Show Me Your Boobs
Show Me Your Boobs
Summary: Castor comes to visit Epi and Kellin, and the Sickbay meets their newest guest
Date: PHD 208 (November 12th, 2009)
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This is not the luxurious Recovery Ward of a battlestar or Caprican hospital. Beds are simple white cots with thin mattresses on them, the sheets looking well-used and thin. Each bed is also organized into a bunk system where there are two recovery beds between the floor and ceiling, a simple metal stepladder going to the one above. Stainless steel rungs hang from the ceiling to hold IV bottles in place as well. All told, the small room can hold a not-inconsiderable number of recovering patients due to the bunks.

Epi is in her bed, Triad cards spread out on her lap. As Castor comes in, she looks up and smiles a little, head tilting to the side. "He's a guest from the Anchorage," she says quietly, nerves clearly near the breaking point.

One thick black brow raises up, as brown eyes are back towards Epi and likewise Castor. And his jaw just tightens abit, however he's not saying much given the MP over in the corner, basically keeping tabs on him and three others. Clearing his throat Vicks lets eyes narrow in now specifically on Castor and Epi. "You know.." comes the voice- accent not anything close to resembling one Colony over the other. "You could ask me yourself-chicken shit." Ahh yes, Judah Vicks making friends since 1948. A sniff, and he leans back into his pillow, clink clanking along.

Castor turns and looks at Vicks and he blinks in disbelief for a moment and then he looks back at Epi as he smile and says, "Thanks." He then reaches into his pocket and he produces a bit of candy, this is the hard kind that is cinnamon flavored - spicy and sweet at the same time and oh what a clump of candy it is. He then turns to Vicks, "That would be Lieutenant to you and if you want my attention you have it so why are you in here?" He isn't barking and he isn't angry but his eyes rest on Vicks now.

Epi reaches out to touch Castor's arm, gently, though she doesn't say anything for the moment. Her other hand reaches out for the cup of water nearby and there's only a slight wince as she takes a sip.

Kellin walks back into the Recovery Ward something edible in his hand, still limping a bit he makes his way over to his bed next to Epi's. Glancing over as Castor speaks to the restrained man, frowning a bit in curiousity, with a shrug he settles into his bed, leaning over he places what he was carrying on Epi's tray.

Pike makes her way into the recovery ward with a clipboard with few sheets of paper clipped to it. She gives Vicks a passing glance, before approaching Epi's bed. "Good evening, Corporal, I trust we're healing nicely?" the CMO asks with her usual pleasant bedside manner.

"Ah." and the brow goes down as he turns his head turns now right on Castor. "You're mistaking me for someone who gives a frak about who you are." Vicks snaps back, as he continues to clank his restraint right there. "Clearly I am injured, or did your training at the OCS make it hard for you to notice the smaller, Oh I don't know-Normal details?" A grun, that is till Pike comes in and Eyebrows shoot up, as a low whistle escapes the detainee's teeth. "Well shit, look at that."

Castor looks at Pike first and he asks curiously, "Doc Pike, what is Corporal Jarot's current condition?" He asks curiously as it would seem that Vicks is now being ignored since he doesn't react at all. Instead, he puts his attention on how Epi is doing and as Kellin puts something on her tray Castor notices and takes note with a smile.

Epi smiles briefly up at Kellin. "Thank you," she murmurs, turning her attention back to Pike. "The other doctor was in a bit ago, Sir. The male Lieutenant. I've got the sniffles, so he has me on vitamin boosts and on a restricted diet. I'm a little sore around the stomach, but I figure that's from the last time I was in here." She's trying not to sit at attention, but it's difficult. "I," she begins, then has it cut off by a sneeze, one which she JUST catches with a tissue. "Sorry."

Kellin grins at Epi "You are welcome, I figured you'd like something better than jello or that pudding they serve" He nods to the Lieutenant "Sir" then looks at Pike for a moment.

Vicks is too busy oggling the Doctor to care whether or not he is ignored. A lick of his lips as the chains continue to clank along the arm bar he's locked too. A grimace as he raises his hand and then lowers it back down. you think he'd get tired of doing it, by now, but clearly that is not the case. Though, eyes are back over as Kellin comes in, and then- to the piece of food? he sets down by Epi's tray, more peering at that, before it is back to Doctor Oggling. Easier pastime there.

