. Sibling static.
Date: PH 038 (26 May 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 1, Red Squadron Berthing
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #38
OOC Time: Tue May 26 23:12:46 2009

The hatchway to this room has a top-down stencil of a Viper Mark Two painted across the entire expanse, the rear end of the Viper at the bottom of the hatch. Once inside, the berthings are typical of Viper squadrons throughout the fleet: Two lines of bunks are mounted against each wall with another one built into the wall at the other end. The room's gray walls and the empty space surrounding the bunks hold framed pictures of Vipers in action and depictions of the Cylon War of forty years prior. There is also a hatch in the back the leads to a private Head for these officers. Even here, the dark blue curtains hide away each individual bunk from the goings-on within the common area which is centered on a large oak table, though the surrounding chairs are standard navy.

The hatch opens up and Jupes comes stalking in. Barefoot. She's wearing one of those hospital gowns from Sick Bay, and a pair of sweats. Her dark, curly hair is a mess, and there are bruises all down her right arm from the way she was jostled around in her viper when it was flipped. Many more bruises are hidden along her body, at least until she rips the gown off on her way in. Her torso is a big bruise, courtesy of the flight harness, which did a number on otherwise pale skin. She wads the gown up, shoves it into Yuuri's bunk, and yanks her locker open a little harder than necessary. It bangs open noisily.

"Aye." replied back as his hand presses to the hatch before looking over to where Samantha is sitting and Ajax holds where he is at the hatch just in case he is needed. About to sae more when Jupiter comes in complete in sweats and a hopsital gown. A slight blink as he watches the woman before he's tilting his head "You got released?"

Samantha looks over to Martin as he kneels in front of her, studying his face, truly going to say something this time… but then Jupiter pounds in. It's like the univers works against them from ever truly having a heart to heart about things with each other. She blinks over to Jupiter, especially as the woman bears it all and, other than a nice set… the bruising isn't all that pretty. She winces, frowning in concern to Martin's sister…"Fingers… you sure you should be up?…You… well.. you're in one piece, at least…" Sam gently expresses worry to the other woman, dodging Martin's question otherwise. Besides, he probably wants to check on his sister.

Martin was kneeling in front of Samantha, giving her a concerned look when Jupiter steps in. Whipping his head around, he leans back a little onto his heel and turns in time to see the gown fly into Yuuri's bunk. Looking to Jupiter's foot, he glances around and runs a hand over his head. "This isn't happening to me today." He says, rising up slowly. "Peanut, why aren't you in Sickbay?"

A lovely blossoming bruised arm is shoved into the locker, and Jupiter pulls out a tank and tee combo. She shoves it onto her body with little regard for herself or the clothing. It somehow manages to go on right side out. She didn't even do the usual sniff test for cleanliness. "More or less." Her words are clipped. She drags out a pair of gym shoes next, and shoves her feet into them without even untying them. She has to stomp a couple of times to shove the right one all the way on to her foot. Her curls fall into her eyes as she looks up from what she's doing. "It was just a concussion. Grade 2 or something. Observation's over. Just bruises." She looks like she's gearing up for a run.

The discussion that seems to go on with Sam and Martin, is one the Priest does not need to be in the middle of. And as for the rest he is simply nodding. A look over to Jupiter and Ajax taps a slight salute to all of the before he is on his way out. "Well..Good night everyone." Yeah awkward moments? No need to be here for that.

Samantha looks up towards Ajax, actually giving him the very smallest of smiles. "Good night, Lieutenant." She'd never call him Chaplain or anything religious again, but she can be respectful with his rank at least. And she's not snapping at him any longer either. It's probably a good sign. She then looks back to the Blacks, lofting a brow as she considers the need to let brother and sister commune or not. She nods to Jupiter, "Yeah, that's what they said. It's… still good to see you out. Still…ah… take it easy, dollface, yanno? I'm gonna bug Spider about us flyin' together more…if you don't mind… so… I want best damned shooter out there on my wing. Gotta feel up to flyin' before you can frak any more toasters, you know?"

"Peanut did you take care of that thing that we talked about?" Martin asks, rising to his feet, glancing to Sam as he does so. Taking a final drag from his smoke before he stubs it out, he heads to stand near the center table, picking up a glass of water and sipping from it. Glancing back as Ajax makes his leave, he gives Samantha and Jupiter the look…he's going to press a few issues. Brave, stupid Martin.

Jupiter raises her arm to point at Martin. "You. Stay." She seems to have some inkling something was going on. Maybe it was the presence of the preacher. Maybe it's Martin's face. Maybe it's Sam's sudden attention. "Spider and I had a talk." That's her only answer about taking care of things. She grimaces, and sits to relace her shoes tightly. Martin better press fast. "I'm… I just shoot better when they make me mad," she says to Sam. Apparently being shot to shit makes her mad.

Samantha remains mostly quiet, sitting on the bunk just below her's, the one that is normally empty actually. She takes a drag of her cigarette, almost smoked down to the butt now, and lofts a brow. "Well, either way…it was damned fine shooting. And… what'd you and spider talk about?" She gives a confused look between Martin and Jupiter… and the taking care of things. She definitely is missing something here.

