Sergeant Jason Payne
Sergeant Jason Payne, Marksman
Tom Berrenger
Tom Berrenger as Jason Payne
Name: Jason Payne
Alias: None as of Yet
Age: 28
Hair & Eyes: Brown Eyes and Black Hair
Faction: Marines
Position: Sergeant, Marksman
Colony: Picon
Play Times: Whenever I get a chance to come online
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info


-Born on Scorpia to a family of Marines and Naval Personel.
-The Only one out of four boys who joined the Colonial Marine Corps.
-Didn't quite excel in school.
-Showed excellent Leadership potential in Basic Training as well as AIT, but accepted a position as a Scout Sniper instead.


-Jason is the son of a former Marine Corpsman named Jonathan Payne, and a Naval X-Ray Technician.
-Jason has three brothers, all presumed KIA on Holocaust day.


-Went through Basic Government Public Education before Graduating High School and Joining the Marines

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

*Awarded the Silver Cluster for actions involving a potential uprising of Civilians on Scorpia.
*Qualified Expert by hitting every target in Basic Training, and just about every Rifle Qualification Since.
*Fully Qualified Surveillance and Target Aquisition, Scout Sniper.
*Fully Qualified to train STA Snipers.
*Currently serving another term as a Marksman aboard the Kharon.

Distinguishing Features

-A scar on his face and a slightly curved nose from being broken so often.



-Survival, Stealth, and firing the Sniper Rifle. He is also a capable leader, and a decent instructor.

On the Grid

Known Associates


"Semper Fi, Mother Frakker…"


  • Building Models
  • The Shooting Range
  • Survival Training
  • Bringing it to the Enemy


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