Pike pays Vicks no mind, nods to Kellin, and responds to Castor and Epi. "The Corporal is actually in much better health, and I'll be pleased to discharge her within 24 hours presuming this bug she's contracted evaporates in that time. And if it degrades enough without going away, I'd be willing to consider a light-duty discharge."

Castor nods his head and he smiles at Epi's prognosis and then he tilts his head to look over at Epi and he winks as he says, "See all you have to do is beat this cold and you are out of here in twenty four hours." He then turns to Pike and he says, "Thank you, Major." He then looks over at Kellin and he nods with a friendly smile, "Corporal."

Epi just blinks up at Pike and shakes her head, laughing quietly. "I think, wow. You're more than a da…errrr." Yep, she catches herself. "A very good doctor, Sir. As soon as I kick this cold I'll vacate for you." She glances over to Castor and Kellin, grinning broadly. "I can't wait to get back to my rack." Then her attention bounces to Vicks and she just studies the clanking one.

That might be all well and good, but the tattooed man is paying keen attention to the doctor. A lick of lips, and there's a shake of his head and a low whistle. Nope, he'll wait his turn for whatever Doctors have to do, eyes flitting back to his leg, and then to the trio, well mainly the Doc. Who knew being arrested and placed on a Carrier could be so much fun.

Depending on if Epi knows what a prison tattoos look like-Vicks? His arms and possibly other areas are covered in them.

Kellin grins at Epi "That's good news Epi" He looks at Castor "Not Corporal, yet, soon though" He looks at Pike "How soon do you think I'll be out of here Doc?"

Pike quirks an eyebrow at Epi's aborted comment, but just smiles and turns her attention to Kellin, making sure to fly her gaze past Vicks very quickly. Ninja doctor, you can't see her. "About the same time frame, Mr. Elmeri. Your wounds have healed well, and you're sure to be fit for duty with no complications."

Castor looks over at Kellin and he says, "Ah forgive me then." He then smiles and says, "But welcome to the Kharon." He then looks at Epi and he says, "And you are good at healing I mean who knows at this rate you might live forever." He then takes a second to study look over at Pike and as she is whistled his brows begin to crease slightly.

Epi simply studies Vicks for a bit, as if he were a curiosity she'd never encountered before. Then she looks to Pike, brows pulling together. "Major," she asks quietly. "Do women really respond to things like that? Are we supposed to? Was I absent that day?"

Ah, that was all he needed, really. Because then he's grinning wide like a chesire cat, or whatever the frak the expression is. Still the man is eyeing the poor Doctor like she is a piece of meat. "I can wait." Vick assures, as eyes flick back over to Epi for a second as the clanking stops. And there's a raise of his brow is given back, before he's looking back to the Doctor "This, should be rich.."

Kellin grins at Castor "No worries, just a matter of paperwork is all Sir" he nods toward Pike "Thanks Doc" He glances over to where Epi is looking then chuckles at her comment before glancing back at Pike.

Pike glances over to Epi and smiles. "Wouldn't really know to be truthful, Corporal. I'm sorry to say the Petty Officer isn't packing my preferred set of equipment." A glance is shot over the shoulder to Vicks, eyebrows popping upwards once, before her non-prisoner patients regain her attention.

Castor raises an eyebrow and he looks at Epi as he says, "Men who whistle at women are compensating for their physical inadequacies." He then holds his pinky finger up and wiggles it. He looks over at Kellin, "Where are they stationing you?" And then he looks Pike and then back to Epi as he says, "See, even the Doc recognizes this."

The little Marine looks from Pike to Castor to Kellin to Vicks and then back to Pike. She nods slowly, absorbing the information, forehead furrowed a little. "I'm used to Marines," she says with a little shrug, settling back into her pillow.

"They took my wrench away if that is what you're referring too. Its okay, I've got bigger…ones." a gruff laugh there for a moment at his own joke. "Or you one who prefers th' taste of a peach as opposed.." Well Judah doesn't elaborate. Instead he just snickers along where he is. "Shit, I dunno which is better.." Ah now he's lost in the possibilities.

