Blank Ship Template

This outline below should be followed for developing information about a ship. Not all of it is required. Sections can be added as-needed. In order to use this template, simply EDIT this page and copy everything to Notepad (CTRL-C). Once completed, go to the menu above and under the item MISC, select NEW-PAGE and then create a blank page using the name of the ship, base, or event as the name and create. Then just paste the information into the provided area.

SHIP NAME (Battlestar BlahName)

Basic Information

(Type of Battlestar, crew compliment, squadron names, Marine units, Commanders, etc. Land Bases should note their location with all detail as possible.)

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(Where this ship typically cruised, its normal duties, etc. For a Land Base this area would mention the types of units deployed there, when, and any other pertinent information.)

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Notable Events

(Minor events that characters may have been involved with during their time at this duty station. Major events would go here as well but should be approved by staff first.)

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Character Ties

(List, using bullet points, the PC's that have seen deployment on this ship or at this base.)

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