Seven ate Nine
Seven Ate Nine
Summary: Castor blows the whistle on Nine.
Date: PHD 218
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The door to the security hub opens and a pilot enters with a look on his face a rather dark look on his face. He is looking for someone and not just anyone since he has stopped by earlier and he refused to speak to the MP on duty right now he is looking for the S2 and the S2 only, accept no substitute. As Leda spots the woman he walks purposefully over to where she is sitting and he takes a seat, whoa, the puppy is not amused or happy. "We need to talk, Ensign." His voice carries with it a concerned tone, "Because if scuttlebutt is right we might have another sympathizer on this ship." He then asks since he can't know for sure, "The spider, the mechanical one? Is is true?"

Salazar glances up from her magazine loading, her fingers pausing. She regards Castor for a beat, two, three, her dark eyes unblinking. She hasn't had a lot of sleep in the last 48 hours, and that's only going to get worse. "… Come right in, have a seat." Her tone is dry. "You're really going to have to be a little more specific, Lieutenant. I don't confirm vague references to rumors I am unaware of." She isn't putting him off so much as taking a different, more patient approach to telling him to slow down and start from the beginning.

In the back of the room, the flat screen monitors display several views of secured ares on the ship, including the bottom right which shows the Brig, and the two occupants, Vicks and Nine, each in a different cell. Nine has been placed in Ozymandias' former residence. Not that Castor would know that.

Castor looks at Salazar and he sighs for a moment before he says, "Fine, we will play it this way." Leda's voice lowers, "If the spider that was found on the footage of Jules' cell is true, the mechanical one. I saw it once and it belongs to Petty Officer Sjetyrnnine. She has an obsession with the metal and she built that thing. At the time she told me it wasn't an AI but maybe it isn't and if she can control that thing it could be anywhere on this ship ready to kill others." He then says, "So, that would be the spider I am talking about."

Salazar reaches into her desk drawer. She slides out a photograph enlarged from a digital still. She slides that across the desk to Castor. The spider seems to be perched on a hand, though it's zoomed in to far to tell much more than that. "This is the murder weapon, Leda." She taps the glossy image. "The ChEng passed along the info that she knew the prisoner," Salazar pauses, "Her exact phrase was 'tinkered' with it on occasion. You can confirm she built it herself?" The S2 watches Castor across the desk, "It's been destroyed, Lieutenant. You have nothing to fear. Jarot took care of it with a little explosive."

Leda looks at the spider and he makes a sour face, "She said she had made it." He says with a hint of frustration in his voice, "So that is what killed Jules…" He then turns to look at Salazar. "Well, Jarot is good at making things go boom." He then takes a moment to smooth the sides of his off duties off. "Anyway, I'm telling you what I know and that is the extent of my knowledge regarding the Petty Officer and her spider."

There's a slight nod from the S2, and she resumes shoving rubber rounds into the spring loaded magazine. One at a time, she presses the rounds down, slowing slightly as the mags reach capacity, and the springs have more tension, making it harder to load. "The information is helpful, Leda." Salazar drops a bit of the formality in response to the frustration that is clearly gripping the pilot. "You said you think there may be another sympathizer aboard. How does that relate to the spider?" Perhaps she's unaware of the nature of the rumors circulating regarding the Brig, the dastardly deeds that have taken place within, and the rather disturbing nature of the rotation of prisoners to date.

Leda says, "I had a conversation with the Petty Officer, a few acctually and she felt sorry for the cylons." He then takes a moment to frown, "If she helped the metal that is a shame since I really liked her." He then looks back at Salazar as his hands clasp together, "My point is I think the Petty Officer might be your sympathizer."

Salazar tosses a filled magazine into the bucket, then reaches for another. "We're looking into the nature of her…" Sal pauses again. "Relationship with machinery." She really wishes, personally, that they didn't have to, particularly after what she heard from Sen. Nine was found in the midst of unconventional duty area behavior. "The possibility has, of course, been considered. Thank you for coming forward. I'll make a note in my report." She sits back a bit, then switches gears entirely. "I heard pilots were injured in one of the earlier attacks. I haven't had time to get to medical. The Major is up there too."

Castor looks a little pale for just a moment as his eyes drift to the floor because this time the Shepherd didn't bring all the sheep home and he says softly, "I lost a friend tonight." He says softly and distantly in reponse to the injury to the pilots. He then squeezes his clutched hands and he looks up at Salazar as he say, "She loves machinery in a way that I thought was quirky but now it seems to me that she is unhealthy."

"I'm sorry to hear that." The S2 sounds both sincere and concerned, though the latter is considerably underplayed. There's a moment of silence. "A lot of things have happened lately that put a new spin on old perspectives." She blows out a soft breath, and reaches for another magazine. Sal glances at her watch. "You have about four minutes to make it to your cockpit if the most recent pattern holds." She thinks on that for a moment, then glances over to the pilot. "Please pass my well wishes to the CAG." She nods to Castor. "Good hunting, Leda."

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