Pike turns and looks to Vicks. "And Petty Officer…" She flips through a few pages on her clipboard. "Vicks, right? I'm afraid my staff hasn't provided me notes yet on your condition apart from the malnourishment you and your associates all suffered. There any other injuries or illness I should be made aware of?" She looks at him over the rims of her glasses, in expectation of his answer.

Kellin grins at Epi "Are we that bad Epi?" Settling back into his bed.

Castor looks over at Kellin and he winks with a cheeky little look on his face as he says, "We are that bad and worse but right now that is because we need to be." He then looks over at Pike as she asks her question and as for Vicks he just watches the play between Pike and Vicks to see what will happen next.

"Besides not having seen a woman in a few years. I could consider that an injury, Somethign that needs workin' out." A pause there before he's looking back to his leg which has been isolated. "Had a round sent through my thigh- Basically once You think my leg's healed enough to walk on, an I am all nice an healthy- I get a nice vacation to your brig. I believe." Vicks offers before he's looking back to the woman "I could heal slow if you prefer that pace..Make sure t' leave you with a prescription filled." And there another laugh from the convict as he shifts, slightly. "You can leave the glasses on too."

Epi just -stares- at Vicks, utterly appalled - and strangely fascinated at the same time. "Now I understand what they mean about not being able to look away from a train wreck," she tells Castor and Kelling, glancing briefly at them. "No, I don't think you're that bad," she tells Kellin. Poor girl, her mind is scrambled. So she sneezes.

Pike smiles humorlessly. "No worries, Petty Officer. I daresay we'll be exercising our due diligence in getting you back on your feet." She then turns to the others in the room. "Get any of you anything before I excuse myself?"

Kellin laughs then nods to Castor "Well perhaps" Smiling Epi "I'm glad" A look is given Pike and he shakes his head "Just my clearance Doc"

Vicks grins back towards Pike, though it is more of the I want to pour you in a cup and eat you, sort of look. "I'll work on knocking you off yours, sweet ass." A chuckle there, before he's looking to the others, and a sigh, for a second. "Shit you even smell clean…" he murmurs before the clanking begins again, louder and perhaps more drawn out now.

Epi whimpers quietly as the clanging starts up again. "A pair of fuzzy handcuffs, Major. Please? Ones that don't clank?" The look she gives Pike, then Castor, can only be described as pleading. "The S2 would hurt me if I smothered him in his sleep."

Castor looks over at Pike and he smiles at the woman since he doesn't need anything, picture of health this one, healthy as an Ox they say and he doesn't need a blessed thing from Pike but the smile shows his appreciaton for her work. He then looks over at Kellin and he says, "That's the spirit." He then looks over at Epi and he says, "Yup, train wrecks." and as the clanking countinues Leda's attention is finally caught, "Acctually, Doc, is this one fit enough to be sent to the brig?" He looks at Epi, "Back on the Orpheus we had sock parties for problem people…not that I ever was in one." He says softly but Epi can see a dark look come across his face.

Pike grins to Epi. "I'll see if I can scare something up. As I said though, you should be out of here tomorrow. As should you, Mr. Elmeri. Let the corpsmen know if you need anything. Must dash. Gentlemen. Corporal." Without looking in Vicks' direction, "Petty Officer." Pike then heads off into sickbay proper.

"You could try, small stuff." A man that is 5'6 calling Epi short. Hilarity has to be there somewhere- Still, Vicks just flicks a look back towards the smaller marine. "Took three of em to get me down even when I was shot. Don't suspect this bed'll be too much of a hamper.." And there he is, influencing people yet again. A role model for children, Judah is. A faint glance to Leda, and there is a snerk. Yes a loud snorting snerk "Must breed officer's stupid, these days…" a beat "very stupid." And more clanking he goes.

Though to Pike's slipping free there's a wink "Doctor Hot Pants.." and there. Something feels right in his world, at least.

