Shiny Boots and Marine Ass
Shiny Boots and Marine Ass
Summary: Ashe gets busted by McTiernan
Date: May 30, 2009
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Security Hub
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #41
OOC Time: Sat May 30 11:25:21 2009

This room is the defacto headquarters for Marine operations on board the ship and also serves as their office. There are a pair of desks that flank the entrance to the door and another at the rear, that one obviously belonging to the Marine CO. A Colonial Marine Corps flag hangs proudly in the corner, accompanied by pictures of Marines in action and paintings depicting famous battles of the Cylon War and other actions. A picture of the Commandant of the CMC also hangs on the far wall as a reminder. There is a small video monitor in the corner that feeds into a camera in the brig, displaying a live feed into the office. As well, an armored door at the far end of the room displays in bright white lettering 'Primary Small Arms,' denoting the Security Hub as holding the main locker for storing the rifles and explosives aboard. Another hatch on the opposite end of the room denotes it as leading to the Small Arms Range.

McTiernan is seated at her desk, with a stack of paperwork before. Oh, the joyful life of the brass. It just never ends. It's early afternoon and the Hub is, for the most part, quiet.

Ashe arrives into the Hub with sweat on his brow and sweats on his body, apparently the word of summons having hit him in the midst of a workout. Now either Ashe really does work out a lot, or more likely, it is part of his rehab stint. Walking in, he takes a few steps and then stands with feet together and hands at his sides in a nice attention posture. "Sir. Reporting as ordered."

McTiernan would normally allow the man to slip into an at ease posture but apparently not today. She casually leans back in her chair, flicking her gaze upward to start hard at the Marine. "For the next fourteen days, /Corporal/, you are effectively grounded. That means your name has been pulled off the mission status. When the raptors launch for a sweep of the colonies, you will not be going. Any boarding missions we run during this time, you will not be going. You will suit up and stand a watch in the raptors hanger bay for the duration of the said missions." A beat and then, "You just screwed your unit, Corporal. They are now two marines down." She falls silent then, letting this sink in so far.

An eyebrow quirks up from Ashe and he is about to say something but instead he just bites his tongue. Fortunately the fact that he is biting it hard enough literally to bring a little blood out remains in his mouth and out of sight.

McTiernan's eyes narrow on the mans face. He's not the first to earn her ire, he won't be the last. "This is happening because you decided it would be fun to run your mouth. Your charge is disrespecting a superior officer. I hope, for the sake of your team, that the next time your mouth wants to run away with your ass you think about the fact that your actions will short your team of a weapon and a pair of trained eyes." There is little doubt that she expects Swift to be a model Marine.

Ashe continues just standing there looking straight ahead, having shifted from gnawing his tongue to chewing the inside of his cheek now.

"Comments, Corporal?" McTiernan fires up at him.

Finally Ashe speaks. "Sir. We are at War, and as you stated it is not just an issue of trained eyes. I have had the most exposure to the Centurions of anyone still left on the team that is active. This situation is … an alternative to the grounding should be found sir." A pause, a bite of his lip. "Corporal punishment sir… would be best for our team."

"This /punishment/, Marine is being handed down in lieu of you standing the Mast, getting busted down in rank, and spending the next 60 wakeups in the brig. If you'd prefer to go /that/ route then I'll draw the papers up right now." There is a pause and she tosses that leather bound ledger across the desk towards him. "Make your mark and I'll roll the charges up to the Commander. As you said, this is /WAR/ not a Saturday bake sale where you can say whatever the frak you want to whomever the frak you want. There are consequences to your actions, Marine and your actions just hurt your unit, hurt the Coprs, hurt this ship and hurt what remains of Human Race. The zero tolerance policy is in affect for a reason. You are a COLONIAL MARINE and it's Gods damn time you start acting like one. Is there anything else you want to whine about or are you finished and ready to buck the frak up and stand like a Marine?"

Ashe is silent for a long time then he finally speaks again. "You know sir. You and I both know that I will never fit the model of a Marine, not the way you expect them to be. You don't know the first thing about me, Sir. You are the Ranking officer, but I don't want to serve under someone who quite frankly believes they have to be a bully and gulit someone who already is fraking torn down from existance. I don't do this for rank, you want to strip that? Feel free. I do this for humanity now, and anymore, I really suspect humanity sure as frak don't deserve it. So you know what you can do? You can send me to go live with the civvies. That's what you can do." Yep, Ashe has finally snapped and lost it.

