Jack Sheridan
CMDR Sheridan
John Malkovich
John Malkovich as Jack Sheridan
Name: Jack Sheridan
Alias: None.
Age: 47
Hair & Eyes: White hair, Hazel eyes
Faction: Command
Position: Kharon CO
Colony: Picon
Play Times: NPC (as needed)
Timezone: Variable

Biographical Info

Born Jackson Sheridan, the Commander is a hard-driving man who had a rough childhood after his parents were killed during the first Cylon war. Hidden with a resistance unit on the occupied planet, he spent his early years growing up faster than he would have liked. The military was the only logical choice for this man as he entered his late teens. Jack's career began in CIC and has never left. In the last ten years he has commanded two battlestars (the Vesta and Pallas) and served his entire career with distinction. After hearing about the passing of the Kharon's last CO, Sheridan actually requested this command and was awarded it. His motivations, to this day, are well concealed.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Sheridan has been known as a highly successful and demanding CO. While not the most compassionate man, Sheridan is a sound and decisive tactician. Lightning quick in the mind despite nearing 50, he may seem arrogant and pompous to some but its often a poor character judgment - the man is actually quite personable outside of the CIC and his duties. However, his emotions are almost always in check and Jack has very little time for people he see's as unfit for their positions. Supposedly the Commander is even married, but the woman is never discussed.

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