Kellin shakes his head at the prisoner then looks over at Epi and Castor "It will be good to return to the Marines, be like coming back to the Family"

Leda is still looking at Epi and Kellin and says, "I think the S2 might bend the rules on special occasions." He then turns and looks at Vicks for a moment and that is all he does he just looks as if he were sizing up the man and he says nothing to the man, if anything Leda is simply outright ignoring Vicks after having looked at him and so he turns to Epi and he says, "So, twenty four hours to go. Are you ready to get back out there?" He then looks over at Kellin and he says, "Well, it will be good to have you back in the family."

Epi simply watches Vicks for awhile, much in the same way a child might stare at a critter in the zoo that she's never encountered before. "No," she murmurs. "No, I don't think she would this time." She pauses a moment, then calls out, "Vicks? Could we come to an agreement on the clanking, please? Each time you rattle, it hurts." Well now, a Marine who knows how to ask nicely. She even said please.

"Your S2 is a she.. Progressive times. What is this Navy coming to." the convict speaks along before he's looking right back over to Epi for a moment. And the chain clanks once more. "Okay- here's the deal we'll come to." Uh oh, where is Judah going with this. "When you're released, you're going to come over to my bed, raise your shirt- No bar and show me your tits-As such, I'll quit amusing myself with some damned noise in this static tube- an we'll all be gravy." And with that the PO crosses one arm. The other remains by the bed. "Deal? Also, if you reneg? I'll figure a way to make your life shit from the brig." Those be the convicts terms.
All channels have been gagged.

Kellin ignores Vicks for the moment "We could get the guards to secure the arm so he can't move it, then you wouldn't have to worry about the rattle of the chain, shouldn't be to hard I would think"

Whoa, there is a line and someone just crossed it as Leda turns and looks at the convict and he says in cold, distant tones, almost completely emotionless, and it is a bit creepy as he says, "Vicks or whatever it is you call yourself, you do not address Corporal Jarot like that." He pauses for effect, "Ever." He then says, "Right now you are a guest on this ship and for whatever reason Command has kept you around but I will say this…" he pauses again for dramatic effect or because he is upset, "animals get put down." Yup, picking on Epi, that is one of Leda's nerves and it is a deep one.

And now, well, now is the point where people find out whether or not Epi's still on the morpha. She considers Vicks for a long moment, head canted to the side, then glances down at her chest. One hand lightly plucks the fabric away so she can look beneath. "Huh," she murmurs after a moment, looking among the three men. "I mean, why would you want to? I'm damn near flat." Well, at least the girl's honest. One hand reaches out to touch Castor's sleeve, lightly. "It's ok, Lieutenant. Promise."

There's a faint look over towards Leda, and a half smirk. "he your boyfriend or something?" said back towards Epi "Cause, last I saw-Fraternization can send you where I've been and where I am going.. Tough road right there.." a glance to leda "Specially if you got what the fellers would call a Candy ass-like your boy scout here." A snigger as the PO straightens a bit. "Look, Short round- I've been in Prison for a while- Last woman I saw was in blacks, and I hit her with a frakking wrench. The other was in Scrubs. Ain't like I'm askin t' nurse. Just show some flesh." a shrug "That's all I want-to see some grade A colonial tit. Yours would be as good as another..UNless she's all wrinkly. That ain't the same."

And with that he's reaching to pop his knuckles. "Sides, if he thinks threats about Airlocking me are going to make me shut up- He's stupider than I thought. I've seen an' heard worse.."

Leda begins to move forward but as Epi's hand reaches him the man stops and seriously he stops and after a moment he takes a breath and he looks at Vicks and he says, "No regs are being broken." He then looks over at Epi since she could easily blow up Vicks anytime she wanted which brings a sudden smile to his face as he looks at Epi and he motions with his thumb, the sort of motion one would make with a detonator.

Epi's quiet for a bit as she studies Vicks, then looks to Castor. His motion with the thumb brings a grin to her face. "While it's a generous offer," she tells Vicks after a moment. "A few things have me hesitating. First of all, I don't want all my fellow Marines ogling my goodies." Like they haven't already seen them in the showers. "Secondly, you wouldn't be getting your money's worth, for a lot of reasons. Most men don't want to ogle scarred boobs." No self pity, just a statement of fact.

