Shoes to Fill
Shoes to Fill
Summary: Praxis is called to help Colonel Cortez clear out Sheridan's quarters. Kharon gets a new XO.
Date: PHD 184
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Some time has passed since the explosion in the Ward Room and the loss of Sheridan. Cortez, throughout, has been moving between CiC and his quarters taking part in the 'routine' aspects of things as well as handling the necessary paperwork that a situation like this calls upon. Now, the time has come to begin going through the Commander's personal effects and getting the sorted out. As such, the Colonel had made his way down to the CO's Quarters, but had first left word that Praxis should join him down here at his 'earliest' convienence.

Earliest convenience? For any superior officer, it was likely that Praxis would go back in time and wait there just go he could be super early and impress others with his punctuality. However, there is no such luck; instead like the rest he has to cut his off duty time short and head to the CO's quarters to assist Cortez. Not that he's complaining or anything. As Cortez arrives around the corridor, Praxis is waiting at the door. "Sir." he mentions as soon as Cortez is noticed, snapping up a quick salute. "Reporting as ordered."

There's a small notepad in Cortez's hand, one that he seems to be reading from and it's only as he draws near to the quarters and hears a voice that he looks up. Eyes settle upon Praxis and there's a subtle nod in response to the salute, "At ease, Lieutenant. Thank you for coming so quickly." His free hand lifts, motioning towards the door. "The Commander was a great man and a magnificant leader. I wanted to ensure that his effects were treated and remembered as such. Marines have already placed some boxes within and will pick them up once we've completed." There's a pause as his eyes shudder down to the notepad, though it lasts for only a moment. Looking back up, the notepad is closed and slipped within his pocket. "Plus, it gives me the chance to speak with you about a few shipboard matters."

"Yes sir, I heartily agree." Praxis mentions while lowering his salute, and already he begins heading inside the former Commander's quarters as Cortez gestures in that particular direction. "A great loss in terms of the Colonial Military, but a personal one as well, perhaps for the both of us." As soon as the TACCO breaches the room, he looks about the interior, breathing in the scent, observing everything in the interior. "Both you and the commander, sir - I have aspired to emulate. Something I hadn't mentioned in the interests of maintaining a professional relationship. I continue to do so in his memory, sir." As to the shipboard matters, Praxis nods his head. "I am all ears, Commander." It was strange to say that, and probably tough for Cortez to hear it. But he needs to get used to it.

There's another subtle nod before Cortez moves into the quarters after Praxis. Once within, the door is quietly closed, as if the sound might disturb someone within. "Yes. Yes it is. Like all hands that we are dealt, though, we will make do. The Commander will be remembered by all, in a variety of ways, both religiously and not. And we can further remember him by carrying on with our duty and ensuring the men and women beneath us have something to live for." Turning to survey the room, the Colonel allows another moment's pause to silence the air before he begins moving over towards the Commander's desk. "Thank you, Lieutenant. The Commander would be honored. As am I." And while he means it, there's no smile to accompany the words. Not at this trying time. As for the bit about being called Commander? He doesn't seem to visibly react to it. At least not externally. "The command structure of the Kharon can not be left in flux. There can be no question of who leads who. To do so would lend this .. attack credence and validity. To affirm that such actions will disrupt and demoralize us." It's now that the man shakes his head, "Under the Colonial Military Regulations, I am to assume Command with the loss of the Commander. This, unfortunately, leaves the position of Executive Officer open. A position that is just as important, if not more so, then that of the Commander's." Moving to the desk and then around, the Colonel slides one drawer upon. He's been here enough and he knows where certain things are kept. From within, he withdraws a single box before closing the drawer and moving back around the desk. "You have provided your worth, Lieutenant, more times then can be counted. It only makes sense to offer the position of Executive Officer, to you." The box opened and turned towards Praxis, a pair of Captain's pins laying within. "Do you accept, Captain?"

