Character Box Title
"celestegrace" as Serendipity Constance KcKane
Name: Serendipity Constance KcKane
Alias: Seriy
Age: 23
Hair & Eyes: Red hair, blue eyes.
Faction: Military
Position: Ensign - Junior Communications Officer (CIC)
Colony: Tauron
Play Times: Varies by schedule.
Timezone: Pacific

Biographical Info


Serendipity Constance McKale was born to shipping magnate parents on Tauron, the 4th of 5 children. She attended private schools until graduating at 17, then moved to Caprica for college, finishing a bachelors and starting on her masters degree.

She was on Scorpia for a lecture when the Cylons attacked and was saved from initial destruction by virtue of being stuck underground in a subway for the first 4 days of the occupation. She spent almost 3 months among the refugees there before making it up to Kharon during rescue operations. She decided that though she was unfamiliar with any sort of military lifestyle, learning was preferable to returning to Scorpia.


Varon and Amelia McKale (Deceased?)
Thomm McKale - Older (Deceased?)
Wallace McKale - Older (Deceased?)
Temperance McKale-Orrowen - Older (Deceased?)
Kristoph McKale - Younger (Deceased?)


Bachelors degree in literature w/ minor in pre-law from Caprica.
Partial completion of a master's degree in ancient literature.

Military Service

A recent rescue from Scorpia, Seriy was a "30-day wonder", pushed through training as quickly as possible to get her into a duty position. She barely passed the physical portions of her training, but excelled at the academic. Little else is currently known about her.


Serendipity has never gambled, drank alcohol, or been kissed.
Her family ran a large private shipping corporation for generations and she attended all private schools until college.


Has some skills in Kashmiri, Kalimnos, Mierce, and Thracian languages.
Composes some fiction and poetry.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Timeline of Events

PHD082 - Rescued from Scorpia
PHD110 - Began active duty



  • Literature
  • Good Manners
  • Sappy Romance
  • Tea


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