"I'm not an idiot, short round. I was in the Navy- so it is safe to say, folks have seen em afore. My eyes won't be any different." A pause there as he leans back, and clanks again, a look is given over to the MP, and there's another long bit of clanking. "And I ain't most men. Unless you can find a suitable boob replacement-I'll be sure to keep the noise a coming." A pause as he shifts his look and doesn't seem to phase one way, or the other. "I might make it full frontal, if the shitty-capades continue." Perhaps meaning the protective gestures from the pilot. But Vicks, is resolute.

Castor for his part is remaining quiet and watching Vicks and there is something in the way he is watching something that says he has been around criminals before and he wasn't a cop he is simply wordless for the moment just following the handcuffed man with his eyes. Stare. Stare. Stare. It is hard to say if he is being protective or cautious but at this moment he is doing something…well…sort of something since sitting quietly might be considering doing nothing but if one were to do nothing they would still be doing something, right?

Epi looks between the two men for a moment, then lifts a shoulder and starts to slide out from under the covers. She's in tanks and sweats, though the sweats are pulled low, below bandages. "I'll be right back, Cas," she tells Castor quietly. The going is kind of slow as she shuffles over to Vicks' bedside and the MPs standing there don't look happy that she's coming so close. "Mister Vicks," she says quietly. "Are you certain, absolutely certain, of what you're asking?"

Vicks merely looks back towards Castor. Apparently the staring doesn't unnerve the man, nor does he look for long as Epi is coming over. And so with that he's looking to the smaller, injured marine. "I am.." A glance to the bandages, but he's not saying anything to the Corporal about it. Consider it the one time he is being polite through this ordeal. "Go on an show em."

Castor looks at Vicks and then to Epi and then when Epi moves Castor follows her movement and he looks a bit like the MP's since he doesn't like Epi being so close to Vicks but he doesn't protest he just simply watches Vicks. Wordless is a word rarely used to describe Castor but this is one of those moments he is in point of fact without words as he watches the second trainwreck of the night occur.

Yep. It's a train wreck. Up close, it's clear that Epi's not feeling well. In fact, before she takes another step toward Vicks' bedside, she sneezes into her shoulder. She eyes the man for a moment, then reaches down and lifts up her tanks. The view, of course, really isn't what one might expect. Yes, her breasts are bare, but one of them is partially covered by a bandage that has the indications of some seepage. It's just large enough to evoke ideas of a bullet. But that's likely not what would draw the eye. There's a larger set of bandages, these a touch cleaner, covering the left side of her abdomen. The right side of her abdomen is an absolute mass of scarred tissue from a recent, healing wound. It's the type of wound that general indicates what had been inside came out. The shirt remains up for a five count before being pulled back down again. "That work?"

Vicks is silent for the time being, Eyes roaming over what flesh isn't covered up by the bullet, though the one with the seepage gets a double look, before a hand is coming up, not to touch-simply scratch his chin, before he's nodding right there, that grin coming back up, same used for poor Doctor Pike, being leveled right onto Epi for the moment, as he reaches for his blankets and 'adjust' them. "Works fine, toots." the PO croons back. "Nice pair-even if one got shot.." Apparently the mass of scar tissue didn't really set off ay alarm bells, but judging by the numbers of tattoos he has- he is probably no stranger to scars, or wounds.

Leda stills sits there silently and his face is utterly expressionless as he watches Vicks. This is Castor not in a good mood.

Epi dips her head and turns to shuffle back toward Castor. "Small price to pay for a peaceful night's sleep," she tells the Lieutenant. "I didn't think you had any fuzzy handcuffs, else I'd have asked you to let the MPs borrow them." Taking care, she moves back into her bunk, pulling the covers aside so she can settle back in. One hand reaches for the cup of water and she takes a slow sip, wincing.

Simply adjusts his blanks further and nuzzles into his pillow. It has been a while since he's had on, and like hell he is going to simply ignore the fact now. Eyes begin to close for a moment, that is till the Petty Officer is opening one back towards Epi. "That your first gut wound?" simply asked now, perhaps it was the wincing, that did it. Who knows with the convict. Usually, Judah's not this talky.