McTiernan just stares at the man for a long moment. "No, I don't know you, Swift. I know your file, your record, and I know you're a Marine but a young one." She rises to her feet and leans a hip against the desk. "What I know is that in order to fight for humanity, you have to start here, on the ship, with the humanity that surrounds you every day. You have to start with the people you serve with. Every person on this ship is scared, stressed out, frustrated, worried. But we have a job to do and I'm damn well counting on you to do yours. Part of doing your job is following the orders and understanding there is a reason for them, that we need, part of it is understanding you're a part of a unit that needs you to function properly." She pauses for a moment and then adds, "That last thing humanity needs is a fall out between the Marines and the Air Wing that leads to the /death/ of a soldier or a pilot. That hurts all of us. Every life is precious and while I don't expect you to hold hands around the bon fire and sing Kumbaya, I do expect you to keep your mouth in check." She's still hard, cold, in her words but she's trying to explain why this is no necessary.

Ashe looks literally ready to tear a chunk of the bulkhead off, chew it, and spit out nails. But instead he takes a moment then crisply nods. "Sir, yes Sir. I will note, for your sake sir, that despite attempts by others in the air-wing including the same individual, to bait me further nothing has occured, sir."

"Resports indicate the same, Lieutenant." The Sheriff adds as he enters the Sec Hub at the tailed end of the conversation. He stops, popping to sharp attention as he looks to Swyft, then to McT. "He's working to shed the green and has been handling himself much more like a marine lately."

There is pride on the hard features of the Marine CO. Something she'll seldom show so he might want to look good and hard. "That's exactly what I want to hear. This is a frakked up time in which to have to live but we do have to live it and the only thing that will see us through this is sticking together and not just as a unit or as the Corp but as a species. Since you are working to overcome the issue, we'll drop that punishment down to seven days." The look slides away then and she's back to being the Bitch she is. "Don't make me have to plant my foot in your ass again, Corporal. I expect you to set the standard."

"Sir." Ashe snaps a bit straighter, "Understood sir. Your boots are far too shiny to be scuffed by my ass, sir." A quick glances is tossed over towards Steele, perhaps a bit of surprise in his eyes at the vote of support.

McTiernan gives a crisp nod. "Now.. am I forwarding your request for removal into the .. Navy, Mister Swift?" Arms cross over her chest as she watches the man, the Marine, before her. She's giving him the chance to buck up and she's hoping he'll take it.

Steele nods to Swyft, dropping from attention and holding his hands at parade rest behind his solid frame. He fights back a smile that threatens to begin on the mean Gunny's lovely visage.

"Sir, I do not know as to which you're referring sir. I'm a Marine sir." Ashe replies just as crisply.

McTiernan rises to her feet and returns to her deck and the workload it holds. "I didn't think you would. Dismissed!" And then it's back to work with not even a look spared for the Sheriff's mug.

Steele looks over to the CO and then takes a few steps to the small arms range, part of his usualy routine to peek inside at those using the range.

Being dismissed, Ashe sighs a bit and then turns to head out, perhaps to take a shower or return to the gym. Afterall, abundance of free time is on the horizon.

McTiernan sighs after the Marine has left and comments softly, "He's so damn young," almost like she's forgotten that the Sheriff is still standing there. She hasn't, of course. She is a Marine after all.

"Yes, sir. Young and stupid, but he's trying hard, which is all we can ask. He's got alot to learn and I have a good feeling about that one." The Sheriff grins in a lop-sided manner and rolls a shoulder with a half-hearted shrug. "He'll get squared away. I am sure of it."

McTiernan snorts a little. "Or I'll kill him." Well, maybe not kill but he'll wish he were dead.

"Yes, sir. Or that. Keep threatening to reassign him and I think he'll show great promise. Then again that same threat might do wonders for Major Vendas, too, to keep hers in line." Gunny chuckles and shakes his head, a wide grin splitting his face open.

McTiernan snorts a second time. "Next round of bullshit and a pilot comes us, a Marine goes to them. We'll see how they like that shit." She shakes her head at the stupidity that are the Marines and the Air Wing in all of this mess.'

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