Praxis looks towards the closing door, hands folded carefully behind his back as Cortez speaks about making do and remembering the Commander. Something sparks within as he mentions carrying on with their duty - he tries not to smile at this solemn moment but he cannot help but draw some pride from being able to carry on in such hardship. "Yes, sir. Holding that value - giving people something to live for … is imperative. Else we may believe that those who were lost when the Cylons crossed the Armistice Line were the lucky individuals." He seems very glad that Cortez shares the sentiment. As the CO heads towards Sheridan's desk, Praxis himself goes to the bookcase, dragging one of the cardboard boxes along with him. He of course still respectfully listens while he takes books down from off the shelf and organizes them into neat little piles. Ears perk up slightly at the mention of the XO position left open, but the TACCO is always realistic. Just about the time that he was about to open his mouth to reassure the man that however long he takes to make the decision is all right and whoever receives the position is surely deserving of it, jade eyes capture the sight of the box with the pins in it. Honestly, Demitros' legs just might turn to jelly. Never before has he received such praise, never before has he been infused with such bittersweet pride. Swallowing hard and turning fully towards Cortez, Demitros raises his chin, "I am honored to accept this promotion, and will do so with humility. I had hoped I might get to Command some day - but I simply wish that Commander Sheridan did not have to pass for me to get there." Another hard swallow as he tries to keep from stuttering, collapsing, or running out of air because he's not breathing. He reaches forward for the pins, ceremoniously attaching them to his collar. "I will not let you down, sir. I will be your right hand, your eyes, and your ears." He snaps the most heartfelt salute of his career.

The promotion of another, regardless of circumstance or situation, is a pleasant one. Moreso when it's shadowed by surprise and entirely unexpected. For this, Cortez allows the slightest of smiles to grace his lips. "Then let me big the first to congratulate you, Captain, and to offer my condolences. The position you have accepted is not an easy one, but like anything, it is what you make of it." This time, the Colonel returns the salute before finally turning back to the desk to tend to the items atop and within, making small coordinated piles, "And while I consider my eyes and ears to work to fine, it never hurts to have a second set. I have no doubt that you will excel within the position." Casting a look over his shoulder, he gives a nod of his head. "I will see that all Department Heads are notified of your change in rank and position, so that there is no breakdown in communications."

"I do not expect it to be easy, sir - but it is underneath challenges no doubt, where I thrive. Thank you for the congratulations." As Cortez has probably seen from observation and after-action reports. In any case, Demitros steps down from the salute and returns to the earlier task. "We shall both step into these new and bigger shoes together, sir." Praxis feels that sentiment is something of a heartwarming one - that Cortez won't be alone in everything he does. "Understood. Thank you again." Whew, what a rush!

"Indeed, we shall, Captain." The reply is given in the same manner as the statement in which generated it, even if the Colonel doesn't look back towards Praxis. His attention, for the moment, seems to be focused on gathering up the items into those smile piles, so that they can be boxed up and placed into storage for the time being. "When we have completed things here, Captain, I think you should return to your former berthings and begin to gather up your things. That will give me time to pack up the few items that I have and clear them out, so that you can move into your new quarters. As well, it might be a good idea to visit with the crew. This is going to be a difficult time for them and they are going to need to know that we are there for them. That we are looking out for them. And most importantly, that we are listening to them."

When the books have have been placed within the box and said box has been filled to capacity, Praxis folds the flaps closed and seals the box, setting it aside. "I will do my best to lend my ear to the crew. I will show them that not all hope is to be lost. We will perservere." As to his quarters, that is acknowledged with a nod. "It will not take long to gather up my things. Just give the word when you have vacated your former quarters."

"Very good, Captain." This is offered as Cortez carefully piles a couple more items into a box and when it's reached it's limit, he's closing and sealing the box, only to set it down upon the floor so that another empty one can take its place. "Shouldn't take me long to vacate. By the time you reach the berthings, gather your stuff and make it back up here, I'll have my personal effects moved out." Silence is offered then, long enough for a few more items to be stored away within the confines of the box, "In the next couple of days, we're going to be holding a memorial service for the Commander. A way for the crew to have some closure on this event. When that is concluded, we will need to meet with the Department Heads so that we can make sure we are all focused on the future and what we are going to do."