Martin watches Jupiter tie her shoes and then looks back to Samantha. He gives Jupiter the same look he does when he talks to Samantha about her hand. Moving to stand in Jupiter's path towards the berthing's door, he looks between the two of them and takes a breath trying to calm himself. "Look…" He says as if he's settling for something second best. "…I know everyone's got a lot of shit going on in their heads but between you not sleeping, Peanut, and your frakked up hand, Sam, I feel the least you two owe me is to go to the frakking Sickbay to take care of your shit." He practically spits his words, raising his voice. "The two of you are not gods-damned replaceable and althogh I apparently seem to be completely incabable of helping you with your shit, I'm not gonna frakking sit around while you two sputter out." He pauses, taking a breath and closing his eyes. "So help me gods, we are all three going to sickbay…together."

There's a long moment of silence from Fingers before she answers Case's Spider query. She tugs each section of laces on her left shoe tight, then double knots it. "There seems to be some concern about the amount of time I spend running in the gym. We talked it over. Concerns put to rest." That's a bit of a simplication, but good luck getting anythin else out of her. She moves to stand. And finds Martin in her path.

"I just came from medical, little brother." Jupes blue eyes lock on Martin's. "Now move, or I will make you move." And then she walks toward him, or rather, toward the hatch.

Samantha listens to Martin quietly, nodding to the man, not actually exploding. Either all the anger has been pulled out of her, swallowed back, or she's actually seeing his point. Probably the second, considering he does have a good point and he's said it with a lot of passion. She stands quietly, killing her cigarette awkwardly in an ashtray with her left hand. She hates using her left hand. "Alright, Martin. I said I'd go. But you and Fingers are on your own. If the doc released her… I don't know if you got ground to stand on, darlin'. Let her have her time. We can ask the doc when we get down there."

"She's been running herself ragged because she can't sleep." Martin says to Samantha, eyes on Jupiter as he moves back, but not out of the way. Moving towards the hatch and not giving Jupiter any sign of letting her pass, he watches his sister. "Gods damnit Jupiter mom and dad would make you do the same thing to me if you're not sleeping and you're NOT frakking sleeping. Put your bullshit aside and let me help you, you're being a dumb bitch." He shakes his head, eyes on Jupiter.

Jupiter lets Martin get that much out because, well, it takes her that long to reach him. She grabs him by the throat, and shoves him aside. Trouble is, he's got hands too, and the siblings Black have equally awesome reflexes.

With a bit of a choked grunt as his throat is grabbed, Martin moves to stay in Jupiter's way and plants his feet firm. "Damnit J…" He grunts, not knowing really what to do. It seems fighting for them is a form of peaceful communication. Trying to shove her back with a forearm, he gets a look on his face as if he realizes he's on the losing end of this one. "…frak it." He mutters, and swings in for a haymaker at Jupiter's cheek.

Samantha's eyes shoot wide as this dispute suddenly turns very physical, with the man whom she loves and the woman whom she respects as a pilot almost more than anyone else. And is very injured still. She swears, suddenly shooting herself across the room, hand be damned. She grabs around Martin's waist, just trying to pull him away from Jupiter even as he's attacking. "Let it frakking GO Martin! We'll talk to the doctor, you can't frakking force her and HITTING HER isn't the way!" She growls towards her lover, holding onto him and trying to drag him away for dear life.

Jupes throws up a protective arm to block the blow coming for her head. Martin is always all about that punch to the face. She's still revved up from her encounter with Ashe, and the crazy talk he spouted after she put him on his ass. Her body rocks with the force of an intercepted punch, and ow, that arm was already bruised. Ow. While Sam has her hands on Marty, and pulls him off balance, Jupes moved in for a knee to the gut. But it ends up being a kick to the gut since Sam's pulling her target the other way.

While Martin's getting dragged away there's a bit of a clawing effect as he and Jupiter lose their collective cool towards eachother and the attacking begins. "God damnit Sam what the fu—" Martin manages to get out before a solid foot kicks him squarely in the stomach. The wind getting kicked right out of him, Martin's eyes go wide as he starts to cough, trying to get his breath. Slumping a little bit as he tries to make a grab for Jupiter's leg to keep her from running off, he slumps to one knee, hacking and coughing in a small bit of hyperventilation.

Samantha swears louder, pushing herself BETWEEN Martin and Jupiter before they can go at each other again. She keeps her arms beneath his shoulders now, even as he slumps against her, but has swung her body in to be imposed between the two, eyes not so much angry as protectively fierce. "Lay off, both of you! And that's an ORDER." Sam's…never pulled rank before. But she will now. "Martin, she's already hurt, don't make things worse. And frak, Jupiter…He's your -brother-…"

Apparently the elder Black was serious about moving Martin. She turns to take off for the hatch while her brother relearns to breathe, and his hand just misses snagging her ankle by inches. Jupiter v hatch, Jupiter wins. Yank. She steps through. "And he should KNOW better." She's… really vehement about that. All is not right in the land of Jupes. But then Martin did bring up Mom and Dad. He's lucky she only kicked him.

Martin continues to heave a little bit as his diaphragm finds a new rhythm. Coughing in a bent over position, Martin's propped up on one hand. His eyes furious, he extends a middle finger towards the door and Jupiter's retreating form. Eyes opening and closing, he rocks back to sit on his heels, putting his arms over his head and getting control of his breathing, cheeks red with anger.

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