Leda looks at Vicks for a moment and Castor looks at Epi and he says, "Price you shouldn't have to pay." He is seriously unhappy at this particular moment in time but the emotions aren't coming out they are turning inward since that is what the pilot does when he is really unhappy and he says, "Corporal Jarot, I bet I could find some fuzzy handcuffs…" he stops talking as the other part of that sentence is 'in Case's locker' and then he turns to look at Vicks as he speaks again, the impossible has happened there is someone on this ship that Leda does not like.

Epi's breathing a little hard by the time she stops, the sound labored - and not in the good way. She takes another sip of her water and shakes her head at Vicks. Her free hand reaches out, fingers resting on Leda's wrist. "Second," she tells Vicks. "Half my intestines came out on Elpis when we rescued it. You're in for the leg, right?"

"Yup. Been stabbed Higher, so I know what I got to do to get her working again. Bout to say if that was your first, it gets easier, Just don't eat hot shit." A pause "But you know that." And with that Vicks glances back to Epi for a second and eyes close again. "So my advice ain't needed there." A pause "Lucky the bullet went clean through. Diggin that out woulda been a bitch and a half."

Castor loosens up a bit as fingers touch his wrist and suddenly Vicks becomes talkative instead of outright EvilMcNastypants (tm) but there is no smile from the pilot. He is just sitting there quietly beside Epi and then a look comes over his face and he asks, "What was the crime you committed?" He asks with a mix of curiousity. Normally, he doesn't mind being in the presence of criminals but criminaltypes asking to see Epi topless are not big in Leda's book.

Epi's fingers don't linger. It's as though she were trying to reassure the Lieutenant. Or, perhaps, reassure herself. "Took three hours of surgery to find the bullets the cylons put in me," she tells Vicks quietly, eyes closed. "And yeah, it gets easier. Second time wasn't quite as bad. Five shots. I walked back onto the Raptor after we cleared the objectives."

Vicks keeps his eyes closed there. "Which Sentence?" Which means either He's served multiple sentences, or he's committed multiple crimes. "Most recent, it was for Larceny-theft." a roll of his jaw. "Was building an illegal still on a teetotaler's ship. Got pinched after we'd made it and some shine. As a result parts of the Deck an engineering crew were arrested and court martial'd." A shrug there. "Before that, I was serving out my father's arson an burglary sentence back home." a squint before he's looking back to Epi. "Good. Third time will be a charm then." grim, but realistic. "People always freak out when their guts are laying out. Much easier to remain calm. Gut is a slow and preventable death."

Castor seems a bit relieved by this and he says, "Ah…." He then looks over at Epi, "Corporal Jarot, I need to go and fly CAP but I'll come visit you again when I'm done with CAP." He then says, "And I found some things Cass might want so I'll bring them by after CAP." He then looks over at Vicks and he says, "Rest well." He then looks at the MP's gaurding them and he nods and with that he is gone.

Epi looks up at Castor as he takes his leave and actually smiles warmly when he mentions Cass. "Thank you," she says softly. "Good hunting, Lieutenant." Then she closes her eyes again and nods to Vicks. "It wasn't too bad. We were busy and I had a good team. The little Marine held 'em in while we made it to safety. What's your specialty? Medic or deck?"

"I fix Shit." Vicks replies as he seems content to pass his ass back out into the bed. "Mechanical..Could do fighters..have helped when needed, but they kept me in the Engineroom for some time to make sure the FTL drive can spool up an all. Keep the fires running as it were." Silence again as Judah seems to be falling out. "If it breaks. I can usually keep it running.."

Epi coughs quietly, turning her head toward the back of the rack. "I'm the ship's demolitions expert," she murmurs. "Marine Corporal Epiphany Jarot." And then the young woman stops talking for a bit. Until "thanks for not clanking," she tells him finally, voice quiet.

"A pleasure Corporal." Vicks offers back. "Petty Officer, Judah Vicks." and Given the fact he was filling out someone's sentence means that the man got into the Navy via Canceron's Freedom Points program. As for her own bit of thanks "Don't mention it." a beat "Thanks for letting me see your titties."

"I still say I got the better part of the bargain," she murmurs. "And sorry about Lieutenant Leda. He's just protective. He gets pissed off when I come home full of lead."

Vicks grunts "He's a cocksucker. Needs to grow out of it." But that is simply one man's opinion. "Sleep well, Shortstuff." And with that One prisoner is off to sleep.

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