The removal of all of Sheridan's effects is going fairly quickly between the two men - but that's likely because CIC officers are the most efficient bunch on the ship. Praxis is extremely respectful of all the belongings of the deceased, though silently wondering about the background of each and every item his hands touch. "Very well," he responds to getting his junk and moving into the XO's quarters. Everything about that is straightforward, nothing more needs to be said. "Appropriate, sir. I am certain it is reasonable to assume that you will be there to say a few words to assist with my quest to raise crew morale." Ah yes, another Department Head meeting. "I do have some ideas about the future I wish to share. I will organize them and bring them to the meeting." A brief pause. "Sir. What of the position of the tactical coordinator? Will that spot be filled in, as well?"

Indeed, the effort is going well. A picture of efficiency at it's finest. With each passing minute, more items are hidden away within the confines of the boxes, some of them never destined to see the light of day again. Pausing long enough to look over his shoulder, Cortez gives another slight nod of his head, "Yes, I will be there to say a few words." Then, it's back to the task at hand, though Praxis' next question does bare a moment's consideration, "Unknown at this time, Captain. Evaluate the position and see if it's required and whether we have anyone who is able to fill the job. If we do, submit the names through to me and we'll talk it over. As for your thoughts in relation to the meeting, good enough. Have them prepared and ready, and be prepared to answer questions on them."

The room is soon devoid of all personal effects. Everything is eventually tucked away, everything stowed into those cardboard boxes that (thank god) Praxis doesn't have to move. That's what the beefy Marines are for. "I will do that. In the event that I have no choice but to delegate more tasks, I intend to employ more scrutiny on the CIC officers when it comes to performance." The last box sealed up, a hand pats the top of the box solidly twice. "That's it." he says, wiping the sweat off his forehead. The sweat is not there because he's exhausted, it's because he's still coming off the high of change. "Absolutely, sir, I am always prepared. And as an aside; be aware that I am only next door - you can come to me for anything." He starts moving towards the threshold, before he looks back to Cortez for a moment. "I hope I make him proud." he murmurs, staring at the boxes.

Once the last of the boxes has been set aside, Cortez moves to brush his palms lightly against his legs before looking back over in the direction of Praxis, "Excellent place to start, Captain." Then, he's looking back towards the boxes before moving out and away from them, "I'll keep that in mind, Captain. The same does apply, though. My door is always open to my Executive Officer. Don't hesitate to come see me if you run into a problem." Then, there's that rare smile as he looks back towards the new XO, "Don't worry about that, Demitros. You would have made him quite proud. Go, attend to moving your items. I imagine there's some people you want to tell about your promotion. Once things have settled down, we'll sit down and discuss the state of things over a quiet drink to commerate your new rank."

"Even for a stolid man such as myself, it is difficult to contain the emotion of excitement, sir." Praxis says amicably, his own rare smile surfacing. "Thank you, sir - I know for a fact that I will be looking to draw from your own experiences as an XO. Perhaps a few amusing anecdotes are to be shared over that quiet drink you are offering." That smile only widens. "Going, sir. Farewell, I will see you soon." But before he leaves, he pauses in the doorway. Turning around, he walks towards Cortez and stands before him for a moment or two before making a shocking move for Demitros…extending his hand so he can SHAKE it. Hopefully he's not denied. "For the beginning of a new relationship - in the memory of absent friends."

It's now that the man offers a quiet laugh, one that holds a small measure of mirth, "One never knows, Captain. I might just have a few things that can be shared." Then, he's giving a nod, watching as Praxis makes his way towards the hatchway, though when he pauses and begins to move back, the Colonel allows a brow to lift slightly. While the extending of a hand is unexpectd, Cortez doesn't refuse of hesitate. Accepting the hand in a firm grip, he shakes it for a moment while offering, "So very appropriate, Captain. To new beginnings in memory of old." It's then that the Colonel retracts his hand, "Enjoy your evening, Captain. Hopefully, it will be a quiet one."

"Precisely." Praxis says with a nod at Cortez's reiteration, shaking the hand with a firm grip of his own before releasing and making an about face towards the door, proceeding outwards to his new life as Executive Officer. Don't frak it up, Demitros.


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